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ANNER of taking Turtle Doves between Gnatia and Taranto,

in the Two Sicilies, is received, and shall be particularly attended to.

Reflections on the Incestuous and Immoral Pra&tice of making Bulls in England, communicated by a Lady, fhall also be particujarly noticed.

Account of the Dog-Eaters in Casalnuovo, with a Confirmation, by Sir William Hamilton, is received.

Natural History of the Wolf, including an Account of the various Methods which have been taken' to rid the World of so rapacious an Invader, deserves our best acknowledgments.

A. B. offers to take the odds whether a certain young Prisoner is to be a Duke or no Duke, and desires us to calculate those odds: but we beg leave to decline the attempt, and refer the Enquirer to the Ofice of Arms. Had Dr. Price, who fo exactly calculated the chan. ces of a Widow's marrying a second time, been existing at this hour, he might have been able to have obliged A. B.

The Leaper, an Epigram, is received.

W. M's Hint Ihall be attended to,

We are not fuch novices, as to be ignorant of the drift of the Letter addressed to us under the signature of a GentleMAN JOCKEY, containing many personal reflections on a Gentleman supposed to be one of our Correspondents; these we pass by, being no concern of ours, but the following paragraph seems to be intended for our notice : “ If you could persuade any Man of the Turf to make you “ an occasional present of a few columns, it would be of infinite

service.To this we reply, that we are desirous of such communications, and if we found them poffeffed of merit, should have no objection to pay for them; by which means, if we mistake not, we might be enabled to announce every month, Ecce iterum Pasquinus...


Sporting Magazine


A PRI L, 1794.

EASTER HUNT on EPPING to decorate the horns of the FOREST.

deer to be turned out, with rib.

bands; but this practice is difHE assemblage near the Bald continued, as it exposed the poor



day, was numerous than upon any former occafion. This The chief object for keeping holiday-hunt has often been del. up the ceremony is, we believe, cribed by the pen of ridicule, and to serve the neighbouring inos indeed, as far as relates to the and public houses, and io put sporting cocknies, who attend on something into the pocket of the ibis particular day, it can in no hunifman, for whoin a gathering

is made. It may not, however, be im. ' A correspondent who fays he proper to observe that the hounds

was present, has sent us the fol. and establishment are an appen. lowing account, the flyle and dage to the royal chase, supported language of which is, however, of by the crown, with the aid of a so sublime a cast, that we fear subscription from the neighbour much for our own literary creing gentlemen. The custom for- dit, as the plainness of the few inmerly on an Easter Monday. was, troductory lines. when com.


[blocks in formation]

pared with the elevated difion, where, with great difficulty, that follows, must at once bid us making his way between coaches, hide our diminished heads, and carts, and through every descripJhrink at the noble: effusions of tion 0! hoile and foot, he at genius and perfpicuity.

leogel broke view, by gaining the Who would not wish to see COVERT, and foon gave ihe comonce ?-But of those having seen pany, upon the bill a pleasing it once, who would ever delire to gratification, then but little exsee it again. The continued ca.. pected, by leading the chase over valcade obscured in dut, from that the open part of the forest, in seat of equal industry and extra- | view, 'n bien regaining the oppovagance, the metropolis, exceeded fire woods, they continued to in length and numbers every idea run bim half an hour, then tak that can be conceived of folly and ing foil

, they drew off the hounds, curiofty. The scene was abfo- and let him to enjoy his case, lutely too rich in variegation to onder an idea that they were to receive its deserts from either the draw for, and take him with a PEN or the pencil,

good run on the foilowing mornTo so glorious a Sporting repast, ing, when the temporary Nimevery part of the country co!). rods were safe with Mr. Somnus, tributed the most abundant proofs in the metropolis, of its prolific powers, for the num. bers of all ages, fates and condi. tions that were seen for miles every way, and constituted the

A LAW CASE. aggregate, serve only to give ample proofs of the POPULARITY For the SPORTING MAGAZINE, and force of this KINGDOM, fhould the fans cullottes ever hazard the dangerous experiment of analizing the state of our inter. nal defence. Upon the inot 070 HIS was an action to reco. derate calculation, there

ver from the defendant, as from two to three thousand horse. the stake holder, a sum of money men, and seven or eight hundred the plaintiff had won upon a vehicles of different descriptions, wager, respecting the amount of in addition to predestrians exceed the duty on hops, from the year ing the limits of credibility. 1791 to 1792. Pugilistic rencounters fucceeded The covofel for the defendant. each other in different rings for contended, that the action could the amusement of one class, not be sustained, inasmuch as the whilst the E. O. gentlemer wager was impertinent, and there. thofe honest induftrious branches fore illegal, He admitted, that of society, entertained, their roine wagers were recoverable friends in a booth erected for the by law, though feveral of the purpose. At half past twelve, learned judges had expreffed a (after an incessant ariival of ihe willi, ihai all of them should be many thousands that attended the rendered illegal; but every wa. deer-cart from the Bald Factd ger that was agaiast public poStag) the deer was liberated licy, impertinent, or tended to amidst the croud, and the hounds immorality, or a breach of the brought up close to his haunches, peace, was repugnant to law,




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1 Representation of the Afristance given by His MAJESTY and PRINCE OF WALES to GÉN" COLDSWORTHY in the City Road March 15" 1794

Publuha by J. Wheble Warwick Square May 11794.

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