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1. Detail of the Staff of Commands, <fcc., by Stations

2. Detail of the Charge for Regimental Pay, giving full particulars of the Regimental

Establishments (Pay Recapitulated or. p. 159)

2A.Detail of the Establishment and Pay of a Regiment of Indian Native Infantry serving
in Eastern Colonies or China

3. Detail of Chaplains' Department, by Stations ---------

4. Detail of Medical Establishment, by Stations ... - .

5. Detail of the Establishments of Militia Regiments, and the Regimental Pay of the Militia

6. Detail oi the Establishment of Imperial Yeomanry Regiments, and their Regimental Pay -

7. Detailof the Establishments of Volunteer Corps, including the Honourable Artillery Company

8. Detail of the Pay, Wages, &c.? of Crews of War Department Vessels and Army Service

Corps Subordinate Establishments

9. Distribution of the Charge for Quarterings, Land Transport, Remounts, and Supplies |

abroad (by Stations) - I 6 & 7 198

10. Detail of the Pay of Civilian Subordinates, <tc., employed in the Army Ordnance Department j 8 199

11. Detail of the Staff for Barrack Construction Service - -|10 201

12. Detailof the Staff for Engineer Services, Salaries, Pay and Wages ----- Jq 202 to 20/>

13. Detail of the Charges for Subordinates, and for General Expenses, &c., in Military

Educational Establishments U 206 to 208

14. Detail of the Army Accounts Department ---• 13 209 to 211

15. Detail of the Charge for Rewards to Officers for Meritorious Services, giving names of

recipients - 14 213 to 215

16. Detail of the Charge for Rewards to Warrant and Non-Commissioned Officers, giving names

of recipients 15 216 to 221

17. Detail of the Charge for Victoria Cross Pensions, giving names of recipients - - - 15 222

18. Statement showing the Total Emoluments of Staff, Regimental, and Departmental Officers

serving at Home - ... _ 223 to 230

19. Army Estimates Recalculated to show the Total cost of—

I.—Personnel of Regular Army and Army Reserve; II.—Personnel of the Auxiliary

Forces; III.—Armaments, Works, Stores, Horses, &c.; IV.—Staff and Administration _ g32 & 233

20. Statement of the Sums provided in the Army Estimates for each Arm of the Service and

for various Establishments --.- _ 234 to 242

21. Statement of the amounts included in the Army Estimates for Military purposes in the

Colonies and Egypt •- - _ 243 to 245

22. South African War Stores: Statement showing amount required to meet sums disallowed

by Public Accounts Committee ----- ..... 7

Alphabetical Index to Army Estimates - 247

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EXPLANATIONS of the Differences between the Numbers and Amounts proposed in the Akmy Estimates for 1907-08 and those Voted for 1906-07.

VOTE A.—NUMBERS: Decrease 14,100.

It is necessary, when Establishments are in course of reduction, to provide in this Vote lor numoem temporarily in excess of the new (reduced) Establishments until they can be absorbed. Allowing for the provision so made in 1906-7 and 1907-8, the real reduction of Establishments is 16,600, as follows :—

1907-8. 1906-7.

Total Of Vote A -
Less provision for supernumeraries

Real Reduction



The following Statement shows in detail the variations in Regimental Units:—


There are also some changes under Permanent Staff of Auxiliary Forces, Staff and Departments and Miscellaneous Establishments which result in a net decrease of 472 as follows:—

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