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(n) Omitting 17.830/. for Medicines and Surgical Instruments for the Army, included on pages 234-238, 241 and 242.

(6) Medicines, &c.

(«) Taking into account repayments by the Admiralty, for Inspection and Proof of Stores, and for Staff and Wages of the A i my Ordnance Establishments at Purfleet, foreign stations, &c. The item includes provision for military working parties and soldier clerks.

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Note.— In addition to the above Estimate, provision is made in Civil Service Estimates for Rent, Maintenance, Fuel and Light, Furniture, &c., of War Department Buildings, (see p. 10 of these Estimates), while the cost of Postage and Telegraph Services is estimated at about 37.50W. per annum. (See also under Statement I. as to the cost of Stationery.)

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(a) The charge for Fuel, Light, and Furniture for these Establishments, and for the maintenance of buildings, &c., is provided for in the Civil Service Estimates.

(b) Includes Salaries of Clerks engaged in assessing Out-Pensions, &c.

(c) In addition to the above Estimate, a sum of 3.775Z. annually is expended; 1,839/. out of the Unclaimed Army Prize Fund, 758/. out of rent of the Gordon House Grounds, and 1,178?. out of Legacies.


Statement showing the amounts included in the Army Estimates, 1907-08, for Military Purposes in the Colonies and Egypt.

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(a) After deducting estimated Receipts, except Colonial Contributions. (b) After deducting estimated Receipts, (c) The Establishment at each Station of the various Departments of the Army is shown in detail (together with other particulars) in the several Appendices of the Estimates. The Regimental Establishment is detailed on page 24, and the total is repeated in this column. (-') Including 3rd Battalion, Coidstream Guards.

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