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My such perfect joy therein I ind,

Y mind to me ;

therein I find,
As far exceeds all earthly bliss,

That God or Nature hath aflign’d:
Though much I want that most would have,
Yet still


mind forbids to crave.

Content I live, this is my ftay;

I seek no more than may fuffice:
I press to bear no haughty sway;

Look what I lack my mind supplies, .
Lo! thus I triumph like a king,
Content with that my mind doth bring.

Vol. II.

I sec

I see how plenty forfeits oft,

And hafty climbers foone fall: I see that such as fi: aloft

Mithap doth threaten most of all : These get with toil, and keep with fear: Such cares my mind could never bear,

No priocely pomp, nor wealehy itcre,

No force to win a vi&ory, No wily wit to falve a fore,

No thape to win a lovers eye; To ncne of these I yield as thrall, For why my mind despieth all.

Some have too mach, yet fill they crave,

I little have yet seek no more:
They are but poor, though such they have;

And I am rich with little fore:
They poor, I rich; they beg, I give;
They lack, I lend; they pine, I live.

I laugh not at anothers loss,

I grudge not at anothers gain;
No worldly wave my mind can tosi,

I brook that is anothers bane:
I fear no soe, nor fawn on friend;
I loath ao: life, nor dread mine end.


My wealth is health, and perfect ease;

My conscience clear my chief defence : I never seek by bribes to please,

Nor by desert to give offence : Thus do I live, thus will I die; Would all did so as well as I.

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I joy not in no earthly bliss ;

I weigh not Cresus' wealth a straw;
For care, I care not what it is;

I fear not Fortunes fatal law:
My mind is such as may not move
For beauty bright or force of love.

I wish but what I have at will ;

I wander not to seek for more ; I like the plain, I climb no hill;

In greatest storms I sit on fore, And laugh at them that toil in vain To get what must be loft again.

I kiss not where I wish to kill ;

I feign not love where most I hate ; I break no sleep to win my will;

I wait not at the mightys gate; liscorn no poor, I fear no rich; I feel no want nor have too much.

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Wthat is defign'd us here:

TOUL we attain the happieft ftate,

That is design'd us here; No joy a rapture must create,

No grief beget despair.


No injury fierce anger raise,

No honour tempt to pride ; No vain desires of empty praise

Mult in the soul abide.

No charms of youth, or beauty move

The constant settled breaft: Who leaves a passage free to love,

Shall let in all the rest.

In such a heart soft peace will live,

Where none of these abound;
The greatest blessing Heaven does give,

Or can on earth be found.





"O hog yourself in perfect ease,

What would you wish for more than these ?
A healthy, clean, paternal seat,
Well shaded from the summers heat.


than these ?

A little parlour fove to hold
A constant fire from winters cold,
Where you may fit, and think, and sing,
Far off from court, God bless the King !

Safe from the harpies of the law,
From party-rage, and great mans paw;
Have choice few friends of your own taste;
A wife agreeable and chaste.

An open, but yet cautious mind,
Where guilty cares no entrance find;
Nor misers fears, nor envys spite,
To break the fabbath of the night.

Plain equipage, and temp’rate meals,
Few taylors, and no doctors bills;
Content to take, as Heaven shall please,
A longer or a shorter lease.

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