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Now fye on all deceitful shows,

The best is, I may speed To get a lodging any where

For money in my peed.

Therefor, false woman, now farewell,

While twenty pound doth laft, My anchor in some other haven

I will with wisdom caft.

When the perceived by his words

That he had money store,
That she had gali'd him in such sort,

It griev'd her heart full sore :

Therefor to call him back again

She did suppose it beft,
Stay, George, quoth the, thou art too quick;

Why, man, I do but jest.

Think'st thou for all my passed speech,

That I would let thee go?
Faith no, quoth fhe, my love to thee

I wis is more than fo.

You will not deal with 'prentice boys,

I heard you even now swear, Therefor I will not trouble you.

My George, hark in thine ear:


Thou shalt not go to-night, quoth she,

What chance foe'er befall :
But, man, we'll have a bed for thee,

Or else the devil take all.

Thus I, that was by wiles bewitch'd,

And snar'd with fancy ftill,
Had not the power to put away,

Or to withstand her will.

Then wine and wine I called in,

And cheer upon good cheer;
And nothing in the world I thought,

For Sarahs love too dear,


Whilft I was in her company,

In joy and merriment ;
And all too little I did think,

That I upon her spent.

A fig for care and careful thoughts !

When all my gold is gone,
In faith, my girl, we will have more,

Whoever it light upon.

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I have a hiter richly wed,

I'll rob her ere I'll want.
Why then, quoth Sarah, they may well

Consider of your scant.

Nay, more than this, an uncle I have,

At Ludlow he doth dwell:
He is a grazier, which in wealth

Doth all the rest excell.

Ere I will live in lack, quoth he,

And have no coin for thee;
I'll rob his house, and murder him.

Why should you not ? quoth she :

Ere I would want, were I a man,

Or live in poor estate;
On father, friends, and all my kin,

I would my talons grate.

For without money, George, quoth the,

A man is but a beast:
And bringing money, thou shalt be

Always my chiefest guest.

For say thou should't pursued be

With twenty hues and cries, And with a warrant searched for

With Argus' hundred eyes:


Yet in my house thou shalt be safe ;

Such privy ways there be,
That if they fought an hundred years,

They could not find out thee.

And so carousing in their cups,

Their pleasures to content, George Barnwel had in little space

His money wholly spent.

Which being done, to Ludlow then

He did provide to go, 'To rob his wealthy uncle then,

His minion would it fo.

And once or twice he thought to take

His father by the way;
But that he thought his master had

Took order for his stay *

Directly to his uncle then

He rode with might and main, Where with welcome and good cheer

He did him entertain,

A fe’nnights space he stayed there,

Until it chanced so,
His uncle with his cattle did

Unto a market go.

*i, e, for stopping and apprehending him at his fachers, PERCY.

His kinsman needs must ride with him;

And when he saw right plain, Great store of money he had took,

In coming home again,

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Most suddenly, within a wood,

He struck his uncle down,
And beat his brains out of his head ;

So fore he crack'd his crown.

And fourscore pound, in ready coin,

Out of his purse he took,
And coming in to London town,

The country quite forsook.

To Sarah Milwood then he came,

Shewing his store of gold ;
And how he had his uncle slain,

To her he plainly told,

Tush, it's no matter, George, quoth she,

So we the money have,
To have good cheer in jolly fort,

And deck us fine and brave.

And thus they lived in filthy fort,

Till all his store was gone : And means to get them any more,

I wis poor Gcorge had none.


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