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farewell she gave ;

An hundred kisses then

Saying, Sweet Barnwel, when shall I

Again thy company have ?

Oftay not too long, my dear ;

Sweet George, have me in mind. Her words bewitch'd my childishness,

She uttered them so kind :

So that I made a vow,

Next Sunday without fail, With my sweet Sarah once again

To tell some pleasant tale.

When she heard me say so,

The tears fell from her eye';
O George, quoth she, if thou do'st fail,

Thy Sarah sure will die.

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With that she turn'd her head,

And fickly thus did say,
Oh, my sweet George, my grief is great,

Ten pounds I have to pay

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Young Barnwel here comes unto thee,

Sweet Sarah, my delight,
I am undone except thou stand

My faithful friend this night.

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With that she knit and bent her brows,

And looking all aquoy,
Quoth she, what should I have to do

With any 'prentice boy?


And seeing you have purloin'd and got

Your masters goods aways
The case is bad, and therefor here

I mean thou shalt not stay.

Why, sweetheart, thou know'ft, he said,

That all which I did get,
I gave it, and did spend it all,

Upon thee every whit.

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