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This all, woman never lepe,

But in her chamber, all alone, As one unhappy, always wept.

And to the walls the made her moani That the should still deute in vain 'The thing that the could aui obtain.

And thus in grief he spent the night,

Till twinkling itars fram fy were fled, And Phoebus, with his glittering beams,

'1 hrough milty clouds appeared reiti Then tidings came to her anon, 'I hat all the Trojan Mips were gone,

And then the queen, with only knife,

Did arm her heart as hard as fone,
Yer, homewhat loth to lose her late,

In woeful wife the made her moan ;
And, rolling on her careful bead,
With fing his and fobs, these words de faida

O wretched Dido queen! quoth ihne,

I loe thy end approaching near ;
For he is gone away from thee,

Whom thou did'nt love, and held so dear :
Is he then gone, and packed by ?
O heart, prepare thy felt to die


Though Reason would thou should'it forbear,

And stay thy hand from bloody stroke; Yet Fancy says thou should'It not fear,

Who fettereth thee in Cupids yoke. Come death, quoth she, resolve my smart :And, with these words, the pierc'd her heart.

When Death had pierc'd the tender heart,

Of Dido, Carthaginian queen ;
And bloody knife did end the smart,

Which she sustain'd in woeful teen ;
Æneas being shipp'd and gone,
Whose flattery caused all her moan ;

Her funeral most costly made,

And all things furnish'd mournfully ;
Her body fine in mold was laid,

Where it consumed speedily :
Her fifters tears her tomb bestrew'd ;
Her subjects grief their kindness shew'd.

Then was Æneas in an isle,

In Grecia, where he liv'd long space,
Whereas her sister, in short while,

Writ to him to his vile disgrace ;
In phrase of letters to her mind,
She told him plain he was unkind.



Falfe-hearted wretch, quoth the, thou art ;

And treacherously thou haft betray'd
Unto thy lure a gentle heart,

Which unto thee such welcome made ;
My fifter dear, and Carthage joy,
Whose folly wrought her dire annoy.

Yet, on her death-bed when she lay,

She pray'd for thy prosperity,
Beseeching Heaven, that every day

Might breed thy great felicity :
Thus, by thy means I lost a friend ;
Heaven send thee fuch untimely end.

When he these lines, full fraught with gall,

Perused had, and weigh'd them right,
His lofty courage then did fall,

And straight appeared in his fight
Queen Didos ghost, both grim and pale ;
Which made this gallant soldier quail.

Æneas, quoth this grisly ghost,

My whole delight while I did live,
Thee of all men I loved most ;

My fancy and my will did give:
For entertainment I thee gave,
Unthankfully thou dig'it my grave.


Therefor prepare thy fleeting soul

To wander with me in the air ;
Where deadly grief shall make it howl,

Because of me thou took'st no care :
Delay no time, thy glass is run,
Thy day is pass’d, thy death is come.

O stay a while, thou lovely sprite ;

Be not fo hafty to convey My soul into eternal night,

Where it shall ne'er behold bright day. o do not frown,-thy angry look Hath made my



life forsook,

But, woe to me! it is in vain,

And bootless is my dismal cry ;
Tiine will not be recall'd again,

Nor thou surcease before I die:
O let me live, to make amends
Unto fome of thy dearest friends.

But, seeing thou obdurate art,

And wilt no pity to me show,
Because from thee I did depart,

And left unpaid what I did owe,
I muft content myself to take
What lot thou wilt with me partake.


And like one being in a trance,

A multitude of ugly fiends
About this woeful prince did dance,

No help he had of any friends ;
His body then they took away,
And no man knew his dying day.





TILL you hear a Spanish lady,

How the woo'd an English man ?
Garments gay as rich as may be

Deck'd with jewels had she on:
Of a comely countenance and grace was she,
Both by birth and parentage of high degree.

As his prisoner there he kept her,

In his hands her life did lie ;
Cupids bands did tie them faster,

By the liking of an eye.
In his courteous company was all her joy,
To favour him in any thing she was not coy.


But at laft there came commandment

For to set all ladies free,
With their jewels ftill adorned,

None to do them injury.
O, then said this lady gay, full woe is me!
o let me ftill fuftain this kind captivity!

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