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The bitter forms and tempefts

Poor seamen do endure,
Both day and night, with many a fright,

We seldom reft secure.
Our sleep it is difturbed

With visions strange to know, And with dreams, on the streams,

When the stormy winds do blow.

In claps of roaring thunder,

Which darkness doth enforce, We often find our • ship’ to stray

Beyond our wanted course; Which caufeth great distractions,

And finks our hearts full low, "Tis in vain to complain,

When the stormy winds do blow.

Sometimes in Neptunes bosom

Our ship is toft in waves, And every man expecting

The sea to be their graves; Then up aloft she mounteth,

And down again fo low; 'Tis with waves, o with waves,

When the stormy winds do blow.

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Then down again we fall to prayer,

With all our might and thought, When refuge all doth fail us,

'Tis that must bear us out; To God we call for succour,

For he it is we know,
That must aid us, and fave us,

When the stormy winds do blow.

The lawyer and the usurer,

That fits in gowns of fur,
In closets warm can take no harm,

Abroad they need not ftir;
When winter fierce with cold doth pierce,

And beats with hail and fnow,
We are fure to endure,

When the stormy winds do blow.

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We sometimes fail to the Indies

To fetch home spices rare, Sometimes again to France and Spain,

For wines beyond compare ;
Whilft gallants are carousing,

In taverns on a row,
Then we sweep o'er the deep,

When the stormy winds do blow.

When tempests are blown over,

And greatest fears are past, • In’ weather fair, and temperate air,

We straight lie down to rest ; But when the billows tumble,

And waves do furious grow, Then we rouse, up we rouse

When the stormy winds do blow.

If enemies oppose us,

When England is at wars, With any foreign nations,

We fear not wounds nor scars ; Our roaring guns shall teach 'em

Our valour for to know, Whilst they reel in the keel,

When the stormy winds do blow.

We are no cowardly shrinkers,

But true Englishmen bred,
We'll play our parts like valiant hearts,

And never Ay for dread;
We'll ply our business nimbly,

Wheree'er we come or go, With our mates to the Streights,

When the stormy winds do blow.'

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'HE wretch condemn'd with life to part,

Still, still on hope relies; And every pang that rends the heart,

Bids expectation rise.

Hope, like the glimmering tapers light,

Adorns and chears the way ;
And ftill, as darker grows the night,

Emits a brighter ray.

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Thou, like the world, th' oppreft opprefling,

Thy smiles increase the wretches woe! And he who wants each other blessing,

In thee must ever find a foe.

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