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tion, which met at Philadelphia in the year 1787, for the purpose of forming the present constitution of the United States.

In the autumn of the same year he died, at the early age of forty three years. It may

be added to this brief sketch, that he was lineally descended from William Stone, the governor of Maryland during the reign of Oliver Cromwell as protector. He received an excellent classical education under the tuition of a Scotch gentleman, who lived in Charles County, near his father's residence, and pursued his professional studies under the superintendence of the distinguished Thomas Johnson, at Annapolis, where he commenced his practice as a lawyer.

He died sincerely lamented by a large circle of friends, and left the reputation of a disinterested patriot, a useful citizen, a good lawyer, and a worthy



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FRANCIS Lightfoot LEE was born on the fourteenth day of October, 1734. He was the fourth son of Thomas Lee, for many years president of the king's council under the colonial government of Virginia, and of Hannah Ludwell, sister of colonel Ludwell, a member of the same council. The offspring of this union are particularly celebrated in the annals of their country, for superior talents and usefulness. Philip Ludwell, the oldest son, was a distinguished member of the king's council, and died at the commencement of our revolutionary struggle: Thomas Ludwell, a finished gentleman, and long an useful member of the Virginia assembly, died about the same period : Richard Henry, is universally known as the dauntless champion of freedom: Francis Lightfoot, whose services are the subject of the present sketch, participated largely in the events of the revolution : William was sheriff and alderman of the city of London, and subsequently commercial agent for congress in Europe, and their commissioner at the courts of Berlin and Vienna: Arthur, the youngest son, as a


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