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Elected by the Agricultural Societies. Hartford County, R. A. MOORE,

Kensington, 1890. New Haven County, DENNIS FENN,


1889. New London County, JAMES A. BILL, Lyme,

1889. Fairfield County, S. A. BARNUM,


1890. Windham County, W. I. BARTHOLOMEW, Putnam,

1890. Litchfield County, WM, G. FKENCI,

Watertown, 1890. Middlesex County,

J. M. HUBBARD, Middletown, 1889. Tolland County,

WM. D. HOLMAN, West Willington, 1899.

Elected by the Board.
T. S. GOLD, West Cornwall, Secretary.

Governor PHINEAS C. LOUNSBURY, President.


Vice-President, T. S. GOLD,

West Cornwall, Secretary. J. S. KIRKHAM,


Treasurer. Prof. B. F. Koons,


Entomologist. Dr. E. H. JENKINS,

New llaven,

Botanist. Prof. S. W. JOHNSON,

New Haven,

Chemist. P. M. AUGUR,





J. W. ALSOP, Commissioners on Diseases of Domesticated Animals.






To the Governor of the State of Connecticut :

The twenty-first annual meeting of the Connecticut State Board of Agriculture was held at Room 59, Capitol, Hartford, Wednesday, January 18th, at 10 A. N. Hon. Albert Day, Vice-President, in the chair.

Present Messrs. Day, Hyde, Bill, Barstow, Holman, Fenn, Hubbard, and Gold.

Messrs. Barstow, Holman, and Hyde, were appointed a Committee on Credentials.

The report of the Secretary was read and accepted.

The report of the Commissioners on Diseases of Domesticated Animals was read and accepted.

The Committee on Credentials reported, and action was taken by the Board upon candidates from each county separately. On motion, Roswell A. Moore of Kensington was accepted as member from Hartford County, Wm. G. French as member from Litchfield County, and w: 1. Bartholomew as member for Windham County.

NOTE. At this time no certificate had been received from Fairfield County, but soon after S. A. Barnum of Danbury presented a certificate from the Danbury Society, which, by the agreement of the several societies in that County, was entitled to the privilege of appointment.

The Board then proceeded to the choice of officers, Mr. Holman acting as teller.

Governor Phineas C. Lounsbury, ex officio, President.
Albert Day, Brooklyn, Vice-President.
T. S. Gold, West Cornwall, Secretary.
J. S. Kirkham, Newington, Treasurer.
Prof. S. W. Johnson, New Haven, Chemist.

Dr. E. H. Jenkins, New Haven, Botanist.
Prof. B. F. Koons, Mansfield, Entomologist.
P. M. Augur, Middlefield, Pomologist.
E. H. Hyde,

Commissioners on Diseases of Domesticated T. S. Gold,

J. W. Alsop,
James A. Bill,
Wm. G. French, Auditors.
W. I. Bartholomew,

Hon. E. H. Hyde was elected Trustee of the Storrs Agricultural School.

T. S. Gold was chosen member of the Board of Control of the Agricultural Experiment Station.

The report of the Treasurer was read and accepted.

The Secretary presented an appeal from the Harwinton Agricultural Society on the question of the State bounty, which was not given the society because the Treasurer declined to make oath according to law as to prohibition of gambling at their fair.

On motion of Mr. Fenn,

Resolved, that the action of the Secretary be approved, and the Harwinton Society be referred to the statute.

Mr. Fenn offered a resolution on the subject of the appointmont of members of the Board, which was amended and passed as follows:

Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed to report on the proper method of electing the members from the counties, said report to be published, and the committee authorized to seek legislative action if deemed advisable. Committee Messrs. Fenn, Hubbard, and Bartholomew.

Resolved, That the Committee on Diseases of Domesticated Animals be authorized to employ such veterinary assistance as they deem necessary.

Time, place, and subjects for the next winter meeting were left with the Vice-President and Secretary.

Assignments of members for visiting fairs was also referred to Vice President and Secretary,

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