Robert's Rules of Order Revised for Deliberative Assemblies

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Scott, Foresman, 1915 - 323 страници

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Страница 14 - And whether these forms be in all cases the most rational or not, is really not of so great importance. It is much more material that there should be a rule to go by, than what that rule is; that there may be a uniformity of proceeding in business not subject to the caprice of the Speaker or captiousness of the members. It is very material that order, decency, and regularity be preserved in a dignified public body, 2 Hats.
Страница 108 - ... 4. When the house has something else which claims its present attention, but would be willing to reserve in , their power to take up a proposition whenever it shall suit them, they order it to lie on their table. It may then be called for at any time.
Страница 40 - ... as many as are of the contrary opinion say no." If the speaker doubts, or a division be called for, the house shall divide : those in the affirmative of the question shall first rise from their seats, and afterwards those in the negative. If...
Страница 268 - The rules of parliamentary practice, comprised in Jefferson's Manual, shall govern the House in all cases to which they are applicable, and in which they are not inconsistent with the standing rules and orders of the House, and joint rules of the Senate and House of Representatives.
Страница 130 - Constitution, be referred to a committee of three, to be appointed by the chair...
Страница 163 - As many as are in favor of reconsidering the vote on the resolution relating to a banquet, say aye; those opposed say no. The ayes have it and the votes on the resolution is reconsidered.
Страница 156 - When a motion has been made and carried or lost, it shall be in order for any member of the majority, on the same or succeeding day, to move for the reconsideration thereof...
Страница 42 - Those opposed, say no. . . . The ayes have it and the word is inserted.
Страница 111 - There shall be a motion for the previous question, which, being ordered by a majority of Members voting, if a quorum be present, shall have the effect to cut off all debate and bring the House to a direct vote upon the immediate question or questions on which it has been asked and ordered.
Страница 111 - All incidental questions of order arising after a motion is made for the previous question, and pending such motion, shall be decided, whether on appeal or otherwise, without debate.