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providence, and redemption, so that all events, however dark and mysterious to mortal view, will infallibly issue in the glory of God, and the advancement of his cause."

4. “God's works of providence are his most holy, wise, and powerful preserving and governing all his creatures, in all their actions."

Here the Consociation assert, that God hath fore-ordained whatsoever comes to pass. But it has come to pass that Adam sinned and fell; therefore, (according to them,) God decreed the fall of man! Yet it is certain that God did forbid their fall on pain of eternal death! The same argument will apply to every sin.--Not a crime, however heinous in itself, or injurious to mankind, or offensive in the sight of God, but what Calvinism makes God the author of by his decree. Believe this, you that can. How effectually does this article make God the author of sin! Cast your thoughts around you, and see the abominations that make desolate in our world ;-behold the infidelity, pride, anger, malice, profane swearing, Sabhath-breaking, drunkenness, adultery, murder, lying, cheating and stealing, which are so prevalent in the land. These, and all other things contrary to godliness, are strictly forbidden by the word of God; and yet all these the Consociation assert were fore-ordained by God! He unalterably decreed they should exist, and yet forbade the only acts by which they could have an existence! viz. transgreso sion. God commands men to defeat his own decrees; for, according to them, he decreed that men should steal, and then forbids them to steal ! He decreed that men should lie, cheat, get drunk, and then forbids them to do either! Elas! what will men not believe when blinded by a violent attachment to a favourite creed !

Again say they, “ All events will infallibly issue in the glory of God, and the advancement of his cause,” What

a consolation this must be to the devil, and indeed to all his children; for while the one is seeking for, and planning the destruction of souls, and the other is transgressing the divine law, they can reflect (if the Consociation are not mistaken). that, as bad as they are, they are glorifying God, and advancing his cause !-Yea, and what they do is "for the greatest possible good of the universe !". Now if this sentiment be true, the devil and wicked men are doing more for the glory of God and the advancement of his cause, than they could do in any other way. They are answering the end of their creation exactly; and what more do the children of God do? And yet they are to be rewarded with everlasting life as the free gift of God for answering the end of their creation, while the devil and wicked men are to be rewarded with everlasting death as the gift of God's free wrath for answering so admirably the end of their creation! According to Calvinism, it was as necessary to have rebellion in the kingdom of God, as obedience; both were necessary for the perfection of the great whole: Why then the rewards of servants equally true to their various trusts, so widely different? Ah! it is but too true that the system is fraught with dangerous error.

Sec. V._"On the fall of Man, and consequent misery."

1. “Our first parents, IN CONSEQUENCE OF THE ETERNAL DIVINE PURPOSE, did as voluntary agents, fall from that holy and happy state in which they were created, by sinning against God."

2. “ All mankind are the descendants of apostate Adam, and are, BY DIVINE CONSTITUTION, the subjects of total more al depravity.

Here the Consociation would have us believe, that man fell in consequence of the eternal divine purpose or decree, and yet that he fell as a voluntary agent! He fell by sinning against God, and yet he is a sinner by divine constitution!

These are both true, is propositions self-contradictory are true, and not otherwise.

Sec. VI.-5. “ The covenant of grace absolutely secures to believers, perseverance in faith, and obedience to eternal life.

And yet one of the Consociation declares, that “It is poss sible for Christians to sin, and continue to sin ;-to apostatize and perish ! !

SEC. VIII._"On Election, Reprobation, and Effectual Calling."

1. “ God did, from eternity, particularly and definitely, for the manifestation of his glory, predestinate and choose some angels and men, to everlasting life.”

2. 6 The ground or foundation of God's choice, or election, as to man, was not the foresight of the faith and good works of the elect, or any moral distinction.--The difference as to attention, or compliance with the gospel is the fruit, not the ground of his choice, or election.”

We shall all agree, I think, with the Consociation, that the ground and foundation of God's choice, or election, of any of the human race, is not the foresight of their good works. No doubt his love is the ground and foundation of all his mercies to our fallen world; but the Consociation have not as yet proved, that God's choice, or election of any was not from a foresight of the compliance of the sinner with the terms of the gospel as the condition. But what are the conditions of election unto salvation ?-1. Repentance.-“ Men and brethren, what shall we do p” Repent, &c. for the remission of sins.' Acts ii. 38.–2. Faith.- Sirs, what must I do to be saved ?” Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved.' Acts xvi. 30, 31,-“Except ye repent, ye shall all perish.He that believeth not shall be damned,” Now if these moral exercises, as the Consociation as


sert, are the fruits only of election, then it is impossible for any to repent and believe, unless they are first elected ; the non-elect are damned for not repenting when it is out of their power, for want of being elected ! But we shall see more of this absurdity shortly.

This is but one out of the many legitimate consequences of this God-dishonouring scheme of theology.

“Though the reason why God chooses some, while he passes by others, is not any moral distinction in them; yet the sovereignty of God is directed by wise and holy reasons."

Here, it seems, the Consociation cannot determine what those reasons are, which direct the sovereignty of God. And indeed, were he the author of all which they attribute to him, there doubtless could be no reason given, nor any discovered in

any of the divine dispensations. But we are happy in the consideration, that God has developed the reasons which direct his sovereignty. “He that believeth shall be saved, and he that believeth not shall be damned."

4. “ Though some men were not elected to be the subjects of special grace, and consequently WERE REPROBATED; yet the offers of life are free and sincere TO ALL; nor does reprobution militate against the agency, freedom, or natural ability of THE NON-ELECT, to comply with the gospel offers ; but the Holy Spirit frequently strives with them, and after communicating much intellectual light, leaves them to go on in opposition to gospel grace, to their own destruc


What a motley mixture of absurdities are here! In a former quotation, a compliance with the terms of the gospel is the fruit of election ; and yet here, the want of such election, (or, what is the same thing, reprobation,) does not militate against the agency, freedom, or natural ability, of

the reprebates, to comply with the gospel offers! Though unalterably reprobated, yet they can be saved !! Again The Holy Spirit strives with the reprobates ! And pray for what? That they may be saved ? What ! laboring to save them when he has unalterably decreed they shall be damned ? And think you he will be successful ? Alas ! what error! But more still; for, after communicating to them much light, leaves them to go on in opposition to the gospel to their own destruction !

5. “ All those who are ordained to eternal life, are by the sovereign, immediate, and all powerful agency of the Spirit of God, efectually called in time, to the obedience of faith, to justification and eternal life.”

What do the Consociation mean by an effectual call ?Do they not mean by it, a call which is irresistible ? And, if so, is not the reason why the reprobates do not come to Christ, because they were not effectually called ? And if so, where is the blame of their not coming ?

But what are the reprobates called ineffectually for ? Is it to make a show of justice in their final condemnation ? vate their condemnation at the last day?

And think you that this argument will be availing, while the call was not only ineffectual, but was never designed to take effect ?Will the Almighty have no better way to vindicate the throne of his justice before an assembled universe ? If not I tremble for his throne, and for his character too! But blessed be God, we need entertain no such fears; for 6 This is the con. demnation, that light has come into the world, and men love darkness rather than light."

Sec. 1x,-On the graces and fruits of the spirit.

2.-"Repentance unto life, is a saving grace, which flows from supreme love to God.

According to this statement no man can repent, until he

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