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Letter from Italy, to the Right Ho-7

nourable Charles Lord Hallifax. In the Year 1701. By Mr. J. Addison. On the Death of Amyntas : A Pastoral

Elegy. Written by Mr. Dryden.
On the Death of a very young Gentleman.

By Mr. Dryden.
To my Honour'd Friend Dr. Charleton,

on his learned and useful Works; but
more particularly his Treatise of Stone.
Heng, by him restor'd to the true

Founders. By Mr. Dryden.
The Dream. By the Earl of Roscommon. p. 12
Upon the Death of the Earl of Dundec. 2

ibid. By Mr. Dryden.

S The Rapture.

p. 13 The Speeches of Brutus and Cato. Tranf lated from Lucan, Lib. 2. Lin.


p. 17 By Mr. Rowe. Verses fent to Dr. Garth in his illness. By Mr. Granvill.

p. 22 Stanzas.

ibid. Upon an Accidental Meeting

p. 23 Milton's Stile imitated, in a Translation of a Story out of the Third Æneid. By

P. 24 Mr. Joseph Addison. On the Death of the late Earl of Ro

chefter. By Mrs. Ai Behn. To a Lady. By Mr. Cbarles Hopkins,

p. 30 To the same. By Mr. Charles Hopkins,

P. 32 Woman Al in All.

F. 33 A 3


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