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relief to the repenting finner; it yet administers not the least encouragement to fin itself; thundering out its threats to the presumptuous offender; sweetly tendering its divinest comforts to the contrite and self-abased Christian. This was a point, which human wisdom, and the schools of antient science could never arrive at : they knew no means to save the guilty, yet condemn the guilt: they knew no method to preserve at once the honour of the Mercy and of the Justice of the supreme Ruler of mankind*.

* Dr. Young, in his Night-Thoughts, has finely enlarged on this topic :

O’er guilt, (how mountainous !) with out-stretcht arms,
Stern Justice, and soft smiling love embrace,
Supporting in full majesty thy throne,
When seem'd its majesty to need fupport,
Or that, çr man, inevitably loft.
What but the fathomless of thought divine
Cou'd labour such expedient from despair,
And rescue both both rescue! both exalt!
O how are both exalted by the deed!
The wond'rous deed ! or shall I call it more?
A wonder in omnipotence itfelf!
A mystery, no less to gods than men!.

Not thus our infidels th’Eternal draw,
A God all o'er, consummate, absolute,
Full-orb’d, in his whole round of rays complete :
They set at odds heaven's jarring attributes,
And with one excellence another wound :
Maim heaven's perfection, break its equal beams;
Bid mercy triumph over-God himself;
Undeify'd by their opprobrious praise ;
A God ALL mercy, is a God unjuft.

Night-4th, page 92.


Thus we see the religion of Christ is completely calculated to answer the wants of impera fect mortals ; to relieve the soul from the presfure of conscious offence; to wipe the tears from the

eye of drooping penitence; to awaken the best, and highest hopes in the soul; and to lead from distress, anxiety, and despair, to comfort and peace, to renewed virtue, gratitude, and God.

H. Can it fail then to fill your souls, with the most fenfible joy, when you reflect, that all the comforts of this bleffed religion may be yours: that all the felicities it proposeth are now within the reach of your future good endeavours: that led, by real penitence and faith, to your Saviour and your hope, present pardon undoubtedly is yours ; future bliss will be yours, as un-, doubtedly, if you happily presevere in the good part you have chosen ! And we will not be backward to believe, but that the same right inclina-> tions which induced you to seek this peaceful haven, from the storm and tempest of vice and the world, will, thro' Grace, continue to influence your conduct ; * and to preserve you stedfast in



* It is but difcharging a debt justly due to the good conduet of the women in general," to inform the public, that there appears amongst them every fign of real penitence, which could have been expected: of many, we cou'd fpeak with


those resolutions, which we doubt not, you will use all proper means to strengthen; and for whịch all proper means are in this place pro

yįded you,

For only refect, had not the mercy of God brought you to this mansion, had not his gracious goodness provided a reception and an asylum for you here ; whither must you have fed ;

; and what resource could you have found from your pressing distress ? Loft to Virtue, of consequence, you were loft to reputation ;, the most humane and beneficent could only behold and commiserate; they had no power to relieve. Lost to Virtue, you were lost to your friends, even to your best and nearest friends ;. even to the beloved parents, whose delight you once were ; who, with tender and sleepless anxiety, watch'd over your infant wants; who, perhaps, with daily toil, foften'd by the endearments of parental affection, labour'd to supply your grow


the highest commendation; and when the circumstances

2 of some are considered, who haye unhappily never had the advantages of education ; it will be rather marvellous, that they demean themselves so well, and improve fo much, than that they should bebave otherwise. The judicious and humane, reflecting upon themselves, and upon human frailty, will never too suddenly expect perfection in any : and till we are so ourselves, under superior advantages, let us not be too hafty in condemning others for the want of it, under advantages, greatly inferior. For 'proofs of propriety of sentiment, I refer, as upon a former occasion, to the manu, fçript papers in the hands of Mr. Dinghey,


ing necessities ; and who hung with pleasure, with anxious, bleeding pleasure, over the child of their comfort : little then, oh little suspected the fad source of their future misery ! Loft co Virtue, you were lost to yourselves : worst loss of all ! loft to reflection, and the knowledge of your fearful danger : lost to your God, and treading, with carelefs terror, on the alarning precipice of utter ruin, and speedy death! And ihat death, introduction to one eternal, irremediable, that dreadful death must inevitably have been your lot! For where could you have fled to escape it? Who would have pour'd the balm of Christian mercy into your bleeding consciences, and raised you to the hope of pardon and of life? Nay, how could those consciences, amidst the défilements of fin, have admitted it Whither could you have fled from anguish, and from woe unutterable ; cut off in the very bloffom of your sins ? early facrifices, young * and unpitied offerings to the remorseless grave ? And had your sorrows ended here, your fate had been less to be deplored : but alas ! this had been but the beginning of sorrows up.

'Tis too affecting the review : I urge no more: only let your conversation be as becometh this great redemption : only labour to shew yourselves sensible of the exquisite blessings

* For this point, I refer to the Sermon before the Prefident, &c. Page 14. 8vo.

# For more on this head, I refer to what I have said in the “ Advice to the Magdalens," at the conclusion.

vouchthe ji

vouchlafed you : of that unspeakable goodness of God, which hath reached out the kind hand of preservation, and received you from the impending destruction ; the goodness of that God, who is full of compasion and mercy, long-suffering and very pitiful; who forgiveth fins, and saveth in time of affliétion. Here, saved from the threatening storm, you may look back and contemplate your danger, the more to inspire you with gratitude and praise. And while in sincere con, trition, you lament your past misconduct ; remember, to elevate your hopes, that free mercy, and forgiveness await you, through His divine merits, who came to seek and to save that which was loft. Happy in the Sense of which, you will think no time too long, no endeavours 800 fevere, to testify the grateful sense you have of thefe blellings, to shew the sincerity of your repentance and faith: All you can do will feem

poor, in comparison of the good things you have received. But all you can do, must be exerted : and your best endeavours, however frail, will be graciously accepted by the Lord, whom you serve : the kindness of your noble and generous friends and benefactors will thus be secured ; nay, and perhaps you may thus serve to keep alive the last lingerings of some aged parent's breath; to gain from their pale and trembling lips the blessing you have for, feited, but must rejoice to obtain : filled with

mean and

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