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AT INDEPENDENCE. August, 1883. To His Excellency, BUREN R. SHERMAN, Governor of Iova:

In compliance with the acts of the Nineteenth General Assembly, we have the honor to transmit herewith the biennial report of the Trustees of this Hospital for the period from October 1, 1881, to June 30, 1883.

This report is accompanied by the report of the Superintendent, Dr. G. H. Hill; the report of the Steward, John H. McDonald; the report of the Matron, Lucy M. Gray, and the report of the Treasurer, Wm. G. Donnan, for the same period. I have the honor to be your most obedient servant,






INDEPENDENCE, Iowa. At the commencement of this biennial period Dr. A. Reynolds, the former Superintendent, took leave of the institution as its Superintendent. Failing health, which had caused him considerable anxiety for years, induced him to resign the position, contrary to the wishes of the entire Board of Trustees.

Dr. G. H. Hill was chosen Superintendent in his place. Dr. Hill had been the first assistant physician of the Hospital nearly all the time since its organization. He, therefore, brought to the work an intimate knowledge of its affairs. He had a personal knowledge of each patient, and the peculiarities of his or her malady. He was also acquainted with all the other officers and employes, and knew all of the needs and resources of the institution. The change, therefore, was not as great as though some new person, a stranger to all, had come into the control.

Under the management of Dr. Hill the business of the institution has been conducted in a systematic and successful manner.

There were in this institution as patients for treatment on the first day of October, 1881, two hundred and twenty-four males and two hundred and forty-eight females, or a total of five hundred and twenty-two. During the period covered by this report there have been admitted:

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There were in the hospital for treatment on the 30th day of June, 1883–


323 257



For a more particular description of the causes of death and the peculiar condition of all the patients, and the movement of the population, reference may be had to the report of the Superintendent which accompanies this report.

There has been no epidemic among the inmates of the Hospital. The patients have been free from contagious diseases, and the general health of all has been good.

The appropriations made by the Nineteenth General Assembly for the use of the Trustees of the Hospital were as follows: For three new boilers (six thousand dollars).

$6,000.00 For completing water supply (five hundred dollars).

500.00 For contingent expenses (three thousand dollars)... 3,000.00

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