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Women, wives, widows-Continued

Naturalization; special regulations respecting alien spouses of United State:
citizens and women who lost United States citizenship by marriage, 8 Part:
319, 324, 341

Passports, visas, etc. See State Department.

Public lands; rights of widows or wives of entrymen on. See Land Manage-
ment Bureau.

Veterans' wives or widows, claims for benefits by. See Veterans Administration
Women's apparel, modes of; customs entry, 19 §§ 10.31, 10.35

Wood and manufactures:

British Token Import Plan, export to United Kingdom under, 15 § 361.13
Wood and sawmill products. See Lumber, timber, etc.

Wood and wood products industries; trade practice conference rules:
Lead pencils, wood-cased, 16 Part 162

Millwork, 16 Part 44

Walnut wood, 16 Part 54

Woodworking machinery industry; trade practice conference rules, 16 Part 92

Customs regulations respecting:

Entry, weighing, duties, etc., 19 §§ 8.15 (a) (8), 10.91-10.97, 13.11-13.16,

Skins, wool-bearing, 19 § 10.77

Wool tops, from Uruguay; countervailing duties, 19 § 16.24

Foreign trade statistics respecting, 15 § 30.23

Indians, Navajo; use of Government certificates of genuineness for woven wool
fabrics produced by, 25 Part 307

Parity prices, 7 Part 5

Price support program, 6 Part 472

Standards, 7 Part 31

Trading in wool and wool tops, on commodity exchanges; regulations respecting
reports, etc., 17 Part 8

Warehouses, 7 Part 104

Wool industries; minimum wage determinations for persons employed on public

Carpet and rug industry, 41 § 202.21

Woolen and worsted industry, 41 § 202.47

Woolen goods:

British Token Import Plan; export of woolen fabrics to United Kingdom under,
15 § 361.13

Customs regulations; labeling to indicate wool content of products, 19 § 11.12
Labeling; regulations under Wool Products Labeling Act. See Federal Trade


Military procurement of items containing wool; Army Department regulations,
32 §§ 606.901-606.907

Surplus woolen goods located in foreign areas, disposal of, 44 § 308.14

Yarn, hand knitting, industry; trade practice conference rules, 16 Part 177

Work stoppages. See Labor disputes.

Workmen's compensation; regulations of Employees' Compensation Bureau re-
specting, under various acts. See Employees' Compensation Bureau.

Workshops, sheltered, for employment of handicapped clients; regulations respect-
ing, 29 Part 525


See also Hours; and Overtime.

Federal employees; definition of workweek in connection with overtime pay,
5 §§ 25.211, 25.221, 25.222

Provisions of Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, regulations respecting. See
Wage and Hour Division, Labor Department.

Workweek and work schedules for Government employees, establishment by
Federal agencies, 5 §§ 25.211, 25.212

World War. See War.

Wrapping paper industries; trade practice conference rules:

Distributing, 16 Part 189

Transparent and translucent papers, printing on, 16 Part 70

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