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National Shipping Authority, 32A Chapter XVIII-Continued

Claims; administrative action and litigation, LRP 1

Repatriation of, OPR-5
Service agreements:

Between National Shipping Authority and berth agents, AGE-1
Expenses under service agreements, allowability of, AGE-8

For vessels of which United States is owner or owner pro hac vice, AGE-1 Slop chests, requirements and general provisions respecting, under general

agency agreement, OPR-1 Transportation of various commodities under “Warshipvoy” charter; rates,

terms, and conditions required, DRO 2-DRO 38 Charleston, South Carolina; rates, terms and conditions on full cargoes of

coal from, DRO-33
Coal, bulk; rates between certain ports (Baltimore, Charleston, Hampton

Roads, Mobile or Philadelphia) and various countries:
Africa, French North, DRO-9
Africa, West Coast (including the Canary, Madeira and Cape Verde

Islands), DRO_12
Angola (Lobito), DRO-12
Belgian Congo (Matadi), DRO–12
Belgium, DRO-6
Canary Islands, DRO–12
Cape Verde Islands, DRO-12
Denmark, DRO-3
Eire, DRO-37
France, DRO-38
French North Africa, DRO-9

All Germany (excluding Baltic Ports), DRO-4

Kiel, DRO-29
Greece, DRO-11
Ireland, Northern, DRO_37
Italy (including ports on the Adriatic Sea), DRO-32
Madeira Islands, DRO-12
Netherlands, DRO-5
Norway, DRO-2
Portugal, DRO-8
Senegal (Dakar), DRO_12
Sierra Leone (Freetown), DRO-12
Sweden, DRO-35

United Kingdom, DRO-36
Freight payment clause, optional use in charter, DRO_26
Grain, bulk; rates between United States ports and various countries:

Adriatic Ports (Italy), DRO-23
Africa, French North, DRO-22
Belgium, DRO-17
Denmark, DRO-14
Eire, DRO-39
France, DRO–18
French North Africa, DRO-22
Germany (excluding Baltic Ports), DRO-15
Greece, DRO-24
India, DRO-34
Ireland, Northern, DRO-40
Italy (including ports on the Adriatic Sea), DRO-23
Netherlands, DRO-16
Norway, DRO-13
Portugal, DRO-21
Sardinia, DRO-23
Sicily, DRO-23
Turkey, DRO-25
United Kingdom, DRO-40

National Shipping Authority, 32A Chapter XVII-Continued
Transportation of various commodities under “Warshipvoy" charter-Continued
Iron ore, bulk; rates between Baltimore or Philadelphia and various

Liberia, Monrovia, DRO-28

Norway, Narvik, DRO-27
Voyage data (numbers, commencements, terminations, idle status period, etc.),

National wildlife refuges, regulations respecting:

In national forests. See Forest Service.
Management of. See Fish and Wildlife Service.

Public lands in. See Land Management Bureau.
National Zoological Park, Smithsonian Institution:
General regulations, respecting treatment of animals, smoking, firearms, trash,

advertising, etc., 36 $ 501.1 Suspension or waiver of regulations, 36 $ 501.3

Traffic and parking, 36 $ 501.2 Nationality and naturalization: Foreign Service officers, duties of, in connection with acquisition and loss of

nationality. See State Department. Nationality and naturalization procedures under Immigration and Nationality

Act. See Immigration and Naturalization Service; and State Department.
Nationals of foreign countries. See Aliens.
Nationals of United States. See Citizens and citizenship.
Natives of Alaska. See Alaska.
Natural Gas Act, regulations under. See Federal Power Commission.
Natural gas companies. See Gas companies and facilities.
Naturalization of aliens:

Mail relating to; free matter in mails, 39 $ 27.4 (b)
Procedures under Immigration and Nationality Act. See Immigration and

Naturalization Service; and State Department.
Nautical school ships for seamen, 46 Parts 167, 168, 310
Navajo Indians, regulations specifically applicable to:

See also Indian Affairs Bureau.
Arts and crafts, regulations respecting, 25 Parts 301, 304, 307
Exchanges of lands for consolidation or extension of reservation, 43 88 149.62–

149.79, 149.80–149.84
Grazing, on reservation, 25 Part 72
Jewelry manufacturing; minimum wage order, 28 $ 607.12
Leases of restricted lands for designated purposes, 25 $ 171.30
Loans to Navajo Indians; interest rate, etc., 25 $ 21.18

Trading, on reservation, 25 Part 277
Naval activities, personnel, reservations, etc.:

See also Military equipment, information, reservations, etc.
Boards, Naval. See Boards of appeal, review, etc.
Commercializing improperly naval titles, uniforms, confidential information,

etc.; cease and desist orders, 16 S 13.505 Courts, naval. See Courts. Guantanamo Bay Naval Operating Base, Cuba. See Guantanamo Bay Naval

Operating Base.
Naval Academy (Annapolis); admission of candidates to, as midshipmen,

32 Part 710
Naval forces of United States. See Armed forces of United States.
Personnel, naval, regulations respecting. See Navy Department.
Petroleum reserves, naval, oil and gas leases of lands near, 43 g 192.5
Reservations, naval:

Canal Zone, reservations in. See Panama Canal.
Entertainments on; admission fees, 32 $ 765.8

Liquors, alcoholic; use prohibited, 32 $ 765.14
Reserve, Naval:
Claims for compensation for injuries or death of members, in time of

peace; administration by Employees' Compensation Bureau, 20 $ $ 02.1,

1.20 Merchant marine cadets, enrollment in Naval Reserve, 46 $$ 310.7, 310.70 Regulations respecting. See Navy Department.

Naval stores (turpentine and rosin):
Conservation programs; conservation practices, rates of payment, etc., 7 Part

Inspection and standards, 7 Part 160

Price support program, 6 Part 438
Navigation and navigable waters:

See also Air navigation.
Aids to navigation (lights, buoys, radio, etc.); regulations respecting. See

Coast Guard; and Federal Communications Commission,
Canal Zone, navigation of vessels within. See Panama Canal.
Customs enforcement of navigation laws. See Coast Guard; and Customs

Bureau. Fees, navigation, for vessels in foreign or domestic trade; customs regulations,

19 $ 4.98 Navigation regulations for various navigable waters of United States. See

Engineers, Corps of. Navigation requirements for inland waters, Great Lakes, Western rivers, etc.

See Coast Guard. Oil pollution of navigable waters; customs enforcement of Oil Pollution Act of

1924, 19 & 23.32 Radionavigation stations, etc. See Federal Communications Commission. Navy Department:

Academy, Naval, at Annapolis; admission. See Naval Academy.
Administrative claims. See Claims.
Admiralty claims; authority for settlement, etc., 32 Part 752.
Advertising, commercial, 32 $ 765.17
Air Reserve, Naval. See Reserves.
Airspace reservations, on islands under Navy jurisdiction; Guam, 32 Part 761
Allowances. See Pay and allowances.
Annapolis, Naval Academy; admission. See Naval Academy.
Appeal boards. See Boards.
Contests held on naval reservations or on board naval vessels, admission

fees, 32 $ 765.8
Outside competition, restrictions on, 32 $ 765.7
Aviators, Naval Reserve; training for, 32 $$ 713.531-713.535

Mustering-out payments to trainees, 32 $ 717.8
Boards; powers, proceedings, etc.:

Correction of Naval Records, Board for, 32 Part 723.
Discharges and dismissals of former personnel of Navy and Marine Corps;

Board of Review, 32 Part 724
Emergency Facilities Depreciation Board; procedures, 32 Part 743
Medical Survey Review Board, Navy, 32 Part 721
Patent Royalty Revision Board, 32 Part 737
Physical disability; boards of evaluation, review, appeal, etc.; 32 Part 725

Retiring Review Board, Naval, 32 Part 722
Bonds; designation of Navy and Marine Corps as issuing agent for Armed

Forces Leave Bonds, regulations of Public Debt Bureau, 31 $ 324.2
Cadets; admission to Naval Academy. See Naval Academy.
Civil authorities:
Delivery of naval personnel for proceedings in civil courts, upon order of

Secretary of Navy, 32 Part 720
Relations with. See Public, rules applicable to.
Administrative claims, 32 88 750.17–750.29

See also Federal tort claims.
Under Act of July 11, 1919, 32 $ $ 750.28, 750.29

Under Act of December 28, 1945, 32 $ $ 750.17–750.27
Admiralty claims; authority for settlement, etc., 32 Part 752
Federal tort claims, 32 $$ 750.1–750.16

Action against United States, 32 $$ 750.8–750.16
Administrative claims, 32 $$ 750.1–750.7

Navy Department-Continued
Foreign, non-combat claims; settlement of, 32 Part 753
Claims not within jurisdiction of Foreign Claims Commission, 32

$$ 753.30–753.33
General provisions; investigation and procedure, 32 88 750.30–750.48
Personnel claims, for damage, etc., to personal property; rules and proce-

dure, 32 Part 751 Coast Guard; mustering-out payments to personnel of, 32 Part 717 Commanding officers; enforcement of laws by, 32 § 765.1 Contracts: Aircraft or vessels contracts for; taxation of excess profits in connection

with, 26 Part 17
Cost_inspection under; accounting, payments, vouchers, appeals, etc., 32

Part 741
Disposition of property in which government has interest under procure-

ment contract, 32 $ 736.2
Correction of Naval Records, Board for; jurisdiction, procedure, etc., 32 Part 723
Civil courts:
Proceedings in, 32 Part 720

Delivery of naval personnel to civil authorities, 32 $$ 720.1-720.12
Naval prisoners as witnesses, 32 8 720.8

Subpoenas, service of, on person in Navy, 32 $$ 720.9, 720.10
Production of documents in, in response to subpoena duces tecum, 32

8 701.2
Naval courts and certain fact finding bodies, 32 Part 719

Counsel, suspension of 32 $ 719.3
Courts-martial; spectators, records, 32 88 719.1, 719.2
Oaths; authority to administer oaths and to act as notary, 32 g 719.4

Witnesses; attendance, fees, 32 $$ 719.5–719.7
Petitions for executive clemency by persons convicted by; to be sent to

Secretary of Navy, 28 $ 1.4
Creditors of naval personnel; assistance to, 32 $ 765.9
Deceased personnel:

Death benefits; Naval Reserve members, 32 88 713.81-713.85
Death gratuity, 32 Part 716

Finding of presumptive death, under Missing Persons Act, 32 Part 718 Defensive sea areas:

Guam, 32 Part 761

Pearl Harbor, 32 $ 765.6
Dependents' assistance:

Allowance for quarters, etc., 32 Part 715
Failure to provide for, 32 g 765.9
Missing servicemen:

Allotments, 32 $ 718.2

Transportation of dependents, 32 $ 718.3 Deserters:

Accomplices, 32 $ 765.11

Rewards in connection with, 32 $ 765.12 Disability, physical:

Disposition of cases involving, 32 Part 725

Naval Reserve members, 32 88 713.81-713.85
Discharges, dismissals, etc.;

Board of Review, 32 Part 724
Minors; discharge upon request of parent or guardian, 32 $ 765.10
Naval Reserve, 32 88 713.411-713.413
Nurse Corps; termination of commissions, 32 $ 714.1
Physical disability, separation because of, 32 Part 725
Women officers, regulations governing termination of commissions, 32

8 714.1
Disposition of property. See Property.
Education and training:

Naval Academy (Annapolis); admission to. See Naval Academy.
Naval Reserve; instruction and training. See Reserves.

Reserve Officers' Training Corps. See Reserves.

Navy Department Continued
Educational institutions (schools, colleges, academies, etc.), donations or loans

to, of surplus personal property, 32 § 736.5 (f) Emergency Facilities Depreciation Board; procedure for determination of

depreciation, 32 Part 743 Entertainments and athletic contests held on naval reservations or on board

naval vessels; admission fees, 32 $ 765.8 Executive clemency, petitions for, by persons convicted by naval courts of

offenses against United States; petitions to be sent to Secretary of Navy,

28 $ 1.4 Explosives or other dangerous articles: Shipment to or by Department; regulations of Interstate Commerce Com

mission respecting, 49 $$ 71.13, 73.7, 77.806 Shipments on board merchant vessels, 46 $ 146.02-8 Export of commodities for use of Department, involving military secrets, pro

hibition of exportation; State Department regulations, 22 $$ 78.1–78.3 Fact finding bodies, certain, and naval courts; testimony, subpoenas, witness

fees, etc., 32 Part 719 Family allowances to dependents of servicemen, 32 Part 715 Federal tort claims; handling of, 32 $$ 750.1–750.16 Foreign claims, non-combat; settlement of, 32 Part 753 Foreign governments, release of technical information to; protection of pro

prietary rights, 32 Part 744 Foreign Service officers, duties and services of, with respect to naval personnel

and vessels in foreign ports: Naval personnel left in foreign ports by reason of illness, desertion, etc.,

services performed by consular officers, 22 § 111.1 Request for naval force in foreign port, 22 § 109.2 Guam; naval defensive sea area and naval airspace reservation, regulations for

operation of vessels and aircraft in, 32 Part 761 Hospitals, naval; admission of civilians to, 32 § 765.5 Importations by Department; customs regulations, 19 $ 10.104 Indebtedness of naval personnel, 32 8 765.9 Information, technical, release of, to foreign governments; protection of pro

prietary rights, 32 Part 744 Insane personnel. See Mentally incompetent personnel. Insignia to be worn on uniform by persons not in service; definition of "occasion

of ceremony," 32 $ 765.13
Inventions by Navy personnel; uniform patent policy respecting, 32 Part 739
Islands under Navy jurisdiction. See Guam.
Land acquired by Department. See Real estate.
Liquors, alcoholic, on naval stations, 32 765.14
Mail transportation in Navy planes, 32 $ 765.16
Marine Corps; special regulations:

Mustering-out payments to personnel of, 32 Part 717
Reserves. See Reserves.

Women officers, regulations governing termination of commissions, 32 $ 714.1
Medical care of supernumeraries, 32 Part 728
Medical facilities, naval; admission of civilians to, 32 8 765.5
Medical Survey Review Board, Navy; powers, proceedings, etc., 32 Part 721
Mentally incompetent naval personnel, payments of amounts due; active duty

pay, retirement pay, etc., 32 Part 726 Merchant crews of vessels under jurisdiction of Navy in foreign ports; naviga

tion laws applicable to, 32 § 765.15 Midshipmen; admission of candidates to Naval Academy as. See Naval

Military education. See Education and training.
Military or naval subjects, photographs and sketches of, 32 $ 765.19
Minors; discharge upon request from parent or guardian, 32 8 765.10
Missing persons:

Allotments, 32 $ 718.2
Missing Persons Act, finding of presumptive death under, 32 Part 718
Transportation of dependents, 32 $ 718.3

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