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“Grandfather” clause, application for certificates of public convenience and necessity

under Natural Gas Act, 18 $$ 157.1–157.4 Granite:

Barre granite industry; trade practice conference rules, 16 Part 99
Dimension granite industry; minimum wage determinations for persons em-

ployed on public contracts, 41 § 202.9 Grants; Federal: Airports, public; Federal aid for development, repair, etc., of, 14 Parts 550,

555, 560 Alaska; land grant for university, 43 Part 76 Chinese and Korean students, etc., financial assistance to, 22 Part 67 Fellowships and training grants, to citizens of other American Republics, etc.

See Fellowships and training grants. Funds appropriated to land-grant colleges and universities; channeling of,

purposes, reports, etc., 45 Part 101 Inventions or patents resulting from research grants, fellowship awards, and

other research arrangements; policy, determinations as to rights, licenses

to Government, etc., 45 Part 8 Oregon grant lands (Oregon and California Railroad lands, revested, and recon

veyed Coos Bay Wagon road grant lands); regulations respecting, 43 Part 115 Philippines, Republic of, grants-in-aid to, for hospital construction and hospi

talization of veterans for service-connected disabilities, 38 $$ 1.600–1.627 Public land grants to States, etc.:

Alaska; land grants for university, 43 Part 76
Carey Act grants, for irrigation purposes, 43 Part 272
Educational purposes, grants for, 43 Part 270
Railroads, public land grants to, 43 Part 273

Swamp-land grants, 43 Part 271
Railroads or pipeline carriers, grants or gifts to; information to be furnished

respecting, 49 $$ 150.2, 155.9, 158.9, 160.24 Scientific research, grants for, to educational, industrial, governmental or other

institutions, or individuals; National Science Foundation regulations, 45

Part 620 States; grants, loans, etc., to, from Federal Government, for various purposes.

See States. Technical and cultural-cooperation program, grants to participants in, 22 Part 65

Training grants. See Education and training.
Grapefruit. See Fruits and berries.
Grapes. See Fruits and berries.
Graphite; export control, 15 & 399.1 (Group 5)
Grass seed. See Seeds.
Gratuities, clause respecting, in armed services procurement contracts, 32 g 30.4
Gratuity, death; payment to beneficiaries of deceased military personnel:

Air Force personnel, 32 Parts 833, 867
Army personnel, 32 Part 533

Naval personnel, 32 Part 716
Grazing lands and grazing:

Indian lands, grazing on, 25 Parts 71–73, 177
National forests, grazing in, 36 Part 231

Trespass, 36 $ 261.7
National parks, etc., grazing in, 36 $ 1.20
National recreation areas, grazing in, 36 $ 2.16
Public grazing lands, regulations respecting. See Land Management Bureau.

Recreational demonstration areas, grazing in, 36 $ 6.24 Great Britain: British subjects, admission to United States as nonimmigrants, 8 $8 212.3, 212.5,

263.2; 22 88 41.6, 41.7, 53.28
Countervailing duties on spirits, silk and silk articles, and sugar, 19 $ 16.24
Exports to, under British Token Import Plan, 15 Part 361
Samples, commercial travelers’; free entry under reciprocal agreement, 19 $ 10.69
Taxation pursuant to treaties with:

Estate and gift taxes, 26 $$ 82.101-82.109
Income taxes, 26 88 7.500–7.532

Great Lakes:
Crewmen on Great Lakes vessels, immigration and medical examinations for,

8 $ 252.6
Great Lakes Agreement, for promotion of safety on Lakes, by means of radio.

See Federal Communications Commission.
Pilot rules for, 33 Part 90
United States Lake Survey Office (Great Lakes) availability of publications,

33 $ 209.455
Vessels on; operating requirements, etc., for. See Coast Guard.
Great Smoky Mountain National Park:

Accidents, report of, by wrecker operators, 36 $ 20.14 (j)
Camping, 36 $ 20.14 (h)
Fires, 36 $ 20.14 (g)
Fishing, 36 $$ 1.4, 20.14 (a)-(f)
Motor vehicles:

Speed, 36 $ 20.14 (i)

Weight limitations, load and vehicle, 36 $ 20.14 (k) Greece; income taxation pursuant to convention with, 26 (1954) Part 502 Greens. See Vegetables. Greeting card industry; trade practice conference rules, 16 Part 38 Grocery industry; trade practice conference rules, 16 Part 209 Group housing, mortgage insurance for. See Federal Housing Administration. Group incentive awards under Government Employees' Incentive Awards Program,

5 Part 32
Group life insurance for Federal employees, 5 Part 37

See also Territories and possessions of United States.
Aircraft, restricted areas for, 14 § 608.64
Aliens; permission to enter during war, 22 $ 53.35
Customs relations with:

Entry of merchandise from, etc., 19 $ 7.8

Export of merchandise to; drawback allowed, 19 $ 22.27
Housing; mortgage insurance. See Federal Housing Administration.
Mollusks from; restrictions on entry, 7 Part 324
Naval defensive sea area and airspace reservation for, 32 Part 761
School lunch program; apportionment of funds, 7 Part 210
Steamship service between United States and Guam, not domestic intercoastal

or coastwise service, 46 277.1
Stills; exportation, 26 (1954) § 196.61
Guantanamo Bay Naval Station and Operating Base, Cuba:

Compensation for injury or death of certain employees serving at, 20 $ 51.1 (b)
Customs entry of merchandise, etc., 19 $ 7.11

Export of merchandise to; drawback of customs duties, 19 $ $ 22.2, 22.27
Guarantee of loans:
For financing contracts in connection with defense production, 32A Chapter XV,

Regulation V To veterans on homes, farms, or business, 38 $ $ 36.4000–36.4375 Guaranties of investments abroad, under Economic Cooperation Act of 1948, and

Mutual Security Act of 1954, 22 Parts 204, 501 Guaranty respecting foods, drugs or cosmetics; regulations for enforcement of

Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, 21 $ $ 1.4, 1.5 Guava preserves, jams, jelly; definitions and standards of identity, 21 $$ 29.2, 29.3 Guidance, educational or vocational:

For veterans, 38 88 14.500–14.505, 21.700–21.735

Use of Federal funds for, 45 $ $ 102.215–102.219 Guides:

In Alaska, licenses, etc., 50 $ $ 46.25–46.27, 161.1, 161.2

In national parks, 36 $ 1.17 Guilford Courthouse National Military Park; motor vehicle travel, 36 $ 20.21 Gulf States marshlands, contract carriers by water engaged in leasing or chartering

of vessels for transporting oilfield equipment, etc.; exemption from regulations,

49 315.1 Guns. See Arms, ammunition.


Habit-forming drugs. See Drugs; and Narcotics.

See also Fishing; and Sea food.

Northwest Atlantic commercial fisheries; haddock provisions, 50 Part 155
Haemacytometers; test fee schedules, 15 § 202.408

Curled hair, industry; trade practice conference rules, 16 Part 143

Customs entry, 19 8 8 8.15 (a) (8), 10.91-10.97, 13.11-13.16, 16.24 Hair dye, coal-tar; regulations for enforcement of Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic

Act, 21 $ 1.200 Halibut fisheries, Pacific; regulations respecting areas regulated, seasons, gear, catch,

etc., 50 Part 301 Handbag industries: Minimum wage determinations for persons employed on public contracts,

41 $ 202.19 Trade practice conference rules, 16 Part 113 Handicapped persons. See Disabled or handicapped persons. Handicrafts, of Indians and Eskimos; certificates of genuineness for, or Government

stamp or mark, 25 Parts 301-310 Handkerchief industry:

Home workers, minimum wages for, 29 Part 628
Minimum wage determinations for persons employed on public contracts

41 202.10
Trade practice conference rules, 16 Part 181

See also Ports.
Harbor lines, establishment of, etc., 33 $ $ 209.150, 209.380–209.390
Operation of water carriers within harbors of New York and Philadelphia;

exemptions, 49 § 303.1 (a), (b) Protection and security of vessels, harbors and waterfront facilities. See Coast

Guard; and Panama Canal. Workers; regulations under Longshoremen's and Harbor Workers' Compensa

tion Act. See Employees' Compensation Bureau. Hardness tests, engineering mechanics; test fee schedules, 15 $ 206.401 Hardship; discharge or release from active duty with Air Force because of,

32 $ $ 882.16–882.25 Harmful articles, liable to damage mail or property, or injure person; mailing of,

39 $ $ 14.2, 15.2, 132.1 (c) Harrison Anti-Narcotic Act:

Enforcement of, in Canal Zone; regulations respecting, 35 Part 16

Excise tax regulations under, 26 Part 151 Hats and caps, men's, industry; minimum wage determination for persons employed

on public contracts, 41 § 202.11 Hawaii:

Agricultural conservation programs, 7 Part 1105
Air commerce; customs regulations, 19 Part 6

Civil airways. See Civil Aeronautics Administration.

Restricted areas for, 14 $ 608.62 Blocked assets; general licenses, etc., pertaining to, issued by Governor, 8

8.8 511.401, 511.510
Compensation for injury or death of employees of contractors with United States

in, 20 Parts 61, 62
Customs district and port of entry, etc., 19 $$ 1.1, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6
Exports to or from; export declarations, 15 88 30.30, 30.33b, 30.45
Federal Reserve District, designation of, for collection of noncash items, etc.,

12 $$ 207.51, 210.51
Housing; mortgage insurance. See Federal Housing Administration.
Mamala Bay; boundary lines for, 33 § 82.175
Quarantine of certain fruits, vegetables, plants, etc., from. See Agriculture

School lunch program; apportionment of funds, 7 Part 210
Sugar from. See Agriculture Department.
Surplus personal or real property in; disposal of, 44 $ $ 55.1, 101.14

Hawaii National Park:

Bicycles, 36 $ 20.25 (e)
Camping, picnicking, 36 $ 20.25 (c), (f)
Fishing, 36 $$ 1.4, 20.25 (d)
Fruits, taking of, 36 $ 1.2 (d)
Motor vehicles:

Commercial automobiles and busses, 36 $ 1.36

Speed, 36 $ 20.25 (a)
Pack trains or saddle horse parties, 36 $ 1.17

Inspection and certification, 7 $$ 68.1-68.53
Parity prices for baled hay and hay seed, 7 Part 5
Seed. See Seeds.

Standards for, 7 Part 57
Hazardous articles. See Explosives and other dangerous articles.
Hazardous occupations for minors; child labor regulations. See Labor Department.
Health, Education, and Welfare Department
See Children's Bureau.

Education, Office of.
Federal Credit Unions Bureau.
Food and Drug Administration.
Freedmen's Hospital.
Old Age and Survivors Insurance Bureau.
Public Assistance Bureau.
Public Health Service.
St. Elizabeths Hospital.

Vocational Rehabilitation, Office of.
Availability for public inspection of final opinions, orders and official records,

45 Part 5
Final opinions, orders and rules, 45 $ 5.1

Official records, 45 $ 5.2
Blind persons, vending stands for, on Federal property in custody of Depart-

ment of Health, Education, and Welfare; policy, permits, termination of

existing arrangements, preference, etc., 45 Part 20 Claims, tort. See Tort claims. Death compensation and pension, award of, for deceased World War II veterans,

under Social Security Act; regulations of Veterans Administration respect

ing, 38 $ 4.59 Inventions and patents: Employee inventions; duty to report inventions, determination as to pat

entability and domestic rights, option to acquire foreign rights, Depart

ment review and determination, etc., 45 Part 7 General regulations; policy, publication or patenting of inventions, Gov

ernment-owned patents, central records, procedures, issuance of pat

ents, etc., 45 Part 6 Research grants, fellowship awards, and other research arrangements, in

ventions resulting from; policy, determination as to domestic rights,

licenses to Government, option to acquire foreign rights, etc., 45 Part 8 Milk and cream imports, permits required for; customs regulations, 19 $ 12.7 Patents. See Inventions and patents. Reimbursement for damage or destruction of personal belongings of officers

or employees of, or other Federal employees on detail to, Public Health

Service and Saint Elizabeths Hospital, 45 Part 40 State agencies, and appropriate State officials, making certifications and dis

tributions of surplus property, minimum standards of operation for, 45

Part 14 Surplus property: Allocation, utilization, and disposal of surplus property for educational

and public health purposes:
Personal property, 45 Part 13

Real property, 45 Part 12
Minimum standards of operation for State agencies and appropriate State

officials making certifications and distributions of surplus property,
45 Part 14

Health, Education, and Welfare Department—Continued
Tax returns, etc., inspection of, by Department of Health, Education, and

Welfare, regulations of Internal Revenue Service:
Individual tax returns made under Internal Revenue Code of 1939,

26 $ 458.323
Statistical transcript cards prepared from individual income tax returns

for taxable years beginning in 1944 and ending June 30, 1945, 26 $ 458.301 Tort claims against Government, on account of negligence, wrongful acts, etc.,

of employees, resulting in death, personal injury, or loss or damage to prop

erty, fees, forms, filing, evidence, etc., 45 Part 35 Vending stands for blind persons on Federal property in custody of Department

of Health, Education, and Welfare; policy, permits, termination of existing

arrangements, preference, etc., 45 Part 20 Health facilities, measures, etc.:

See also Hospitals and hospital care; and Medical care.
Canal Zone; health measures in, 35 Part 24
Coal mines; health, sanitation and welfare measures in connection with

operation of, 30 38 211.107–211.110 Heart disease, training and traineeships; Public Health Service regulations:

Grants to institutions for training in heart disease, 42 Part 64

National Health Institutes traineeships, 42 Part 63 Maternal and child health and welfare; regulations of Children's Bureau,

42 Part 200 Public Health Service; medical care and examination of certain persons, grants,

fellowships, and quarantine regulations. See Public Health Service. Health Resources Advisory Committee; responsibility in connection with rehabili

tation of handicapped persons, 32A Chapter I, DMP 9 Hearing aid industry; trade practice conference rules, 16 Part 214 Hearing examiners in Federal service, appointment, etc., 5 Part 34 Heart disease. See Health facilities, measures, etc. Heat measurement, instruments for; test fee schedules, 15 $$ 203.101–203.105, 203.201 Heating equipment: Industrial heating equipment which transmits radiofrequency energy, opera

tion of, 47 Part 18 Servicing and repair of, radio services in connection with, 47 $ 11.511 Heating equipment industries; trade practice conference rules, 16 Parts 84, 160, 227 Heating service, furnishing of, to railroads; reports and accounts of persons furnish

ing service. See Interstate Commerce Commission. Heirs of entrymen:

Homestead rights of, 43 $$ 166.6, 166.62–166.66
Indians; rights of heirs, 43 $ $ 176.6, 176.13
Reclamation of irrigation projects; completion of entries, etc., 43 $$ 230.42,

230.43, 233.17, 233.18 Helicopters:

Air traffic rules applicable to; civil air regulations, 14 $ 60.60

Airworthiness requirements for rotorcraft, 14 Part 6
Importation and exportation of:

International traffic in munitions of war, 22 Parts 75, 76
Violations of regulations; seizure and detention of vessels, vehicles, or air-

craft carrying, by Customs officers, 19 $ $ 23.3, 23.31 Leasing of public lands in connection with, helium reserves, 43 $$ 192.2, 192.5

Production and sale, etc.; regulations respecting, 30 Part 1
Herbicides (economic poisons); regulations for enforcement of Federal Insecticide,

Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act, 7 Part 362
Heroin, morphine, opium. See Narcotics.
Herring fisheries, commercial, in Alaska. See Fish and Wildlife Service.
Hides, skins:

Fur skins; customs entry, 19 88 10.77, 12.60–12.63
India water buffalo hides; customs entry, 19 g 10.86

Mailing of, 39 g 15.4 (d)
High-frequency measuring instruments and properties of components; test fee

schedules (radio), 15 88 214.801-214.810 High seas, operation of aircraft over; compliance with Convention on International

Civil Aviation, Annex 2 (Rules of the Air), 14 $ 60.1a

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