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Defense Mobilization, Office of, 32A Chapter 1-Continued
Necessity certificates, for amortization of emergency facilities. See Emergency

facilities. Older workers, employment of, in defense program, DMP 7 Payment certificates, in connection with amortization of emergency facilities.

See Emergency facilities.
Personnel; positions excepted from civil service examination, 5 $ $ 6.158, 6.358
Priorities and allocations:
Control of materials and facilities by use of, policy respecting, DMO VII-3

Under disaster conditions, DMO VII-3, Supp. 1
Delegation of authority to Agriculture Department, Commerce Depart-

ment, Interior Department and Interstate Commerce Commission

respecting, DMO I-7, par. 1 Procurement in areas of current or imminent labor surplus, DMP 4 Procurement and production scheduling; implementation of national manpower

mobilization policy respecting, DMP 1 Production equipment and machine tools: Disposition of Government-owned production equipment and machine tools,

policy respecting, DMO VII-4
In disaster areas, DMO VII-4, Supp. 1
Inventory of idle Government-owned production equipment and machine

tools, DMO VII-1B
Machine tool industry, manpower program for, statement of policy, DMP 2
Mobilization base, maintenance of, DMO 1-4
Supplies and requirements for programs of various agencies; designation

of agencies to present information respecting, to Office of Defense

Mobilization, DMO VII-5
Transfer to Defense Department of management of Department's equip-

ment and machine tools in central inventory production equipment

group, DMO VII-1A Production scheduling; implementation of national manpower mobilization

policy respecting, DMP 1 Protective construction for industrial facilities, and availability of tax amorti

bation incentive, DMO VI-4 Purchase of materials for supplemental stockpile; authority of General Services

Administrator respecting, DMO V 4 Scientific, engineering, etc., manpower: Specialized Personnel, Committee on; establishment, functions, etc., DMO

IV-1 Training and utilization of, policy respecting, DMP 5, DMP 8 Specialized Personnel, Committee on; establishment, functions, etc., DMO IV-1 Stockpile, supplemental, purchase of materials for; authority of General Sery

ices Administrator respecting, DMO V-4 Strategic and critical materials: Disasters; expansion of supplies of materials in event of, DMO V-5, DMO

Exploration in connection with domestic and foreign programs; delegation

of authority respecting, to Secretary of Interior and General Services

Administrator, DMO I-7
Purchase of materials for supplemental stockpile, authority of General

Services Administrator respecting, DMO V-4
Responsibilities of Interior Department in connection with defense mo-

bilization program, DMO 1-13
Titanium expansion program: establishment of Titanium Advisory Com-

mittee in connection with, DMO V-2 Surplus materials, policy regarding, DMO V-3 Supplies for programs of various agencies. See Production equipment and

machine tools. Surplus materials acquired under Defense Production Act, policy regarding,

DMO V-3 Task Force, Central, on Post-Attack Industrial Rehabilitation; termination,

DMO VII-8 Tax amortization, in connection with emergency facilities; certificates of neces

sity for. See Emergency facilities.

Defense Mobilization, Office of, 32A Chapter 1-Continued
Titanium expansion program; establishment of Titanium Advisory Committee

in connection with, DMO V-2 Transportation in attack conditions; policy and responsibilities respecting,

DMO VI-2 Vocational assistance to men being released from armed forces, manpower

policy respecting, DMP 11 Wage adjustments, applications for, filed on grounds of present or imminent

manpower shortages; policy and procedure with respect to, DMP 3 Watch industry; establishment of Advisory Committee on, DMO IV-3 Defense Mobilization Board; membership of Federal Civil Defense Administrator on,

32A Chapter I, DMO 1-16 Defense Mobilization Regional Committees, and Central Coordinating Committee;

creation of, 32 A Chapter I, DMO I-1 Defense production; guarantees of loans for financing in connection with, 32A Chap

ter XV, Regulation V Defense Transportation and Storage, Committee on; creation of, 32A Chapter I,

Defensive sea areas; Navy Department regulations respecting:

Guam, 32 Part 761

Pearl Harbor, 32 $ 765.6 Definitions and standards of identity for various foods. See Food and Drug Ad

ministration. Delinquents:

See also Juvenile delinquents.

Selective Service delinquents; classification and induction, etc., 32 Part 1642 Delivered price systems (price discrimination); cease and desist orders, 16 $$ 13.735,

13.880 Delivering short measure; cease and desist orders, 16 & 13.680 Demurrage charges :

On import property at Port of New York, 46 $ 226.1

On interstate rail shipments of freight; regulations respecting, 49 $ 141.61 Denatured alcohol, denatured rum; excise tax regulations. See Internal Revenue

Citizenship, United States, acquisition of, by Danish citizens residents of Virgin

Islands, 8 Part 306
Countervailing duties on butter from, 19 $ 16.24

Taxation of income pursuant to treaty, 26 $$ 7.900–7.966
Dental care:

See also Medical care.
For military personnel, 32 $$ 577.40-577.46

For veterans, 38 $ $ 17.120–17.135
Dental equipment and instruments:

British Token Import Plan, export to United Kingdom under, 15 $ 361.13

Export control, 15 § 399.1 (Group 9) Dental goods and equipment industry; minimum wage determinations for persons

employed on public contracts, 41 § 202.39 Dental laboratory industry; trade practice conference rules, 16 Part 18 Dental materials, motion picture films on; loan of, by National Bureau of Standards,

15 $ 235.1
Dental officers and specialists. See Medical and dental officers and specialists.
Dentistry, practice of, in Canal Zone; license requirements, 35 $ 24.36
Dentures; British Token Import Plan, export to United Kingdom under, 15 § 361.13
Departure from United States:

See also Deportation of aliens.
Departure prejudicial to interests of United States, presenting of, 22 Part 46

Passports, etc., for. See State Department.
Of military personnel:
Air Force personnel; release from Air Force because of dependency or hard-

ship, 32 88 882.16–882.25
Army personnel; allotments of pay to dependents, 32 Part 538


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Of military personnel-Continued

Family allowances for; period of entitlement and payment, 32 & 47.1
Naval personnel:

Allowances, for quarters, etc., 32 Part 715
Missing servicemen:

Allotments, 32 $ 718.2

Transportation of dependents, 32 $ 718.3

Nonsupport of, 32 $ 765.9 Of Public Health Service commissioned officers; medical care, allowances, quar

ters, etc., 42 $ $ 21.71, 21.72, 21.341-21.348, 31.9, 31.10 Of Selective Service registrants; classification of men deferred because of de

pendents, (Class III-A), 32 § 1622.30 Of taxpayers; income tax credits for, 26 § 39.25–2(e) Of veterans; claims for benefits, allowances, etc. See Veterans Administra

tion. Deportation of aliens:

Canal zone; exclusion or deportation of persons from, 35 Part 10
Enemy aliens, departure or deportation, 22 Parts 80, 81; 28 Part 30
Immigration regulations respecting. See Immigration and Naturalization

Deposits and depositaries:

See also Banks and other financial institutions.
Certificates of deposit. See United States obligations.
Depositaries for receipt of deposits for credit to United States, designation,

authorizations, function, etc.; regulations of Accounts Bureau. See Treas

ury Deportment. Foreign banking; corporations authorized to do foreign banking business under

Sec. 25(a), Federal Reserve Act, acceptance of deposits within or outside

United States, 12 § 211.14
Indian funds, deposits, 25 Part 230
Insured bank deposits. See Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.
Interest on deposits:

Deposits by Federal employees under Retirement Act, 5 8 29.7

Deposits in Federal Reserve banks, 12 Part 217 Postal savings, 39 Part 63 Ship (merchant marine) operators under subsidy agreements; deposits to cer

tain reserve funds, 46 $$ 286.1, 287.11–287.16 Taxes, employment and income; deposit of moneys with Federal Reserve banks

and depositary banks, 26 $$ 402.607a, 406.606, 411.606a; 31 Part 213 Treasurer of United States, deposits for credit to account of; regulations of

Accounts Bureau. See Treasury Department. Depreciation on emergency facilities, treatment of, for contract pricing purposes, 32

Part 81 Depreciation or depletion of assets, natural resources, etc.: income tax regulations.

See Internal Revenue Service.
Desert lands, public, entries on:

In designated States, 43 Part 232
In more than one land district, 43 $ 101.14

In reclamation projects, 43 $ $ 230.101-230.111

Army personnel; payment for apprehension of etc., 32 $ $ 536.30-536.40
Naval personnel; regulations respecting accomplices, rewards, etc., 32 $$ 765.11,

Seamen, desertion abroad; duties of consular officers, 22 $ 129.8

Veterans' disability pension; forfeiture of rights to, by deserters, 38 $ 3.1042 Destroyed, injured, etc., merchandise, relief from duties on; customs regulations,

19 Part 15 Destroyed public debt securities. See Lost, stolen, etc. property. Destruction or retention of records. See Records. Detention of aliens; immigration regulations. See Immigration and Naturalization

Service. Detention benefits, for American citizens interned or prisoners of war. See

Foreign Claims Settlement Commission.

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Devil's Tower National Monument:
Motor vehicles:

Fees, 36 $ $ 13.1, 13.15

Speed, 36 $ 20.52(a) Mountain climbing, 36 § 1.14 Diamonds, exportation of: Industrial diamonds; export control, 15 $$ 373.33, 373.42, 373.61, 399.1 (Groups

5, 7) Mail, exportation by, 39 $ 172.5 Diathermy equipment:

Operation of; radio regulations, 47 $$ 18.2(b), 18.11-18.17

Tubes units, etc.; export control, 15 § 399.1 (Group 7) Die casting manufacturing industry; minimum wage determinations for persons

employed on public contracts, 41 $ 202.38 Dielectric materials, dielectric constant and power factor of; test fee schedules,

15 $ $ 201.206, 214.803 Diesel fuel:

Excise tax on, 26 Part 324

Test fee schedules, 15 $ 203.501 Diesel-powered mobile equipment for use in mining; tests, fees, etc., 30 Parts 31, 32 Dietary uses, special, certain foods for; representations respecting, in label state

ments, etc., 21 $ $ 1.11, 125.1–125.8 Dietitians, Army; appointment in Women's Medical Specialist Corps, 32 $$ 570.21–

570.24, 573.1–573.6, 573.10 Dikes in navigable waters; approval of plans for, 33 $ 209.120 (c) Dimension granite industry; minimum wage determinations for persons employed

on public contracts, 41 $ 202.9 Diplomatic and consular mail; free matter in mails, 39 $ 27.3 Diplomatic and consular officers:

Baggage and importations for; customs entry, 19 $$ 10.29, 10.30

Duties of Foreign Service officers. See State Department.
Diplomatic pouches, contents of; export declarations not required, 15 $ 30.47
Diplomatic visas, granting of, 22 Part 40
Direct industrial sales of natural gas, furnishing of copies of contracts and rate

schedules for; regulations under Natural Gas Act, 18 $ 155.1
Direct selling companies; trade practice conference rules, 16 Part 74
Directors and officers:
Air carriers, officers and directors:

Interlocking relationships, 14 Part 251

Reports of ownership of stock and other interests, 14 Parts 245, 246 Federal home loan banks, directors and officers of; duties, etc., 24 Parts 101,

122 Federal Reserve banks: Interlocking relationships with other banks, with dealers in securities, etc.,

12 Parts 212, 218 Loans to executive officers of member banks, 12 Part 215 Investment companies, directors and officers of, acquisition by, of securities un

derwritten by companies; regulations under Investment Company Act of

1940, 17 $$ 270.10f-1, 270.10f-2 Military officers. See Officers. Public utilities: Holding companies, directors, officers and representatives of; regulations

under Public Utility Holding Company Act of 1935, 17 $ $ 250.70, 250.71 Interlocking directors and officers of public utilities, companies marketing

public utility securities, or companies supplying electrical equipment to public utilities; applications for authority to hold interlocking positions,

regulations under Federal Power Act, 18 Part 45 Registered public utility holding companies, officers, directors and repre

sentatives of; forms and regulations under Public Utility Holding Company Act of 1935 and Securities Exchange Act of 1934. See Securities

and Exchange Commission. Railroads:

Interlocking officers of, 49 Part 53
Subordinate officials, classification, etc., 49 Part 60

Directors and officers—Continued
Securities, issuers of:
Directors, officers and stockholders of issuers of registered equity securities,

forms and regulations under Securities Exchange Act of 1934. See

Securities and Exchange Commission.
Directors-to-be, persons listed as, in registration statements respecting

securities; written consents required, regulations under Securities

Act of 1933, 17 § 230.438 Surety companies doing business with United States, officers of; election, author

ity, etc., regulations of Accounts Bureau, Treasury Department, 31 $$ 221.2,

221.3 Telephone and telegraph companies, interlocking directorates of, 47 Part 62 Directory of electric and gas utilities, form of; regulations under Federal Power Act

and Natural Gas Act, 18 $$ 141.27, 260.4
Directory of international mail, purchase of, 39 $$ 113.3, 132.3
Directory service, by post offices, 39 $ 48.7
Disabled or handicapped persons:

See also Blind persons.
Armed forces, members:
Air Force personnel:

Disability benefits, for Reserves, 32 Part 867

Disability Review Board, 32 $$ 881.30–881.38
Army Disability Review Board; jurisdiction, etc., 32 $ 581.1
Navy personnel:

Disposition of cases involving physical disability, 32 Part 725

Naval Reserve members, 32 $$ 713.81-713.85
Crippled Children's Program; grants to States for, etc., 42 Part 200
Employment of handicapped workers:

Placement services for, 20 $ $ 603.509, 604.7
Wages; employment at below minimum wages:

In sheltered workshops, etc., 29 Parts 524, 525
On public contracts, 41 $ 201.1102
Records to be kept by employers, 29 $ 516.20

Veterans, 29 $ 524.5
Federal employees:
Discrimination against, in civil service personnel action involving separa-

tion, suspension, or demotion; prohibition, 5 $ 9.101 (b) (2) Dismemberment insurance for Federal employees, 5 $$ 37.1, 37.8 (c) Retirement of disabled Federal employees; requirement respecting medical

examination, 5 $ 29.5 Manpower policy respecting utilization of handicapped persons in mobiliza

tion program, 32A Chapter I, DMP 9 Naturalization proceedings, special, for disabled or handicapped persons; na

tionality regulations, 8 $$ 334.14, 336.15, 337.11 Selective Service registrants; disqualifying obvious defects and conditions, 32

Part 1629 Telephone service, mobile; priorities for physically handicapped persons, 47

$ 6.603 Veterans; benefits for. See Veterans Administration. Vocational rehabilitation for. See Veterans Administration; and Vocational

Rehabilitation, Office of.
Disasters or emergencies:

See also Civil defense; and National emergency.
Air carriers, nonscheduled, emergency flights of; civil air regulations, 14

$ $ 42.93, 42.94 Civil service; authority of Federal agencies respecting personnel activities in

case of disaster, 5 $ 2.111 Defense mobilization program, for civil defense or disaster conditions. See

Defense Mobilization, Office of. Distress calls, by aircraft or vessels, etc. See Distress calls. Equipment and supplies for rescue and relief work, admitted free of customs

duty, 19 $ 10.107 Farm land restoration programs, allocation of funds for, in designated disaster

areas, 7 Part 1107 Farmers, loans to, under special emergency loan programs of Farmers Home

Administration, 6 Parts 381, 384, 385, 388, 389, 473, 475, 476

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