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Defense Department—Continued
Procurement regulations, armed services Continued
Interdepartmental procurement, 32 Part 5—Continued

Printing and related supplies, 32 § 5.601

Prison-made products, procurement of, 32 $$ 5.401–5.408
Labor, 32 Part 12

Basic labor policies, 32 88 12.102–12.103
Construction contracts, labor standards in, 32 $$ 12.400—12.404–12
Convict labor, 32 88 12.201-12.203
Copeland (“Anti-kickback") Act, 32 88 12.400–12.404-12
Davis-Bacon Act, 32 $$ 12.400—12.404_12
Discrimination in employment, contract clause prohibiting, 32

$ $ 12.801-12.805-7
Eight-Hour Law of 1912, 32 $ $ 12.300–12.303–2
Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, 32 88 12.701–12.703
Security purposes, employment restrictions for, 32 88 12.901-12.903

Walsh-Healey Public Contracts Act, 32 $$ 12.601-12.604
Manual for control of Government property:

In possession of contractors (Appendix B), 32 $ 30.2
In possession of nonprofit research and development contractors (Ap-

pendix C), 32 $ 30.3
Negotiation, procurement by, 32 Part 3
Contracts, types of (fixed price, cost, cost-plus-fixed fee, etc.), 32

$$ 3.400—3.405-6
Determinations and findings, 32 $$ 3.300-3.308

Circumstances permitting, 32 $$ 3.200—3.219-5

Use of, 32 $$ 3.100—3.107–2
Payments, advance, 32 $ $ 3.500–3.507
Reports of, 32 $ 3.506
Resolution of disagreements respecting, 32 $ 3.507
Small business, aids to, 32 $ 3.104

Small purchases, 32 $ $ 3.600–3.609
Patents and copyrights; policy, contract clauses, etc., 32 Part 9

Copyrights, contracts for personal services, 32 $$ 9.200–9.205

Patent rights under contracts for personal services, 32 $$ 9.100-9.112
Printing and related supplies; interdepartmental procurement, 32 $ 5.601
Prison-made products, procurement of, 32 $ $ 5.401–5.408, 12.201-12.203
Research contracts, 32 $$ 15.200–15.205, 15.300-15.305
Clause respecting military security requirements, 32 $$ 7.104–12,

7.204–11, 7.504-1
Employment of aliens on certain contracts, 32 $ $ 12.901–12.903
Short supply items, coordinated procurement of, 32 $ 4.204
Single department procurement, 32 $ $ 4.202—4.202–3
Small business concerns, provisions respecting, 32 $$ 1.302–3, 3.104
Sureties on bonds, 32 $$ 10.201-10.203
Taxes, Federal, State, and local, 32 Part 11

Contract clauses respecting, 32 $$ 11.401, 11.402
Federal excise taxes, 32 $$ 11.100–11.108, 11.199

Exemptions from, 32 $$ 11.200–11.207
State and local taxes, 32 $$ 11.301, 11.302
Termination of contracts, 32 Part 8

Definitions, 32 $S 8.200–8.231
Forms, 32 $$ 8.700-8.712-7
Inventory, termination, 32 SS 8.600–8.616
Settlement of contracts:
Contracts terminated for convenience (fixed-price and cost-type

contracts), 32 $$ 8.500–8.522-7
Terminated fixed-price contracts, 32 $ $ 8.400-8.406
Termination for convenience, 32 $$ 8.300-8.311
Walsh-Healey Public Contracts Act; applicability to contracts, 32 $$ 12.601–

War material purchases abroad; customs duties, etc., 32 38 6.302–6.302-5
Defense Department-Continued
Production equipment and machine tools, owned by Department, listed in

Central Inventory Production Equipment Group; return of, to Department,

32A Chapter I, DMO VII-1A Railroads, transportation of freight of military agencies by; loading rules, test

loadings and shipments, 32 Part 35
Fees and charges for copying, certification, and search of records, 32

Part 144
Medical records of members and former members of armed forces; release

of information from, 32 Part 41
Official records, release and authentication of copies of, 32 Part 142
Research contracts with commercial or nonprofit organizations, 32 $$ 13.505,

13.506, 15.200-15.205, 15.300–15.305
Reserve, industrial. See National Industrial Reserve regulations.
Retirement, of military personnel. See Military personnel.
Review boards; uniform rules of procedure, 32 Part 61
Safeguarding classified information within industrial plants, etc. See Indus-

trial security regulations.
Aliens, employment of, on military aircraft contracts; restrictions on, for

security purposes, 32 $ $ 12.901-12.903 Contract clause respecting military security requirements, 32 $$ 7.104-12,

7.204–11, 7.504-1 Industrial security. See Industrial security regulations. National Security Clause in instruments of transfer of property in national

industrial reserve. See National Industrial Reserve regulations. Servicemen. See Military personnel. Single department procurement, 32 $ $ 4.202—4.202-3 Small business concerns, placing of contracts for military supplies with, 32

$$1.302-3, 3.104 Stamps, for inspection and acceptance of supplies or services; design, specifi

cations, etc., 32 Part 146 Taxes, Federal, State, and local; procurement regulations, 32 Part 11 Technical military information, safeguarding of. See Industrial security

Termination of procurement contracts, 32 Part 8

Aircraft transportation. See Aircraft.
Explosives, Class A and B, transportation of, by military or commercial

motor vehicles:
Certification, inspection, of vehicles, etc., 32 Part 34
Special instructions for drivers; index of commodity groupings, 32

Part 37
Household goods of uniformed personnel:
Freight forwarders; transportation of uncrated household goods, 32

Part 38
Motor van carriers, transportation by, 32 Part 36
Motor carriers, transportation by. See Explosives; and Household goods.
Railroads, transportation of freight by; loading rules, test loadings and

shipments, 32 Part 35 Travel, on military aircraft. See Aircraft, transportation by. Uniforms, wearing of, by persons honorably discharged from armed forces,

32 Part 49 Wages; procurement regulations respecting labor and wages. See Procurement

regulations. Walsh-Healey Public Contracts Act; procurement regulations, 32 $$ 12.601

12.604 War material purchases abroad, customs duties on, etc., 32 $ $ 6.302—6.302–5 Without compensation. See Persons of outstanding qualifications, serving

without compensation. Defense Facilities Maintenance Board; establishment, 32A Chapter I, DMO VII-7 Defense housing. See Housing. Defense identification zones, air; designation of, and rules for operations within,

14 Part 620

Defense information. See Information; and Security.
Defense Materials System, regulations respecting. See Business and Defense Serv-

ices Administration. Defense Minerals Exploration Administration, Interior Department: Exploration for strategic or critical metals and minerals; Government aid in,

defense exploration projects, 32A Chapter XII, DMEA 1 Defense Mobilization, Office of, 32A Chapter 1

Administrative proceedings under Defense Production Act of 1950, GAO 1-2 Agricultural manpower:

Manpower policy on, DMP 6

Use of domestic and foreign migratory agricultural workers, DMP 10 Allocations. See Priorities and allocations. Amortization of emergency facilities. See Emergency facilities. Attack conditions. See Civil defense. Authority, delegation of: Agriculture Department, Secretary; authority respecting priorities and

allocations in connection with food, domestic distribution of farm

equipment and commercial fertilizers, DMO 1-7, par. 1 Commerce Department, Secretary; authority respecting priorities and

allocations of materials and facilities not otherwise assigned, DMO

I-7, par. 1
Defense Department, Secretary; authority to issue payment certificates

under section 168 (formerly section 124A) of Internal Revenue Code
of 1954 in regard to payments for unamortized cost of emergency

facilities, DMO I-11 General Services Administrator: Issuance of payment certificates under section 168 (formerly section

124A) of Internal Revenue Code of 1954, in regard to payments

for unamortized cost of emergency facilities, DMO I-11 Loans, certain, certification of, to Reconstruction Finance Corporation

and Export-Import Bank of Washington, DMO 1-7
Purchase of materials for supplemental stockpile, DMO V4
Strategic and critical minerals and metals:

Exploration for foreign programs, encouragement of, DMO I-7
Mining and development of, encouragement of, DMO I-7

Reports for Congress, preparation of, DMO I–17
Interior Department, Secretary:
Exploration of strategic and critical minerals and metals for programs

in United States, its Territories and possessions, encouragement

of, DMO I-7 Priorities and allocations respecting petroleum, gas, solid fuels, and

electric power, DMO I-7, par. 1 Interstate Commerce Commission, Commissioner responsible for super

vision of Bureau of Service; authority respecting priorities and allocations in connection with domestic transportation, storage, and port

facilities, DMO I-7, par. 1, DMO I-15 Boards. See Committees and boards. Central Task Force on Post-Attack Industrial Rehabilitation; termination,

DMO VII-8 Certificates, necessity and payment, in connection with amortization of emer

gency facilities. See Emergency facilities. Civil defense and disaster conditions: Central Task Force on Post-Attack Industrial Rehabilitation; termination,

Critical materials; expansion of supplies of, in event of diseaser, DMO V-5,

Disaster conditions; defense mobilization programs, DMO V-5, DMO V-6,

DMO VII-3 Supp 1, DMO VII-4 Supp. 1, DMO VII-7, Supp. 1.
Industrial mobilization base attack damage, overcoming effects of; estab-

lishment of Industrial Defense Committee in connection with, DMO

Protective construction for facilities important to industrial mobilization

base and availability of tax amortization incentive, DMO VI-4

Defense Mobilization, Office of, 32A Chapter 1-Continued
Civil defense and disaster conditions Continued
Transportation in connection with attack conditions, policy and responsi-

bilities with respect to, DMO VI-2
Transportation, storage, and port industries; preparedness measures, DMO

Committees and boards; establishment, functions, membership, etc.:
Commodity Advisory Committee, Interdepartmental (metals, minerals,

chemicals, rubber, forest products, fibers), DMO V-1, Supp. 1
Defense Areas Advisory Committee, DMO 1-3
Defense Facilities Maintenance Board, DMO VII-7
Defense Mobilization Board; membership of Federal Civil Defense Admin-

istrator on, DMO 1-16
Defense Mobilization, Regional Committees and Central Coordinating Com-

mittee, DMO I-1
Defense Transportation and Storage, Committee on, DMO I-2
Facilities Protection Board, DMO VI-1
Industrial Defense Committee, DMO VII-8
Labor-Management Manpower Policy Committee, DMO IV-2
Manpower Policy Committee, DMO IV-1
Materials Advisory Committee, Interdepartmental, DMO V-1
Mobilization Production Committee, DMO VII-9
National Censorship Planning Committee, Interagency, DMO X-1
Specialized Personnel, Committee on, DMO IV-1
Stockpile Storage Committee, Interdepartmental, DMO V-1, Supp. 2
Telecommunications Planning Committee, DMO IX-1
Titanium Advisory Committee, DMO V-2

Watch industry, advisory committee of, DMO IV-3
Control of materials and facilities by use of priorities and allocations authority,

policy respecting, DMO VII-3 Critical defense housing areas, procedures for designation and certification of,

DMO 1-3 Critical materials. See Strategic and critical minerals and materials. Defense mobilization program, functions respecting: Mobilization base, maintenance of, to meet minimum wartime mobilization

needs for Defense Department, Atomic Energy Commission, and

Maritime Administration, DMO I-4, DMO VII-7
Defense Facilities Maintenance Board; establishment and membership,

Emergency action under disaster conditions, DMO VII-7, Supp. 1
Mobilization Production Committee, establishment and membership,

Responsibilities of various agencies:

See also Authority.
Agriculture Department; responsibilities respecting food, farm equip-

ment and commercial fertilizer, DMO I-9
Commerce Department; responsibilities relating to industries assigned

by Executive Order 10480 and DMO 1–7 and VII-5, DMO 1-8 Defense Department; responsibilities respecting development and ad

ministration of industrial mobilization measures, DMO I-12 Housing and Home Finance Agency; responsibilities relating to housing

and community facilities for which Agency has responsibility,

DMO I-14
Interior Department; responsibilities relating to certain industries

(solid fuels, petroleum and gas, electric power, metals and min

erals), DMO I-13 Interstate Commerce Commissioner (car service functions); responsi

bilities: Preparedness measures for transportation, storage, and port in

dustries, DMO 1-15 Transportation under attack conditions, DMO VI-2 Labor Department; responsibilities relating to expansion of labor force,

improvement of skills, and distribution and utilization of civilian

labor force, DMO I-10 Defense training, manpower policy on, DMP 5

Defense Mobilization, Office of, 32A Chapter 1-Continued

Disaster conditions. See Civil defense and disaster conditions.
Emergency facilities, amortization of; issuance of certificates under section 168

(formerly section 124A) of Internal Revenue Code in connection with:
Necessity certificates:
Expansion goods; accelerated tax amortization certificates for listed

areas of production, DMO VII-6 and Supps. 1-4 Policy for establishment, DMO III-1, Supp. 1 Extent to which accelerated amortization can be allowed as cost in

negotiated contract pricing, policy respecting, DMO III-1 Regulation respecting issuance, ODM Regulation 1 Payment certificates; issuance in connection with payment of compensation

for unamortized cost of emergency facilities:
Delegation of authority to Secretary of Defense and General Services

Administrator respecting DMO I-11
Regulation respecting, ODM Regulation 2
Protective construction for industrial facilities, availability of tax amortiza-

tion incentive for, DMO VI-4 Engineering manpower. See Scientific and engineering manpower. Expansion goals, for listed areas of production; issuance of accelerated tax

amortization certificates under section 168 (formerly section 124A) of

Internal Revenue Code, DMO VII-6 and Supps. 1-4
Policy for establishment of expansion goals, DMO III-1, Supp. 1
Handicapped persons, utilization in mobilization program, DMP 9
Housing in defense areas. See Critical defense housing areas.
Industrial facilities:

Civil defense. See Civil defense and disaster conditions.

Mobilization base, maintenance of. See Defense mobilization program. Inventory, central, of defense mobilization production equipment; establish

ment, DMO VII-1B Inventory production equipment group, established pursuant to Defense Direc

tive of April 30, 1952; transfer to Defense Department of management of

Department's equipment in, DMO VII-1A
Labor. See Manpower mobilization.
Machine tools. See Production equipment and machine tools.
Manpower mobilization; policies, etc.:
Agricultural manpower:

Policy on, DMP 6

Use of domestic and foreign migratory agricultural workers, DMP 10
Defense mobilization responsibilities of Labor Department respecting labor

force, DMO I-10
Defense training, policy on, DMP 5
Engineering and scientific manpower. See Specialized personnel.
Handicapped persons, utilization in mobilization program, DMP 9
Labor-Management Manpower Policy Committee, establishment, member-

ship, functions, etc., DMO IV-2
Machine tool industry, manpower program for; statement of policy, DMP 2
Manpower Policy, Committee on; establishment, functions and member-

ship, DMO IV-1
Older workers, employment of, in defense program, DMP 7
Procurement in areas of current or imminent labor surplus, DMP 4
Procurement and production scheduling; implementation of national man-

power mobilization policy respecting, DMP 1
Specialized personnel (scientists, engineers, etc.):
Committee on Specialized Personnel; establishment, functions, etc.,

Training and utilization of; policy, DMP 8
Vocational assistance to men being released from armed forces, DMP 11
Wage adjustments, applications for, filed on grounds of present or imminent

manpower shortages; policy and procedure with respect to, DMP 3 Minerals, strategic. See Strategic and critical minerals and materials. Mobilization base (capacity to permit rapid expansion of production); policy

and agency responsibilities and assignments for maintaining mobilization base, DMO 1-4, DMO VII-7, DMO VII-7, Supp. 1

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