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N.B. For remarkable Passages in the Criticisms and Extracts, see the INDEX at the End of the Volume.

462 physiological effays p. 265 Burnaby's sermon,

4.60 Alder. Collectio nova numorum

Burrel's (Lady) poems,

146 Cuficorum seu Arabicorum,230 Bufti del museo Pio Clement. 471 Alfred's letters,

с Almeida trattado da educatio Fy- Callimachi opera, Gr. 472 fica des Meninos, 228 Chelsum's sermon,

457 Anthology, the English, vol. 1,95 Christian minister's advice to a new Aquin. Ålmanach literaire, 343 married couple, Archimedes Torelli, 318, 418 Churton's sermon, Argal, or the filver devil,

453 Cicero,les devoirs de l'homme par Aristotelis opera omnia Gr. Lat. Broffelard, a Buhle, 475 Clarke, on lying-in women

204 Afiatic researches, vol. 2. 117,254 Commercial bill, thoughts on,217 Alsociation papers,

435 Cornide, investigationes sobre la letter on the present 456 fundacion y fabrica de la torre Aftronomiæ Ephemeride de Mi llamada da Hercules, en Colan 114 runna,

472 B Corser's fermon,

463 Balme. Recherches dietetiques du Crell's chemical journal, 165, 296 medicin patriote


D Barwis's fourth dialogue concern- Daubeny's sermon,

108 ing liberty

61 D’Israeli's curiosities of literature, Beccarini's history of the Turks,

324 German


Defbillon miscella. pofthuma, 232 Becker. The rights and duties of Dirom's narrative of the campaign man, vol. 2. German, 229

in India of 1792,

5 Beedon's (Bp.) fermon, 343 Disney's fermons, Bible. Explanation of the New Doering eclogæ veterum poëtaTestament for the unlearned, 2 rum Latinorum,

351 vols. German,

349 Douglas's Nenia Britannica, 289 Bindeman's Idyllia and Epigrams Dream of an Englishman faithful of Theocritus, German, 233

to his king and country,

106 Bischoff on the extraction of the Drysdale's fermons, 375 cataract,

454 Dupont (M.) remarks on his Booker's sermons, 415 speech,

31 Bofcawen's Horace, 329, 423

E Bowles's 'real grounds of the pre- Earle, on oper. for the stone, 188

's appendix to a treatise on Brosselard. Les devoirs de l'homme the hydrocele, de Cicero,

Erkine (Hon. Tho.) poetical episBrown's essay on the natural equa

104 lity of men,


remarks on his defence of 393

213 Buffon's natural history of birds, 39 Essay on the happiness of the life Buhle's Aristotle, Gr. Lat. 475 to come,

447 Europe,

vol. 2,


fent war,

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tle to,

Brun's poems,


of, 1792,




Europe, view of the political state

H 51

Hall's (Bp.) contemplations on the Exhibition, or, • There is none facred history,

74 greater than I, no not one,'211

Halma geographie,

224 F

Hamelsveld geography to the bi-
Fables in verse,

ble, Dutch

474 Fact without fallacy, 455 Hardy's patriot,

144 Failures, thoughts on the causes Harleian Miscel. selection from,210 of the late,

457 Harruga memorias politicas y ecoFaint fketches of lectures on uni nomias de Espagnas, 225 versal history,

352 Hartford bridge, or, the skirts of Fawcett's fermon,


the camp, an operatic farce, 340 Follie voyage dans le desert de Sa- Hartlebourn castle,

453 trara,

165 Harwood's select

poems, 208 Fox, letter to-poftfcript--second Hay's fermon, 30th Jan. 26 letter,

198 -'s letters and essays, 463 -'s speeches on reform of par- Hearn’s view of the rise and proliament,

217 gress of freedom in modern France, letter to a foreign noble Europe,

214 man on present fituation of, 67 Herculaneum, della antichita di view of the actual force Ercolano, tom. 8,

471 and resources of


Hoare's love's victims,
letters from Paris in the Hodge's travels in India, 13
fummer of 1792,

Hudson's fermons,

460 -,Gazetteer of,

Hoeft's history of the


of letters during a residence Morocco,

234 in 1792,


Homer la Iliada, par Malo, 226 le pour & contre; des opi- Horsley's (Bp.) ' ferm. 30th nions prohoncés dans les pro Jan.

25 cès de Louis XVI. 346 Humorous hints to ladies of faFranklin loves of M. Cá narúpa &

fhion, who wish to appear preg. Cámalatá,

305 nant,
Huntingford's fermon,

343 allic lion,


Gardiner's sermor,

460 Jackson, Port, and Norfolk ifand. Garve's essay on morality, literat. transactions at,

79 and social life. Germail, 232 Imlay's emigrants, a novel

341 Georgi's effay towards a defcrip. India East Company, short history tion of Petersburg, Russian, 354


97 Gideon's cake of barley meal,


-'s case of the proGilbank's fermon, 462 prietors of annuities,

342 Gilson's fermon,

Ireland's picturesque views on the Gjoerwell's geogr. of Sweden, 353 Medway,

185 Glass's contemplations on facred L'Italia, lettres fur,

109 history,


K Gmeineri inftitutiones juris eccle- Kett's juvenile poems, 187 fiaftici, 350 King's two sermons,

220 Godwin's inquiry concerning po- Klinkenberg's bible, with a paralitical justice,

phrase and remarks,

Gray's disc urses,

474 eleg a Græcè reddita, 179 Kuh's poithumous poems, Ger.352


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vol. 24;

actions at,

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vol. I,



Kuiegge's German Gil Blas, 212 Necker's reflexions à la nation I.

François sur le procès intente Letters from a French nobleman Louis XVI,

461 to Mad. de Pon, 453 Norbury's Greek translation of Lewin's fermon, 462 Gray's elegy,

179 Lickorish's sermons and tracts,269 Noríolk island, journal of transLindsay's military miscellany, 247

79 Louis XV. memoires de la minorité


Obedience political, thoughts on Lyfons's environs of London, the new and old principles, 456

173 Ode gratulatoria ad Anglos, 209 M

O'Keeffe's sprigs of laurel, a comic Maclaine's sermon,


453 Malo, la lliada de Homero, 226 Orto's abridgment of the natural Man, duties of, in connexion with history of the sea,

349 his rights,


P ---, duties of, or civil order, Painting, a poem,

337 public safety,

216 Palentini centuria literarum ad Manners's (Lady) poems, 304


230 Martial's epigrams imitated 103 Parliament, speeches of Pitt and Martyn's language of Botany,142 Fox on reform of,

217 Mary Queen of Scots, Robertson's Patriot,

144 history of,

406 Paulin, fyftema Bramanicum, 225 Mathillon's memoires de la mino- Pearce's Hertford bridge, 340 rite de Louis XV.

midnight wanderers, ib. Maurepas (C. de) memoires, 110 Pennant, literary life of the late, Maurice's Indian antiquities, 150 to which is added, on the Pata. Maury's princip. of eloquence, 194 gonians-free thoughts on the Mease on bite of a mad dog, 125

militia lawslet, from a Welch Medical tranfactions of a fociety freeholder to his representative

for the improvement of medical hort letters on the Flint

and chirurgical knowledge, 384 fhire petition against mail Memory, the pleasures of,

coaches--proposal for the loyal Mentor, the female,


association in Flintshire-ode Mercier fragmens de politique & to indifference,

15 d'histoire,

467 Petreni cabinetto mineralogico, Midnight wandcrers,

340 del collegio Mazareno 225 Milan ephemerides astronom. 114 Pharmacopei, Londinensis,a poroMilton's paradise loft, in Portu logic companion to, guese,

227 Philips's necessity of a speedy and Moore's journal during a residence effeétual reform in parliam. 64

273 Picard, lepallé, le present, l'avenir More's H. remarks on Dupont's

223 speech,

31 Pietet's letter to a foreign noble. Morris's false colours, comedy,209

man on the present situation of Murphy's Tacitus,


64 N

Pitt's speech on the reform of parNares's abridgment of principles liament,

217 of government, adapted to ge- Playfair's view of the actual force neral instruction and use,


and resources of France, 107 m-'s man’s, best right, 334 -, thoughts on the present state Naturaliste, le guide de, 229

of French politics, 215




in France in 1792,

226, 473


Playfair's better prospects to the Smith's old manor house, a novel merchants and manufacturers of

148 Great Britain,


's emigrants, a poem, 403 Polwhele's fermon,

South Downs, a poem,

Popple’s consider. on reform, 456 Souza vestigios da lingua Arabica
Portugal, veftigios da lingua Ara en Portugal,
226, 473 Spain, hiftory of,

44 Potts's discourses after confirma- Spain, lettres écrites de Barcelone tion,

108 à un zelateur de la liberté, 112 two charges, 217 Sprengal, history of geographical fermon,

discoveries. German, 231 Poulter's fermon, 219 Stedman's sermon,

219 Priestley's letters to the philoso- Steevens's Shakespeare, 54, 127

phers and politicians of France Stonehenge, a poem, 208
on religion,

29 Stuart's Roman history,Dutch,475
459 Sturges's fermon,


T: Reeves's history of the government Tacitus, Murphy's translation,358 of Newfoundland,

192 Tatius Achilles, a Maitcherlich, Regal rambler, or eccentrical ad.

234 ventures of the devil in Lon.211 Thelwall's essay towards a defini. Rehberg's examination of the tion of animal vitality

, 412 French revolution. Germ. 350 Theocriti idyllia & epigram mata. Reynold's how to grow rich, a German,

233 comedy, 338 Topsy-turvy,

103 Robertson fectionum conicarum Torelli Archimedes, 318,418 libri septem,

371 Tour through the theatre of the --'s history of Mary Queen war,

105 of Scots,

406 Townson's discourses on the evanRömer delectus cpusculorum ad gelical history,

70 omnem rem medicam spectan Treason,high,treatise upon the law tium, quæ primum a Italiæ nie and proceedings in cases of 105 dicis edita,

352 Trip to Holyhead in a mail coach, Roucel traité des plants, 229

with a churchman and a diffen-
Ruizo on the Peruvian bark, 115 ter,
Ruffel's history of ancient Europe,

237, 441

Saftres faggi sulla Gran Bretagna, Village association, 455


W Savary's sermon,

4614 Wallis's art of preventing diseases, Schoenmann bibliotheca historico.

284 literaria patrum Latinorum, 115 Ware's surgical operations, 341 Scott's fermon, 461 Waters's sermon,

462 Secession, or true blue separated Webster's facts, tending to show from buff,

104 the connexion of the stomach Sempill, Lord, on the practice of with life, diseases, and recocalhiering officers, 455 very,

413 Silva, Paraiso perdido de Mil- Woodeson's Vinerian Lectures 34 ton

227 Slothower de origine & causis

casuum, præfertim in Græca & Young's example of France a
· Latina lingua,

warning to Britain,





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For M A Y



Art. I. Indian Antiquities, or Dissertations relative to the anti

ent geographical Divisions, the pure System of primeval Theology, the Grand Code of Civil Luws, the original Form of Government, and the various and profound Literature of Hindoftan. Compared throughout with the Religion, Laws, Government and Literature of Persia, Egypt and Greece. By the Rev. Thomas Maurice. 8vo. 2 vols. 155. Elmsley.


HIS elaborate performance appears so highly impor

tant, and so truly to deserve the countenance of the public, that we are induced to believe our readers will readily excuse a more extended investigation of it, than we shall usually afford to two octavo volumes, being all that Mr. Maurice has yet published.

The scene which the title page presents, is so vast and so magnificent, that although we contemplated the spacious prospect with delight, we feared that the strength and ability of an unaffifted individual could not suffice to perfect the extensive plan. Our anxiety however was soon relieved, and we had not proceeded far in the work, when we found that the genius and learning of Mr. Maurice were equal to his industry, and that the discerning curiosity of the public would doubtless be fully satisfied.

Without taking up our reader's time with any general remarks, we shall immediately enter upon our duty, hoping that the learned author will not impute to us any

thing of asperity, B

if BRIT. CRIT, VOL. 1. MAY 1793.

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