Cyclopædia of useful arts & manufactures, ed. by C. Tomlinson. 9 divs, Том 4

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Страница 731 - ... one over the fire itself, and a long, fixed one over the flue. The sand-baths supply every gradation of heat, from dull redness, if required, down to a temperature of 100°...
Страница 807 - Two measurements of length are made from the poll to the tip of the horn, one on the inside and the other on the outside of the horn.
Страница 706 - The vessel being thus hermetically sealed, and all access of air prevented, it may be sent into any climate, without fear of putrefaction, and the most delicate food of one country be thus eaten in its original perfection in a distant region, many months, or even years, after its preparation.
Страница 815 - ... the dextrine of a violet, approaching to red, without any mixture of blue. It is unnecessary to say, that during the decomposition, the liquid must be kept constantly in motion. The operation lasts about an hour and a quarter, that is to say, a quarter of an hour for the formation of the paste, one for its dissolution, and the other three-quarters for rendering it soluble. I much prefer this method of forming the paste...
Страница 708 - ... the cases were landed with the other stores, and left upon the beach. " Eight years afterwards, in August, 1833, they were found by Sir John Ross in the same condition as they were left ; and he wrote to Mr Gamble at the end of that year, saying that ' the provisions were still in a perfect state of preservation, although annually exposed to a temperature of 92°(?) below and 80° above zero.
Страница 667 - In order to fill up the intervals between the joists that support the floor, short pieces of common laths, whose length is equal to the width of these intervals, should be laid in the contrary direction to the joists, and close together in a row, so as to touch one another; their ends...
Страница 731 - The interval between them, which gradually increased from the lower to the upper part, was filled with pulverized glass-blowers' pots, to which water enough had been added to moisten the powder, which was pressed down by sticks, so as to make the whole a compact mass. A round grate was then dropped into the furnace, of such...
Страница 787 - Yet so comparatively small were the gatherings of the precious metal, that in reckoning the average produce of all parts of the New and Old World for a series of years previous to 1847, it did not amount to the annual value of five millions sterling.
Страница 723 - Wood used Initial temperature of water in boiler Temperature of water in tank . Barometer 29-7 mean Extremes of external thermometer . . 32° — 56° Extremes of internal thermometer . . 58° — 68° Dew point ....... 48° mean Area of damper open 168 in.
Страница 661 - ... which projected the water only in spurts, and with continual interruption. Such machines, on each movement of the lever, experience a stoppage, during which no water is thrown out ; and because the pipe is fixed, it cannot convey water to remote places, though it may reach a fire at no great distance, where there are doors and windows to afford it a passage. At the same time the workmen are exposed to danger from the falling of the houses on fire, and must remove from them to a greater distance.