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At Downham, Norfolk, in bis 80th At Wandsworth-common, in her 57th year, Edmund Saffery, esq. He had year, Hannah, wife of Thomas Bennett been in the commission of the peace Smith, esq. pearly fifty years.

At Clapham-common, Anne, youngest Aged 86, Anne, relict of Corbet Howard, dau. of the late Joseph Smith Gosse, esq. esq. fate of Whitchurch, Shropshire, At Edinburgh, Mrs. Jane De Morgan,

W. Prest, esq. of Aiskew, co. York. relict of Daniel Buchanan, esq. late sur

At Dublin, of apoplexy, Lieut. D. Bol. geon in the East India Company's service: ton, late of the Royal Navy.

Feb, 10. In his 29th year, Peter Henry, In Upper Canada, in his 39th year, eldest son of Peter Dobree, esq. of GraceCapt. Sir Robert Hall, kpt. K. C. B. Knight churcb-street. Commander of the Royal Siciliap order of lo Norton-street, Lieut.-col. Ward, of St. Ferdinand and Merit, Commissioner of the Bombay establishment. His Majesty'- Navy in the Canada's, &c. Al Grange-house, Havering:atte-bower, and who formerly greatly distinguished Aged 64, William Hewson, esq. late of himself in the command of the gun-boats Aldgate. at Cadiz and Sicily.

At Richmond, Surry, Anne-Elizabeth, Feb. 8. In Charles street, Berkeley eldest daughier of the late Wm. Walker, square, in his 59th year, William Hony, esq. of Manorobouse, Ilayes, Middlesex. wood, esq. of Mark's-hall, Essex, and of Of an apoplectic fit, in his 44th year, Sibton, Keni. He represented the county Joseph Halsey, esq. M. P. of Gaddesdenof Kent in Parliament from the year 1806 park, Herts. to 1813. W. P Honywood, esq. his elde At Dublin, in the full possession of all est son, succeeds to his valuable estates in

her faculties, aged 98. Eleanor, Dowager Essex and Kent.

Lady Palmer, relict. of the late Sir Roger Hannah, wife of James Stanger, esq. Palmer, bart. of Castle-Lacken, co. Mayo, of Doughty-street.

and Ballyshannon, co. Kildare. In Finsbu y-square, aged 62, Mrs. De Feb, 11. In New Norfolk-street, in her la Torre, relict of the late Manuel De la 72d year, Rt. Hon. Lady Mary Ker, third Torre, esa.

sister of his Grace, the late John Dyke of Aged 45, Maj. Patrick Anderson, 19th Roxburgh, Groom of the Stole to his preLancers,

sent Majesty. At Birmingham, in her 21st year, Har Of an apoplectic fit, in bis 73d year, riet Lefanu.

Mr. George Stuart, of Mortimer-street, In his 74th year, Charles Higden, esq. Cavendişh-square. He carries with him of Maryland-point, near Stratford, Essex, to the grave the regrets of a most numeand of Curriers-hall, London.

rous circle of friends, whom his sterling At Epinay-sur-Seine, io his 19th year, integrity as a man of business, the hoJohn Wilmot Courtenay Vaughan, .esq. uest ardour of his social disposition, and eldest son of Hon. Johụ Vaughan, M.P. his general benevoleuce, had long attacbed and grandson of the late Earl of Lisburne. to him.

Feb. 9. Io Wilsop st. Finsbury-square, In Lower Cadogan-place, Sloane-street, in his 70th year, James Watts, esq. Frederic Nicolaij, esq. of his Majesty's

At Kensiugton, Esther, daughter of the Treasury. late Thomas Rogers, esq. of Demerara, In Cheapside, aged 26, Helen, wife of

At Brompton, in his 79th year, Richard Alexander Macgill, of Glencaird, Stewartry Fleming, esg. one of the Deputy Lieute. of Kircudbright. pants and oldest Magistrates for the At her son's, Dr. Smith, of Maidstone, county of Surrey, and formerly a Colonel in her 68th year, Mary, relict of the late in the army. He served 39 years in va. Rev. G. Smith, M. A. rector of Puttenham, rious parts of the globe. Several of his and minister of Market-street Chapel, last years were spent at Bath, where his Hertfordshire. benevolence was exercised in the promo Feb. 12. In his 87th year, P. F. F. tion of public institutions in that city. In Herbst, esq. of Turnham-green. ebe establishment of the Penitentiary and At Great Gearies, Essex, aged 75, Mrs. Lock Asylum, he was the zealous coadju. Jones, wife of James Jones, esq. tor of its indefatigable Chairman, and its At Bath, Milicent Stokes, eldest daugh funds have been from time to time libe ter of Capt. Fisher, of Stapleford, Notts. rally augmented by his means indeed Feb. 13. Of illness from a bit of parahis charity knew no bounds but in the li. lysis, Samuel Garth, esq. late surgeon of mits of his fortune. As a soldier, a sub the East Judia Company's ship Providence. ject, a magistrate, and a Christian, he was lu Bedford-square, suddenly, in a fit of an example of valour and loyalty, of jus. apoplexy, aged 78, Sir William Fraser, tice and devorign.

bart, one of the elder bretbren of the Of a fever, caught during his attend. Trinity-house. He had been at the Prioce ance on the hospitals, James, youngest sop Regeot's Levee the preceding day in good of Rev. R. Carter, of Neston, Cheshire, health. Sir William was descended from

a younger


younger branch of the family of Fraser creased to nearly 3000l.; and the names of of Lovat, ennobled by King James I. of some highly respectable Citizens have been Scotland, and was brought up in the na added to the List of its Members. To this val service of the East India Company, Society Mr. Bennett continued as Secre. two of whose ships he commanded, namely, tary till his death.-- In 1785, he joined the Lord Mansfield, lost in coming out of with some religious friends in forming an Bengal river, in 1773, and the Earl of institution called the “ Union Society," Mansfield, from 1777 to 1785. He was established at Tottenham-street, Totteucreated a Baronet in 1806. At the age ham Court-road, “ for Clothing and Edų, of 56 he married Elizabeth, daughter of cating 100 Poor Children in the Protest. James Parquharson, esq. merchaut, of ant Religion,” in order to check the enLondon, by whom he had twenty-eight croachments of Roman Catholics ; and children. Three sons and fourteen daugh. which still continues to receive the most ters are still living. The marrriage of two satisfactory support.-Though anxious to of the latter was recorded in p. 176. be generally useful, his family was the

At Greenwich, Capt. Thomas Baynes, first object of his attention ; and his inRoyal Military Asylum.

dustry supplied them with the comforts of March 11. At Babington-house, So. life, and a liberal education. The tenmerset, much lamented, Frances, wife of der regard which was felt for him by his Charles Knatchbull, esq. ; whose loss will wife and children prove him to have beeq long be remembered by a numerous cir. a kind husband and affectionate father. cle of friends, and whose unceasing acts His last trial he bore with the resignation of charity to the poor and needy in her that became a Christian; and bis jotel'neighbourhood, will be to them a more lects remained unclouded to the last :-at especial cause of lamentation :-she was five o'clock, on the morning of his disthe daughter of the late Norton Knatch solution, he wished the window-shutters to bull, esq, and first cousin to the present be opened-he thanked God for preserving Sir Edward Knatchbull, M. P. for the him through the night, and for the light couniy of Kent.

of a new day-implored a blessing on his March 21. At the vicarage, in bis 681h family and friends drew a few short year, Rev. John Clowes, vicar of the pa. breaths, and died without a struggle or a rish of Eccles, Lancashire.


J. B. March 27. At Loughborough, aged 77, Lately. - At the Hot-wells, Bristol, the John Blackburn, gent. Also, April 4th, at Hon. Margaret Hely Hutchinson, fourth the same place, aged 67, Ellen, his wife. and youngest daughter of the late Right

March 30. In George-street, Black Hon. Christian, in her own right Baroness friars-road, in his 73d year, Mr. Thomas Donoughmore, by the Right Hon. John Bennett, printer. His vital powers were Heley Hutchinson, formerly Secretary of nearly exhausted by an asthma, under State in Ireland, and sister of the present which he had laboured for many years ; Earl of Donougbmore, and of the gallant but his death was hastened by the frac John, Lord Hutchinson, Baron of Alex, ture of 'a thigh, 'under which he sunk, andria. .after lingering a fortnight.--He was born April 3. At East Smithfield, on board Feb. 12, 1745.6, at Chichester, in Sussex. an Aberdeen packet, Walter Blackett In 1760 he was apprenticed to Mrs. Lewis, "Trevelyan, Esg. of Nether Willon in printer, in Paternoster-row. At the ex. Northumberland, formerly of St. John's piration of his apprenticeship (after work- College, Cambridge. He possessed those ing a short time with Mr. Richardson, the humble unobtrusive virtues which the celebrated author of " Clarissa," &c.); world passes by without notice, or perhe entered into the employment of Messrs. haps marks with scorn, but which, we are Bowyer and Nichols, with whom he con taught, have their reward in another tinued 47 years; and was so fortunate as place. He was truly a disciple of Jesus. to enjoy two pensions which those benevo With limited powers, perhaps, and narrow lent gentlemen had severally allotted for views, he was sincere, ardent, and indefa. indigent aged printers.--" The Union So. tigable in the service of his divine master, ciety” (now held at the Rev. Rowland His heart was warm, good, gentle, and Hill's, or Surrey Chapel), which he had generous. He never gave offence, he sel. joined, was on the brink of ruin, from the dom or never took it: he was truly amiinability of its members to support its ex able, independeot, and friendly. He had pences; but, by adopting the measures a great turn for, and considerable knowMr. Bennett proposed, it was so thoroughly ledge iv), several branches of natural philo. renovated, as to allow pensions to several sophy. Pride was a quality (except the of its old members to be a secure pro generous pride of independence) to which vision in case of sickness--to afford money his heart seemed a total stranger. Sincefor a wife's funeral--and to supply a hand. rity and uprightness were constituent parts some sum to the widow at the death of a of his nature. Eccentric in his pursuits member. The Stock has progressively in and habits, all his errors, if errors they

could be called, were on the side of good


ness, religion, and virtue. His end was April 8. At Penzance, Cornwall, in sudden and singular; but no person at her 66th year, the Right hon. Emily, all acquainted with his character and Countess of Bellamont, widow of Charles babits could in the least call in question Coote, Earl of Bellamont, K. B, whose title that it was natural, and might long have became extinct in 1800. Her Ladyship been expected; and the scene of it was per. was the eldest daughter of James Duke fectly characteristic of his pursuits and of Leinster, and married Aug 20, 1774, nautiral inclinations. The writer of this Charles Earl of Bellamunt, by whom she article sincerely honoured and loved him, had one son, Charles, Lord Colouny, died and wishes his pen could do more justice to young, and four daughters. the subject. But this slight and hasty

April 15.

At Walworth, of a rapid memorial is due to his many silent unub decline, aged 7 years, John, eldest son of trusive virtues, long kindness, and an ac- • Mr. John Smith, and grandson of the late quaintance more or less intimate of above Mr. John Browne, Senior Associate En. thirty years.

The deceased was of a very graver of the Royal Academy. ancient Cornish family ; the branch he April 17. At the advanced age of 84, belonged to being seated in Northumber Mrs. Carlyon, widow of the lale Rev. land. He inherited from his mother a very John Carlyon, of Truro, and daughter of .considerable landed estate, the income of the late James Winstavley, esy. of Braun. which he spent liberally, in charities and ston Hall, Leicestershire. Unfeigoed other godly works, but not ostentatiously. piety, charity, and humility, and the He was a good son and kind brother; and most affectionate tenderness with which to his friends the most unassuming, un she discharged the duties of a wife, à mopretending, inoffensive, useful and obliging ther, and a friend, were the distinguishing creature that could be conceived.

virtues of this most exemplary woman. April 6. In Holles-street, Dublin, Sir She was beloved and respected by all who Richard Musgrave, bart. of Torin, co. knew her; and her loss will be long and Waterford. He was formerly a member deeply regretted, not only by her family of the Irish Parliament, was appointed to and friends, but by the numerous poor, the valuable office of Collector of the Dub to whom she was ever a most kind and li. Jin City Excise, and created a Baronet, beral benefactress. Dec. 2, 1782. Sir Richard married Dec. 20, 1780, the Hon. Deborah Cavendish,

ADDITION. second daughter of Sarah, Baroness Waterpark in her own right, by the Rt. Hon.

Vol. LXXXVIII. ii. p. 632. Dr. JenSir Henry Cavendish, bart. of Doveridge

kin was of St. John's College, Cambridge ; Hall, Derbyshire; by wbom he had no is

and had the College living of Ufford, with sue, and the title consequently (agreeable

the Chapel of Bainton, in the County of to the remainder in the patent) descended

Northampton. He married Augusta, to his brother, now Sir Christopher Mus

youngest sister of Sir Frederick Evelyn, of grave, bart, who is married and has issue. Wotton, in Surrey, bart. ; (she had been Sir Richard Musgrave distinguished him

maid of honour to the Princess Dowager self by sereral important publications on

of Wales, the King's mother); and on the the history and state of Ireland ; but the

death of the Rev. Dr. Thomas Taylor, wasterms of severity in which he thought presented by Sir Frederick to the livings himself warranted to speak of the Catho.

of Wotton and Abinger, in Surrey, in lic priesthood in that country, brought 1808, on which occasion he resigned Ufupon him a shower of abuse, and even

ford. He was Chaplain to the Prince Rethe censure of Government, as tending, it

gent, and in 17

.... was presented by nim was supposed, to keep alive that heat to the Deanery of St. Burian, in Corawhich ought to be allayed by moderation.

wall *, which he held till his death. А In privale life, Sir Richard was univer few years ago the present Bishop of Winsally esteemed and respected. The fol

chester gave bim a stall at Winchesterlowing is a list of his publications, viz.

so that bis Church preferment was not Letter on the present siluation of Public less than 20001, a year. Mrs. Jenkin surAffairs, 1794, 8vo. Considerations on

vived her brother but one day. She and the present state of England and France,

the Dean are both buried in the family 8vo. 1796. Short view of the political si

vault in Wotton Church, He had no child. tuation of the Northern Powers, 1801, 8vo. Memoirs of the different Rebel * The Dean has an independent jurislions in Ireland, from the Arrival of the diction in all ecclesiastical matters within English ; with a particular detail of that the parish of St. Burian and its dependent which broke out in 1798, 1801, 4to. ; 2d parishes of St. Levan and Sennen. There edition, with an Appendix, 1801. 31 were three Prebends belooging to the oriedition,. 1802, 2 vols. 8vo. Observations ginal foundation, one of which is now in on the Reply of Dr. Caulfield, 8vo. 1802. the gift of the Bishop, the other two are Observations on Dr. Drumgoole's Speech at anmexed to the Deanry. Lysous's Corothe Catholic board, Dec, 8, 1813, 1814, 8vo. wall, p. 49.

MR. JOHN CARTUR. (See p. 276.) Mr. Carter's Collection of Drawings, A Series of Drawings, containing Antiquities, &c. were sold by Auction by Plans, Sections, Elevations, Monuments, Mr.Sotheby, Feb. 23—25, and produced Altar Pieces, Seals, &c. &c. of the Ca.. the sum of £1695, 38.

tbedral Church of York, with MS AcAmong the most remarkable were, count. This matchless and truly mag

White Rose, a Dramatic Romance, nificent Work is considered the Cheffounded on Historic Facts of the Fif. d'ouvre of the late Mr. Carter, and conteenth Century, written and set tu Mu. sists of 24 Drawings with 12 Sheets of sic for the Harpsichord, with an Accom MS Description, of uniform Size, on the paniment for the Violin, by John Carter. largest Elepbant Paper. 3151. -To this Dramatic Romance Mr. Carter [These Drawings bad been made by bad with very great labour and expence order of Sir Mark Sykes ; who, after constructed a Stage, with Proscenium advancing a large sum to Mr. Carter and eleven bighly finished Drawings, re for them, declined (but in the most presenting the various Scenes. 161. 165. handsome manner) completing the pur

Saint Oswald's Cell, or The Magic cbase. They were, we believe, bought Sword, a Dramatic Romance, founded in for Mr. Carter's executors.] on Historic Facts, of the Fourteenth A matchless Collection of Sketches Century, written and set to Music by John relating to the Antiquities of England Carter, 1796.-This Dramatic Romance and South Wales, from the year 1764 Mr. Carter, also with very great labour, to 1816, in 36 Volumes. The above had elucidated with 15 bigbly finished voluminous and valuable Collection is Drawings, which represent the various the result of the labour and industry Scenes. 71. 78.

of the late Mr. Carter, during a series Besides these, were several other at of Summer Excursions, from 1764 to tempts at Dramatic Writings, by Mr. the time of bis Deatb; and contains Carter; and a great many by a maternal Sketches of the Minutiæ of all the Aprelation, Mr. J. Jameson ; with M$ poli- tient Architecture within the sphere tical tracts by Mr. Jameson, writçen in of bis examination : preserving to future Queen Anne's reign.

generations many elegant and chaste deDrawings and Sketches of the Gothic signs of Buildings and Decorations now Mansion at Strawberry-Hill, Twicken- lost; and many that are hastening to debam, the Seat of the Hon. Horace Wal struction. 1731. 8s. pole, and of bis Antiques and Curiosi The Copy-right, remaining copies, and ties: taken by permission. 111.

Copper-plates of Mr. Carter's Publica Nine Drawings of Tapestry at Coven. tions produced : try, containing Portraits of Illustrious Views of Antient Buildings, 6 vols. Persons in the time of King Henry VI. 18mo. 581. 168. 131. 29. Ed.

Specimens of Sculpture, &c. 119 plates, Thirty-one Drawings of the Tapestry, 3301. 158. Painted Chamber, Westminster, with Antient Architecture, 106 plates, 2251, MS Description. 121.


METEOROLOGICAL Table for April, 1818. By W. CARY, Strand. Height of Fahrenheit's Thermometer. Height of Fahrenheit's Thermometer.

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BILL OF MORTALITY, from March 24, to April 21, 1818.

2 and 5 144 50 and 60 149 Males Males 741

4960 and 70 124

5 and 10 1721

1445 Females

10 and 20 44 70 and 80 96 Whereof have died under 2 years old 383

20 and 30 95 80 and 90 59

30 and 40 145 90 and 100 . 13 Salt 1. per bushel; 44. per pound.

-40 and 50 151

Females - 859}

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AVERAGE PRICES of CORN, from the Returns ending April 18.

Whoat,. Rye , Barly, Oats Beans

Wheat Rye Barly Oats Beaus d. s. .d. s. d. s. d. s. d.

s, d. s. d. s. d.ls. d. s. d. Middlesex 94 300 0152 9/31 7 49 3|Essex 73 9 49 0148


9 48 0 Surrey

87 448 0 48 8 32 4 48 6 Kent 87 000 0 45 0 30 0 42 6 Hertford 82 052 049 631 0 43 0||Sussex 87 400 0 13 6/28 0152 0 Bedford 86 9152 0 45 629 342 o|Suffolk 92 10 52 051

9 so

4 47 4 Huntingdon 85 11100 0 48 427 10:50 4||Camb, 86 546 043 4125 6 52 6 Northamp. 80

050 4/28 648 ol Norfolk 85

045 2 30 749 1 Rutland 85 3 00 0 52 631 0 53 01 Lincoln 82 140 355 3/26 4 49 10 Leicester 92 454 0.57 0 30 864 0 York 75 5 52 10 46 4127 9 58 5 Nottingham 93 461 654 833 464 0||Durham 81 200 O100 0 30

9 00 Derby 99 400 057 334 473 0 Northum. 70 958 0143 , 8 30 11.00 Staford 98 800 056 733 1070 2|Cumberl. 94 766 1156 4134 1 100 Salop 104 4161 264 5137 1178 2| Westmor. 104 076 062 439 5100 Hereford 89 757 650 832 661 5 Lancaster 96 300 055 637 2/64 Worcester '91 600 054 737 3/53 5|Chester 96 7100 064 40 8100 Warwick 85 800 055 0/35 8161 2||Flint 94 1000 168 2 34 1000 Wilts 90 800 0 49 6131 068

0||Denbigh 90 500 164 9|35 900 Berks 92 600 0 50 8 32 0 55 4||Anglesea 84 000 062 0 33 4100 Oxford 90 900 0 53 430 045 0||Carnarvon 96 800 056 6/34 900 Bucks 86 1000 0 44 030 10154 4| Merioneth 103 300 0160 8 39 4100 Brecou 92 876 8160 8/29 400 0||Cardigan 100 1000 056 0122 oloo Montgom. 99 200 073 7+5 1000 0||Pembroke 98 4100053 328 000 Radnor 92 Blou 0156 11/32 900 0|Carmart. 98 200 057 10/27 800 0

Glainorgan 94 600 0158 8 36 10 000 Average of England and Wales, per quarter. Gloucester 84 800 0 50 11 33 6162 10 90 8156 51537132 3155 6|| Somerset 98 1000 0 54 5/29 10 49 3

Monm. 93 8000/52 9/38 41000 Average of Scotland, per quarter. Devon 96 10100 043 031 41000 72 0155 8143 5133 7155 i Cornwall 90 800 052 4/28 800.0

Dorset 92 800 051 2/32 864 0

Hants 89' u100 045 4/28 111560
PRICE OF, FLOUR, per Sack, April 27, 75s, to 80s.
OATMEAL, per Boll of 140lbs. Avoirdupois, April 18, 36s. 4d.

AVERAGE PRICE of SUGAR, April 22, 49s. 4. per cwt.

PRICE OF HOPS, IN THE BOROUGH MARKET, April 27 : Keut Bags ............ 221, Os. to 261. Os. Sussex Pockets......... 231. Os. to 261. Os. Sussex Ditto .......... 221, Os. to 241. Os. Essex Ditto.............231. Us. to 261. Keat Pockets ......... 241. Os. to 281. Os. Farnham Ditto.........251. Os. to 351. Os.

AVERAGE PRICE OF HAY AND STRAW, April 28 : St. James's, Hay 5!.6s. Od. Straw 3'. Is. 6d. Clover 01, Os. Od. --Whitechapel, Hay 51. 15s. 6d. Straw 31. 3s, Clover 6l. 105.-Suaithfield, Hay 5l. 18s. Od. Straw 21. 15s. Clover 6l. 13s, 6d.

SMITHFIELD, April 27. To sink the Offal-per Stone of 8lbs. Beef.

....45, 4d. to 5s. 4d. | Lamb...... ............6s, Od. to 8s. Od. Mutton

...5s. 8d. to 6s. 4d. Head of Cattle at Market April 24: Veal 5s. Od. to 6s. 8d. Beasts

471). Calves 200. Pork

...5s. Od. to 6s. Od. Sheep and Lanıbs 5,450, Pigs 210, COALS, April 27: Newcastle 32s. 9d. to 45s. 6d. Sunderland 38s, (d. to 40s. 9d. TALLOW, per Stone, 84. St. James's 4s. 9:1. Clare Market Os. Od. Whitechapel 4s. 641. SOAP, Yellow, 1025. Mottled 112s. Curd 1163. CANDLES, 12., 6.7. per Doz. Moulds 148

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