Botanical Gazette, Том 25

Предна корица
John Merle Coulter, M.S. Coulter, Charles Reid Barnes, Joseph Charles Arthur
University of Chicago Press, 1898

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Страница 375 - A Report to Congress on Agriculture in Alaska, including Reports by Walter H. Evans, Benton Killin, and Sheldon Jackson.
Страница 476 - Professor of Chemistry and Pharmacy to the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain.
Страница 476 - WHEN DOCTORS DIFFER WHO SHALL DECIDE? But the fact is, doctors do not differ in their opinions of Pears' Soap. Sir Erasmus Wilson, FRS, late President of the Royal college of Surgeons, England, the renowned Dermatologist, writes: "Nothing has answered so well, or proved so beneficial to the skin as Pears
Страница 115 - Rafflesiacea:, rather than with parasitic members of the Scrophulariacea. The seedling parasite seemed early to attack young oak roots, and steadily grew for ten to twelve years until a huge mass six inches across might be formed. This mass was characterized chiefly by the abundance of sclerenchyma patches developed by the oak host through the irritant action of the invading parasite. The presence of stomata on the stem and their absence on the scale leaves was pointed out, while the double circle...
Страница 37 - ... advances in the knowledge of plants, and especially of the relations of parasitic fungi to higher plants. Eriksson points out " that they provide a new explanation for the varying susceptibility of different varieties of cereals, and also that we are warranted in suggesting that the predisposition of Hosford wheat to yellow rust may be explained by assuming that between this variety of wheat and the yellow rust an extremely vital mycoplasmasymbiosis is to be found, while, on the contrary, the...
Страница 37 - ... the parent. For the last four years he has therefore been growing plants in sterilized earth in glass houses specially constructed to keep out the spores of the disease which may be floating in the air. He reaches the general conclusions : A. The outbreak of grain rust is due (a) in the first place to germs of disease in the host plant itself, which in certain cases are inherited from the parent plant through the seed, and in which they lead a latent symbiotic life as a mycoplasma and continue...
Страница 378 - Gazette, the coming meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science at Boston promises to be one of the most notable in the history of the Association. It is the fiftieth anniversary, and special efforts are being made to arrange a worthy celebration. The local committees have been appointed, and the week selected is August 22-27. The local secretary is Prof. HW Tyler, of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. PROF. JOHN W.
Страница 161 - Zamia as proof of the existence of centrosomes in seed plants. He says: Even though all earlier observations upon the presence of attractive spheres and centrosomes in different Cormophytes may be regarded as inexact, one can not doubt that the bodies recently described and figured by Webber in the pollen cells of Zamia * * * are centrosomes (48, p. 161).