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[By H. J. Pye, Esq. P. L.]

S the blest guardian of the British Isles,

Immortal Liberty, triumphant stood,
And view'd her gallant sens with favouring smiles,

Undaunted heroes of the field or flood ;
From Inverary's rocky shores,
Where loud the Hyperborean billow roars,
To where the surges of th’ Atlantic wave
Around Cornubia's western borders rave;
While Erin's valiant warriors glow
With kindred fire to crush th' injurious foe;
From her bright lance the flames of vengeance stream,
And in her eagle-eyes shines Glory's radiant beam,

Why sink those smiles in Sorrow's sigh?
Why Sorrow's tears suffuse that eye?
Alas! while weeping Britain sees
The baleful fiends of pale Disease
Malignant hovering near her throne,
And threat a monarch all her own---
No more from Anglia's fertile land,
No more from Caledonia's strand,
From Erin's breezy hills no more
The panting legions crowd the shore :
The buoyant barks, the vaunting host,
That swarm on Gallia's hostile coast,
The anxious thought no longer share ;
Lost in a nearer, dearer care,
And Britain breathe's alone for George's life her prayer.

Her prayer is heard---

The Almighty Power,
Potent to punish or to save,
Bids Health resume again her happier hour

And, as across the misty wave
The fresh’ning breezes sweep the clouds away
That hid awhile the golden orb of day,
So from Hygiea's balmy breath
Fly the drear shadows of disease and death.
Again the manly breast beats high,
And fames again the indignant eye;
While, from the cottage to the throne,
This generous sentiment alone

Lives in each heart, with patriot ardour warm,
Points ev'ry sword, nerves ev'ry Briton's arm,
“ Rush to the field—where George and Freedom lead,
Glory and Fame alike the warriors' meed,
Brave in their country's cause—who conquer or who bleed.”

Origin of VEGETABLE and ANIMAL Life.

[From Dr. Darwin's Temple of NATURE.]

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'IRST, if you can, celestial Guide! disclose

From what fair fountain mortal life arose, Whence the fine nerve to move and feel assign'd, Contractile fibre, and ethereal mind:

“ How Love and Sympathy the bosom warm,
Allure with pleasure, and with pain alarm,
With soft affections weave the social plan,
And charm the listening savage into man.”

GOD THE FIRST CAUSE!-in this terrene abode
Young Nature lisps, she is the child of God.
From embryon births her changeful forms improve,
Grow, as they live, and strengthen as they move.

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“ Ere Time began, from flaming Chaos hurld,
Rose the bright spheres, which form the circling world;
Earths from each sun with quick explosions burst,
And second planets issu'd from the first.
Then, whilst the sea at their coeval birth,
Surge over surge; involv’d the shoreless earth;
Nurs’d by warm sun-beams in primeval caves
Organic Life began beneath the waves.

“ First Heat from chemic dissolution springs,
And gives to matter its eccentric wings;
With strong REPULSION parts the exploding mass,
Melts into lymph, or kindles into gas.
ATTRACTION next, as earth or air subsides,
The pond'rous atoms from the light divides,
Approaching parts with quick embrace combines,
Swells into spheres, and lengthens into lines.
Last, as fine goads the gluten-threads excite,
Cords grapple cords, and webs with wels unite;
And quick CONTRACTION, with ethereal flame
Lights into life the fibre-woven frame.--
Hence without parent, by spontaneous birth,
Rise the first specks of animated earth ;

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From Nature's womb the piant or insect swims,
And buds or breathes, with microscopic limbs.

« In earth, sea, air, around, below, above,
Life's sub:le woof in Nature's loom is wove;
Points glued to points a living line extends,
Touch'd by some goad approach the bending ends;
Rings join to rings, and irritated tubes
Clasp with young lips the nutrient globes or cubes ;
And urg'd by appetencies new select,
Imbibe, reain, digest, secrete, eject.
In branching cones the living web expands,
Lymphatic ducts, and convoluted glands ;
Aortal tubes propel the nascent blood,
And length’ning veins absorb the reHuent food;
Leaves, lungs, and gills, the vital ether breathe
On earth's green surface, or the waves beneath.
So Life's first powers arrest the winds and floods,
To benes convert them, or to shells, or woods;
Stretch the vast beds of argil, lime, and sand,
And from diminish'd oceans form the land !

“ Next the long nerves unite their silver train,
And young SENSATION permeates the brain ;
Through each new sense the keen emotions dart,
Flush the young cheek, and swell the throbbing heart,
From pain and pleasure quick VoLitions rise,
Lift ihe strong arm, or point the inquiring eyes ;
With Reason's light bewilder'd man direct,
And right and wrong with balance nice detect.
Last in thick swarms Associations spring,
Thoughts join to thoughts, to motions motions cling;
Whence in long trains of catenation flow
Imagined joy, and voluntary woe.

“ So, view'd through crystal spheres in drops saline,
Quick-shooting salts in chemic forms combine;
Or mucor-stems, a vegetative tribe,
Spread their fine roots, the tremulous wave imbibe.
Next to our wond’ring eyes the focus brings
Self-moving lines, and animated rings ;
First Monas moves, an unconnected point,
Plays round the drop without a limb or joint;
Then Vibrio waves, with capillary eels,
And Vorticcila whirls her living wheels;
While insect Proteus sports, with changeful form,
Through the bright tide, a globe, a cube, a worm.
Last o'er the field the mite enormous swims,
Sweils his red heart, and writhes his giant limbs.


“ ORGANIC LIFE beneath the shoreless waves
Was born and nurs'd in Ocean's pearly caves;
First forms minute, unseen by spheric glass,
Move on the mud, or pierce the wat’ry mass;
These, as successive generations bloom,
New powers acquire, and larger limbs assume;
Whence countless groups of vegetation spring,
And breathing realms of fin, and feet, and wing.

“ Thus the tall oak, the giant of the wood,
Which bears Britannia's thunders on the flood;
The whale, unmeasur'd monster of the main,
The lordly lion, monarch of the plain,
The eagle soaring in ta' realms of air,
Whose eye induzzled drinks the solar glare,
Imperious man, who rules the bestial crowd,
Of language, reason, and reflection proud,
With brow ereci, who scorns this earthy sod,
And styles himself the image of his God;
Arose from rudiments of form and sense,
An embryon point, or microscopic ens !

« Now in vast shoals beneath the brineless tide,
On earth's firm crust testaceous tribes reside;
Age after age expands the peopled plain,
The tenants perish, but their cells remain;
Whence coral walls and sparry hills ascend
From pole to pole, and round the line extend.

“ Next, when imprison'd fires in central caves
Burst the firm earth, and drank the headlong waves ;
And, as new airs with dread explosion swell,
Form'd lavi-isles, and continents of shell ;
Pil'd rocks on rocks, on mountains mountains raised,
And high in heaven the first volcanoes blazed ;
In countless swarms an insect-myriad moves
From sea-fan gardens, and from coral groves ;
Leaves the cold caverns of the deep, and creeps
On shelving shores, or climbs on rocky steeps.
*As in dry air the sea-born stranger roves,
Each muscle quickens, and each sense improves;
Cold gills aquatic form respiring lungs,
And sounds aerial flow from slimy tongues.

“ So trapa rooted in pellucid tides,
In countless threads her breathing leaves divides,
Waves her bright tresses in the wat’ry mass,
And drinks with gelid gills the vital gas;
Then broader leaves in shadowy files advance,
Spread o'er the crystal flood their green expanse ;

And, as in air the adherent dew exhales,
Court the warm sun, and breathe ethereal gales.

“ So still the tadpole cleaves the wat'ry vale
With balanc'd fins, and urdulating tail ;
New lungs and limbs proclaim his second birth,
Breathe the dry air, and bound upon the earth.
So from deep lakes the dread musquito springs,
Drinks the soft breeze, and dries his tender wings,
In twinkling squadrons cuts his airy way,
Dips his red trunk in blood, and man his prey.

“ So still the diodons, amphibious tribe,
With two-fold lungs the sea or air imbibe ;
Allied to fish, the lizard cleaves the flood
With one-cell'd heart, and dark frige-cent blood;
Half-reasoning beavers long-unbreathing dart
Thro' Erie's waves with perforated heart;
With gills and lungs respiring lampreys steer,
Kiss the rude rocks, and suck till they adhere ;
The lazy remora's inhaling lips,
Hung on the keel, retard the struggling ships;
With gills pulmonic breathes the enormous whale,
And spouts aquatic columus to the gale;
Sports on the shining wave at noontide hours,
And shifting rainbows crest the rising showers.

“ So erst, ere rose the science to record
In letter'd syllables the volant word;
Whence chemic arts, disclos'd in pictur'd lines,
Liv'd to mankind by hieroglyphic signs;
And clustering stars, pourtray'd on mimic spheres,
Assumed the forms of lions, bulls, and bears;
So erst, as Egypt's rude designs explain,
Rose young Dione from the shoreless main ;
Type of organic Nature ! source of bliss !
Emerging Beauty from the vast abyss !
Sublime on Chaos borne, the Goddess stood,
And smil'd enchantment on the troubled flood;
The warring elements to peace restor'd,

Reflection wonder'd and ador'd,"

And young

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