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to get by heart a story of a direct wife on Saturday, the 4th of De. fact, applying immediately to the cember; she stayed all night with party accused. The case which her husband; they left the house the jury were called upon to deter- about ten the next morning; they mine, was one in which they would, were not on good terms together ; from the consideration of a variety the witness saw the body of the of circumstances, have to say, whe- child, and knew it well; she had ther it was possible they could have no doubt it was the same child she existed, consistently with the inno. had seen at her house ; the deceased cence of the prisoner at the bar. had been out of the workhouse The learned counsel proceeded to about a month. detail the evidence, which we shall Eleanor Winter said, she lived at describe in the language of the the Spotted Dog, near the Pad. witnesses, in support of the prose- dington canal ; she saw the prisoner cution.

there on the 5th of December with Jane Hubbard said, she lived in a woman and a child; they came Old Boswell court, Carey-street; about eleven, and stayed till near the mother of the deceased lodged one, when they left their house. with her, and had taken her daugh. The Spotted Dog was on the tow. ter out of the workhouse some time ing side of the river, and the Mitre before. The deceased was at her public house on the other. The house on Saturday, the 4th of De- prisoner's wife seemed in low cember, and quitted it in the after- spirits ; she said she had been there noon—she used to go to sleep with three times to meet a man who her husband on a Saturday. The owed her husband money, and that deceased had had four children: she would not come there any one had died, two were in the

Witness afterwards saw workhouse, and the fourth had her body at the Mitre. been destroyed with its mother. John Gough, waiter at the Mi. The witness never saw the deceased tre, recollected the prisoner and after she quitted her house to go his wife and child coming to their to her husband.

house about two o'clock. They Joseph Bradford said, the priso- stayed till half past four, having in ner lodged with him. On the 5th the mean time drunk some rum, of December his wife and child and had some porter and bread were with him--they all breakfast and cheese. They left the house ed together-they left the house together about half past four about ten o'clock-the witness saw o'clock; neither of them had prothe prisoner again in the evening posed to have a bed when they -his wise and child were not with went away; they turned to the him—the prisoner made no inquiry left to go to London; he saw them after his wife and child—the wit- at the distance of about 100 yards. ness was surprised, on the following On his cross examination, he was Sunday, that she had not come to positive they had left the Mitre at see the prisoner as heretofore. The half past four. prisoner was by business a harness Hannah Patience, the mistress of maker, and he worked as usual. the Mitre, stated, that she helped

Mrs. Margaret Bradford, the them to a quartern of rum just bewife of the preceding witness, fore they went away. This witness stated, that she saw the prisoner's corroborated the last respecting




neither of them applying for a bed. fore that, we stopped at the Spotted She denied having asked 2s. 6d. Dog, where we had some beeffor a bed. The woman wrapped steaks; we were going to return, up the child, and said it was the but she desired me to walk further last time she would ever on to see two of our children in the there. She did not appear de- workhouse at Barnet; I left her sponding:

directly after we quitted the house, Sarah Daniel, servant to a Mr. and made the best of my way to Fillington, merely spoke to some Whetstone, in order to go to Barnet trifling facts, confirming the testi- to see my children. When I got mony of the former witnesses. there, I found it so dark that I

Charles Whield said, he worked would not go on, but came back; with the prisoner at Mr. Bushnel's; so that I did not inquire for them, he met him on Sunday the 5th of but I meant to do it; I came home December, a little after six o'clock, between seven and eight o'clock; at his lodgings; he was certain it I saw no person as I was going to was not seven. He said nothing Whetstone, nor did I stop any of his wife and child. The witness where except at the Green Dragon recommended him to live happily at Highgate, where I got a glass with his wife, as he did. The pri- of rum; my wife had a black soner did not tell him where he had gown on; she was a little in liquor; been, nor did the witness ask him. before we left the Mitre, I inquired He did not appear as if he had of the mistress of the inn, whether been at all hurried.

we could have a bed, and she asked John Atkins, a bargeman, said me 2s.6d. for one, which I thought he found the body of the child too much.” This confession was under the bow of his boat. He signed by the prisoner. dragged for the woman, and found William Gardiner said he had her entangled in a bush; there was worked at the same shop with the at some distance a fence formed of prisoner; and calling at the Bear some bushes.

in Bow-street to see him, he exSir Richard Ford deposed, that pressed his sorrow at his being in he had examined the prisoner seve such a situation. He replied, he ral times. Each previous exami- was as innocent as the child un. nation was carefully read over to born; and if he could get any one the prisoner two or three times. to swear he was at the Green After the whole had been read Dragon at Highgate, at a partiover, paragraph by paragraph, the cular time, on Sunday the 5th, he interlineations and corrections were should be saved. at the prisoner's express request. Mr. Bushnel, the prisoner's mas. It contained his confession to the ter, stated, that at his request he following effect : “My wife and made inquiry at the Green Drae child came to me on Saturday the gon. 4th of December to sleep at my

Elizabeth Southey proved that lodging: the next morning, be- the prisoner had been at the Green tween nine and ten, I went out Dragon on some Sunday, but his with them, and we walked to the wife and child were then both with New Cut at Paddington ; we went him. to the Mitre, where we had some The prisoner, in his defence, did bread and cheese and porter ; be little more than complain of certain


inaccuracies in the testimony of the to determine, whether the circumwaiter at the Mitre; who was called stantial evidence which had been up again, and insisted upon the adduced left any doubt as to the accuracy of what he had sworn. guilt of the prisoner.

George Hodgson, esq. coroner The jury retired a very short for the county, stated, that he pre- time, and returned a verdict of sided at the inquisition on the body; Guilty. it had no marks of violence, neither Mr. Shelton, the clerk of the was the child's arm broken, as had court, said to the prisoner, What been untruly reported.

have you to say why you should Sarah Gorin, with whom the not have judgment to die accord. prisoner and his wife had lodged, ing to law? said the prisoner was a tender hus Prisoner-_- Nothing, or I cer, band and a good father.

tainly should." Elizabeth Chisall said, they had The recorder then pronounced lodged with her four years; the sentence of death, and the prisoner prisoner always behaved well; they was ordered to be executed on appeared to be a happy couple. Monday, and his body anatomised Several other witnesses gave the pursuant to the statute. prisoner a good character.

17. The Porte has received the The lord chief baron summed intelligence that the army in Egypt up the evidence, remarking the under the pacha of Cairo has been contradictions between the priso- completely beaten by_the beys. ner's confession and the facts sworn The intelligence from Egypt is of against him--those were, first, his the 20th of November, and has assertion, that he had requested a been received by the English am. bed of the mistress of the Mitre bassador, lord Elgin, and by the thar fact had been positively dis- Porte. It is as follows: proved—the next was the impossi The Egyptian beys had been bility of his being in town between surrounded by the Egyptian army. six and seven, if he had walked They had made several attacks, from Paddington to Whetstone and but they were always repulsed by Barnet, and back, a distance of 16 the Turks. In the mean time miles-another circumstance ex- Omar bey, in the beginning of Oc. tremely important, was the declara- tober, had the address to divert the tion of the deceased, that she had attention of the pacha of Cairo been three times with her husband from him, to get his troops passed at Paddington, to meet a man who through his lines, and escape. The owed him some money. It would pacha considered him in no ways have been desirable, in his defence, dangerous, as he understood noif he had stated who that man was, thing of his intentions. Omar bey, and have brought him forward. however, strongly reinforced his With regard to his having been at corps, and returned to the place the Green Dragon at Highgate, it where the pacha was encamped, evidently must have been on some while the other beys, who were in other Sunday, from the circum- concert with Omar, made a vigo. stance of his wife and child having rous attack.

In this moment, been with him. His lordship, hav. Omar attacked the pacha's troops ing commented at large upon the in the rear; and the Turkish army, whole of the case, left it to the jury placed between two fires, was fans



pletely beaten. The beys, follow. :. Petersbringł.-In virtue of a conaing up their advantages, pursued vention concluded betiveen the Turks for several days together, emperor and the pope, tie nuncio, and would have entirely extermi- who is to be resident here, will nated them, if the commanders of "enjoy merely the rank of an ambasthe English and Turkish troops at sador of the first class ; thus he Alexandria had not sent out de will exercise 'no jurisdiction over tachiments to collect the fugitives the catholics, nor pretend to any su

and prevent the further progress of perintendence over the apostolical sche beys.

functions in any pårt of the Russian 5- The pacha of Cairo endeavoured dominions. :: to assemble the remains of the de- ** 18. By letters from Constantifeated army, and to collect rein-nople, intelligence is obtained of forcements; but the beys have got the loss of the antiquities, &c. col.

the ascendancy too decidedly, and tected by lord Elgin in Greece. have the complete command of The vessel which contained them Egypt. +

put into Cerigo bay, in stress of "As the season is uncommonly weather, and the pilot letting go mild, the plague still continues, the anchor in too deep water, she and several of the ambassadors was driven on the rocks, and sunk have retired from Pera to the in fifteen fathom. An English country.

brig has sailed from Constantinople, Grand Cairo, 12th October, 1802. in the hope of raising some of the “ The bashaw who commands cargo, 'but with little prospect of the Turkish troops here, is fortify- success. ing, with great haste, the palace 19. The late storms have been that Bonaparte occupied in the severely felt on the coast of Scotsquare called Ezbekier, through land. At St. Andrews, the Meanfear of the beys, who have made well, of Scarborough, from Bourthemselves complete masters of deaux, last from Hull, was on Upper Egypt, and of the province Monday seen off the coast, so near of Alfieli. They make incursions that she could not clear the land; as far as the pyramids, and have and as it was impossible for her to five times completely defeated the anchor, there was no alternative Turkish troops. The English "re- for her but to attempt the harbour main at Alexandria with 4000 or run upon the sands.--Flags were troops under general Stuart, and hoisted, fires made, and every there is the greatest discord between thing possible done to direct the them and the Turks, as the latter vessel into the harbour, and a imagine that the mamelukes are number of people assembled to paid and supported by the English. render every possible assistance. Two commissioners were sent Just as the ship was about entering some time ago by the beys, seeretly, the harbour, a tremendous sea to treat with the British comman- made her strike, and drove her out der. The Turks' have 3000 men of the channel among the breakers at Damietta, 2000 at Rosetta, and and rocks. The life-boat was in rea20,000 at this place. All the taxes diness ; but the storm was so great imposed by the Freneh have been that the people were afraid to go continued by the Turks, but tripled out in her. However, Mr. Cathcart in the amount.''

Dempster, captain Horsburg of 1803.



the 39th, and Mr. David Stewart, persons would take place in this master of the Venus, with a gallant and a neighbouring county. On crew, readily volunteered their ser- Thursday last such intelligence vices, and by the most wonderful was received, as 'rendered it the exertions, in a sea where it appear- duty of those intrusted with the ed almost impossible for any vessel civil and military power to take to live, they happily succeeded in every precaution to prevent this saving the whole of the crew. city from being surprised by de

Johnson, the smuggler, before sperate rebels; in consequence of he quitted this kingdom, after his which, crowds of loyal inhabitants, escape from the Fleet prison, sailed with the right worshipful mayor in his own cutter, the Ann, from and sheriffs, resorted to the ex? Hove to Bexhill, in the county of change, and remained there under Sussex, where he landed, and re arms. The non- commissioned mained some hours before he re- officers of the city of Limerick re. turned to his vessel ; and this he giment, under the immediate coma had not long done, before the cir. mand of colonel Vereker; those of cumstance was communicated to a the county of Limerick regiment, captain of a revenue cutter lying under such of their officers as were off in the road, who in consequence in town ; and the several corps of pursued and boarded the Ann, infantry yeomen, continued pabut without finding Johnson, who, troling the city and suburbs all it is not now doubted, on seeing night; while the garrison, consist. his cutter chased, went aloit; ing of part of the 17th and 56th shrouded himself in the rigging, regiments, and a squadron of the and thereby experienced another 9th light dragoons, stationed at hair-breadth escape.

their respective posts, waited impa. Limerick, Jan. 8.-Last week, tiently for the entry of the rebels, Michael Marshal Apjohn, esq. and' who very prudently declined the captain Richard Lloyd, having re- hazardous enterprise : had they ceived private intimation of a large entered, they would have met such quantity of iron being brought a reception as should convince re. into the village of Pallis-green, in bels, that the loyal city of Limethis county, they went in the dead rick, of all other places, is that of the night of the 4th instant to where traitors will not meet with the forge of one Barkly, in said assistance. village, and observing five persons On the above night, so early as therein, broke in at the front door, seven o'clock, a party of about but were only able to secure Tho. fifty men, whom we hesitate not to mas Tierney, the other four men pronounce rebels, attacked the having escaped : in the forge was house of lieutenant-colonel Bourfound a number of unfinished pikes, chier, late of the royal Irish artil. quite hot. Tierney was on Wed. lery, at Kilsrush, near the hospital, nesday evening brought in, adom.' barony of Small County, county ed with some of those murdering of Limerick, and within fourteen weapons, and fully committed to miles of this city. On breaking the county gaol, by captain Lloyd, into the house, the first person they

For some days past, various let- met to oppose them, was a faithful ters were received, and intelligence servant whom the colonel brought given, that a rising of disaffected with him from the regiment; this


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