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days to our principal secretary of state for the home department, for the purpose of such alien obtaining our royal license to reside within Great Britain from the said secretary, whom we do hereby authorise and appoint to grant such licenses, or from such other person or persons who now are or who shall from time to time be authorised and appointed by us to grant such licenses.

And we do further authorise and require the saidlord mayor, mayors, and other magistrates as aforesaid, to whom any such accounts shall be delivered as aforesaid, to grant under his hand and seal, to the alien delivering such account, a provisional license to reside within Great Britain, under such restrictions as shall appear fit, during the time that shall be therein allowed to such alien for obtaining our royal license as aforesaid.

And we do further declare, that this our royal proclamation shall not extend to require any alien to obtain such license as aforesaid, who shall, before the publication of this our proclamation in the London Gazette, have obtained Our ro Part of this kingdom.

And we do i. direct, that every alien as aforesaid, upon every change of residence, as well to any place in the same city, town, district, or place, as to any other city, town, district, or place, shall give four days’ previous notice thereof to the person or persons with whom he or she has been so registered, and shall again register himself or herself in manner before mentioned, according to such new residence, declaring the resi

dence from whence he or she so .

removed. And we do further declare, that

l license to reside in any

no foreign ambassador, or other public minister duly authorised, nor the domestic servants of any such foreign ambassador, or public minister, registered according to the directions of the laws in force for that purpose, and being actually attendant upon such ambassador or minister; nor any alien not above the age of fourteen years, shall be deemed within the meaning and intent of this proclamation. And we do further declare, that all such licenses, and provisional licenses, as aforesaid, shall be given without fee or reward, and shall be subject to no duty or charge whatsoever. And we do further declare and make known, that every alien who shall be found at large in Great Britain after the time by this our proclamation limited for registering and thereupon obtaining licenses as aforesaid, such aliens not having obtained such license respectively, and not being exempted as aforesaid, will be liable on conviction to suffer imprisonment for any time not exceeding six months, according to the provisions of the said 2Ct. Given at our court at St. James’s, the 12th day of October, 1893, in the 43d year of our reign. COD SAVE TH F J. J. N.C.

By the Kisc. A ProclamAT tox. GEORGE R.

Whereas our parliament stands prorogued to Thursday the third day of November next: we, with the advice of our privy council, do hereby publish and declare, that the said parliament shall be farther §: on the said third day of

ovember next to Tuesday the twenty-second day of November

Ilext :

next; and we have given order to our chancellor of that part of our united kingdom called Great Britain, to prepare a commission for proroguing the same accordingly. And we do further hereby, with the advice aforesaid, declare our royal will and pleasure, that the said parliament shall, on the said twenty-second day of November next, be held and sit for the dispatch of divers urgent and important affairs; and the lords spiritual and temporal, and the knights, citizens, and burgesses, and the commissioners for š. and burghs, of the house of commons, are hereby required and commanded to give their attendance accordingly at Westminster, on the said twenty-second day of November next. Given at our court at St. James’s, the twelfth day of October, one thousand eight hundred and three, in the forty-third year of our reign. GOD SAVE THE KING,

“His majesty has given directions for laying before the house of Peers, with as little delay as possible, copies of such papers as will afford the fullest information to his parliament at this important conJuncture. “ It is a consolation to his majesty to reflect, that no endeavours ave been wanting on his part to reserve to his subjects the blessings of peace; but under the circumstances which have occurred to disappoint his just expectations, his majesty relies with confidence on the zeal and public spirit of his faithful commons, and on the exertions of his brave and loyal subjects, to support him in his determination to employ the power and resources of the nation, in opposing the spirit of ambition and encroachment which at present actuates the councils of France, in upholding the dignity of his crown, and in asserting and maintaining the rights and interests of his people.”

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ble privy council, and did drag the said Arthur lord Viscount Kilwarden, together with his nephew the rev. Richard Wolfe, clerk, from his said carriage, and did there basely and inhumanly murder the said Arthur lord viscount Kilwarden and Richard Wolfe, by stabbing them respectively with pikes in various parts of their bodies, of which wounds they both soon after died. Now we, the lord-lieutenant and council, in order to bring such enormous offenders to condign punishment, do, by this our proclamation, publish and declare, that if any person or persons shall, within six calendar months from the date hereof, discover any of the person or persons who committed the said inhuman murders on the said Arthur viscount Kilwarden, and the said rev. Richard Wolfe, or either of them, or who aided and assisted therein, or who advised, encouraged, instigated, moved, stimulated, or incited the persons concerned therein to commit the same, such person or persons so discovering shall receive as a reward the sum of one thousand pounds sterling for each and every of the first three persons who shall be apprehended and convicted thereof. And we do likewise publish and declare, that if any of the persons concerned in the murders aforesaid, save and except the persons who actually stabbed the said lord viscount Kilwarden and the rev. Richard Wolfe, or either of them, as aforesaid, shall discover any other of the persons concerned in the said murders, or either of them, so that such person or persons so discovering shall be convicted thereof, such person or persons so discovering, shall, over and

above the said reward, receive his majesty's most gracious pardon for said offences. f And whereas it has appeared to us, that the daring and rebellious outrages aforesaid were committed in prosecution of a rebellious conspiracy against his majesty’s go-s vernment, and that divers other enormities were at the same time committed in Thomas - street aforesaid, and in the neighbourhood thereof, in prosecution of the same treasonable purpose, and that divers of the persons engaged therein, did come to Dublin with intent to commit such outrages and enormities, in order to induce and persuade his majesty’s peaceable and loyal subjects in the city of Dublin and its neighbourhood, by the tenor thereof, and by apprehensions for their own personal safety, to join in the treasonable conspiracy aforesaid. Now we, the lord-lieutenant and council, do hereby strictly enjoin and command all his majesty's subjects, in their several stations and according to their several duties, to use their utmost endeavours to suppress all such rebellious insurrections and treasonable practices, and to apprehend and bring the persons engaged therein to the punishment due to their crimes; and more especially we do strictly enjoin and command the lord mayor of the city of Dublin, and all the justices of the peace of the said city of Dublin, and of the county of Dublin, and all sheriffs and other magistrates and officers within their several jurisdictions, and all other his majesty’s loving subjects, to do all acts in their power to such purposes. And we do hereby further require and command all officers commanding his majesty's forces to to employ the troops under their command in the most speedy and effectual manner for the suppression of all rebellious insurrections and treasonable practices, wherever the same may appear; and particularly to disarm all rebels, and recover all arms forcibly and traitorously taken from his majesty's peaceable and loyal subjects, and take up and seize all arms and ammunition which may be found in the custody of any person or persons not duly authorised by law to have and keep the same. Given at the council chamber, in Dublin, the 24th day of July, 1803. Signed, Redesdale C., Chas. Dublin, W.Tuam, Drogheda, Ely, Arran, Annesley, Tyrawiey, Her. Langrishe, Denis Browne, Henry King, S. Hamilton, St. George Šiš, D. La Touche, James Fitzgerald, M. Fitzgerald, H. E. Fox, M. Smith, Standish O'Grady. GOD SAVE the k in G.

Proclam Arion By his Majesty, as Elector of Ha


GEORGE R. Whatever the event of the differences now existing between our crown and the French government may be, we shall, in our capacity as elector and member of the German empire, observe the strictest neutrality; and might therefore justly and confidently expect, that whatever termination the present negotiation may have, our German states and faithful subjects will not be affected by any consequences

which may ensue.

Considering, however, the obvi

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duties they owe to us their loving .

sovereign, their attachment to their native country, their family connexions, and everything dear to them, already bind them. And we do it with the more confidence, as our dearly beloved son, the duke of Cambridge, actuated by the tender affection he bears our faithful German states and subjects, is willing to share every danger that may befal them, and personally to assist in every thing that may promote their safety and security. To be prepared for every event that may happen, it is for the present absolutely necessary to know immediately the exact number of our German subjects, who, if necessity calls, can take up arms for the defence of their country. It is to effect this, that we command all the magistrates of our German states, to lose no time in giving in


complete lists of such of our German subjects as are fit for military service, excepting those only who serve us and their country in other capacities ; and to make them solemnly promise to come forth when called upon, and give all the assistance in their power for the defence of their country, whenever, and for as long as may be thought necessary. The known loyalty and patriotism of our beloved subjects, leave us no room to suppose, that any one of them will be so lost, as to transgress so solemn an obligation, or to withdraw himself by a cowardly and treacherous flight from giving his assistance to the defence of his country. Should, however, against our better expectations, such be found, who, in time of danger, would desert their country and refuse their aid, such wretches shall, , the case being lawfully proved, without hope of pardon, be deprived of all they may possess in our German dominions, and be cut off from all inheritance therein. But we have a better opinion of all our German subjects, and are firmly persuaded, that, when necessity calls, they will unanimously and zealously assist, to the utmost in their power, in the defence and for the salvation of their native country. Hanover, May 16, 1803.

His Majesty's Speech to both Houses of Parliament, August 12, 1803.

My Lords and Gentlemen,

I am at length enabled, by the state of public business, to release you from your long and laborious attendance in parliament. In closing the session, I have the utmost satisfaction in expressing the strong sense which I entertain

of that zealous and unwearied regard for the welfare and honour of your country, which has distinguished all your proceedings. During the continuance of peace, your conduct manifested the just view which you had taken of our actual situation, and of the dangers against which you were peculiarly called upon to provide; and since the recurrence of hostilities, you have displayed an energy and promptitude which have never been surpassed, in the means which you have supplied for the defence of the country, and for the vigorous prosecution of the war. Your proceedings, in consequence *the late treasonable and atrocious occurrences in Ireland, will, I trust, have the effect of preventing any further interruption of its internal tranquillity: and of convincing my loyal subjects, in that part of the united kingdom, that they may confidently rely on that protection to which they are so justly entitled. In the midst of the deliberations, which were occasioned by the immediate exigency of the times, you

have not been unmindful of other

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