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erby, Thomas Blomefield, Gother
Mann, Donald Macdonald, John
Pratt, Forbes Champagne, Josiah
Champagne, Harry Calvert, Geo.
Cockburne, Edward Dunne, Jas.
Drummond, Edwin Hewgill, Wm.
Dowdeswell, Alexander Macken-
zie, George Moncrieffe, Thomas
Meyrick, Charles Craufurd, Geo.
H. Vansittart, the hon. Charles
Fitzroy, Francis Hugonin, and
Thomas P. Vandeleur, to be ma-
jor-generals in the army.
— Lieutenant-colonels Duncan
Macintosh, Francis Carruthers,
Rob. Shaw, Christopher Darby,
David Clephane, William Balfour,
William Wilkinson, Wm. Dick-
son, Bulstrode Whitelocke, Henry
Tucker Montresor, Albert Gled-
stanes, John Hodgson, Charles
Stevenson, Lawrence Bradshaw,
George Wm. Richard Harcourt,
Wm. Palmer Acland, Nicholas
Nepean, James Taylor, , Miles

Nightingale, James Hay, the hon.

Wm. Eardley, Wm. Cochell, Leon. Shaftoe Orde, Richard Bingham, Joseph French, John Lee, Henry Clinton, John Sontag, James Robertson, Edward William Leyborne, James HPunlop, Fitzroy J. Grafton Maclean, Walter Ker, Alexander Campbell, and John Pi— gott, to be colonels in the army.

Majors Wyndham Quinn, Thomas 1)orrington, Thos. Mellor, G. Wade, John Dumaresq, T. Hardyman, H. Bromley, Rob. Campbell, Robert Alex. Dalzell, Claus Peli, George Sutherland, Robert Balfour, Dugald Campbell, James Macdonald, James

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dy, Francis Plackland, Henry Erskine, James St. Clair, and R. A. Seymour, to be lieutenant-colonels in the army. —. Captains the hon. Henry A. B. Craven, Lewis C. Mears, George Stephens, John H. Brown, Wm. Campbell, Wm. Wishart, Andrew Patton, George Bruhl, Charles Macquarrie, Charles Hill, Colin Campbell, John Macdougall, G. P. Hutchinson, Ames G. Norcott, John Balcomb, J. White, Isaac P. Tinling, William Shipley, W. #. John Stoddart, George Evans, Charles Bruce, John Blair, Nuttall Green, Wm. Ledwill, J. F. Fitzgerald, Patrick Ross, Ar. Christie, the hon. J. T. Deane, James B. Horner, Thomas Costello, Charles Hicks, George E. Vinicombe, Brook Young, Donald Macbean, James Shortall, Richard Legge, Charles F. Hill, and Robert Crawford, to be majors in the army. 3. Lieut.-gen. Charles Leigh. appointed a general in the army. 4. Henrietta-Laura baroness of Bath, created countess of Bath, co. Somerset, with the dignity of earl of Bath to her lawful male issue. —. Brevet : lieutenant-colonels Henry Frederick Campbell, Wm. Burnett, Richard Stewart, and the hon. Charles Stuart, to be aides-decamp to the king. Staff: inspecting field-officers of yeomanry and o corps, with the rank of lieutenant-colonels in the army, so long only as they continue to hold these appointments—Sir Jas. G. Baird, lieut.-col. George Robert Ainslie, Robert Douglas, esq. Josiah Cottin, esq. Joseph Hardy, esq. Francis Gore, esq. lieut.-col. Manley Power, sir Nathaniel Duckenfield, bart. col. Ronald Craufurd Ferguson, George Lyon, esq. and Francis Mannouch, esq.

13. Brevet: major Henry Eustace, to be lieutenant-colonel in the army. Capt. John Thomas Eyre, to be major in the army. Staff: inspecting field-officers of yeomanry and volunteer corps, with the temporary rank of lieutenantcolonels in the army, so long only as they continue to hold these appointments—Peppard Knight, esq. J. P. Addenbroke, esq. H. P. Pulleine, esq. H. Master, esq. and Wm. Douglas, esq. 20. Brevet : col. John Ramsay, to be a o in the island of Malta only; major James Campbell, to be lieutenantcolonel in the army; capt. Henry James Shawe, and capt. Francis Forrester, to be majors in the army; capt. Daniel Lyman, to be major in the army in the island of Sicily only. Staff: lieut.-gen. William lord Cathcart, to be commander of his majesty's forces in Ireland. Inspecting field-officers of yeomanry and volunteer corps, with the temporary rank of lieutenant-colonels in the army, so long only as they continue to hold these appointments: John Enys, esq. lieut.-col. Daniel Seddon, and— Dodd, esq. —. Hon. and rev. Chas. Lindsay, D.D. to be bishop of Killaloe and Kilfenora, alias Tanabor. 26. Henry Charles duke of Beaufort, lord-lieutenant of the counties of Monmouth and Brecom. 27. John Halkett, esq. appointed captain-general and governor in chief of the island of Tobago. 29. Right hom. lord viscount Castlereagh, the duke of Portland, lord Hawkesbury, lord Hobart, Charles Yorke, Henry Addington, lord Glenbervie, Thomas Wallace, - Edward Golding, and Thomas Maitland, esqrs. appointed his majesty’s commissioners for the

affairs of India; rev. J. Brereton, M.A. appointed a prebendary of Salisbury cathedral. Nov. I. William Downes, chief justice of the court of king's bench, sworn of his majesty's most honourable privy-council of Ireland. 3. Brevet: lieut.-col. Richard Thomas Nelson, to be colonel in the army. ... Major-generals in the East Indies only—col. Richard Lucas, and col. Kenneth Mackenzie. Lieut.-colonels in do. —majors John Chas. Witter, John Bell, and John Arthur Tanner. Majors in do.—capt. James Robertson, and John Griffith. Staff: inspecting field-officers of yeomanry and volunteer corps, with the temporary rank of lieutenant-colonels in the army, so long only as they shall hold the said appointments— col. John Gordon Cuming, and— Blakeney, esq. 7. Right hon. St. George Daly, one of §. barons of the court of exchequer in Ireland, appointed one of the justices of the court of king's bench; James M'Clelland, esq. solicitor-general in Ireland, appointed one of the barons of the court of exchequer in Ireland ; William Conyngham Plunkett, esq. one of his majesty's counsel at law, appointed his majesty’s solicitorgeneral in Ireland. 9. Right hon. Thomas lord Pelham, sworn chancellor of the duchy and county-palatine of Lancaster. —. Staff: capt. William Sam. Currey, to be deputy-quarter-master-general to the forces serving in both the Canadas, with the rank of major in the army. 12. Hon. Henry Pierrepont, appointed his majesty’s envoy-extraordinary at the court of Stockholm. –. Rev. Walter King, D.D. to be a prebendary of Canterbury.

16. Right hon. Robert Banks Jenkinson (commonly called lord Hawkesbury), summoned to the house of peers, by the style and title of baron Hawkesbury, of Hawkesbury, county of Gloucester.

17. Lieut.-gen. his royal highness Adolphus Frederick duke of Cambridge, K. G. to be colonel in chief of the king's German legion. Brevet: major Wm. Kent, to be lieutenant-colonel in the army. Staff: major Lachlan M'Quarrie, to be deputy adjutant-general to the forces lately serving in Egypt, with the rank of lieut.-col. in the army ; lieut.-col. Henry Cuyler, to be an inspecting field-officer of yeomanry and volunteer corps.

19. Right hon. Henry Addington, George Thynne, esq. (commonly called lord George Thynne), Nathaniel Bond, Wm. Brodrick, and Edward Golding, esqrs. appointed commissioners for executing the office of treasurer of his majesty’s exchequer.

SHERIFFS appointed by his Majesty in Council, for the Year 1803.

Bedfordshire, Godfrey Thornton, of Moggerhanger, esq. Berkshire, Daniel Agace, of Winkfield, esq. Bucks, Joseph Francklin, of Haddenham, esq. Camb.and Huntingdonsh. James Duberly, of Gain’s Hall, esq. Cheshire, John Feilden, of Great Mollington,esq. Cumberland, Robert Warwick, of Warwick Hall, esq. Derbyshire, sir Robert Wilmot, of Chaddesden, bart. Devonshire, sir Stafford Northcote, of Pynes, bart. Dorsetshire, Josiah Wedgewood, of Gunville, esq. 1803.

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Hall, esq. - -
Northamptonshire, John Harvey
Thursby, of Abington, esq.
Northumberland, Shaptoe Cras-
ter, of Craster, esq.
Nottinghamshire, Wm. Coape
so of Oxton, esq.
Oxfordshire, James Taylor, of
Sandford, esq.
Rutlandshire, Joseph Cooke, of
Edith Weston, esq. -
Shropshire, Thomas Kinnesley,
of Leighton, esq.
Somersetshire, sir Hugh Smith,
of Wraxhall, bart.
Staffordshire, Geo. Birch, of
Hampstead, esq.
Southampton, Wm. Mills, of
Bistern, esq.
Suffolk, sir Harry Parker, of
Melford, bart.
Surrey, John Pooley Kensing-
ton, of Putney, esq. -
Sussex, John Wm. Commerell,
of Stroud, esq.
Warwickshire, Henry Greswold
Lewis, of Malvern Hall, esq.
Wilts, Thos. Henry Hele Phipps,
of Westbury Leigh, esq.

Worcestershire, John Philips, of

Winterdyne, esq. -
Yorkshire, sir Henry Carr Ib-
betson, of Dentan, bart.


Caermarthen, John Llewellyn, of Castle Piggin, esq.

Pembrokeshire, Geo. Bowen, of Llwngwair, esq.

Cardiganshire, John Lloyd, of Mabus, esq.

Glamorganshire, John Morris, of Clasemont, esq.

Brecon, Sackville Gwynne, of Trimawr, esq.

Radnor, Thomas-Howell-Marmaduke Gwynne, of Llanelwith, esq.

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Caernarvon, Gwyllym Lloyd Wardle, of Wern Fawe, escI.

Anglesea, William Bulkeley Hughes, of Plas Coch, esq.

Merioneth, John Forbes, of 0. feebodig, esq.

Montgomery, John Winder, of Vaynor, esq.

Denbigh, Henry Ellis Boates, of Rose Hill, esq.

Flint, Owen Molyneux Wynne, of Overton, esq.

County of Cornwall, Thomas Rawlings, of Padstow, esq.


By the King. A Proclamation,

For encouraging Seamen and Landmen to enter themselves on board his

Majesty's Ships of War.


Wi. it is our royal in

tention to give all due eneouragement to all such seamen and landmen who shall voluntarily enter themselves in our service; we have thought fit, by and with the advice of our privy council, to publish this our royal proclamation: and we do hereby promise and declare, that all such able seamen, not above the age of fifty nor under the age of twenty years, fit for our service, who shall, on or before the thirtieth day of April next, voluntarily enter themselves to serve in our royal navy, either with the captains or lieutenants of our ships, or officers employed in tenders or at rendezvous on shore, for raising men for the service of our navy, shall receive, as our royal bounty, the sum of three

pounds each man; and all such

ordinary seamen fit for our service, who shall so enter themselves as aforesaid, shall receive the sum of two pounds each man; and all such able-bodied landmen, not above the age of thirty-five, nor under the age of twenty years, who shall so enter themselves as aforesaid, shall receive the sum of twenty shillings each man, as our

royal bounty; such respective

sums to be paid them by the respective clerks of the cheque residing at the ports or places where the ships into which they shall be entered shall be, immediately after the third muster of such seamen and landmen: and we do declare, that the qualifications of the seamen and landmen so entering themselves as aforesaid, shall be certified by the captain, master, and boatswain of the ship or vessel where they shall enter. And for preventing any abuses by any persons leaving the vessels to which they shall belong, and entering themselves on board any other our ships or vessels, in order to obtain the said bounty money: we do hereby declare and command, that such seamen and landmen belonging to any of our ships or vessels as shall absent themselves from any of the said ships or vessels to which they shall belong, and shall enter themselves on board any other of our said ships or vessels, in order to obtain the said bounty, shall not only lose the wages due to them in the ships or vessels they shall leave, but also be severely punished, according to their demerits, Given at our courtat the Queen's House, the 7th day of March, 1803, and in the forty-third year of our reign. GOD SAVE THE KING.

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