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BIRTHS in the Year 1803.

Jan. 2. The lady of col. Campbell, a daughter. 9. Lady Erroll, a daughter. 11. The marchioness of Bute, a son. 16. Lady Powerscourt, a daughter. —. The countess of Limerick, a daughter. 22. Lady W. Russel, a daughter. 24. Lady daughter. 25. Lady Harvey, a son. 28. Lady of hom. J. T. Capel, a son. 29. Wife of B. Hobhouse, esq. M. P. a daughter. Feb. 1. The lady of sir Thomas Liddel, a son. 4. The hon. Mrs. J. Markham, 2 Son. 5. The hon. Mrs. Baird, a son. 6. The countess of Ilchester, a SOIl. —, Lady Robert Fitzgerald, a daughter. 7. Lady Mulgrave, a daughter. 8. The hon. Mrs. Poyntz, a daughter. —. The hon. Mrs. Parker, a daughter. 9.Viscountess Southwell,a daughter. 11. The hon. Mrs. Smith, a son. 12. Lady Charles Somerset, a son. 14. The hon. Mrs. Spencer Percival, a son. 18. The hom. Mrs. Ryder, a daughter. 20. The lady of major-gen. sir Charles Ross, a son. 21. The lady of lord Blaney, a SOIl. 23. The queen of Prussia, a princess.

le Despenser, a

25. The lady of the hon. J. B.

Simpson, a son. 28. The lady of the hon. col. Maitland, a son. March 1. Lady Paget, a son. 3. Viscountess Middleton, a daughter. 4. The lady of the hon. St. George Caulfield, a daughter. 9. Lady Trollope, a daughter. 10. The lady of J. Pytches, esq. M. P. a daughter. 13. Countess of Corke, a son. 16. Duchess of Manchester, a daughter. 24. Lady St. Asaph, a son. —. The lady of sir John Hayes, bart. a son. - —. Lady Elizabeth Loftus, a SOn. 31. Princess of Mecklinberg Schwerin, a princess. , April 2. The lady of sir Francis Vincent, bart. a son. 5. The lady of hon. major-gen. Forbes, a son. -> 6. The lady of hon. J. Abercromby, a son. 10. Lady C. Drummond, a son. 12. Countess daughter. 13. The lady of sir J. Harrington, a daughter. 17. Lady Peele, a daughter. 25. Lady W. Beauclerk, a son. 27. Viscountess Brome, a daugh

T. 29. Lady G. H. Cavendish, a daughter.

May 2. Lady Leslie, a daugh

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26. The hon. Mrs. Boyle, a daughter. June 5. The lady of sir Thomas Whichcote, bart. a daughter. 8. Lady Henry Stuart, a son. 9. The lady of vice-admiral sir John Orde, a son. 12. Lady Mary Myers, a son. 16. The countess of Albemarle, a daughter. 24. Lady Morpeth, a daughter. —. The lady of sirWm. Beechy, a soil. 25. Viscountess Boyle, a daughter. 26. The lady of hon. and rev. Thomas de Grey, a daughter. 28. Lady Cathcart, a son. 29. The lady of admiral sir Hyde Parker, a son. July 2. Lady Sinclair, a son. The lody of hon. Laurence Dundas, a daughter. 5. Lady viscountess Ashbrook, a daughter. 7. Lady Charlotte Gould, a son. 12. Lady Louisa Rodney, a daughter. J7. The hon. Mrs. Bentinck, a son. 21. The lady of sir Edward Knatchbull, a daughter. 23. The lady of sir John Gordon, a daughter. 27. The lady of admiral sir Charles Pole, a daughter. 29. The lady of lord chief justice Ellenborough, a son. Aug. 1. The lady of sir Henry Harpur, a son. 8. Wiscountess Kirkwall, a son, 12. The marchioness of Winchester, a son. 13. Lady Pelham, a daughter. 14. Lady Sarah Bayly, a son. 16. Lady Jane Long, a son. 17. The hon. Mrs. Bernard, a daughter. —. The lady of hon. Archibald Macdonald, a son.

23. The lady of sir Robert Barclay, M. P. a son. Sept. 3. The lady of sir Robert Williams, a daughter. 5. The lady of sir Richard Bedingfield, a son. 13. The countess of Mansfield, a daughter. 14. The hon. Mrs. Dundas, a daughter. 22. Lady Augusta Leith, a son. 25. The lady of colonel Beaumont, M. P. a daughter. Lately, lady Douglas, a son. Lady Elizabeth Lowther, a son. Lady Hunloke, a son. The hon. Mrs. King, a daughter. —. Lady Southampton, a son. Oct. 2. Lady Louvaine, a son. —. Lady Charlotte Lenox, a daughter. 4. Lady Anne Ashley, a son. 11. The lady of sir Joseph Mawbey, a daughter. 12. The lady of the hon. and rev. Henry Ryder, a son. 17. The marchioness of Bath, a son. 21. The duchess of Somerset, a daughter. 22. Lady Caroline Stuart Wortley, a daughter. 27. Lady Caroline Rushout, a daughter. 30. Lady Charlotte Howard, a daughter. —. The lady of rear-admiral sir James Saumarez, a son. Oct. 31. The lady of the hon. col. Vaughan, a son. Nov. 5. Lady Viscountess Falkland, a son. 6. Viscountess Andover, adaughtor. 8. Countess of Talbot, a son. 10. The lady of hon. George Nevill, a son. 13. The lady of the hon. E. J. Turnour, a son. 14

14. Lady Amelia Raye, a son. 15. The lady of gen. Hope, a son. 19. Lady Wilson, a son. 21. The lady of sir Hedworth Williamson, bart, a daughter. 24. Lady Amherst, a son. Dec. 12. Hon. Mrs. Warneford, a daughter. . 16. The lady of John Staniforth, esq. M. P. a son. 17. The lady of hon. Wm. Fitzroy, a son. 19. The hon. Mrs. Petre, a daughter. 20. The lady of John Dent, esq. M. P. a son. 24. The hon. Mrs. Grenfell, a daughter.

MARRIAGES in the Year 1803.

Jan. 1. Wm. Orde, esq. M. P. to miss Scott. 3. Lord Andover, to the hon. miss Dutton. 6. Lord Delaval, to miss Knight. i0. The hon. and rev. George Rushout, to lady Caroline Stewart. 13. Rev. William Digby, to the hon. miss C. F. Digby. 31. James Pat. Murray, esq. M. P. to miss Rushworth. Feb. 2. J. B. Ponsonby, esq. to lady Frances Williers. 9. The hon. major-gen. Hope, to miss Louisa Dorothea Wedderburn. 19. Lord Wm. Cavendish Bentinck, to the hon, miss Acheson. Lately, lord Kenyon, to Mrs. Hanmer. March 7. The hon. Mr. Dutton, to miss Honoria Gubbins. 21. Hon. Andrew Cochrane 3ohnson, to madame Amelia Constance Gertrude Etiennette de


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15. Lord Polkemmet, to miss Sinclair. 16. Lord Cloncurry, to miss Eliza Morgan. 19. Sir Charles Hamilton, bart. to miss Drummond. 21. Hon. Thomas Kenyon, to miss Charlotte Lloyd. May 4. Thomas D. Hall, esq. to the hom. miss Lysaght. 5. Thomas Tennison, esq. to lady Frances King. —. John Thomlinson, esq. to miss Chad. 9. The hon. Henry Blackwood, to miss Gore. 18. Capt. Sir Wm. Bolton, to miss Cath. Bolton. 24. Lord viscount Galway, to Mrs. Drummond. June 4. Hon. and rev. John Blackwood, to Mrs. Brice. 6. Lord Redesdale, to lady Frances Perceval. 7. Hon. and rev. W. Capel, to miss Salter. — Lieut.-col. Maitland, to 2d daughter of lady Crofton. 23. His grace John duke of Bedford, to lady Georgiana Gordon. 26. Col. Francis Thomas Ham

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Aug. 4. Lord viscount Fincastle, to lady Susan Hamilton. —. Sir Hungerford Hoskyns, bart. to miss Phillips. 9. Rev. J. Smith, to the youngext daughter of the late hon. W. Barnett. 11. Philip Roche, esq. to the hon. Anne Plunkett. —. Hon. John Dutton, to the hon. miss Legge. 13. Matthew White Ridley, esq. to miss Laura Hawkins. —. Sir Charles Douglas, to lady Caroline Scot. 24. Inigo Freeman Thomas, esq. to the hon. miss Broderick. Sept. 4. David Kemp, esq. to miss Colquhoun. 5. David Erskine, esq. to the youngest daughter of the late John lord Keith Elphinstone. 19. Lord Campbell, esq. M. P. to the eldest daughter of the late lieut.-col. Hay. 20. Hon. F. Wellesley, to lady Charlotte Cadogan.

Oct. 1. John Atkins, esq. M. P.

to miss Burnaby. 21. Charles Tottenham, jun. M. P. to miss Wigram. 24. John Williams, esq. M. P. to miss Llizabeth Currie. Nov. 1. Wm. Tatton Egerton, esq. M. P. to miss Charlotte Clara Payler. —. George Aust, esq. to the hon. Mrs. Murray. 6. Franqis James Jackson, esq. to mademololle de Dorville. 10. The earl of Belvedere, to miss M'Cay. - t 19, Lord viscount Mahon, to the hom. Catherine Lucy Smith. 23. His excellency Comte de Railley, to mademoiselle Adelaide, princess of Bourbon. . 28. Wm. Churchill, esq. to the countess of Strafford.

30. Capt. King, to the only daughter of rear-admiral sir J. T. Duckworth, K. B. Dec. 1. The hon. F. P. Irby, to miss Emily Drake. 4. Sir Thomas Manners Sutton, to miss Copley. 20. Mr. Serjeant Vaughan, to Augusta, second daughter of lord St. John, of Bletsoe.

DEATHS in the Year 1803.

Jan. 2. Hon. Mrs. Cecil, mother of the marquis of Exeter. 14. Hon. Temple Luttrell, next brother to earl Carhampton. 16. Charles Alexander Cricket, esq. M. P. 17. The countess dowager of Aylesbury. —. The relict of sir John Cumming. 18. The lady of admiral sir Peter Parker. 21. Sir Henry Lambert, bart. —. The hon. Mrs. Charles Ellis, only daughter of the late lord Hervey. 24. Lady Elizabeth Wemyss. Feb. 6. Hon. Mrs. Henniker. 12. The hon. Mrs. Bagwell. March 1. Mary dowager viscountess Andover. 4. The infant son of lord Pelham. 6. Charles Frederick von Fredenhern. 8. Francis duke of Bridgewater. 11. The hon. Julian Howe. —. The right hon. gen. Warde. 21. The hon. Thomas Walpole. —. Sir James Marriott, knt. —. The hon. James Everard Arundel. 28. Mary countess of Darnley. —. Lady Wallace, sister to the duchess of Gordon.

April 3. The right hon. Hester Grenville, baroness of Chatham. 5. Lady Frances Williams Wynn. 6. The right hon. Sir William Hamilton, K. B. &c. &c. 7. The earl of Dumfries. 8. The lady of sir John Henslow. — Sir John Whitefoord, of Whitefoord, bart. 18. John lord Henniker, F.R.S. 24. Sir John Smith Burges, bt. 25. Sir John Payne, bart. —. The dowager lady Hogton. —. The hon. §. Neville. Lately, lady Grace Queade. May 1. Sir Archibald Dickson, bart. —. Lady M. Melbourne. 2. Sir George Home, bart. viceadmiral of the blue. 5. Anne, dowager lady Camelford. —. Samuel Reeve, esq. viceadmiral of the white. 7. Lord Rivers. 8. Sir John Davie, bart. 9. Sir Robert Chambers. 21. The hon. Mrs. Luttrell. —. Earl of Enniskillen. Lady Catherine O’Tool. Dame Catherine Dunkin

26. field. —. The hon. Mr. St. John. 29. Sir James Frances-Edward Scott. June 4. Lady Caroline Fitzroy. 6. The hon. miss Lambe. 9. Rev. Henry Reginald Courtemay, D. D. lord §. of Exeter. —. Joseph Richardson, esq. P

13. Sir John Wedderburn, bart.

15. Sir Henry Oxenden, bart.

20. The right hon. Nathaniel lord Harrowby.

22. The hon. Edward Foley, M. P.

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July 8. The earl of Bristol.
11. Vice-admiral Robert Briggs.
17. The lady of sir C. §.
19. Sir Charles Burdett, bart.
21. Sir Wm. Abdy.
24. Hon. Charlotte Yate. .
21. Wiscount Hawarden and

baron de Montalt.
Sept. 5. The hon. capt. Carpen-

ter. 6. The lady of sir John D'Oyle, bart. Oct. 1. Earl Ludlow. —. The hon, lady Helen Sinclair. 8. The hom. Anne Brudenell. 11. Sir John Wm. Rose, knt. —. Marquis of Worcester. 14. Viscountess Northland. 18. Hon. miss Susan DeCourcy. 21. Lord Frederick Cavendish. , 26. Marquis of Stafford. l 30. The dowager lady Grantey. *- Sir Lionel Darell, bart. Nov. 2. Sir Wm. Blount, bart. —. The hon. Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Forbes. o 5. Sir John Gibbon Carmichael, bart. 16. Princess Matilda, of Este. . 17. Rear-admiral Payne. 19. Sir Thomas Esmond, bart. — General Benjamin Gordon. 24. The reigning princess of Anhalt. 25. Lady Fowke. 27. Hon. Mrs. Jones. Dec. 3. Lady Halkett. 7. Lady Ann Mendip. 8. Hon. Mrs. Murray. 11. Lady Fust. 12. Lady Charlotte Tufton.

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