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ral Macdowall on the possession of the capital of the kingdom of Candy by his majesty’s troops; and on the speedy and successful advancement of the important business with which he is charged, the progress of which, his excellency is persuaded, would have been very different, had it not been for the energy, activity, and judgement, displayed by the rajor-general, and the excellent discipline and spirit maintained by him in the army.

His excellency requests majorgeneral Macdowall to accept of his thanks, and to communicate them to colonel Baillie, lieutenant-colonel Barbut, and all the officers who have so meritoriously seconded him ; and at the same time to express to the non-commissioned of. ficers and privates his high approbation of their good conduct and intrepidity.

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ade marched from hence, and another battalion from Hameln, into the territory of Gottingen. The occupation of Gottingen and Goubenhagen has taken place, partly because the inhabitants have refused to pay the war tax, and partly to lessen the burden of the other parts of the country. The Hanoverian legion is increased to about 500 men. Nine thousand great coats have been demanded for the French army. 19. On the 4th instant, the rebel general Russel, and another, prisoner, were brought into Drogheda from Dublin, in a post-chaise, accompanied by major Sirr, under an escort of the Queen's Bays, commanded by captain Spicer. Russel was removed at the Tholsel into

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wounded on board the Vanguard. We are sorry to state, that in hoisting out the boats to take possession, a lieutenant, a promising young man, was unfortunately drowned. 26. Last night, at eleven o'clock, a dreadful, accident happened at the foot of Blackfriars-bridge. The driver of a hackney-coach being intoxicated, mounted the box,

accompanied by a woman; when

being unable to guide the horses, the animals, which were both blind, set off at full gallop over the bridge, and ran with the greatest violence #. the iron rails of Mr. owler's house, the sign of the Cross Keys. The shock was so great, that the rails gave way, and both the horses fell into the area, writhing with the most horrid torture on the spikes, which suspended their hinder parts for a considerable time. They were both killed, and the coach, which also followed them down the area, was shattered to pieces. The coachman and the woman were previously thrown off the box into the road: the coach went over the latter, and dislocated her arm : the man was taken up beastly drunk, insensible of any injury. The woman was conveyed immediately to a surgeon. Mr. Fowler's house is much

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Dublin, Nov. 2.—On Monday, a quantity of arms were seised in a house in Blackhall-row, near Nicholas-street, by major Sirr, attended by a military guard—a cart was fully laden with muskets, &c. It was some time before the place of concealment was discovered. A smith of the name of Walter May, of Stillorgan, has been taken into custody, on a charge of being a pike-maker for insurgents, and having been active in ă. disturbances on the 23d of July.—A certain person of this town in the ironmongery trade, not far from Pilllane, ye hear, declared this week to a gentleman who had business with him in his line, that he has not had one of his usual twenty men (smiths) at work for him for several days; how they are employed, or spending their time, it is hoped the conservators of the peace of that district will be vigilant to ascertain. William Hamilton, a native of Enniskillen, for whose apprehension 800l. has been offered, (500l. by general sir Charles Ross's pro1803.

clamation, as commandant of the Fermanagh district, and 300l. by the lord-lieutenant and council), was this day brought into town under a military escort, from the north. He has been in the French service, and returned to the country about six months ago. A Mr. Lawless, of this city, a person of some emimence in the commercial world, has been also arrested. Quigly, one of the persons whose trial was postponed on Monday, has been since tried before the privy council; and, it is believed, has given the fullest and most efficient information. He is said to have stood high in the confidence of Emmett, and to have filled a situation of great trust and importance, on the night of the 23d of July. Thirty-six prisoners were lodged in the gaol of Naas, on Sunday last, from the county of Kildare; and six from the same place were yesterday lodged in the gaol of Kilmainham. They are all charged with being concerned in the recent insurrection. 13. A most beautiful vivid metecr descended this evening, about eight o'clock, taking a south-west direction; and the whole atmosphere, for the instant, appeared illumined with a flame of blue light. Its appearance was exactly that of a fire-work, called a Bengal-light, of a bright blue flame; it was not so large as has been stated, nor was its appearance accompanied by any heat or noise. This phomomenon is not calculated to excite that terror and dread which in the dark ages of superstition the designing were wont to raise. A comparision of well-authenticated facts authorisesa conclusion that similar events are by no means uncommon: but by happening in the day-time, or after the inhabitants have in general retired to rest, they are observed but by few ; - and


and the relation, if made, is disregarded: and it is, perhaps, as much owing to the time of the evening in ...; this meteor appeared, as to its magnitude and brilliancy, that it has excited so much curiosity. From the circumstance of its appearance at Dover, Cranbrook, Chelmsford, Lewes, Brighthelmstone, , and Southampton, compared with its appearance in London, it seems . the body which occasioned this light was moving with incredible swiftness at a vast height above the earth, in a direction nearly W. or S. W. and in a line passing to the southward of the coast of Essex. Accordingly we expect in due course of time to hear that it was seen in France, and probably further in a S. W. direction; and in the contrary direction across England, Wales, and perhaps Ireland. It was observed near the Horse-guards, in Westminster, to pass about 28 or 30 degrees to the southward of the zenith, and about 28 or 29 minutes after the hour of eight by that clock, which is well and constantly regulated to true or near time; the whole time which the light occasioned by the meteor lasted, was not estimated to exceed five or six seconds. From the great height at which this meteor was moving, and its great velocity, we have but little expectation of hearing of its fall; or of any of those masses of iron and stony matters which have, in so many well-authenticated instances, fallen from the atmosphere, and buried themselves in the earth, on the bursting or extinction of many similar meteors. Should, however, the noise of the fall of any such masses be heard, or the holes be discovered in an part, we hope that the curious § not fail to thoroughly investigate the facts, for the purpose of encreasing

The Hippomenes ship corvette,

our knowledge on this very curious subject. 15. A dreadful scene happened at Whitstable, on Friday night, near the oyster ground. The boat of the gun-brig called the Hackett, with ten men in it, was going to Feversham, but the weather being bad, they returned; and going alongside of the ship, the sails of the boat backed, and in a moment she upset. Seven out of the crew were drowned; one of the other three swam to , the stern of the ship, and saved his life; the other two swam to the buoy, called the Cullinbin buoy, and were taken off by another boat that belonged to the jolly-boat. Among the sufferers were the doctor and a midshipsman, two fine men. The ship fired guns of distress, and hoisted a black flag. CAPTURE OF DE MARARA. Admiralty-Office, November 15. Copy of a Dispatch from Commodore Samuel Hood, Commander in Chief of his Majesty's Ships and Vessels at the Leeward Islands, to Sir Evan Nepean, Bart.; dated on board his Majesty’s Ship Centaur, off Demarara, 20th September 1803. Sir, Thinking it of the utmost importance to the mercantile interest the earliest information should be scnt of the surrender of this colony, and that of Essequibo, to his majesty’s forces, I beg leave to acquaint you, for the information of the lords commissioners of the admiralty, the capitulation was signed on board the Heureux, yesterday morning; in the evening the Hornet and Netley entered the river, and two hundred troops took possession of Fort William Frederick, and this day the colonies surrendered.

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w of eighteen guns, the only vessel

of the Batavian republic here, is included in the capitulation. I have the honour to be, &c. SAM u el Hood. 25. On Wednesday the 16th instant, at three p. m., the Circe frigate had the misfortune to strike on the Lemon and Oar, whilst in chace of a French privateer. The shock was so violent, that it tore away her rudder; and otherwise so damaged her keel, that she immediately sprung a leak. The frigate did not remain long on the sandbank, but was beat off into deep water. She was, however, rendered entirely unmanageable for want of her rudder, and from other injuries she had received. In the

mean time, the leak gained so fast

upon the pumps already in use, that it became necessary to employ every one on board. All hands were called to work them, and the officers took their turn with the men; notwithstanding which, it

required all their exertions to keep

the ship above water.

Until seven o’clock the next evening, the whole ship's company incessantly laboured at the pumps; till every soul on board was completely exhausted, and despaired of saving either the ship or their lives. At length their signals brought to their assistance three fishing smacks, which could not get to them sooner on account of the boisterous state

of the weather. The smacks im

mediately took the whole of the crew on board in the most pitiable situation, without being able to save any of their clothing, except what they wore at the time. When every person was safe on board, the vessels did not take their departure immediately, but waited, at the request of the captain of the Circe, to see her go down, which happened about half-past seven, half an

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By dispatches received at lord Hobart's office in Downing-street, from licutenant-general Grinfield, government is informed of the capture of the colony of Berbice, and its dependencies, by the British

troops on the 24th September. Constantinople, Oct. 30. — The Porte has this day at length received the official confirmation, and circumstantial account, of the defeat of the Wahabis, or partisans of Abdul Wechab. The pacha of Geddes sends advice, that he has had with them 26 engagements, and lost the greater part of his officers; but that he has now entirely broken and exterminated the force of the rebels: the few who remain of them, have saved themselves by flight; and the sheref of

Mecca has returned to his post. 12. Dispatches are received from admiral Duckworth in the WestIndies, announcing the capture of the French garrison, at the Mole and Port Dauphin, in Domingo. At port St. Dauphin, La Sagesse frigate, 32 guns, was taken. The French troops at the above stations, and indeed at every other place, (E 2) were

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(63) O C C U R R were in the utmost distress. It was to avoid falling into the hands of the blacks, that the French surrendered to our forces, and in every instance they have experienced the protection of j, humanity. Captain Bligh, by application to the blacks, obtained the release of enerall)umont and his suite, who i. fallen into their hands, and were in imminent danger. Edinburgh, Dec. 26.—On Wedmesday night, a most tremendous storm of wind and rain from S. S. E. came on, which lasted the whole of Thursday. Much damage has been done to the shipping on our coast. Early in the morning, a sloop from Dunbarton, coal-laden, was observed on the South Bull; and a coasting vessel, from Cork, on the north side, near the end of the north wall. The crews had betaken themselves to the shrouds. From the violence of the tempest, it was a considerable time before any boats could go to their assistance; they were at length fortumately brought off. A sloop of war, that lay in Poolbeg, was driven from her moorings, and forced up the river, to Carlislebridge; where she struck a collier, impelling it with great violence against the abutments of the bridge, by which she sustained much injury. Admiralty-office, Dec. 27. The Hon. Admiral Cornwallis has transmitted to this Office a Letter from Captain Winthrop, of his

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E N C F. S. [December, Majesty's Ship the Ardent, to Captain Sir Edward Pellew, of the Tonnant, dated 29th November, 1803, of which the following is a copy.


The ship chased from the squadron yesterday by his majesty's ship under my command, I closed with off Cape Finisterre, so near as to be able to give her a few shot; and should have been along-side of her in a few minutes, had not the wind headed me off shore, which enabled her to double the Cape, and get into Finisterre Bay, where she ran on shore, from apprehension of our sending to take possession of her, and at midnight blew up. She proved to be the Bayonnaise French national frigate, of 82 guns and 200 men, from the

Havannah, bound to Ferrol.

I have the honour to be, &c.

R. WINThrop.

The earl of Upper Ossory’s carriage was plundered on its way to town on Thursday last, of a large trunk, containing linen and wearing apparel. The robbery was a very daring one, being committed in Tottenham-court-road, about the dusk of the evening, and was accomplished under very difficult circumstances. The trunk was placed in the front of the carriage, and secured by an iron chain, and two leathern belts; there were four horses to the carriage, driving at a good round pace.

The Lo ND ON G E N E R AL BILL of Chris resin Gs and Burials, from December 14, 1802, to December 13, 1803.

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Christened } Males

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Females 99.9 y 20983. Luried.

Under 2 Years
Between 2 and 5 or 7
5 and 19 700
10 and 20 531

5855 20 and 30
SO and 40
40 and 50

50 and 60

Whereof have died,

- 1329 60 and 70 - 1580 100. - 2025 | 70 and 50 - 1088 lot - 2265 80 and 90 - 482 102 - 2044; 20 and 100 - 64 107

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