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ing arrived at , you will postpone the communication of any further offers, until his majesty shall be pleased to signify his intention to increase the volunteer force in the county under your lordship's charge. I have the honour to be, &c. (Signed) Ho BART. To his Majesty's Lieutenant of the County of

Copy of a Letter from Lord Hobart,

his Majesty's Principal Secretary of State, to Earl Fitzwilliam.

Downing-street, Aug. 19.

My Lord, I have had the honour to receive your lordship's letter of the 17th, and I lose no time in acquainting you, that the printed regulations for volunteer infantry, issued in June last, are not to be considered in any respect applicable to corps accepted by his majesty since the date of my circular letter (the 3d) of August, restricting the allowances before given to volunteer corps of infantry, to the allowances of 20s. for clothing, and 1s. per day for twenty days’ exercise; and to corps of cavalry, to the contingent allowance of 120l. per troop. With respect to arms—I have to request your lordship will inform me what quantity will be necessary (in addition to those with which the several corps can provide themselves, and to those already in possession of the yeomanry and volunteers), to complete the number required for the several corps already authorised by his majesty. Your lordship will understand it to be the intention of government, that the whole number of volunteers, now proposed to be armed, should not exceed six times 1803.

the amount of the militia, exclusive of the supplementary quota. Upon the receipt of your lordship's answer to this letter, instruc

tions will be given to the board of

ordnance to send the arms, as soon as they can be prepared, to such place within the riding as you may point out, that they may be distributed under your lordship's directions to the several corps, according to your lordship's discretion. The discrimination which it will become your lordship's duty to make in the distribution of the proportion of arms you will receive, should be guided by a reference to the local situation of the corps requiring them. I have the honour to be, My lord, your lordship's most obedient humble servant, (Signed) HobART. Earl Fitzwilliam, &c. &c. &c.

Whitehall, August 30.

I have the honour to inform your lordship that directions have been given to the board of ordnance to issue, immediately on your lordship's application, such a proportion of arms, in the first instance, as, including those already delivered or retained in the county of

, will amount to one

of its quota of volunteers (calculating their establishment at six times the number of the original militia) should your lordship find, upon investigation, that so large a number is actually necessary for the effective strength of such volunteers, after making allowance for the quantity of arms which the respec

tive corps may have provided, or I


may be disposed to provide for themselves. I must request that your lordship will furnish me, without delay, with an accurate return of the number and description of the arms which have been so retained, delivered, provided, or intended to be provided, specifying in whose hands they now are ; and that, in making your demand for arms, you will be careful to distinguish what proportion is necessary for the supply of cavalry and artillery; sabres and pistols being appropriated for the use of the former, and pikes for the latter. I am also to inform your lordship that pikes sufficient to arm the whole number of men serving

in the different volunteer corps of

artillery will be delivered on your lordship's application, and specification of the number required; and that a further supply of the same nature may be had to the full extent of the wants of any other corps, which may have been or shall hereafter be formed, for whose use this weapon may be preferred. Your lordship will have the goodness to point out to the board of ordnance, with precision, to what places and into whose charge these arms shall be delivered ; and it is particularly requested that your lordship will take such precautions as may be necessary, in communicating with the general officer commanding in the district, to ensure that proper care is taken of them till delivered to the respective corps; and that the commander of each corps is duly made responsible for their safe custody, proper distribution, and accurate re-delivery when called upon for that purpose by regular authority. When I shall be favoured by

your lordship with accurate returns of the amount and description of the whole volunteer force in the county of I flatter myself that I shall be enabled in due time to direct a further issue for the use of such corps or conspanies as may remain unprovided. It is, however, considered to be highly desirable that the several bodies of volunteers should in the present moment be encouraged, under proper precautions, to supply themselves. I have the honour to be, My lord, your lordship's most obedient humble servant, (Signed) C. Yorks. The Lord-Lieutenant of the

County of


Whitehall, August 30.

My Lord, A great number of letters having been transferred to this office from the war department, and many having since been received by this office from the lieutenants of counties, respecting offers of volunteer corps or companies, which, from the extreme pressure of business, there has not been yet time thoroughly to examine and consider; and being at the same time solicitous to prevent any anxiety or dissatisfaction which might arist among the persons whose zeal and loyalty have induced them to come forward upon the present occasion; I have the honour to acquaint your lordship, that his majesty is graciously disposed to accept all the offers which have been recommended by your lordship, provided the total number of rank and file, to be raised under them, together 1808.] P U B L I C together with that of the corps and companies heretofore accepted and established, does not in the whole exceed the proportion of the county, as limited by lord Hobart's letter of the 18th inst. and that such efforts do not militate against the regulations of the defence acts, and the general rules which it has been or may be found expedient to adopt. As soon as I shall be enabled to examine with more particularity the offers which have been transmitted by your lordship, I shall have the honour of communicating his majesty's special directions on the subject. In the mean time, I cannot omit this opportunity of informing your lordship, that it is clearly to be understood that, under the genuine construction and meaning of the late acts of parliament, all volunteer corps and companies to be accepted subsequent to their passing, should be formed with ... to the general militia system. It follows that no company ought to consist of less than sixty privates, and that no body of infantry can be considered as a corps which consists of less than three such companies; and that all smaller assemblages of volunteers, under the above-mentioned acts, within any county, parish, or district, shall be thrown into independent companies of not less than sixty nor more than one hundred and twenty privates. The establishment of field and company officers, as well as of serjeants, corporals, and drummers, is to be fixed by the same rule. In the yeomanry cavalry, however, a different arrangement will continue to prevail; single troops may be accepted as corps, not being less than forty rank and file,

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o P A P E R S, (131) though it is much to be wished that in all cases they should be carried, if possible, to sixty or eighty effectives per troop: and that two or more troops, wherever local circumstances will permit, should be joined together, for the purposes of discipline and interior arrangeIments. I take leave to make it my earnest request to your lordship that you will favour me, at your earliest convenience, with an exact return of the different corps heretoforeaccepted, or which are now transmitted for consideration, or which you may hereafter think proper to recommend for acceptance, specifying the particulars of their establishment, according to a form which you will receive herewith. I cannot sufficiently impress upon you the necessity of furnishing me with this document, with the least possible delay, as great embarrassment is found to arise from a want of sufficient precision upon these points.

Should it have happened that the number of persons who have offered themselves, up to this period, to serve in volunteer corps or companies, has exceeded the proportion limited in the first instance, by lord Hobart's circular letter of the 18th inst. for the county of , and should your lordship be of opinion that it would contribute to the satisfaction of those who might by such limitation be prevented from manifesting their zeal for the public service, I have the honour to inform your lordship, that there will be no objection to a certain number of such persons, properly selected, being attached to the accepted and established corps, as supernumeraries, in such a proportion per troop or

(I 2) company company as shall be hereafter fixed upon.

It is, however, important, that it should be clearly understood, that no expense is to be incurred by the public on account of the arms, pay, or clothing of such supernumeraries; and that they will not be considered as entitled to any exemptions from the militia, or other ballots. I think it proper to take this

opportunity of communicating his majesty’s commands to your lordship, that measures should be taken without delay, in communication with the general officer commanding in the district, for fixing upon such general place or places of assembly, for the different volunteer corps and estabirshed companies of men within the county of > as may be deemed most expedient in case of invasion, or the appearance of the enemy in force upon the coast; and I am further commanded by his majesty to desire your lordship, in communication with the general of the district, to distribute such provisional orders to such volunteer corps and established companies of men as aforesaid, with respect to their assembling together, and moving upon the general places of assembly, so to be fixed upon in the events above alluded to, as the nature of the case may appear to require. Your lordship will likewise be pleased, in communication with the general officer commanding, to make such arrangements, if not already done, respecting beacons, and other indications of alarm, as may be thought necessary within the county of , either with a view to the conveyance of intelli

gence upon points merely local, or

in connexion with the other neigh

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Horse-Guards, 17th Sept. 1803.
Sir, -

The commander in chief feeling very strongly the necessity of making every possible exertion, with a view to aid the instruction of the yeomanry and volunteer corps, and to bring them into a state of service with as little delay as possible, has commanded me to signify his approbation of your calling upon each regiment within your district, whether of regulars or militia, to furnish their quota to this important duty, in the proportions you may think proper, not exceeding in any instance two serjeants and two corporals per regiment; and his royal highness trusts that officers commanding regiments will be very careful in selecting non-commissioned officers perfectly competent to the discharge of this essen

tial service. The regiments which are at this time forming second battalions, by receiving men from the army of reserve, are exempted from the operations of this order: and if there should be any corps within your command, to which from particular

ticular circumstances the requisition for this aid would be peculiarly inconvenient, his royal highness desires you will use your discretion in withholding the demand in such instances. . It is his royal highness's further pleasure that recruiting parties shall likewise be employed on this duty, wherever you find it necessary to call for their assistance, and judge that it can be afforded without any material detriment to the service on which they are emloyed. The period for which the services of these non-commissioned officers are granted to the yeomanry and volunteer corps should be limited, and in general his royal highness is of opinion that six weeks or two months will be fully adequate to the purpose. I have the honour to be, sir, Your most obedient humble servant, HARRY CA Lv ERT, Adjutant-general. To the General Officers commanding Districts.

Circular, sent by Mr. Secretary Yorke, to the Lord-Lieutenants of Counties, dated October 5.

My Lord,

As there is reason to apprehend, that his majesty’s proclamation of the 31st of August, requiring the aliens therein described to depart the realm, within the period specified in the said proclamation, has been disobeyed in many instances, and that divers aliens of the description therein mentioned, still continue to reside in this country, without having received licenses for that purpose; I am to signify to your lordship his majesty's com

mands, that you do carnestly recommend it to the magistrates within the county of , to enforce the provisions of the alien act of the last session, chap. 155, against all such aliens directed in the said proclamation, as continue to reside within your county.

GENERAL ORDER S. IIorse-Guards, Oct. 13.

It is his majesty's command, that all officers appointed to the battalions of the army of reserve, and to the second battalions of the regiments of the line which have received men from that corps, shall forthwith join their respective regiments. His royal highness the commander in chief will lay before his majesty the names of officers belonging to these battalions, who shall not have joined before the 1st of next month (whose absence is not satisfactorily accounted for through their commanding officers), in order that they may be superseded. Officers on being appointed to any of the regiments above mentioned, are required immediately to report themselves to lieutenant-general Hewitt, at his office, No. 6, Sussolk-street, Charing-cross, from whom they will receive further inst; tıctions. By his royal highness's command, - HARRY CALVERT, Adjutant-general.

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