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ral Macdowall on the possession of another carriage, and escorted to the capital of the kingdom of Can- Dundalk, where he was to remain dy by his majesty's troops; and on that night, by a detachment from the speedy and successful advar.ce- the same regiment, and a party ment of the important business with of the Loyal Drogheda cavalry, which he is charged, the progress both commanded by captain Smyth. of which, his excellency is persuad Kingston, Jamaica, July 30.-The ed, would have been very different, Vanguard, of 74 guns, James had it not been for the energy, ac Walker, esq., commander, arrived tivity, and judgement, displayed by yesterday at Port Royal, accomthe major-general, and the excel. panied by the French ship Le Dulent discipline and spirit maintain- quesne, of 74 guns, taken off Sta ed by him in the ariny.

Domingo, on the 25th instant, after His excellency requests major- a chace of 24 hours. In the action general Macdowall to accept of his one seaman was killed and one thanks, and to communicate them wounded on board the Vanguard. to colonel Baillie, lieutenant-colo- We are sorry to state, that in hoistnel Barbut, and all the officers who ing out the boats to take possession, have so meritoriously seconded a lieutenant, a promising young him ; and at the same time to ex man, was unfortunately drowned. press to the non-commissioned of.

26. Last night, at eleven o'clock, ficers and privates his high approba- a dreadful, accident happened at tion of their good conduct and in the foot of Blackfriars-bridge. trepidity.

The driver of a hackney-coach

being intoxicated, mounted the bos, OCTOBER 15.

accompanied by a woman; when

being unable to guide the horses, Hanover, Oct. 4.-Yesterday the the animals, which were both blind, 2d battalion of the 34th half bric set off at full gallop over the bridge, gade marched from hence, and an and ran with the greatest violence other battalion from Hameln, into against the iron rails of Ms. the territory of Gottingen. The Fowler's house, the sign of the occupation of Gottingen and Gou- Cross Keys. The shock was so benhagen has taken place, partly great, that the rails gave way, and because the inhabitants have refused both the horses fell into the areå, to pay the war tax, and partly to writhing with the most horrid tor, lessen the burden of the other parts ture on the spikes, which suspende of the country. The Hanoverian ed their hinder parts for a conlegion is increased to about 500 siderable time. They were both men. Nine thousand great coats killed, and the coach, which also have been demanded for the French followed them down the area, was army.

shattered to pieces. The coach. 19. On the 4th instant, the rebel man and the woman were previa general Russel, and another pri- ously thrown off the box into the soner, wire brought into Drogheda road: the coach went over the lat. from Dublin, in a post-chaise, ac ter, and dislocated her arm: the companied by major Sirr, under man was taken up beastly drunk, an escort of the Queen's Bays, com insensible of any injury. The womanded by aptain Spicer. Russelman was conveyed immediately to was removed at the Tholsel into a surgeon. Mr. Fowler's house is


much damaged, and a considerable clamation, as commandant of the time elapsed before the dead ani- Fermanagh district, and 3001, by mals could be dragged out of the the lord-lieutenant and council), was area.

this day brought into town under a 28. The Leeward Island mail of military escort, from the north. yesterday brought letters, contain. He has been in the French services ing an account of the failure of an and returne:l to the country about expedition sent by the French against six months ago. A Mr. Lawless, the arsenal and port of Antigua. of this city, a person of some emi. Seven hundred troops were embark- nence in the commercial world, ed in thirteen vessels from Guada- has been also arrested. Quigly, loupe. The Emerald frigate fell one of the persons whose trial was in with them, captured three, and postponed on Monday, has been drove the rest back to Guadaloupe, since fried before the privy council; chasing them under the French bat- and, it is believed, has given the teries, which did some damage to fullest and most efficient informathe masts and yards of the frigate. tion. He is said to have stood

high in the confidence of Emmett,

and to have filled a situation of NOVEMBER.

great trust and importance, on the

night of the 23d of July. Dublin, Nov. 2.-On Monday, a Thirty-six prisoners were lodged quantity of arms were seised in a in the gaol of Naas, on Sunday house in Blackhall-row, near Ni- last, from the county of Kildare; cholas-street, by major Sirr, attends and six from the same place were ed by a military guard--a cart was yesterday lodged in the gaol of fully laden with muskets, &c. It Kilmainham. They are all charged was some time before the place of with being concerned in the recent concealment was discovered. insurrection.

A smith of the name of Walter 13. A most beautiful vivid meMay, of Stillorgan, has been taken teor descended this evening, about into custody, on a charge of being eight o'clock, taking a south-west a pike-maker for insurgents, and direction; and the whole atmosphere, having been active in the disturb. for the instant, appeared illumined ances on the 23d of July:-A certain with a fame of blue light. Its apperson of this town in the iron- pearance was exactly that of a mongery trade, not far from Pill. fire-work, called a Bengal-light, of lane, we hear, declared this week to a bright blue flame; it was not so a gentleman who had business with large as has been stated, nor was him in his line, that he has not its appearance accompanied by any had one of his usual twenty men heat or noise. This phænomenon (smiths) at work for him for seve is not calculated to exci-e that terror ral days; how they are employed, and dread which in the dark ages of or spending their time, it is hoped superstition the designing were wont the conservators of the peace of to raise. A comparision of well-authat district will be vigilant to ås- thenticated facts authorises a conclucertain.

sion that similar events are y no William Hamilton, a native of means uncommon: but by happenEnniskillen, for whose apprehen-ing in the day-time, or after the insion 8001. has been offered, (5001. habitants have in general retired to by general sir Charles Ross's pro- rest, they are observed but by few; 1803.



and the relation, if made, is disre our knowledge on this very curigarded: and it is, perhaps, as much ous subject. owing to the time of the evening in 15. A dreadful scene happened which this meteor appeared, as to its at Whitstable, on Friday night, near magnitude and brilliancy, that it has the oyster ground. The boat of the excited so much curiosity. From gun-brig called the Hackett, with the circumstance of its appearance ten men in it, was going to Feverat Dover, Cranbrook, Chelmsford, sham, but the weather being bad, Lewes, Brighthelmstone, and they returned; and going alongSouthampton, compared with its side of the ship, the sails of the boat appearance in London, it seems backed, and in a moment she upset. that the body which occasioned this. Seven out of the crew were drown-' light was moving with incredible ed; one of the other three swam to swiftness at a vast height above the the stern of the ship, and saved his earth, in a direction nearly W. or life; the other two swam to the S. W. and in a line passing to the buoy, called the Cullinbin buoy, southward of the coast of Essex. and were taken off by another boat Accordingly we expect in due that belonged to the jolly-boat. course of time to hear that it was Among the sufferers were the docseen in France, and probably fur. tor and a midshipsman, two fine ther in a S. W. direction; and in the men. The ship fired guns of dicontrary direction across England, stress, and hoisted a black flag. Wales, and perhaps Ireland. It was CAPTURE OF DEMARARA. observed near the Horse-guards, in Admiralty-Office, November 15. Westminster, to pass about 28 or Copy of a Dispatch from Commo. 30 degrees to the southward of the dore Samuel Hood, Commander zenith, and about 28 or 29 minutes in Chief of his Majesty's Ships after the hour of eight by that and Vessels at the Leeward clock, which is well and constantly Islands, to Sir Evan Nepean, regulated to true or near time; the Bart.; dated on board his Ma. whole time which the light occa jesty's Ship Centaur, off Demasioned by the meteor lasted, was rara, 20th September 1803. not estimated to exceed five or six

Sir, seconds. From the great height Thinking it of the utmost imat which this meteor was moving, portance to the mercantile interest and its great velocity, we have but the earliest information should be little expectation of hearing of its sent of the surrender of this colony, fall; or of any of those masses of and that of Essequibo, to his mairon and stony matters which have, jesty's forces, I beg leave to acin so many well-authenticated in- quaint you, for the information of stances, fallen from the atmo. the lords commissioners of the ad. sphere, and buried themselves in miralty, the capitulation was signed the earth, on the bursting or ex on board the Heureux, yesterday tinction of many similar meteors. morning; in the evening the Hor. Should, however, the noise of the net and Netley entered the river, fall of any such masses be heard, and two hundred troops took posor the holes be discovered in any session of Fort William Frederick, part, we hope that the curious will and this day the colonies surrennot fail to thoroughly investigate the dered. facts, for the purpose of encreasing The Hippomenes ship corvette,



of eighteen guns, the only vessel hour after they had' quitted her; of the Batavian republic here, is she went down head foremost. included in the capitulation. The fishing smacks then made sail I have the honour to be, &c. for Yarmouth, where they arrived

SAMUEL Hood. on the Friday evening, and put the 25. On Wednesday the 16th in- crew of the Circe on board the Restant, at three p. m., the Circe fri- pulse, admiral Russel's ship. Here gate had the misfortune to strike the unfortunate sufferers expeon the Lemon and Oar, whilst in rienced the most humane and hos. chace of a French privateer. The pitable attention imaginable. After shock was so violent, that it tore the ship's company were perfectly away her rudder; and otherwise so refreshed, they were put on board damaged her keel, that she imme- the Galgo armed ship, and sent to diately sprung a leak. The frigate Sheerness, where a court-martial did not remain long on the sand- wiil be immediately held on the of. bank, but was beat off into deep ficers of the Circe. Not one of the water. She was, however, render- crew was either lost or hurt. ed entirely unmanageable for want of her rudder, and from other in

DECEMBER 1. juries she had received. In the mean time, the leak gained so fast By dispatches received at lord upon the pumps already in use, that Hobart's office in Downing-street, it became necessary to employ from licutenant-general Grinfield, every one on board. All hands government is informed of the were called to work them, and the capture of the colony of Berbice, officers took their turn with the and its dependencies, by the British men; notwithstanding which, it troops on the 24th September. required all their exertions to keep Constantinople, Oct. 30. - The the ship above water.

Porte has this day at length reUntil seven o'clock the next ceived the official confirmation, and evening, the whole ship's company circumstantial account, of the de incessantly laboured at the pumps; feat of the Wahabis, or partisans till every soul on board was com- of Abdul Wechab. The pacha of pletely exhausted, and despaired of Geddes sends advice, that he has saving either the ship or their lives. had with them 26 engagements, At length their signals brought to and lost the greater part of his their assistance three fishing smacks, officers; but that he has now enwhich could not get to them sooner tirely broken and exterminated the on account of the boisterous state force of the rebels : the few who of the weather. The smacks im- , remain of them, have saved themmediately took the whole of the selves by flight; and the sheref of crew on board in the most pitiable Mecca has returned to his post. situation, without being able to 12. Dispatches are received from save any of their clothing, except admiral Duckworth in the Westwhat they wore at the time. When Indies, announcing the capture of every person was safe on board, the the French garrison, at the Mole vessels did not take their departure and Port Dauphin, in Domingo. immediately, but waited, at the re. At port St. Dauphin, La Sagesse quest of the captain of the Circe, frigate, 32 guns, was taken. The to see her go down, which happen. French troops at the above stations, ed about half-past seven, half an

and indeed at every other place,

(E 2)


is a copy

were in the utmost distress. It was Majesty's Ship the Ardent, to to avoid falling into the hands of Captain Sir Edward Pellew, of the blacks, that the French surren the Tonnant, dated 29th Novemdered to our forces, and in every ber, 1803, of which the following instance they have experienced the protection of British humanity.

SIR, Captain Bligh, by application to the blacks, obtained the release of The ship chased from the squageneral Dumont and his suite, who dron yesterday by his majesty's had fallen into their hands, and ship under my command, I closed were in imminent danger.

with off Cape Finisterre, so near as Edinburgh, Dec. 26.—On Wed. to be able to give her a few shot; nesday night, a most tremendous and should have been along-side of storm of wind and rain from S.S.E. her in a few minutes, had not the came on, which lasted the whole of wind headed me off shore, which Thursday. Much damage has been enabled her to double the Cape, done to the shipping on our coast. and get into Finisterre Bay, where Early in the morning, a sloop from she ran on shore, from apprehenDunbarton, coal-laden, was ob- sion of our sending to take possesserved on the South Bull; and a sion of her, and at midnight blew coasting vessel, from Cork, on the up. She proved to be the Bayonnorth side, near the end of the naise French national frigate, of north wall. The crews had be- 32 guns and 200 men, from the taken themselves to the shrouds. Havannah, bound to Ferrol. From the violence of the tempest, I have the honour to be, &c. it was a considerable time before

R. WINTHROP. any boats could go to their assistance; they were at length fortu The earl of Upper Ossory's car. nately brought off. A sloop of riage was plundered on its way to war, that lay in Poolbeg, was town on Thursday last, of a large driven from her moorings, and trunk, containing linen and wearing forced up the river, to Carlisle. apparel. The robbery was a very bridge; where she struck a collier, daring one, being committed in impelling it with great violence Tottenham-court-road, about the against the abutments of the bridge, dusk of the evening, and was ac. by which she sustained much complished under very difficult cirinjury.

cumstances. The trunk was placed

in the front of the carriage, and Admiralty-office, Dec. 27. secured by an iron chain, and two The Hon. Admiral Cornwallis has leathern belts; there were four

transmitted to this Office a Letter horses to the carriage, driving at a from Captain Winthrop, of his good round pace.

Males 11058 ? 20983. Buried. Females 97 es }

The LONDON GENERAL BILL of CHRISTENINGS and BURIALS, from December 14, 1802, to December 13, 180%. Christened


Increase in Bu

19582. Females 9929

rials this Year 203 Whereof have died, Under 2 Years 5955 20 and 30 1929 | 60 and 50 - 1580 | 100 - 1 Between 2 and 5 2077 90 and 40 , 9025 70 and 80 1098 101 .0 5 and 10 40 and 50 - 2265 | 80 and 90

102 - 0 10 and 20 531 50 2nd 60 2044 90 and 100 64 107.1



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