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Schools, local laws affecting - Continued.

Binghamton, charter, department of education, L. 1917, ch. 668,
article 9 (§§ 301-323), all repealed...

Chap. Page.

632 1682

Buffalo, teachers' retirement fund, contributors serving in other
capacities, status

56 119

Clinton county, supervisory districts
amended, § 381, subd. 5.....

increased, education law

[blocks in formation]

Cornell state scholarships, age of pupils, effect of military service,
education law amended, § 1037, subd. 2..

[blocks in formation]

Cortland Normal School, lands adjoining existing site, acquisition.

[blocks in formation]

reconstruction, maximum cost..

562 1545

temporary employees and expenses..

563 1547

temporary quarters and equipment, acquisition, appropriation.

Geneva, acquisition of Pultney street cemetery property, removal of

bodies by school authorities...

Pultney street cemetery property, transfer to school district.
Gloversville, school tax, separate assessment roll.

Kingston, school tax.

Lockport, school tax, regulations.

[blocks in formation]

Long Island State School of Agriculture, name changed to State Insti-
tute of Applied Agriculture on Long Island, institute continued, edu-
cation law amended, article 45a, title, §§ 1185-1189...
New Albion town, school district bonds, issuance and sale, legalized..
New York State School for Blind, Batavia, transfer of control to com-
missioner of education, education law, § 94a, added..

[blocks in formation]

New York State Veterinary College at Cornell, annual reports, printing
extra copies, state printing law amended, § 5....

[blocks in formation]

Oswego, elections for issuance of school bonds, power to hold, education
law, 878, subd. 3, added...

[blocks in formation]

Russia town, taxation of state lands for school purposes, education law
amended, § 440, subd. 2

301 932

Tonawanda, school improvement bonds

Seneca Falls, commissioners of education, election and terms, proceed-
ings legalized, school tax levy.

State College for Teachers, professors and assistant professors, number,
appropriation, education law amended, § 817, subd. 7...

Suffolk county, borrowing money for advancement to school districts,
county law, § 154, added

loans in anticipation of taxes for school purposes, education law
amended, § 410b

school taxes, duties of collector, tax law amended, § 59, subd. 3.

Ulster county, returned school taxes, tax law, § 106a, added.

Schuyler county: See also County headings.
highways, improved, appropriation for maintenance and repairs.....

[blocks in formation]

Schenectady-Scotia bridge, construction, amount of payment by village. 634 1706

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Second class cities law amended: See also Table of amendments preceding
index, p. 18.

altering names of streets, publication of ordinance, § 99.

assessors, time of fixing salaries, § 74...

[blocks in formation]

Second class cities, local laws affecting: See Albany; Binghamton; Sche-
nectady; Syracuse; Troy; Utica; Yonkers.

Secretary of state:

Chap. Page

appropriation for examination of operators of motor vehicles, expenses 465 1282
fixed charges and contributions..



[blocks in formation]

619 1621

third appropriation

motor vehicle bureau, increased registration, 1919.

Rochester office, personal service, maintenance and operation 607 1604
official notices, publication....

second appropriation


[blocks in formation]

surrogates' fees

expense allowance, compensation of deputies, executive law amended,
§§ 20, 21...

motor vehicles, chauffeurs' or operators' licenses, application for
registration on file more than three years, destruction, executive
law amended, § 22....

registration fees, amount, distribution, effect on commercial
vehicles, highway law amended, § 282, subds. 6, 7, § 291, subd. 3
session laws, certificate, 1919..

177 348

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Seneca county: See also County headings.
highways, improved, appropriation for maintenance and repairs....

Seneca Falls village:

commissioners of education, election, terms, proceedings legalized,
school tax levy

[blocks in formation]


[blocks in formation]

children convicted in New York city and elsewhere, place of confine-
ment, penal law amended, § 2184...

416 1194

criminal cases, reduction on appeal, code of criminal procedure
amended, § 543..

282 906

short term prisoners, commutation, method, prison law amended,
88 250, 252..

193 252

term of imprisonment, time of incarceration before sentence deemed
part of, penal law amended, § 2193....

time of expiration of indeterminate, penal law amended, § 2189.

410 1188
411 1189

Separation: See Marriage.

Service ribbon and medals of honor:

citizens of state who entered world war, appropriation for.

[blocks in formation]

contents and publication, requirements.

newspaper publication in certain counties, rate of charge, legisla-

tive law amended, § 48, subd. 5....

secretary of state's certificate, laws of 1919.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Ossining village, sewer and improvement bonds, legalized.

See Venereal diseases.

Sewers, general laws affecting: See also Sewers, local laws affecting.
sewer districts, certain counties, audit and payment of claims against,
tax law, § 178, added...

Sewers, local laws affecting: See also Sewers, general laws affecting.
Dunkirk, assessment against state fish hatchery, legalized...
Mohansic lake reservation, erection of sewage disposal plants, public
lands law amended, § 133, subd. 8..

Sexual diseases:

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
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injury to, by dogs in towns, fund for damages, county law, § 12,
subd. 42, added..

34 90

protection from dogs, appropriation.




oyster culture, lease of lands for, marking beds, injury to monuments,
conservation law, § 304, subd. 9, added.



Sheriffs: See also Police.

Albany county, expense of lodging juries county charge.
appropriation for transportation of prisoners.

[blocks in formation]

New York county, assistant deputy sheriffs and counsel, salaries

558 1539

Sherill: City third class; See also Cities, general laws affecting.
future permanent improvements, reserve fund for creation..

354 1058

Shinnecock and Peconic canal: See Canals.

Shore birds:

Long Island, open season, conservation law, § 217, repealed..

1 3

[blocks in formation]

Holley village, construction, concrete sidewalks on old canal lands,

[blocks in formation]

villages, boundary streets, expense of construction, village law
amended, § 166..

[blocks in formation]

Silver Creek village: See also Village law amended; Villages, general
laws affecting.

village and fire hall combined, bond issue..

[blocks in formation]

Sing Sing Prison: See also Prisons, state, general laws affecting.
appropriation for construction or betterments.

second appropriation

fixed charges and contributions.

maintenance and operation.

second appropriation


Nelson, Louis, services as chauffeur.

[blocks in formation]

traveling expenses, outside state.

state superintendent of prisons to proceed with construction and
demolition work, commission on new prisons abolished.

Sinking funds: See also Bond headings; Debt headings; Tax headings.

appropriation for canals..

forest preserve


Palisades interstate park.

Saratoga Springs state reservation.

[blocks in formation]

direct state tax for 1919-20..

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

hunting with dogs prohibited, conservation law amended, § 199.... 288



three family converted dwellings, area of glazed roof, tenement house
law amended, § 67...

[blocks in formation]

Smith-Hughes Federal act: See Education department, appropriation for


[ocr errors]

Smith, Peter P.:
appropriation for legal services.

Snipe: See Conservation headings; Game; Names of particular birdə.
Society for Reformation of Juvenile Delinquents in City of New York:
See New York House of Refuge for Juvenile Delinquents, Randall's

Sodus town:

hatchery for herring, establishment, appropriation....

Soldiers and Sailors: See also Grand Army of the Republic; Military law
amended; National guard; Naval militia; New York guard; New
York monuments commission; New York State Nautical School;
New York State Soldiers' and Sailors' Home, Bath; New York
State Woman's Relief Corps Home, Oxford.

appropriation for pensions, industrial commission..

public buildings department..

state department of highways.
state engineer's office....

second appropriation

service ribbon and medals of honor, citizens of state in world war
state employees in military service, salaries, deficiency.
United Spanish War Veterans..

Batavia, monument for deceased, election and tax for, legalized...
celebrations, badges and decorations for, by counties and certain

civil service, preference for soldiers, sailors and marines in state and
municipal employment and promotion, constitutional amendment
referred to next legislature..

civil war veterans, service in public buildings department before
retirement, public buildings law amended, § 3, subd. 8...
Cornell scholarships, age of pupils, effect of military service, educa-
tion law amended, § 1037, subd. 2....

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

dental students, degrees, status of men in military service, public
health law amended, § 197...

[blocks in formation]

expense of burial, amount, poor law amended, § 84.

[blocks in formation]

ferries, certain cities, free passage, military law amended, § 237.
headstones for graves, includes men hereafter discharged, poor law
amended, § 85..

[blocks in formation]

incorporation, veterans of Spanish, Philippine and World wars, mem-
bership corporations law amended, § 160...

[blocks in formation]

liquor, sale or gift to persons in uniform unlawful, exception, burden
of proof, liquor tax law amended, § 30c....


Medina village, entertainment and celebrations for returned, submis-
sion of proposition.....

[blocks in formation]

memorial building or monument, construction and maintenance by
county and city, general municipal law, § 77, added..
Mexican border veterans, service badges and ribbons.

[blocks in formation]

national guard:

pensions, commutation to lump sum payment, military law
amended, § 222...

[blocks in formation]

reserve, commissioned officers of United States army in world
war, promotion, conditions, military law amended, § 77..
war service, credit for time served, drafted men included, mili-
tary law amended, § 102...

[blocks in formation]

New York city, officers and employees who died in military service,
payment of balance of salary for 1918..

[blocks in formation]

Fort Chester, memorial park in honor of residents serving in world




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