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What wondrous links the human feelings bind;
How strong the secret sympathies of mind!
As fancy's pictur'd forms around us move,
We hope or fear, rejoice, deteft, or love:
Nor heaves the high for SELFISH Woes alone-
CONGENIAL sorrows mingle with our own :
Hence, as the poet's raptur'd eye-balls roll,
The fond delirium seizes all his soul;
And, whilft his pulse concordant measures keeps,
He (miles in transport, or in anguish weeps.
But, ah, lamented shade, not thine to know
The anguith only of IMAGIN'D woe !
Destin'd o'er life's SUBSTANTIAL ills to mourn,
And fond parental ties untimely torn !
Then whilst thy bosom, lab'ring with its grief,
From sabled sorrows sought a short relief,
The FANCIED Woes, too true to nature's tone,
Burst the Night barrier, and became thy own;
In mingled tides the swelling passions ran,
Absor'd the actor, and o'erwhelm'd the man!
Martyr of sympathy, more fadly truc
Than ever FANCY feign'd, or poet drew!

Say why, by heav'n's acknowledg'd hand impreft,
Such keen sensations actuate all the breaft?
Why throbs the heart for joys that long have fled:
Why lingers hope around the filent dead?

Why spurns the spirit its incuinb’ring clay,
And longs to soar to happier realms away?
Does heav'n, unjust, the fond defire inttill,
To add to mortal woes another ill?-
Is there, thro' all the intellectual frame,
No kindred mind that prompts the nightly dream;
Or, in lone mulings of remembrance sweet,
Inspires the secret wilh-once more to meet?
There is; for not by more determin’d laws
The sympathetic steel the magnet draws,
Than the freed spirit acts, with strong controul,
On its responsive sympathies of soul;
And tells, in characters of truth unfurl'd
« There is another, and a BETTER Tuorld!


Yet, whilst we forrowing tread this earthly ball,
For human woes a human tear will fall.
Bleft be that tear ; who gives it doubly blest,
That heals with balm the orphan's wounded breast !
Not all that breathes in morning's genial dew
Revives the parent plant where once it grew;
Yet may those dews with timely nurture aid
The infant Aowrets drooping in the shade;
Whilft long experienced worth and manners mild

A father's merits-still protects his child. We close this account with a lift which exhibits the names of most of the male performers deceased within these twenty years ; it may gratify the curiosity of those of our Readers who are partial to the dramatical department of our Miscellany

Garrick Vandermere Webster Dunstall
Barry Holland Vernon Wilson
Moffop Powell Brereton Parsons
Digges Henderson Reddish Dodd
Lee Shuter Farren Baddely
Ross Weston Fearon Wrighten
Havard Woodward Booth Blanchard
Sparks Foote Kennedy Macklin
Sheridan Edwin Dyer Yates
Ryder Clarke Love

Sic transit gloria Histrionis !

DRURY LANE. On the 15th of next month this Theatre will be reopened for the ensuing winter. Spirited preparations are, we understand, now making there for the enterment of the Public.






AIL London ! juftly queen of cities crown'd,

For freedom, wealth, extent, and arts renown'd; No need of fables to enhance thy praise, No wandering demi-gods thy walls to raise. Let Rome imperial claim an elder date, And boast her kindred to the Dardan ftate : Thy ancient heroes palms as glorious grace, Thy British founders and thy Saxon race !

Our ancestors in architecture rude, Built their first towns of rough unchissel'd wood; No veiny marble yet, no Parian stone, Nor sculptor's art, nor joiner's skill was known; These by our Roman visitors were taught, Which they from Greece, and Greece from Egypt brought : Soon Thames along her rising shorés admires Her stony battlements and lofty spires ; Sublime Augusta rais'd her towering head, Her Albion's pride, and envying neighbour's dread. Since founded first a thousand years twice told, Two thousand suns have annual circles roll'd; Perpetual growth has stretch'd her ample bound, Till scarce seven leagues can mere her circuit round; A hundred temples for devotion rise! A hundred steeples glitter in the skies ! Lo! in the midit Wren's wondrous pile appears, Which like a mountain its huge bulk uprears; Such sure to failors on a distant stream, The lofty peak of Teneriffe must seem, VOL. IV.


Muse! mount with easy flight the aspiring dome, And let thy eyes o'er the wide prospect roam; See how the Thames with dimpling motion (miles, And from all climes presents Augusta (poils: Eastward behold! a thousand vessels ride, Which like a floating city crowd her tide ; See the strong bridge connect the distant shores, The flood beneath through ftrait’ning arches roars. Still farther east, large as a town is ieen The Tower, a strong and copious magazine; There in becoming order rang’d, remain Arms of victorious on the hottile plain, Drums, cannon, swords, and bombs inactive Neep, And thunders brood which Briain's foes Mall wecp. Look all around! and note the bustling throng, How through each street, like waves, they press along! There stands the Exchange, 'tis now the busy time, Resort of merchants drawn from every clime! Far west, remark our Monarch's regal seat, See there the dome where powerful fenates meet ; There Rufus' ancient hall resounds with law; And there the Abbey itrikes religious awe!

Thus LONDON shines in fame the first and beft; May all who labour for her peace be bleft.



OCTOBER I l, 1797.
« Multis ille bonis flebilis occidit,

Nulli flebilior quam mihi."
"HEE, gallant Burgess! thee Britannia rank'd

Amongst her naval heroes: it was thine
Calmly to brave the fiery storm of war,
Thy country's rights defend, and add fresh lustre
To virtuous George's reign.-But heaven decreed,
That thou shouldīt fall in glory's borom” fall-
On that illustrious day, when British tars,


By Duncan led, o'er the Batavian foe
Obtain'd a conquest history will record
To ages yet untorn.-

Conldit thou have known
The issue of the combat, ere thy soul
This earthly sphere had left, more joyfully
Thy breath hadít thou resign’d, like Wolfe exclaiming,
" I dic content.”. -What mortal can refift
The will supreme of heav'n's puissant King?
He gave the word.—The whizzing bullet flew,
And wing'd thee to eternity. Farewel
Thou brave commander! ne'er couldīt thou have died
More honour'd, more respected, more belov'd ;
For thee the tear each seaman's cheek bedews,
And patriot thousands o'er thy ashes mourn.

Lynn, July, 1798.

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TOL, enthron’d in clouds cerulean,

Ting’d the west with purple hue,
And the white bird sweetly singing

Bade retiring day adieu.
On a bank, beside whose margin

Fam'd Ontario's waters roll,
Ellen, beauteous maid, reclining,

Sought to ease her troubled soul.
Loosely flow'd her auburn treffes,

Sporting with the balmy gales,
Whilft her tender lover's absence

Thus The secretly bewails :
« Dearest lord of my affections !

" Cease, Oneyo, cease to roam;
" Oye calm pellucid waters !
" Bring the gallant chieftain home.

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