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I do in the most unreserved manner. He who has been diseased, knows the value of medicine. He who has been restored to health, has it in his power to speak decidedly in favour of the process which has effected his recovery.

At the same time, Mr. Editor, I cannot conclude this short epifle, without offering fome advice to your diftressed correspondent. Should he be successful in the use of the means here specified, let him for the future keep a tighter rein over his imagination. It is a headkrong pallion, not easily to be managed. Its victim is sometimes involved in its illusions, beyond the pollibility of a recovery. Instances of this kind are not unfrequent. Vigilance, therefore, should be continually exercised. Without this virtue of inceffant watchfulness, happiness will prove a stranger to our bofoms. We become the sport of the circumstances in which we are placed. Whereas, a well-governed mind will guard every avenue to the heart. Not that the individual should shut his foul against virtuous love; but it is his bounden duty, as he values his own peace and comfort, to avoid setting his affections on objects which are either unfuitable for him, or which are beyond the reach of his poffeffion. In such a case he will not become a lubject of pity to his connexions; and prove a burden to himself. Of him it never will be said in the exprellive language of Gray,

Hard by yon-wood, now smiling as in fcorn,

Muttering his wayward fancies—see him rove;
Now drooping, woeful, wan, like one forlorn,
Or craz'd with care, or crossed in hopeless love!






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AVING inserted in your two preceding numbers to add the following paragraph, relpecling the character of that body of people since that period. It is taken from the History of Charles the Fifth, by the late eminent historian Dr. William Robertion.

Having given a sketch of their turbulent proceedings, and of the ruin in which their affairs were finally involved, Dr. Robertson adds," TOGETHER with its monarch, the kingdom of the Anabaptists came to an end. Their principles having taken deep root in the Low Countries, the party ftili subsists there, under the name of Mennonites; but, by a very fingular revolution, this feet, fo mutinous and fanguinary at its first origin, hath become altogether innocent and pacific. Holding it unlawful to wage war, or to accept of civil offices, they devote themselves entirely to the duties of private citie zens; and, by their industry and charity, endeavour to make reparation to human fociety for the violence committed by their founders. A small number of this sect, which is settled in England, retain its peculiar tenets concerning baptism ; but without any dangerous mixture of enthusiasm.'

From a principle of respect for that body of people, I send you this account of the present character of the BAPTISTS, falsely called Anabaptifts. The latter appellation is a term of reproach, given them by their enemies only; therefore ihould be laid afide. Your known impartiality will, I believe, induce you to insert this testimony in their favour.

I remain, Sir, yours,
A constant Reader,



A JOURNEY TO THE MOON. T was midnight, and nature was funk in profound

repose; the murmur of the water flowly receding froin the shore, and the breeze by fits ruftling through the grove, were the only sounds which intruded upon my ear; the firmament presented to the view a cloudless expanse of deep bus beautiful azure; a few stars were visible, for they were dimmed by the superior luftre of the moon, full orbed and in the zenith; her mild radio ance, while it illumined, gave a softness and interest to the surrounding landscape, far more attractive than the dazzling, the obtrusive brilliance bestowed by the sun's meridian splendor. Loft in admiration, I gazed upon the orb of night, and almost involuntarily exclaimed, " O that a mortal might be permitted to quit awhile this lower sphere, and explore the distant unknown funar regions: what supreme felicity would it be to converse with a race of beings, perhaps more wise and more innocent than the frail inhabitants of this earth: what immortal honour would he acquire who could unfold to a wondering world their amusements, their manners, their learning, and their virtues ; would to heaven that that happiness might be mine,"

“ And BE THINE," --said a voice of heavenly sweetness. I turned astonished, and beheld a more than mortal form, robed in purest white : a lucid emanation encircled his frame; his light hair breathing odor, Aowed in ringlets over his 1houlders; the bloom on his cheeks mocked the fading tints of the rose, and his bright eyes beamed intelligence and love. « Fear not," he exclaimed, “ I am thy guardian genius ; from the hour of thy birth have I unceasingly watched over thee: unheard and unseen have I averted the dangers which threatened thee; often, when thou wast linking in anguilh, have 1 inspired thee wich fortitude; and often, with ftill fmall voice, have I recalled thy erring feet to the paths of happiness and vir



tue. I have heard thy wish, it is granted! thou shalt visit those regions thou hast so earnestly, so ardently longed to explore ; it is permitted me to conduct thee; confide in my protection, and prepare for thy flight.”

The genius now stretched forth his hand, and clasping mine, we instantly began to rise with an amazing degree of velocity, absorbed in mingled awe and admiration. I had not the power of speech, but looked down upon the receding world in solemn silence; it appeared like an immense circular map, unfolded to the view, in which every state, and indeed every city within the sphere of fight, might be readily distinguished: dimly to the north appeared the bleak and frozen coasts of Norway, Iceland, and Greenland; in the opposite direction, the vast and turbulent Atlantic opened to the gaze, bounded on the one side by the western hemisphere, and on the other by the partially-explored continent of Africa, and the horizon. But this delightful prospect was not of long continuance; the flight of my conductor was fo incalculably rapid, and the light of the sun (which now first appeared) was so powerful, that it soon became impossible to discriminate the different parts of the earth with any degree of accuracy; the whole was blended, by distance, into one mass, and the moon, to which we were fast approaching, was now the principal object of my attention : its appearance bore a most striking resemblance to the world we had lately quitted: in one place, blazed an Etna, in another a chain of Alps ascended to the clouds, and from every part of its continents, numerous and beautiful rivers, after fertilizing the countries through which they flowed, poured their tribute into the lunar ocean, whose waves, while they separated, gave the ready means of communication, between the shores laved by them.

We had hitherto proceeded in silence, but the genius lessening his velocity, now turned to me with a smile of ineffable benignity, and said, “ Thus far have we urged our flight, and in a few minutes it will be completed; VOL. IV.



your with will be gratified: but to visit the numerous empires of the lunar world, would require a far longer period than is allowed us; it would, indeed, be a task never yet performed by a lunarian ; a cursory light of a small part only must satisfy thee. Seeft thou that island, whose white cliffs seem to mock the baffled waves that beat against their base; innumerous cities, towns, and villages, are scattered over its extent; a thousand veffels are now conveying to its ports all the luxuries of the surrounding nations? It is the island of Ibolan, famed for genius and valour; its natives are in a manner the arbi. ters of the world: we are now approaching its' magnificent metropolis, to which mean to convey thee; but to evade the curiosity of the inhabitants, it will be necessary to assume their dress, their language, and their manners; these properties I now confer upon thee: without them it would be impossible to walk along the streets, for the curiosity of the Ibolans is so strong, that any person, or thing, in the smallest degree deviating from the common standard, is followed by them with the utmost avidity.”. "This must surely proceed from extreme ignorance," replied I—"By no means," answered the genius;

so the Ibolans pique themselves on being the most enlightened nation in the globe; it would be less dangerous to pull an hungry lion by the beard than to tell an Ibolan that he was ignorant; nor are their claim to pre-eminence by any means ill founded; they have carried every branch of the arts and sciences to the summit of perfection; they have made discoveries seemingly beyond the abilities of mortals, and which other nations have for ages in vain attempted. But we are now near the centre of the capital, and will descend; forget thy diffidence, and for the future treat me as your equal and friend. I will explain to you every circumstance in the conduct of the Ibolans, which, to your imperfect comprehension, may appear involved in inexplicable mystery.”

The genius here ceased, and throuded from fight by the mists of the evening, we descended on the margin of

a river,

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