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3d Regt. of Dramoon Guards, Clement Jones Lieutenant B. Dougal to be Captain Lieute. Styles, Gent, to bi Cornet.

nant; Entigo Newton Treen to be Lieutenant: Toth Regc. of Dragoons, Hun. John llope. Volunteer James Fraler to or Enlign ; Voluna to be Cornet.

icer James Charles Role to be Enlign ; Entiga 3d Regc. of Font, Lieutenant George Dellel Wm. Stewart be Lieutenant; James Bowes from the 63d, to be Licurenant. D'Averene, Gent. to be Engin; Enlign w'm 12th Regc. of Foot, Cape. Lieut. Juan Per

Mackenzie Stewart to b: Lieutenant ; Wm. ryn to be Captain of a Company.

Gifford, Gent. to be Entyn; Enligo Wolter 24ih Regt. of Fuot, Capt. the Hon. George Proiler to be Lieutenant ; John Douglas, Cens. St. John, on the ball-pay of the 21st to be to be Enfign; Enlign Frederic Roe to be Captain of a Company.

Licutenant ; Robert Anfie, Gent, to be Er 320 Regt. of Foot, Henry Moredaunt Cla- fign; Ensign William Macleod, from 20th vering, Gent to be Enlign.

Regt. to be Lieutenant; Enlign Alexander 330 Regt. of Foot, Walter Elliott, Gent. Maitland, from gth Regt. to be Lieutenant ; to be Entigo.

Enlign Ronald Cameron, from 4th Regt. to be 5 Sch Regr. of Foot, Lieut. Edward Baker Lieutenant ; Lieutenant Charles Lucas Wheel. Littlehales, on the half-pay of the Sth, to be er to be Captain Lieutenant ; Enlign Roger Lieutenant; Adjutant james Harriton, on the Finman to be Lieutenant; Robert Barton, hall-pay of the 95th, to be Quarter-malier.

Gent, to be Enfigo. both Regt. of Foot, it Batalion, Andrew June 26. 3d. regt. drag. Capt. Lieutenant Ross, Gent. to be Entiga.

Christopher Watson, to be Captain of a Com63d Regt. of Fooi, Lieut. George Defel pany; Lieutenant John Richardson to be CapBowes, from the goih, to be Lieutenant; tain Lieutenant ; Cornet John Hawkes, to be Lieutenant Samuel Fairl from the 30

Lieutenant. Foot, to be Lieutenant.

16th regr. drag. John Alhton, gent. to be June 8. 23d Regt. of Light Dragoons, Quarter-mafter John Bangor appointed to be

Iith regt. foot, Lieutenant John Agmonde. Corvet.

tham Veley, to be adjutant. gih Regt. of Foot, Richard P. Wolle, Gent. 17th reg. foor, Duke Giffard, gent. to be to be Entigr.

enlign; Lieutenant Donald Finucane, of the 20th Regt. of Fooi, Robert Halliday, Gent. late 32d. regi. 10 be lieutenant; Stephen Rice, to be Enlign.

gens to be enlign. 36th Regt. of Foot, Lieutenant D. Kelly 24th reg. foot, Robert Christmas, gent. im Armstrong, from the 102d Regt. to be Lieure.

be enlign. nant ; Volunteer William Freemaa to be En. 27th reg. foot, Edward Manners, gent. to fign; Enlign Jobo Crump to be Lieutenant;

be enfign. Volunteer Broady to be Enlign.

33d reg. foot, Captain John Coape Sher. 424 Regt. Foot, Enlign John Macpherson brooke, of the late 85th regt. to be captain of to be Lientenant; Volunteer Robinson a company. to be Enligi; Lieut. Wm. Stewart, of the 4;th reg. foot, Ensign Ambrose Aubrey to nocth Regt. to be Captain of a Company; be lieutenant. James Welth, Gent. to be Enfigo; Entiga 69th regt. foot, Herzel de Lille, genr. to be John M’Donald to be Lieutenant ; John Tay- enlign. lor, Gent. to be Enfign; Donald M’lntyre, to be Quarter-malier; Entign Kenneth

DEATH S. M'Kenzie to be Lieutenant ; Suther June 2. Monday se'nnight died in Mariland, Gent. to be Enlign ; Lieutenant James borough-Itreet, Dublin, the Dowager. Lady Spens to be Captain of a Company; Enlign Viscountess Netterville. Her ladythip was Charles M'Clean to be Lieutenant; Donald Gifter to the late Benjamin Burton, of Burton M'Intyre, Gent, to be Enfign; Enlign James hall, in the county of Carlow, Esq. and moKeith to be Lieutenant; Robert Lellie, Gent, ther to the present Lord Viscount Neitsto be Erhg; Enlign Daniel Robertson to be ville. Lieutenant ; Thomas Lighton, 'Gent. to be June 3. Wednesday se'nnighe died, the Enfigu; William Macpherson, Gent. to be lady of the Right Rev. the Bishop of Clogher, Enlign; Lieutenant Alexander M'Donald to at his Lordship's house, in Henrieta-ftreci, s be Quarter-matter; Ensign James Welth to be Duolin. Licurebant ; John Campbell, Gent. to be Ea Yune 8. Iu an advanced age, at her house fign.

in Charles-ftreet, Berkleytquare, the Right 730 Regt. of Foot, William Greene, Gent. Hon. the Countels of Eilcs, after an illness to be Ensign ; Cornet J. Armitrong, from 23d of two days. Dragoons, to be Lientenant.

June 10. At his seat in Argylenire, uni. 98th Regt. Foot, Licut. Wm. Bullock to be verlally lamented, Colonel Donald Cainpbell, Captain of a Company; Ensign John Younge formerly high in command on the coait of to be Lieutenant; Volunteer Wm. Douglas Coromandel. to be Enlign.

June 11. On Friday last died ai Bath, cho 100th Regt. of Foot, Captain Lieutenant Hon. Mrs. Needham, fitter to the prezent Joseph Fish to be Captain of a Companyi Lord Kilmorey.


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At Llangley-park, in Buckinghamthire,

Mourning Leaders. the Right Hon. Catharine Countess Dowager

The Plume of Feathers. of Egmont, widow of John late Earl of Eg- The Hearse, with Six Horses, dressed with mont, and fifter of the present Earl of Nor. Feachers and Velvets, bur no Escutcheons. thampton. The Irish Barony of Arden, en

Mourner's Coach. joyed by her lady ship in her own righi, de

State Chatior. fcends io her youngest son, Charles George The Carriages of Friends, &c. Pe civa', now Lord Arden.

Another Corps of Volunteers, two and (No. june 15. Ac his house in Paul's Wharf, Kettle Drums and Four Fifes. Sir Barnard Turner, Knt. Alderman of Cord The whole proceeded up Ludgate-hill, wainers Ward, one of the Sheriffs for the ci- round St. Paul's Church-yard, through Cheape ty of London, and county of Middlesex, and fide, &c. to Shoredirch. The whole was aone of the representatives in Parliament for bove two hours in paling through the city, the borough of Southwark. The accident the Atreets of which were exceffively crouded wh ch occah ned his death was owing to his ed. horle taking frighi, and crofting the road upon On the 12th inft. at Budley Salteron, in a poft-chaife, ii cuming from Tortenham laft the county of Devon, aged 39, the Hon. DaSaturday ; ove of the tbaits pierced the flesh vid Stewart, Lieutenant in his Majesty's of his thigh, la d. bare the bone in a molt Heet, son of the late, and brother to the predreadful ma ner, and broke his leg juft below sent Earl Moray. the knee. Mr. Grodal, the surgeon, who June 16th. At Hereford, Dr. Dimsdale, had been of the parev, happened to be pear, of Bloomibury-square, fon of the Honourable and by immediate application of bandages, Baron Dimsdale. fuch as could be procured, happily prevented June 171b. At Sloan-square, Chelsea, Nahim b'eeding to death upon the spot. With thaniel Phillips, late Captain in the Royal great difficulty, after taking off the doors of garrison battalion, and Major of Brigadel. Mr. Grindal's carriage, he was laid at the the Earl of Lincoln. bottom of it, and conveyed home.

June 18.5. At Kensington, Sir George Sir Barnard Tuiner expired in the 48th year Vandeput, Bart. so noted for the oppofirios of his age. He was chofen Alderman of Cord- made by him, about 35 years fince, to the wainers Ward in the year 1981, on the death present Earl Gower, as a Candidate for Weitof Alderman Hayley, and elceled Sheriff of minster. the city of London and county of Middlesex, At Kenfington Gravel Pitts, Miss Kemp, on Midtummer day lalt. His conduct as a of Queen-square, Weftmiofter, fifter, of the magistrate and a man gave universal fatisfac- late Sir John Kemp, of Gefling, in the countion to his fellow-cuizens; and the electors ty of Norfolk, Bart. of Southwark had so high an opinion of his June 25. At his house in Chancery-lanc, integrity, that at the late general cle&tion he Thomas Cowper, Esq; Clerk of the Rules in was elected Member of Parliament for that the Court of King's Bench, aged 76, which Borough without opposition.

place he had enjoyed several years. Sir Barnard Turner has left his lady prego mant, and a family of lix children.

Saturday the 19th, at noon, the corps was BANKRUPT S. carried from his house at St. Paul's Wharf to

May 29. Charles Willingham, late of Bu. Thertield, in Hertfordshire, for interment.

ry St. Edmond's, Suffolk, Corn-chandler. 'The hearse, with one mourning coach, con Thomas Bramell, of Reddish, Lancafter, Corn. taining the relations of the deceased, his own factor. Samuel Scaman, of Difs, Norfolk, ftate chariot, the chariot of Mr. Sheriff Skin- Wool-comber. Henry Clow, now or late of ner, (in which were that gentleman and the Bristol, Baker, Thomas Newstead of CharingUnder Sheriff) and four other private coaches, cross, Middlesex, Tavern-keeper. George Dean came up Thames-tireet to Chatham-quare, Sanders, of Leatherhead, Surry, Tanner. where the Volunteer Font Affociation had af. George Cartwright, of Soho, Middlelex, sembled to receive them; being arrived there, Merchant. William Young, of Queen-ftreet, the procession moved op in the following man- Cheapfide, Linca-draper. John Habbijam, of леr :

St. Catherine's, Tower, London, Butcher. Two Lieutenants on horseback to clear the

June 1. Henry Mac Donal now

or late way.

of the Strand, Middlesex, Hofer. William Volunteers two and two, with crapes round Mowatt, now or late of Doncaster, York ihre, their arms; fire arms inverted, and black

Tallow-chandler. Thomas Cox bead, of Read-
and white feathers in their cape. ing, Berkthire, Timber-merchant.

State Horse dreiled.
The Two Enfigns ; Colours inverted, and Lancatter, Tallow.chandler. John Bowker,

June 5. Joseph Johnfon, late of Liverpool,
drilled with Crape.

of Leadenhall-ftreet, London, Upholder. RoKettle Drummers.

bert Walters of Watford, Hartford, Vietvaller.' Four Fifes, playing at intervals the 104th Robert Clark, late of St. Martio's-court, St. Psalm.

Martin's-lanc, Middlefex, Cane-merchaust. Captain of Association on Horseback.

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file party


Arts and sciences, probable Berne, city of in Swifferland
origin of them
253 defcribed

ADAM, Mr. his freech on Asiaticus, genuine memoirs of Bite of great dog, fatal effects
the address on the King's


of nezleting it

432 Afpley Sir Edward, his speech Blanchard Mr.couilru&ts a bala
Address of the Lords to ine on Mr. Grotvenor's motion loon to tieer ihrough the air
King, on his tpeech at the for union

opening of the new Parlia: Aikinfon Mr. a candinate to Borel de Bourg's Mons. account
ment 428. of the Commons represent London, demands of his diiafere in crolling
on the fame

437 a scrue ny 240. Proposals the Great Dereit
Adm rally, High Court of made by him to the oppo. Borwes Mr. his speech on Loid
trials before

241 Mahon's bill reípceling bri-
Advocate of Scotland," his Atkinson Christopher, proceed berv at elections

speech on Mr. Ellis'a mo ings in the Court of King's Bresi Mr. proposes the extra-
tion respecting the Weft Bench refpeéting him 481, ordinaries of the navy 270
minster eleétion

578 Britain the only model exiti-
Aerial Navigation by Monte Attorney General, moves for ing of a mixed government

gultier, &c. 107 287 an account of balances in 302. her superior strength
Africa dimensions of 88 the hands of the late Pay-

America, treatment of the mafter General 209 Brittany, all the ports of openo

loyalifts in, after the peace Auflian Flanders, observations cd to the Americans 310
114. fpecie eirculating in on the hoibandry of 453 Brunquick Duke of, articles
244. too extenlive a country

agreed to betwixt him and
for a republ c 297. quarrels

the Stadtholder

likely to arise there 488.

Budget, account of the sale of
importations from, to the B-Agdad, poetical account of in 1781 and 1782, 220. in
West Indies previous to the that city and its environs 7

the year

1983, 121. tie
566 Bank of England, directors of lant dix compared 222. ob.
American Congress their pro-


fervations on the accruing
clamation of the ratification Banks, Mr. his speech on Mr. interest in the sale of 225

246 Powys's motion against Mi. Burke Mr. gives notice of his
American States, debt incurred nifters


by them during the war 244 Balora, brutal cruelty of the propofitions on the King's
Anecdotes, an Oriental one

governor of

1οΙ (perch 125. his speech pre-
96. of the King of Prullia Beauchamp Lord his speech paratory to that motion 545
118. of the Duc de Chartrés and motion respecting the
243. of Mrs. Oldfield 451. conduct of the Lords 140.

of Mrs. Cibber 452. of Ma ftates precedents respecting
tilda, late Queen of Den the powers and privileges of C Almuck Tartars, situation of

· 475

the House 189. moves fix their country, and mode of
Anfrutber, Mr. his freech on refolutions in defence of its living

Lord Maitland's motions re rights 191. speech on the Campbell Lord Frederick ex-
specting the constable of the reading his Majefly's an plains a itory of breach of
Tower 255. on Mr. Ellis's swer to the address against priviledge and offers a com-
motion respecting the Weft Minifters 212.

on an in-

miafter election
534 solvent debtors bill



of peace






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Canada, produce and exports 57. Atate of the nation 64. election 429. on the ad-

567 bribery affair settled 66. dress on the speech 435.
Capper's observations on the India affairs ibid. Mr. Fox's commercial intercourse with

pallage by land to India 96 new India bill 71. expected America 435. el ction pe-
Cartbagena, warlike prepara difolution 71, 72. Mr. titions 435: petition against
tions making at 312

Eden's motion relative to a the receipt tax 43-. parlia-
Cavendith Lord John, moves diffolution 75. on the mo. mentary reform 438. peers

to proceed in the amend tion of the chairman of the below the bar 439. Mr.
ment of the receip tax 182. St. Alban's meeting for an Fox's petition 440.
his speech on Mr. Fox's union 121. on a motion a

mittee of supply 525. sea-
moting for an address against gainst the present ministry men votrd ibid. American
Ministers 217. on Lord Ma 126. motion to carry their intercourse bill 526. Weft-
hoo's bill respecting bribery resolutions to the ihrone minfter petition 526. llicit
at elections 271. on the bill 130. Union propoled 139. trade 527. Weltminfter e-
againīt bribery at elections Culcheller per tinn 139. lection 527, 533, 534. par.

279 motion refpe&t ng ihe House lamentary reforın 530, 544,
Chancellor Lord, his speech of Lords 140, 146. illicit

549. rem ftrance

on Lord Etlingham's mo trade 143. ordnance etti. K ng's speech 545. army
tion respecting the state of mates 144. children of Bri. estimates 547. Eat India
the gaols


tub moch rs born out of the Company's affairs 548. re-
Chandos, Duke of the ceremo kingdom 146. ttare of the cript tax 552. new window
ny of his fwearing he mm nation 147 resolutions on tax

bers of the Houle of Com. the King's answer to their Connecticut, state of, proceed-
mons, from his otice of second address 163. receipt ings of the towns of Stam-

teward of the Houdhold423 tax 182, 187, 210. ordi ford and Newnham in, re.
Charlton Palace, defcrition nance estimates 183, 194.. freeting the loyalitis 247

of, and the grand entertain illicit trade and union of onvi&ts, abftract of a bill for
ment given there 227. pube parties 184. Lord George the removal of them 260.
lick breakfast at 477

Lenox conftable of the account of their taking por-
Charles Mr. his experiments Tower 188, 254. precedents session of a vefsel carrying

with the groftatic machine from the journals respecting them to America 313
108. his ærial voyage in the privilege and power of Conway General questions Mr.
company with Mr. Roberts the House 189. refolutions Pitt respect ng a diffolution

110. his fight alone IIZ respecting the Lords 191. of Parliament 44. defends
Charicris Mr. explains the address for the removal of the Duke of Portland against

affair respecting bribery Minifters 199. balances in an accusation of bribery 56.
charged again at the opposi. the hands of Mr. Rigby, his speech on Mr. Fox's

66 late paymafter 209. mutiny motion for an address a-
Chasham, late Earl of descrip bill 210. answer to the ad. gainst Minifters 216. on the

tion of the monument e dress for the removal of report of the Committee of
rected to his memory in Ministers 211, 313. Parlia Supply on the army efti-
Welimisfer Abbey
496 mentary reform 256, 274. mates

Ckarteris Duc de, anecdote of a peer in the House 257. Cooper, Sir Grey his speech on

243 mutiny bill 257, 265, 269. Lord Beauchamp's resolo-
Cibber, Mrs. anecdotes of her gallery cleared of Atrangers tions in defence of the


to accommodate a friend of rights of the Commons 191.
Circaffian princess intrepid Sir James Lowther's 261. on the keeping up an army

conduct of one 249. deceiv on his Majeliy's answer to without a mutiny bill 269,
ed and taken priloner 251

the last addrets 262. extra on the extraordinaries of
Cyke Mr. his speech and mo ordinaries of the navy 270.

the navy 276. on the diso.
tion against ministry 126. bribery at ele&tions 271, lution of Parliament 279
moves that the resolutioos 280. removal of convicts Copenbagen, city of described
against Ministers be laid 271. American trade bill

before the King

130 277, 278. bounties on linens Cornwall Sir George, bis
Colchefer petirion fiam, against and calicoes 278. army efti. speech on Mr. Grosvenor's

Sir Edmund Ameet the fit. mates 279. report from the motion for an united admi.
ting member rejected 139
Committee of supply on the niftration

Commons House of Debates army estimates 280, diffolu. Cornwall, Mr. his speech of
in, on the face of the na tion


thanks on being elected
tion and expected dißolution Commons New House of, bu speaker

40, 58. Gen. Ross and Earl

finess and debates in 423. Coventry Earl of, his speech
of Galloway 45 Committee his Majesty's order for their on Lord Effingham's mo-
on the fate of the nation

chuling a speaker 423. tions against the resolutions
46. message from his Ma.
fwearing of members 423.

of the Commons 137
jefy 48. Mr. Piti's India choice of a speaker 424. Cuddalare, account of the fiege
bill, 49, 53, 67. breaches

Weliminfer election 425. of, by General Stvart, 9.
of privilege 55. petition debate on Mr. Lee's motion another account by an of.
from the county of York respecting the Weftminder ficer present



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East Indies, Gazette account

of military and naval opera-
D Alrymple Mr. declares he

tions in 9. disposition of the Falconberg Earl his speech on
was ofered a place to vote fleet and intelligence from Lord Esfingham's motions
for oppoftion

55 18. difpofition of the forces against the refolutions of the
Darbey Gen, his deposition re and Meer in 95. revolution Cominons

fpecting the Grand Duchess at Madras 171. peace in 181. Ferguson Sir Adam, his speech
of Tuscany

470 alfaffination committed there on Mr. Fox's motion for ad-
Delaval Mr. his speech on the 303. Itaie of affairs there journing the mutiay bill 258.
Address on the King's speech 304. ftate of the fleet there on the keeping up the army

432 306. arrivals at and from without a mutiny bill 269
Dempsler Mr. his speech on

497 Ferrars Lord, objects to the
Mr. Pite's new window tax Eden Mr. his speech on Mr. receipe tax

556 Fox withdrawing his motion Fitzwilliam Earl of his speech
Denbigh Lord his allegations for postponing ihe issuing on Lord Effingham's moti-

in the House of Peers against public money 47. his speech ons against the resolucions
Admiral Graves

and motion reipecting a dir. of the Commons 131. vaihe
Denmark, population of 472. solution 75. states the defi address on the speech 427

Revenues, army, 472. Navy ciency of the receipt tax 182. Fox Mr. his speech in reply to
473. Minifterial revolution speech and motion respecting Mr. Pitt's first speech as

474 the illicit trade 184. on Mr. Min fier 43. his motions in
Dolben Sir William, his speech Powys motion for an address the Committee on the face

on Mr. Pitt's India bill 69 to remove miniliers, with of the nation 46. moves that
on poftponing the Ordnance an amendment 200. on ad the muling bill be postponed
Eftimates 198. on Mr. Fox's journing ibe mutiny bill 47. h's speech in oppolition
motion for an address against 258. on East India affairs to Mr. Pitt's India bill 52.

226 273. proposes a bounty on in reply to Mr. Yorke's
Duel, account of one between Jinens and calicoes 278. on charging oppofirion with
Capts. Moftyn and Clarke the report of the committee bribery 55. on Lord Charles

118 of supply on the army enti Spencer's motion against mi-
Duke of Athel Indiaman burnt mates 281. on Mr. Pite's nistry 60. on the motion for
17. further particulars re new window tax

555 committing Mr. Pitt's Iodia
specting it

95 Effingham Lord his speech on bile 67. moves for leave to
Duncombe Mr. presents a petiti the relolutions of the House bring in a new India bill 71.

on from the County of York of Commons 63. and moti his Freech and moçion one

on Parliamentary Reform 57 ons on the m 131. moves an the King's answer 73, his
Dundas Mr. his speech in re address 139. speech on the speech on Mr. Eden's mori-

ply to Lord North on the ftate of the goals and impri on retpecting a diffolution 74.
State of the Nation 44. on sonment for debt

550 in answer to Mr. Pitt's re-
Lord Charles Spencer's mo. Egypi, account of the constitu ply on the same subjeet 79.
tion againit Minift y 61. ex. tion of

100 poiron bag thrown at him in
plains the affair of Mr. Ha- Election petitions, Aate of Weftmiofter-hall analyzed
milton of Bargeny 120. bis those presented, with the 83. 1019::nn him and his
speech on Mr. Coke's motion days of their being heard party 86, 87. (prech on Mr.
against Miniltry 126. 441. debate on Lord Ongley's Grosvenor's motion for an
Lord Beauchami's motion 435. on Mr. Fox's


extended admioistration 123.
selecting the House of Lords Ellis Ms. Welbore his speech on Mr. Coke's motion a-
143. on Lord Beauchamp's on Mr. Fox's motion for an gaink ministry 127. on Lord
fix resolutions in defence of address against ministers 2 16. Beauchamp's motion respect.
the rights of the Commons fpeech and motion on the ing the House of Lords 141.
193. on Mr. Fox's resolu. Wellminfter election 534 on going into a cominiciee
tions on his Majesty's ao- Ellinoor, dricription of 475. on the state of the Nation
263 toll collected there

147, 148, 149. 00 the re-
Durch negotiation with 94 Erskine Mr. his fperch in reply ceipt tax 183. on the ord-

to Mr. Pilt on the ftat- of nance elimates 183. on a

the naivon 42. against Mr. union of parties 184. on

Pitt's Ind a bull 77. on Lord Lord Beauchamp's fix refo-
E 42. India Company, cleti Beauchamp's resolutions in lutions in defence of The

on of directors for 18. reso defence of the rights of the rights of the Commons 193.
lucions of the Proprietors of Commons 193. on rott pon. on Mr. Pitt's communi-
49. estimate of their receipts ing the ordnance estimates caring to the House his Ma-
and payments 114. execution

198 jelty's sentiments respecting
issued against them 236. e. Eifkine Sir James his speech on their address 194. on Mr.
leétion of directors at 313

Mr. Ellis's motmon respect Powys's motion against mi-
East India directors report, ing the Westmintter electia fters 2“ 3. no she King's ap-
committee appointed to exa-

fwis and moves another ad-
mine it

dress against minifters 213.





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