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in reply to Mr. Pitt on de 494. revolution in Denmark explanation of that bulinels
laying the mutiny bill 256. 495. East India intelligence in the House
moves firits further adjourne 495. fhip Duchess of Tusca- Hamilton Mr. Moves an ad.
ment 257. fperch and efo py 495. specch of the Lord dress on his Majesty's speech
Jutions on bis Majesty's an Lieutenant to the Irish Par-

fwer 262. on the mouny ljament 495. definitive trea. Hammett Mr. his speech on
bill 268. on India affairs ty between Great Britain and Mr. Grosvenor's motion for
273. on parliamentary re Holland signed 496. King's an extended administration
form 275. on the motion for birth day 576. address of 125. on the muriny bil! 260
chuling Mr.Cornwall Speak the Clergy and answer 576. Handel's Jobilee particular en.
er, and the Westmintier edist of the Grand Signior tertainments of which it is
elcetion 424. in reply to

in favour of Britith mer to be composed 306. d-cora.
Mr. Pition the Writminiter chants

tions in the Abbey for the
elcélion 430. on the addreis Georgium Sidus, account of the celebration of described 485.
on the King's speech 433.

new planet so named

119 account of the performances
prefenis liis own petition re- Germany map of

168 there and at the Pantheon
lative to the Welimintter Goldi miib's Company of their 486 third performance 575.
election 435. obfervations on grand enterta ment to Mr. new inscription on Handel's
Mr. Gilbert's being called to
Pitt described

the chair of the committee Gower Lord his speech on Lord Hans Towns of Germany the
of supply, in the room of Effingham's motions against best models of republican
Mr. Old 525. on the West, the resolutions of the House Government

mintter petition 527. his of Commons

138 Hardinge Mr. his speech on
grand speech on the West- Grabam Marquis of his speech Mr. Ellis's motion respet.
minster election

and motion for Mr. Corn. ing the Wellminster electie
France commercial ne snciation well to be elected Speaker

with 94. list of their fleet at

423 Harrison Mr. can see no pre-
497 Grazies Admiral, vindication tence for a diffolution

Frankland Admiral Sir Thomas of his conduct at the Chefa. Hill, Sir Richard his humo-
his speech on the navy efi peak 20. Admiral Keppel's rous Incech in the debate on
625 opinion of his conduct 20. his Majetty's answer

Lord Denbigh's attack upon Holland probability that it may

him in the House of Peers foon become a Monarchy
21. Rodney's first letter of

G Algoyne Mr. sen. his speech advice to him 21. Admiralty Howard Sir George his speech
on Mr. Pitt's new window information received by him on the motion that Mr.


22. his letter to Rodney 33. Cornwall be elected speaker
Gazette de France, account of his operations 25. Admiral

their naval proceedings in Hood's letter to him 26. ac- Hughes Admiral Sir Edward
India 19. further accounts count of his engagement off his account of his fifth naval
from India

236 the Chesapeak 28. proceed engagement with Suffren 14.
Gazette Londoo, General ings and signals on board his line of battle, killed and

Stuarts, accountof his opera hip 28. his line of battle, wounded 16. his letter to
tions at Cuddalore 9. artil. and killed and wounded 30. the Speaker on receiving the
lery taken, killed and wound his second attempt to relieve thanks of the House

ed 12. Admiral Hughes's Lord Coruwallis 32. line of Hume, late celebrated David,
account of his filih engage-



original letter from him 482
ment with Suffren 14. line Great Desert, journey acrofs it, Huffey Mr. his speech on the
of battle, killed and wound. account of 101. description extraordinaries of the Navy
ed 16. City address on the of it


change of ministry 151. Great Seal stolen from the
King's answer 151. Queen's Lord Chancellor 166. order

birth day 151. celebration of Council for using the new
of it at Dublin 233. Duke

hein y

4rqnis Sir John, his speech
of Rutland's arrival at Dub- Grocers, Company of their on the navy estimates 525
lin and taking upon him the grand entertainment to Mr. idleness, milery attending it
government 233. plague in Pitt described


the Crimea 234. invertiture Grosvenor Mr. his speech and Illicit trade, first report of the
of a Knight of St. Patrick motion for an united admi Committee on, 34, 90. tea
234. court mourning for the niftration

36. wines, brewery, distil.
Margravinc Dowager of Anf

lery 39. malt 40. candles,
pach 234. Ruffian prefer-


soap, paper, printed fiks,
ments 2 34. edict of the Em-

calicoes and linens, licences,
press of Rusia respecting the H Amilton Mr. of Bargeney coaches 91. servants, falo
trade of the Euxine sca 310. ordered to attend the House office 92. ftamp duties, draw-
ratification of the peace, be for a breach of priviledge 56. back 93. resolution of 94.
tween the Russians and Turks

second report 281. auctions




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i and fervants 283. abuses of and motion on the West. on the resolutions of the
permits 284. tobacco, Itarch, minster election 429

Commons 65. diffolution of
wax canoles, loap 285 haw- Letter from Mr. Piit to the Si. Parliament 80. on Lord Ef.
kers and pediars 286. third Alb o's committee 4, 89, 90 fingham's motions refpeét.
report 445.plans for counter from the Duke of Portland ing the refolutions of the
acting Imuggling 44 5. for re 4, 89, 90. from Gen. Sruari

Commons 131. address to
ducing the duty on lea 509.

betore Cuddalore 9.

from the King 139. Neibite's
tobacco, wines, ipirits, brew. Admirai Hughes in Madras divorce bill

144. receipt
ery 51. distillery 512. road 15. from a paflinger on tax 265. Lord Mahon's bill
malt, candles 513. loap, board the Vanfittart India. to prevent bribery at elec-
March, pajer, proved hilks,

17. from Admiral tions 230. address on the
callicoes and linens, coaches Hughes to the Speaker of King's speech at the open-
and servants 514. falt, haw-

the House of Commons 17. ing the new Parliament
kers and redlars, drugs 515

from Commodore King to 4°7, 428. impriforment for
India, journey to by land, lea-
the fame 18. from Sir debt

fon for undertaking it and George Rodney to Admiral L'Orient, deteritination of the
necessaries to be carried 97. Arbuthnot 21. from Admi council of war allembled
direélions for performing it

ral Graves to Sir George there to determine on the
89 Rodney 22. from Admiral

affair of the 12th of April
Fobnfon Commodore his speech Rodney to the Commander

on Mr. Grosvenor's motion of the ships in North Ame- Loughborough Lord, his speech
for an union 122. on going rica 24. from Captain Afo on Lord Ettingham’ motion
into a Committee on the fleck to Admiral Graves 25. against the resolutions of the
Date of the nation 147.

from Admiral Hood to Ad. House of Commons 135,138
on India affairs 273. fuit miral Graves 25. from the Lowiber Sir James, moves in
against him by Capt. Sut fame 26. from Admiral clear the gallery of strangers
505 Rodney to Admiral Arbuth-

Irwin's poetical account of not 3i. from Madras of the Loyalifts, act of the state of

arreit of General Stuart 179. New York refpeéting them

from an other in the camp 507. of the fate of Mafa.
before Cuddalore 235. King


of Pruffia's to the State's Lufhington Mr. his speech on
KEnyor Mr. his speech on General, in favour of the Mr. Pitt's India bill

the Weltminster election Prince of Orange 289. from Luttreil Captain James, his


Rotterdam the riots Ipeech on Mr. Grofvenor's
Keppel Admiral, his opinion there 291. from India on motion for a union of par-

of Admiral Graves's con the state of affairs there ties 121. on the addrels on
304. from Portsmouth of

the King's speech 432
King's answer to the address of arrivals 305. from Leghorn
the Bithops 2. mesTag: from giving an account of a

to the House of Commons piracy 30%. from Paris on
48. answer to the address of the reception the Count de Mcdonald Mr. his speech on
the Commons 163. speech
Griffe met with there 311.

Lord Beauchamp's fix re-
on diffolving the Parliament from. Litbon giving an ac-

folations in defence of the
166. proclamation on d 1 couit of a revolt of the rights of the Commons 192
folving the parlaiment ibid. negroes on the Gold Coast Madras, famine at 1:6. arreit
speech on the meeting the


of General Stuart there 179.
new parliament 426. an the warlıke preparations particulars refredi ing it 181
swer to the address of making there 312. from the Mabon Lord, on guing into a
the Lords 428. of the Hague on the dispute with committee on ihe fate of
Commons 437. birth day, the Prince of Orange 312. the pation

Court drelles and ball from Utrecht refpecting the Mortland Lord, his motions

503 navigation of the Schelde respecting the ofice of Con-
King Commodore his letter to 312. to the Mayor of Exe-

Atable of the Tower 188, 254
the Speaker on receiving ter on the convi&ts taking Malta, warlike preparations ac
the ihanks of the House 18. poffeffion of a vele!


arrives with his fleet at the Lewis Sir Waikin, his speech Manchefer Duke, of his speech

179 on Mr. Sawbridge's motion on Lord Ethngham's motions
Kings and subjects, duties of for a parliamentary reform against the Commons refo-


Kouli Khan, account of him London city of, fate of each Mann, Sir Horace, his speech
and his fucceffor 103 day's poll during the elec-

Mr. Powis's motion
tion for members of parlia against ministers 202. on

ment 240. particulars of the Mr. Fox's motion for ano-
scrutiny 241. progress and ther addrers

LEE Mr. his speech on fe conclusion of it 461 Mansfield Earl of, his speech

cret influence 45. speech Lords House of, debates in, on Lord Ltfingham's moti.



311. from



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ons again & 'the resolutions 455. danger of relaxing it Old Bailey trials at, of Nick.
of the Commons 136.00 456. Sir J. Child's opinion fon, &c. for the murder of
Lord Mahon's bill to pre of it 457. reflections on the Cation, in Covent Garden
vent bribery at elections 280. spirit of


on the addicís on the speech Navy, ways and mcana to put Oldfield Mrs. the celebrated ac-


it on a respectable fooling iress, anecdotes of her 451
Merham Mr. his speech on 175. hardtbip to seamen of Onslow Colonel thews the im-

Mr. Fox's motion refpe&ting during the late war 176 policy of preventing the mic
the King's ar!wer 74. ex- Negociation for a union of par licia frous being called out
plains the proceedings of the


St: Alban's meeting 202 Nefoire Mr. his divorce bill, Ordnance office fees
Martin Mr. recommends to evidence given before the Ordinary, ships laid up in, ex-

Mr. Fox to read the beauties House of Lords on it 145 ceptionable article in ibe
of Fox, North, and Burke New Parliament, returns made Admiralty regulations re-
143. moves for peers below for 239. complete list of the specting them

the bar to withdraw 257. Members of

speaks to order respecting Nownbos Mr. Alderman,

peers below the bar

439 moves the repeal of the re-
Wallacbuffets, act of the 'ftare ceipt tax

552 P Arliamentary reform, Mr.
of, respecting the loyaliâs, New York proceedings there Sawbridge's motions re-
and in compliance with the after the evacuation


specting it 549. thoughts on
treaty of peace 523 Nicbolson Patrick, his trial at

the practicability of
Marilda, late Queen of Den the Old Bailey for the mur- Peasants of Ruflia, the slavilha

mark, anecdotes of her 475 der of Nicholas Callon, be. ftare in which they live 169.
Mediterranoun, account of a fore the Huftings at Covent their falutations and quar-
piracy comitted there . 307 Garden

577 rels 170. their amuiments
Members, who voted for Mr. North Lord his speech on the and baths

Fox's India bill 5. who expected diffolution 43. on Peers English, created by his
voted againīt it 6. abfent at Lord Charles Spencer's muti. present Majesty 167. Eng-
the division

6 on againit 'Miniftry 62. on lith extinet during the pre-
Middlesex, fate of the poll for Mr. Grosvenor's motion for sent reign 168. Irish peers

members for, and scrutiny an extended Adminiftration created and extinct 168
demanded 243. progress and 124. declares he will be no Piger Lord, particular account

conclufio: of it 465 bar to a Union 136. Mr. of his seizure at Madras
Military merit, plan for an or Pitt the only bar 197. on

177. bis deark

der of

219 Mr. Pox's motion for adjourn. Pits Mr. his answer to the
Mincbin Mr. his speech on ing the mutiny bill 259. on

St. Alban's meeting 4. his
Lord Mahon's bill respect the report of the Committee speech in the House on his
ing bribery at elections 278 of Supply on the army efti. first appearance there as
Miniftry new, 2. ftruggles mates 281. on Mr. Lee's Minifter 41. his defence of

in the House of Commons motion respecting the West his manner of coming into
against them
mintter election 429. on the

adminiftration 44. opeos his
Monatry in Flanders, fingular address on the King's speech plan relative to India 49.
circumitances in


433.. on Mr. Sawbridges's speech in defence of his
Montgolfier Ms. his_firft expe motion for a Parliamentary India bill 70. bis answer to
riments with the aeroftatic reform


Mr. Powey's question re-
machine 108. his miscar- North Colonel his speech in specting a diffolution 73•
riage 112. other attempts at reply to Mr. Steele on the his speech on Mr. Eren's

287 office of Contable of the motin: relpeeting a difTolu.
Mulgrave Lord, his speech on Tower 255. on the address tion 76. in reply to Mr.
Mr. Fox's motion for ad on the speech


Fox on the same subject :8.
journing the mutmy bill Nova Scotia, produce and ex his second leter to the St.
260. on the navy estimates

568 Alban's meeting 89. third
526. on Mr. Ellis's motion Nuysni Lo d his speech on Mr. leiter go. speech on Mr.
respecting the Westminster Fox's motion for postpening Grosvenor's motion for an


the ordnance etlimares 197. union 124. on Mr. Coke's
Murray Hon. Alexander, pro proposes the contend.'g par. motion against Minifters
ceedings of the House of ties thould Thake hapds and

129. on Lord Beauchamp's
Commons against him for get druk together at his motion respecting the Houfe
ill treating the High Bailiff Houle 202. oppolis Mr. of Lords 141, 142 opinion
on an election


Fox's motion for adjourning refpetting the prceipt tax
the mutiny bill


182. (peech on Mr. Eden's

morion respecting illicie

trade 184. in reply to Mr.
NAncy India Packet, ac-

Fox r fpecting union 186.
count of her lofs

236 ONE on the new Year 2. op on Lord Beauchamp's lix
Navigation Ad, advantages of his Majesty's birth day 503 resolutious in defence of the



ports of



sights of the Commons 194. new Ministry 43. on Lord 217. proceedings at Guild.
delivers his Majesty's fenti. Charle Spencer's motion a. hall to petition against; it
mnents on the address of the gains the Miniftry 59. his

Commons 194. fpeech on speech and question to Mr. Red sea, voyage up it

pottponing the confideration Pilt relpecting a diffolution Religious traditions among the
of ihe ordinance eltimates 72. his acknowledgem. nt to favages in North America
196.on Mr. Powys's motion Mr. Pirt for his answer 73.

against Minitters 206. on fpeech on Mr. Grofv: noi's Republican government, people
Mr. Fox's motion for an. motion for an union 122, on of England foon tired of it
other address 216. account Mr. Coke's motion against 299. only adapted to fmall
of his entertainment in the Ministry 128. on the com ftates

city 229. bis answer to Mr. munication of his Majesty's Republican principles, essay on
Wilkes's speech on admitte. sentiments respecting the ad. 296. America too exentive
ing him a freeman of the drels of the House 196. for a revublic proved from
city 230. fpeech on Lord speech and motion for an ad. history 297. probability that
Macland's mot ons respect dress against minifters 199. Holland may soon become a
ing the office of confiable speech on the motiny bill monarchy 298. people of
of the Towet 255. on the

266. on Mr. Sawbridge's Englandioon tiredof a repob.
impropriery of delaying the motion for a reform in Par lican governmeut 249. sma!!
mutiny bill 256. on Mr. liament 275. 01 the address ftatis only proper for sepub-
Fox's motion for adjourn on the fpeech 432. 01 Mr. lican government 300. Hans
ing it 258. on the muinyo

Ellis's motion respecting the towns in Germans the most
bill 267. on the extraordi. Wiltmintier election

pesteet re; ublics 301.
maries of the navy 270. on Prime Miniliers, duties of mixed government to be

lodia affairs 273. on par.

their office
444 fred

liamentary reform 276. on Proclamation for diffolving the Ricborond Duke of his speech
the choice of a speaker and Parliament and calling a on Lord Effingham's motion
the Westminster elect on new one 166. for electing againt the resolutions of
425. on Mr. Lee's motion the fixteen Scots Peers 167

the Cmmons.

,133, 138
respecting the Westminster Pruffia, King of his juducions Ridley Sir Matthew, his speech
election 429. on the address sentence 1 18. his letter to on the mutiny bill
on the King's speech 434.

the States General in favour Rigby Mr his speech on the
moves an American inter of the Prince of Orange 289 expected diffolution 46. on
course bill 435. reply to Mr. anecdote of his attempt to the Attorney Generals mo-
Sawbridge's quettions re elope from his father with tions relpecting the balances
speeting parliamentary re the daughter of a school.

due by him 209. on the
form 438. moves for a releet mafter 558. his imprison. adjourning the mutiny bill
committee to consider the ment and danger 559. beha.

accounts of the East India viour on his accellion to the Roberts Mr. diftress of his fa-
Company 527.
mentions throne 360, his first military mily

the regulations be intends transfactions

561 Robertson Mr. apprehended for
to propose for the checking Pruffia, late King of the vaft forgery

Imuggling 527. in reply to riches he amired 557. his Rolle Mr. his speech on Mr.
Mr. Fox's obrervations on ty annical conduct 558. pre. Grosvenor's motion for an
the Westminster petition vented by the interference of union

528. his reply to Fox's grand the Emperor from beheading Ross General complains to the
ipeech on the Westminster his son ine present King 559 House of the Earl of Gal.
election 541. on Mr. Newn. Pulteney Mr. his speech on the loway's conduct

ham's motion for a repeal expected defolution

43 Rotterdam account of riots at
of the receipt tax 552. pro- Pulaski Count, his plan to ai 291. prevailing party there
poses an additional window finate the King of Poland inimical to Britain

tax in lieu of the duties on

517 Royal Society, disputes in 119.
553 Pyracy account of, on board

better to relating the new
Poisoned bag thrown at Mr. the Grand Duchess of Tuf. planet discovered
Fox, analyzed by ad apothe cany.

468 Rozier and D'Arlandes, their


fight in an air balloon 109
Poland King of, particulars of

Rujian empire, Richardson's
the attempt made to affasfi, QUEEN's birth day, court anecdotes of 169. llavery of
nate him

dresses and ball on 142 the peasants ibid. crvelty
Political Liberty, letters on Quimpe in Brittany, curious towards them ibid. faluta-

173. definition of 173. hir affair that happened near it tions quarrels and amule.
tory of, in England


ments 170. domestic man-
Portland Duke, of his answer

n's of persons of rank there
10 the St. Alban's meeting


171. military education
4. second answer 89. third

there 272. ladies ibid. re.
70 R Eceipt tax, abftract of the

ligion 458. clergy 459.
Pozvys Mr. his speech on the new a&t for amending is


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aga n'i the

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Ceremony of consecrating holder not affefied to the Maitland's motions resped-
the waters'

459 land tax 467. determination ing the office of c ftable of
Russian lady, her cruelty to of the Sucrifts on it, which The Tower

her faves detected and pu occafons Mr. By g to give Stor wont Lord, his speech on
169 up the Icrutiny


Lord Einogham's. motions
Russians, probability of a war Sbobield Lord, his speech in

r fol tions of
betwern them and the Turks the American trade bill 277. The Huft of Commons 137
94. treaty of peace with the

his obiervations on the na- Stream Robeit his depofirion


vigat.on act 455. antwer to reip eting the Grand Du-
Purland Duke of, arrives at his; amphlet on the Ameri-

chels of Tuliany
Dublin and enters upon his can tiade

565 Stuart Capt. Keith, his ex-

Sberidnn Mr. his attack on

planation of Lord Gallo-
Mr. Pilt teipecting the ex. way's conduct resp-eting cbe

pecied diffolution 44. his breach of privilege 57

speech on Lord Charles Stuari General his account of
St. Albams Tavern, meeting Spencer's motion againf Mi his operations before Cud-

of members at, to procure a pilters 63. on the West. dalore 9. storms the French
union of parties 3. repreTen miafter election


redoubts there 10. repulses
tation figned by them 64. Ships of war, list of thote their fally from the fort 11.
list of them


launched hince the peace 237 his general orders of Thanks
Santo lady, curious adventure Sidduns Mrs. her excellencies 13. arretted at Madras by
of one
8 in various characters


Lord Macarmey 179
Savages of North America, Sumith General his speech on Suez British trade, to prohibit-

remarks concerning them The mutiny bill 265. re ed by the Turks
521. speech of a chiet to a minds Mr. Pilt of the peri- Surrey Lord his motion on the
Swedish mtionary 521. thrir tion from the creditors of critical fate of affairs 47.
ceremonius civility to each
the Nabob of Arcott

his motion on the change of
other 522. their opinion of Smuggling, first report of the adminiftration 48. fee hon
our hoipilaliry


coinmittee 00 34. mann r Mr. Nesbitt's divorce bill
Sawbridge Mr. a scrutiny de how conducted 35. fecond 261. on the addreis on his
manded aga nit him for

report 281.
third report

Majetty's speech 431
London 241. his sp-ech and 445. plans for preventing t Sution Cá tain his action a-
motion for a parliamentary 440. abstract of the bill for gaini Comm. Johnstone 505
reform 274. questions Mr. preventing it 506. reasons Sydney Lard, his speech on
Pitt respecting parliamenta for a parliamantary inter Lord Ethngham's motions
Ty rcform 438. makes his ference


against the resolutions of the
motion respecting parla- Solicitor General, his fperch' House of Commons 138


on Mr. Fox's motion for
Scrutiny of the poll for mem. postponing the ordinance

bers for Lond: n 240. agree-

estimates 197. on the bill
ment entered into by the for the removal of convicts T Artars of the Calmuck
parties for conducting it 241.

260. on the address on the tribe, description of their
debate ierpecting the admis. sprech

432 mode of encamping and move
Sion of council ibid. cale of South Sea, new voyage to 106 ing from place to place 248.
a gunsmith who received Souibwark new ele&tion there

situation of the country they
back part of his livery fine

inhabit 249. their ftruggles
242. of a glover who polled Speech of his Majesty on for independence ibid. re-
as an innholder 243. of a dissolving the parliament markable fortitude and mag.
livery man who received ge 166. on meeting the new nanimity of the widow of
neral poft lette's 460. of a parliament

426 their Can, Donduc Ambo
girdler who had been ad. Spencer Lord Charles, his mo 249. intrigues of the Ruf.
mitted freeman in the tion against adminiftration fans to deprive her of her
draper's company 461. ar.

59 authority 250. defeats the
guments of Mr. Atkinson's Stadtholder, his Serene High army sent against her ibid.
council refecting this voter ness the, articles entered decoyed by treachery iato
462. case of a voter who re into by him and the Duke Altracan 251. attempts to
ceived alms 463. Mr. Ar-

of Brunswick

577 escape and is feized with her
kinson's friends object to the Stage, state of during the civil children

determinations of the She.

291 Taxation, inftructions tbe
riffs 464 and give up the Stamps on paper, list of those Empress of Rutha respecting

now in ore


Scrutiny for Middlesex, argu. States General their resolutions Tea, quantity of, smuggled
ments on the propriety of respecting the demand made

graoting one 465. opposed by Great Britain of the co- Tippoo Saib, peace concluded
by Mr. Wilkes on the lours of the three Scots re with him

grounds of impropriety and giments

484 Tower, office of constable of
illegality 466. cale of a free. Steele Mr. his speech on Lord debate in the House of Com-

mentary reform





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