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constables, humanely' washing his face, to these three witnesses on the part of the and taking care of him. Various were prosecution, to which you must lubjoin the accounts of the accident. Many said the evidence respeting the character of he was knocked down by the constables; John Joseph, who is the only perfon that and man in particular, observed was examined before with respeet to this “ these Wapping constables are pretty transaction. The other witnesses were fellows, for they knock down their own never known to be witnelles till this mornmen instead of others !" (Here Mr. More ing, and the Council say they have not gan, as counsel for the crown, undertook a their names in their briefs; if you believe kind of cross examination of Mr. Sheridan, these three witnesses, to be sure the charge abovi sticks and staves; but the replies he is proved against the prisoner : but supporeceived were of too pointed a nature, for sing you should give credit to these three the learned barrister to proceed, with ad- witnesses, suppoling you can poflibly give vantage to his cause, or to retreat with credit to the three witnesses examined for the much credit to himself.]

profecution, with all their variations and Evidence was now called to invalidate contradictions, and the character of Joseph, the testimony of that John Joseph, who there is another matter for


confiderfivore positively that Nicholson struck the ation, which is, what is the offence? now deceased,

every one of the witnesses that have been Serjeant Hubbard, of the Coldáream examined on the part of the prisoner, Regiments of Guards, knew Jofeph ten and not contradi&ted at all, own, that the years ; remembers his receiving 500 lashes first attack was given by the constables ; in America, by sentence of a court mar if so, what the people did, may be taid to tial, for charging a gentleman with an be in their own defence, and one of them unnatural crime; he would not believe giving an accidental blow, you cangot him even upon his oach.

make it any thing but man

an-flaughter : but Henry Wright, Turnkey of Tothill. for my own part, I think on the variations fields Bridewell, had Jofeph repeatedly and contradictions that appear on the part in his custody for various ottences; and is of the witnesses for the prosecution, it is fure no one who knew him would credit a for you to determine whether you will word he spoke.

not acquit the prisoners. Serjeant Phillipson knew him three years PATRICK NICHOLSON, in America, and would not credit his oath

JAMÉS WARD, on any account.


JosEPH SHAW, Jofephus Roffey has known him

many years; would not take his oath for a far. JAMES MURRAY, thing.

Mr, Erskine. My Lord, Mr. O'Brien, Court to Jury. Gentlemen, the prifo- who was included in this indi&iment, ner, Patrick Nicholson, stands indicted came here for the purpose of furrendering for the wilful murder of Nicholas, Cafton; himfelf, if you can spare a few minutes and with respect to the three last prisoners, to have him arraigned, I believe I may after having gone through the evidence on truft to the candour of the learned Genthe part of the prosecution, I stated to you tlemen on the part of the prosecution, that whether you wished that they fhould be they have no further evidence. put on their defence, and you thought as Mr. Mergan. I cannot say I can give I did, that there was not sufficient evi- stronger evidence against him ihan I have dence to put them on their defence, as to already given. being present at the time; therefore in the Dennis O'Brien, Esq. was then indi&ted long evidence which I am going to state for the wilful murder of Nicholas Caton, to you, you will consider the prisoner Pa- and aiding, abetting, and affisting in the trick Nicholson only. The first witnefs faid murder. was Thomas Davey, he is contradicted by There being no other evidence, he was almost every other witness, and his evi- acquitted. dence is very little material as to the Patrick Kenny and Thomas Nicholson, charge against this prisoner ; you will ob were indicted (the next morning) for the ferve that neither Gilmore nor the other wilful murder of the faid Nicholas Caffon. witnesses were examined before the Coro. Mr. Garrow, My Lord, the Council ner, before Justice Wilmot, or before the for the Crown decline to give any eviGrand Jury who found the bill last Friday, dence against thefc prisoners. and the cate rests upon the credit you give Both acquitied.


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thronged on Saturday, May 30, white, and displayed a profusion of dia

, a equal to the first day. Their Majesties did monds; but her richest ornaments were not arrive till half past twelve, when the her six lovely descendants, arrayed in the Hallelujah's of impatience which had pre- charms of native beauty, and looks of viously relounded in every part of the transcendant innocence ! The Princess Abbey, cealed. The Princess Royal, Royal appeared in a prune colour. The Princess Augufta, Princes Elizabeth, and dress of the Princess Augufta was a dove three of the younger Princesses, with a lustestring. The Princels Elizabeth was numerous fuit of Royal attendants, were apparelled in in a Pomona colour. prefent. The Meffiah was immediately The following inscription, on a tablet begun ; the band was led by Mr. Cramer. of white marble, was this morning placed The vocal performance was supported by over the Monument of Handel, in Westa most respectable lift. Mr. Harrison, in minster Abbey. “ Comfort ye, &c.” acquitted himself

Within these walls, very ably. Mr. Rheinhold lung with his

The Memory of
usual judgment and poiver. The Rev. H A N DE
Mr. Clark, Mes. Champness and Norris

Was celebrated,
were very respectable. Miss Cantelo ap Under the Patronage of
peared rather frightened, but notwith His Most Gracious Majesty
ftinding gave great fatisfaction in “ Come

unto me all ye, &c.” Signor Tasca fung On the 26th and 29th of May,
with great power
“ Behold I tell you, &c."

It is above panegyric to do justice to the On the 3d and 5th of June,
excellence of Madam Mara, particularly

in the air “ I know that my Redeemer

The Mufic performed liveth ;" it was sung with the utmost ener

On this Solemnity, gy and sweetness. The King feemed par

Was seleked
ricularly pleased with her various perform-

From his own Works,
The effeèt of the choruses is not

By 'the direction of
to be deleribed, from the combination of Brownlow Earl of Exeter,
fine voices which united in them, and the

John Earl of Sandwich,
echoes of the Gothic roof, by which their

Henry Earl of Uxbridge,
sounds were prolonged. Mr. Bates played Sir Watkin Williams Wynne,
the organ with his wual brilliancy of finger.

The whole of this performance was con-

Sir Richard Jebb, Bart.
ducted in a maner to do the highest honor

And conducted by to the Conductor and the Directors to JOAH BATES, Esq whose charge the management fell, and On the Wednesday and Saturday followe at the head of whom Mr. Simpson must be ing, the peformance was repeated by complaced.

mand of their Majesties. The Oratorio ended a little before four

The following is the amount of the o'clock, when their Majesties took their receipt at each performance. departure in a very gracious manner. The Firft day in the Abbey 2,825 Guineas, Royal descendants retired from the audi, Second day, Pantheon 1,619 ence with every demonstration of politeness Third Day, Abbey - 3,049 -the youngest Princess, not accustomed Fourth day,

1,547 to such meetings, was prompted by the Fifth day,

Princess Royal to make her obeisance ; it Two Rehearsals

unfortunately happened, that the front of
the state box was nearly as high as the

11,842 Guineas. Princess's chin, so that her head was in To which we may venture to add, from visible for a time: the Princess Royal the profits arising from the sale of the could not restrain the laugh, fo much pro- books of each day's performance, 200 voked, and every lip wore a smile. guineas : so that the total amount of the His Majesty was dressed in a suit of produce will exceed 12,000 guineas.



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Foreign and Domestic Occurrences. LONDON GAZETTE INTELLIGENCE. ful subjeéts of your Majesty, and true lovers St. James's, Nay 28.

of our country's intereits, which whoever TH HE King was this day pleased to confer would divide can be a friend to neither.

the honour of Knighthood on Charles May the Almighty, from whom princes Booth, Esq. High Sheriff of the county of derive not only their authority, but their Kent.

fufficiency also for the exercise of it, proporJune 2. The King was this day pleased to tien his affiftance to the difficulties with confer the honour of Knighthood on Richard which such a fituation is encompaffed. May King, Esq. late a Commodore in his Majesty's he continue, out of his goodness to this nafleet in the East Indies.

tion, to protect and preserve you; to crown June 4. This day being the anniversary of with success your endeavours' for the public the King's Birib-day, the same was observed service, and require them with the willing at Court, where there was a very splendid and obedience of a grateful people. numerous appearance of the Nobility Foreign May your Majesty's reign over us be long Ministers, and other persons of distinction, to and happy; each fucceeding yrar being marš. complimeot bis Majesty on the occasion. The ed with the blessings of peace, and public guns in the Park and at the Tower, were fired prosperity, and with every additional circumat one o'clock; and in the evening there was Itance of domestic felicity. a bill at Court, and illuminations and other public demonftrations of joy throughout Lon

To wbicb address bis Majesiy was pleased 10 re* dou and Weftmintier.

turn the following werkt gracions answer: LONDON GAZETTE.

I THANK you for this very duriful and

affectionate address. June 12, 1784. S.. James's, June 9. THE following ad

I receive, with pleasure, your expresions dress of the archbishop, bishops, and clergy furances of your earnelt endeavours to ad

of zeal for our holy religion, and your afof the province of Canterbury, in convocation affembled, was this day presented to his Ma

vance the glory of God, and the good of

mankind, by the promotion of true christian jefty by his Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury:

piety and virtue. Moft Gracious Sovereign,

I shall ever continue to fapport, to the ut. subjects, the archbishop, bishops, and clergy, and civil rights of my people. We, your Majesty's mort dutiful and loyal most of my power, the Church of England,

as by law established, as well as the rehgious 1 of the province of Canterbury, in convoca tion assembled, beg leave to approach your royal presence with those sentiments of vene.

The King has 'been pleased to give and ration and respectful attachment, which are

grant unto Benjamin Vaughan, Esq; a capbut a juft return for your Majefty's unwearied bis infancy been constantly called Marlow,

tain in the Royal Artillery, who has from exertions for the public welfare. It is with the utmost satisfaction we em.

his royal licence and authority for confirming brace every opportunity of professing to

the said surname of Marlow to the said BenMajesty and to the world, our deep rente of jamin Vaughan, called Marlow, and that he all the blessings we enjoy under your mild

and his iflue may bear the furname and arms and auspicious goveroment: but we thould

of Marlow only, (luch arms being first duly be unmindful of our character as ministers of exemplified according to the laws of arms, the gospel, if we omitted to express our

and recorded in the Xeralds office) in comwarmeit acknowledgments for that firm fupre pliance with the petition of Benjamin Marport of our holy religion, as by law establish- !ow, of Shirley in the parish of Milbrooke ed, which your Majelty hath so much at

in the county of Southampton, Esq. Rear heart, and of which we experience the mofi je Ay's fleet, whose wife Anne, daughter of

Admiral of the White Squadron of his Ma. convincing pronts in your protection, and William Morse, of Gofport, in the county of from your example. We trust that we prize these blessings as we

Southampton, gentleman, deceased, was lifter ought; but we are sevfible that no expressions Vaughan, called Matlow, by her husband

of Hannah, mother of the said Benjamin of duty on our part will be so acceptable to. your Majesty, as the affurance of our earnest

Nercas Vaughan, late of Gotport aforesaid, endeavours, in our respective ftations, to ad

gentleman, deceased; and also to order, that vance the glory of God, and the good of this his Majesty's conceffion and declaration mankind, by the promotion of true chriftian

be registered in his Majesty's College of

Arms. piery and virtue; remembering always, that obedience to civil government must have its LONDON GAZETTE, Yune, 26. roor in the fear of God ; that it muft be pro Conftantinople, May 25. The Grand Sigpor pagated, nourished, and preserved by re has jutt issued an Imperial Edict, by which ligion.

the British merchants are exempted for the fuBy such means we shall be it approve our. ture from the Maftaria duty on all goods im. elves faithful saltors and good citizens, duri ported from their country to Confantinople,


and on such unprohibited merchandizes as they lic good, and forward the prosperity of the export from Conftantinople, to their own

ftates. country, after paying the other customs pre III. That the said Duke Mall, for the above fcribed by the Imperial Capitulations. purposes, conftantly rem un near our person,

The plague prevails in many parts of this and thall hold himself particularly obliged to city, particularly in the quarters of the arfe- accompany us in the tour which we propole to nal and harbour, though iis progress is happi. make ihortly through the various provinces, ly retarded by the coldness of the weather, towns, &c. within the diftrict of our Stadt and the Northerly winds. The accounts from holderthip. the islands are very alarming. At Smyrna the

IV. On the other hand, we solemnly do infection has increafed confiderably, and has promise and cogage, in the strongest manner, again manifefted itself at Kerron.

to indemnify and exonerate the faid Duke of Venice, June 5. The plague rages in Dal. Brunswick, in regard to all and every thing maria, particularly at Spalatro, which City, he thall or may do; as seems meet, from his confifting lately of about four thousand inha. becoming, at any time hereafter, reiponlible bitants, is alrcady nearly depopulated. The for his affisting us as aforesaid; and we here. Tuburbs however are yet free from the con by do exonerate him, being unwilling that the tagion, nor has it hitherto extended itself faid Duke should become accountable to any further in the neighbouring Inand of Brazza. one whatever but ourselves, or be deemed re

sponsible in care any accident should betal us, while the present engagement remains in

force..We allo will and infilt, that the Hague, May 31. His Moft Serene High- aforesaid Duke be, exonerated from all man. nels the Stadtholder, according to his promise, ner of respontibility, by del.vering, or cavfing has fent a missive to the fates of Holland, to be depolitid, in the office of our private and West Friezland, wherein he deplores the Secretary, the writings and inftruments that present divisions that prevail in the councils mighe then be in his hands concerning our of the nation. Complaints of the heavy gestion as hereditary Stadthold-r, &c. withcharges brought againft him, and enters into out he, the said Duke, being compellable to a minute juitification of his conduct. This give any account of the same to our hers, mifëve is accompanied with the long talked, fucceffors, or others, that may hereafter and highly complained of engagement between claim a right thereto, much lets to become his Highness and the Duke of Bronswick; it responsible, or be thereto compelled by any confifts of four articles, preceded by a pream meaos whatever. ble, wherein the attachment of the said Duke The above articles entered into provisionally, to the Prince's father is highly extolled, and all remain in full force, unless tuipended by the very last request of the late Stadtholder mutual consent. Thus agreed between us, adduced as a reason for the Duke's being re. ligned with our hand, and sealed with our quested to continue to alīAt the present one, arms, Hague, May 3, 1766. with his councils. As the said preamble is a (Signed) W. PRINCE VAN ORANGE. mere recapitulation of the services already ren

L. DUKE DE BRUNSWICK. dered to the ftates by the aforesaid Duke, and This day, May 3, 1966, the Duke of of confiderable length, we thall content our. Brunswick confirms the above agreement upon selves with laying before our readers the four oath administered to him by the Prince of articles alluded to, as conftituting the very Orange. eilence of that agreement.

(Signed) T. J. De LARREY. Art. 1. The aforementioned Duke of Brunswick doth hereby promise and engage to Exırači of a Letter from L'Orieni, June 2. aštift with his council and advice in regulating The Council of War, afirmbled in this every matter, both in tbe military and other City, have given sentence on tie affair of the departments whatever, within our direction, 12th of April, 1582. The following is the at every time, and as often as by us shall be sentence, as it was committed to the Court, required, or thought useful and necessary. on May 23.

11. That the laid Duke shall be bound to Le Ville de Paris-M. le Compte de Grasse, serve us faithfully in every affair entrusted ro acquitted unanimously. him, to aslift us with his council and advice to The Hercule--Monf. Coulis, reprimanded. the best of his abilities, and the dictates of his The Neptune-Mont. D'Alenis, ditto. conscience, for the preservation of our autho Souverain-M. de Glandeves, acquitted. rity, rights, and prerogatives, and for the Le Palmier-M. de Martellery acquitted. greater prosperity of the States, without devi. L" Northumberland-M. de Combaud, acating therefrom, through favour or dislike to quired unanimously. any particular province, town, college, or any L'Augufte-M. de Bougainville, repri. member thereof, or through any other motive manded unanimously, for having ralbly ha. of whatever nature it might be, promising to zarded his life, himself no other end than what can tend, in L'Ardent-M. de Gouzillon, suspended for the most efficacious manner, to support and three moni hs unanimously. maintain our truc intereft, promote the pub Le Scip.on-Monf. de Chavels, acquitted.


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533 506


Le Bravo---M. D'Amblimont acquitted. kinson was therefore remanded to prison ; but Le Citoyen--M. Detiry, acquitted, whether judgment will be given this term or

L'Hector-- M. de Beaumanoir, acquitted not is very uncertain. and commended unanimously. Le Cæfar -M. Lamb, ditto.

Wednesday morning June 23. At eleven Le Dauphin Royal--M. de Montperoux; o'clock came on at the Huffings, in Millo acquitted, not unanimousy.

Jane, Tooley-areer, the election of a MemLe Languedoce--M D'Aros, acquitted. ber for the Borough of Southwaik, in the Le Couronne-M. de Mitton, acquitted. room of Sir Barnard Turner, deceated. The L'Eveille--Mní. de Tilly, acquitted. cardidates were, Sir Richard Hotham, for.

Le Sceptre--llonf. Le Comte de Vaudgeuil, merly Member for Southwark, and Paul le acquitted, but not unanimoully.

Meunier, Elg; a dirrelor of the Eati - India Le Glorieux-Monf.de Troghoff, discharge Company. Unon the thew of hands, the ed and commended uranimoully.

majority aspeared in favour of Sir Richard Le Diadem--Mons. de Montecler, arquite Hotham; but the friends of Mr. le Mesurier ted unanimously.

d-manded a poll in his favour, which immeLe D itin--M. de Goimpy, ditto.

datcir commenced. L- Magnanime-M. le Bigné, acquitted, As the close of the no!! the numbers were: but ont unanimously, and that it thould be re For Sir Richard Hotham, corded in the journal to be presented to the Mr. le Melurier, Minister, that after the relief of the morn. Therday June 24 concluded the poll, when ins, he endeavoured to retreat and Ay.

the number of voiers appeared as follow : Je Pilichi-M. de Medines, acquitted For Paul Le Miofurier, Esq. 935 un rimouir.

Sir Ricard Hotham, Knt.

924 1.Conqierania-M. de la Grandisse, diten. Major ry of Mr. le Mesurier Le Magnifique---M. de Marteigne, duro,

Le Triomphan!-- M. le Ma quis de Vau LONDON GAZETTE PREFERMENTS. drevil, ditch irged, but not unanimously.

Faili 5. The King has been pleal d w e43Le Bouri nyne-M. de Charité, unani. Siruie Francis Towntend, Esq. Route Croix muntly acquit:rd and commended.

Puriuivant of Arms, to be Windfor Herald of Le Duc de Poor orne-M. d'Espinous, Arms, The room of George Harrison, Esq. yeprimanded unanimoudly.

promoted. Le Niarteilloisam ni de Calelline, acquitted St. Juryes's, 70m2 te. The King has been and anmmended unanimously.

pleased to appoint William Hanbury, Esq. to Le Poton-- M. d'Albert de Rioms, ditto.

be his Majesty's ag-me and conful in the circle All the contains of the frigates and cutters of Lower Saxony, and free cities of Bremen were acquitad unanimously."

and Lubeck.

Dublin C'2!!, June 8. Letters Patent Saturday, June 26th, Mr. Atkinson was have been palled under the Great Seal of Irebrought up to the Court of King's Broch, in land, granting the office and place of conorder to abide the determination thereof; ftable of the cattle of Callemain, in ibe when Mr. Pearcroft, on his behalf, pro. county of Kerry, to Anthony Boret, Efq. duced an affidavit sworn by Mr. Arkinion,

Caillen Heup, June 19. The Prince of which was read, and icnded to throw a Wales has beco pleased to appoint the Lord great many different lights on the fubject, and Viscount St. Alaph to be one of the gentle. to elucidate the several points on which he w 15 men of his Royal Highness's bedchainber. found guilty. He was also permilled piva St. 7.ames's, June 19. 'The King has been Jori, to go into the different statements of the pleased in grant unto William Reynolds, of account which he had with the Victualling- Livcoln's Inn, in the county of Middletes, office, explaining the transactions therrof with Eq. only fon of William Reynolds, of great accuracy and precision, which by some Chelmsford, in the county of Ellex, Esq. and means or other woje neglected, and not pro. his iffur, his Rosal licence and authority to duced at the trial. Eari Mansfield then re take and use the surname, and bear the arms capitulated the cvidence given at the trial, and of Lucas only, pursuant to the request of his compared it with thit now offered, and pointed maternal aunis, Mary and Paily Lucas, out some very material parts, that went in a daughters and coheirs of James Lucas, late great measure in clear him from the imputa- of Chelmsford, Esq. deceased, fuch arms finns he laboured under. He faid, in order being first duly exemplified according to the that fubftantial justice might be done to both laws of arms, and recorded in the Herald's parties, cither to perin ihe guilty or protect Office; and also to order, that this his Ma. the innocent, it would be ncceffáry to have jesty's concession and declaration be registered Tidavits from the Caminitioners of the Vic- in his College of Arins. tuallong.ofice (though some of them had been examined at the trial) and all papers and ar. LONDON GAZETTE PROMOTIONS. counts in their pofie von relative to this buna M'ar-office, Yuni. Regt. of Dragoon Reis, and poftpone the further confideration Guards, Lieut. Col. Richard Vyle, of the 4th thereof vill they can be produced. Mr. At. Horse, to be Lieutenant Colonel.

3d. Reg.

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