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fcribed men of war of the line and one fri ment (as I was soon informed, and read allo. gate, directly for New York, and there to put the next moruing in the Morning Chronicle himself under the command of Vice Admiral of the 18th of November, 1781), it was alArbuthnut. The latter part of this order was, sested by Lurd Denbigh, that “ Rear Admi. perhaps, in contequence of the lquadron have “ nel Graves bad received repeated advices ing been reduced a full fourth, that is, troin “ from Sir George Rodney in May, July, and eigbe to fix thips of the Inc; and perhaps upon duguji lajk, of an iniended French naval ex.. on a koowitedge of the French írom Breit hava pedicion io ebé Cb fupiak, wob a recommening so much the ltare, that it was moraliy cer. “ 'dation to collect his wbole firengib, and meet tain our ships could not overtake ineira. Be " Sır Samuel Hord off the Capes of Virginis ; this as it may, the Acar Admiral put to tea o ibai Sir Samuel proccodech ibora in due time, on the 17th of May at 8 o'clock in the even. dij patched immediateix a frigate 10 Admirali ing, alter suolet, with a spiet of wind that just Graces to let bina know bis arrival, waited rended it practicable, which foon becoming “ afterwards nine days for bis coming, and, fool, he beas against it for these days, iudiead" being aben out of patience, made fail with bis of seturning into port, as muti of the ica otti

own jquadron for New York, looking by the cers imagined he would have done, and at way into ebe. Chejupeak and Delaware, length, by perseverance, he cleared the chan " where be could fez neizber friend nor foe; nel. Asier this he just no other time upon “ bas be found Admiral Graves at Sandy his paffage chan in fhifting the prisoners of a Hook, noi ceien preparing on ftir: and-tbus de large French Eat Indiaman (which he acci.- " luft

, when she Admiral moved from bence dentally fell upon in his very route and cap " towards obe Cbefuperk, be left four Mips of tured, and, the moment The became a delay force behind bim." To this, the common to the iquadion, left to the care of his fri. report made his Lordship add," the Admiral gate ;) and arrived on the 13th of July at “ bod obe like information and instructions from Sandy Hook with his bx men of war of the “ sbe Admiralty, but tbar be bad equally dijo linc, having accomplished the voyage in eight “ regarded obem." No such atertions were weeks to a day; and made a quicker progress hazarded in the House of Commons: although, than any other squadron had ever done, or e on the St. Euftarius day, Sir George Rodney ven than any single thip of war during the dated the merit of his own proceedings in the Rear Admiral's fubfequent day of sixteen West Indies, and the advices which he had mootbs in North America, excepting only feat to the commander in chiel by sea at New the Lively brig. The French Squadron which York, and ipoke in the highest ierms of Sir had failed from Brest on the 2d of May, at Samuel Hood. Bụt in the laft lercer from Sir five in the morning, and had no channel to Henry Clinton, dared the 13th of November, pass, and contitled of no more than eigbt thips he writes, Hadis been polkible for ebe piece

. 10

. of the line with one frigate, got to the Amc bave failed ar be sime it was forf imagined rican coatt but the same day, or one day car " Ibey would bawe buen able to do, I bave not lier : and Mr. Digby, with but three ships of sbe leafs doube sbat Lord Cornwallis would the line and a frigate, has been lively nine “ bave bon relieved by sbe joint exertions of the wecks and four days in going, as Mr. Graves,“ navy and as my, and I therefore cannot Juffin did, from Plymouth Sound to Sandy Hook ;, "cierily lament ibal ebey could not bave been although the former went at an instant equal. “ made sooner ;" which refers plainly to that ly pressing, and writes to the board*, that he General's letter to Lord Cornwallís, of the loft not a moment's time on the way, and fell 24th of September, informing his Lordship, in with noihing.

"'ibal she relief would rail the 5tb of Oce Having said thus much, which I trust is. u gober." enough, opon such an incident in a prior pes, Now, Sir, as the Admiral, whilst in North riod, I thall now go to what I undertook, a, Admerica, could oot be apprized of what faithful though concise relation of Rear Ads might be alledged bere; and, by being ordered miral Graves's procredings in North Ameri.. from sheace in Jamaica, is ftill farther reca, alter the command there had fallen upon moved from any intercourse with this counhim, and previous to his failing to look out ?, I think it my duty to lay before the pub. for Mr. De Gralle ; to the end that his unu, lic so much of his proced.ngs, relative to sual vigilance and providence may become these charges, as will ibew the likele ground known, in opposition to the confident charge there is for them. of the direct contrary, made against him in The first of Sir George Rodney's advices thc House of Lords by a noble Earl, with the was this. particulars of whosc rath assertions I Thall “ Sandwich, S.. Limfadies, 3d Muy, 1781. therefore begin, as being the sole cause of my divulging the least circumstancé, or even one “ A very considerable French squadran fyllable, that passed either at home or abroad " having arrived at Martinique from Europe, during this unlucky period.

“ on the 29th of last month, I think it my dul'pon the firat day of this session of parlia " ty to give you information thereof, ehat you


* Suc London Gazette, 616 November, 1781.

See London Camelis, December 16, 1785,



“ may be uson your guard thould they visit

On the very day of the command being thes " the coails of America, in which cate 1 thail devolved upon Mr. Graves, he sent the fol“ lend you every alitiance in my power. lowing letter to Sir George Rodney at the " I have the honour to be, &c. Leeward Illands.

“ G. B. RODNEY." It was addressed to Vice Admiral Aibuthnot,

London, a: Sandy Hosk, 28 July 1781. dont by the Garland, Captain Chamberlayne, and arrived (as I am informed) a New York

“ I have the honour to forward to you by the igih of June.

• Lieutenant Delanoe, in the citive brig, i By a letter from the Admiralty, dated the

• his Excellency General Clinton's mefsen5th of April, Mr. Arbuthnot had been in ger, also my dispatch, containing the lareit formed, that by their advices " she squadron

intelligence obtained here, as well as that od of jhops, which bad been so long preparing at

from Europe. The importance of that ob" Bict, Suid to be deftined 10 America:'( by

tained here, which was taken from an in. " which was meant tbe Lerward Winds as

" tercepted pott, will thew you the apprehen. " well as ibe Continent, was eapeered so fail

" tions of a considerable force espeated from " tbc 22d, and it was apprebended did fuit sbe

" the French commander in chief in the West " 241b u'tito. Tois squadron was commanded

Indies, in concert with whom Monf. De " by Monj. De Grafie, and said to confijt of 26

" Barras seems to act; and will dernontirate

« how much the fate of this country must " jaips of the line, but the was intelligence " that 6 of rbon were to be decacbrd so obe Eati

“ depend upon the early intelligence and deIndies, and that obe remainder were to go 10

" tachments which may be sent by you hi. “ sbe Leeward !Aunds or Rbude mand, mol

“ther upon the firtt movement of the e. "probabig ro obe former, though an account of

nemy. ibat day (obe son of April) exprzy And my command as collected as possible, and so

“ I ihall certainly keep the squadron under four were to go 10 North America indibe re"maining 16 10 Martinique. The number of

“ placed as to secure a retreat to New York

" where our ft and mutt be made ; and will of troops said to be embarquiad avere from 7 10 “ 12000 mer, and that a part of them wis to

“ keep cruizers to the southward. go to obe kafi Indies; but of ibeje obere were

“ The French have the addision of a fifty. certain or diftinct accuunis.' very


“ four gun thip. We are weaker by the abby another letter of the 4th of May from the

“ fence of the Royal Oak, now at Halifax Admiraliy, which canse by the pacquet in the

“ heaving down; in lieu of which the Ilar

" wick has arrived fickly, and is not yet fit month of June, the fame Vice Admiral was

16 for service. indructed tar by the board's intelligence

" I have the honour to be, &c. yourg Laurus wali reprn, in about ten days diafier ibe 2nd of April, in a French frigare

“ THO. GRAVES.” prown Breit. No more force of any kind would Lieutenant Delmoe was injoined by his or

pion trance. Nov. De Grafli was cere ders to proceed without a moment's loss of " Adriv gone zo Martinique, and would not go time, and to make the best of his way back

19 No:ro-merien sill Juiv or perbaps tis with whatever ditpatches he might be charg-,

sut. The exams and praw ports intended for ed, taking care not to be spoken 10 by any "krode lord, harving been deprived of the thing on his paffage. And by a letter to Lord

contry of the Sagiliaire, bundgane 6o Murii- Sandwich of the 5th of July, conveyed by the "!nique witb Vich. Di Graje, from whence Roebuck, the Rear Admiral communicated the * Bbcy Terlinda probabiv jan in tay with a par! same information, and observed witball, " of his fees, about bent or tw:193 ships of the sbat ibe intelligence obtained in that country,

be rest of M!onj. De Grades fices " confirming ibe connection as well as dipendence " wou'd immun sbe meribsamen ready for Ex. of Morif. de Barras upon sbe Frenib idmi al " rope in Pudly or sugad."

" al Martinique, made is very much lo be apo l'pon the ed on July Mr. Arbuthnot turned prebended that something material would be over his elect to Rear Admiral Graves, the “ 'attempted wben ebe burricane Jeajon should Vice Admiral having for fore rime riceived " make it neceffary for pects to quit ibe Weft Inpermilhon to reiurn home, and directions in dies ; so that our prefervation musl turn upe that event to leave the command to the Rear "ibe Luccour we mig receive." He apprized idmiral, or, if he was gone to the West In his Lordship of the true state of the North Ades (although the latter had do orders for

go. mcrican squadron, and gave his own opinion ing there), with ihe senior olhcer upon the itz of the kind of thips beit calculated for that ?:on; anu on the 5th the Vice Admiral actual. Aation. And in a subsequent letter of the is exparted for England in the Roebuck, leav. 20th of July he transmitred to his Lordihip ing behind him for the defence of North A. another accurate Aate of his thips, defcribed merica fern ships of the line*,

the fort of war which he proposed to carry on, until therc should arrive force fuificient to en

able him to act more vigorously, pointed out Redird


the inconveniencies and wants which his Ma74 Europe

jesty's fleet had to fruggle with, and what he Revue Oak

Corkcived would be the best remedies, in that


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a London 98 guns.


region ; representing witball what had patlid ticularly the Prince William maftship, which between him and the Generals relative to those bad been dying in the bay of Fundy fix or leobjects, being extremely desirous of their aci ven months in expectation of convoy : for the ing in perfect concert.

yard at New York was extremely dcticient in On the 19th of July came advice from the all kinds of naval furniture, without cordage, Admiralty, dared the 22d of May (addreffed ngging, tiores, or provifions, every thing to Vice Admiral Arbuthnot), by the Hornet having been bought for a long tiine part is floop of war, " of large jupplies of money, New York ileil. The Solebury was stacioord " shehing, and willwyflores, preplning to be from the Neverfunk in Cape Muy, and the " jent by young Laurens for the wfe of obe Robud media, Ricbmond and Iris off the Delaware,

in Noribmerica, who would in all with orders to look out for the Frenci dere probabilly fuil from France, befme obe end from the Weft Indies: the Charon, Guadise of June, with a number of meribanimen, un loupe and Bonilla wrse in thc Chesapeak: the “ der eb: convoy of one ibip of ibe tine, another So.me failed (the 28ih of July) with orders to " armed en flute, and two jout frigates; sha call at Cherapeak and thence poceed to Chai:bne was every reason to believe is one of the letown, where were the Curv. fore and Corm. " most important juppines ibe French bud ccer rant; all of which being coppered had direc:

jent so ibe Rebili; ibat ibere was n doubt tions to cruize alternately from a fortnight to " ibis ficet was of the utmost importance, and three weeks to look out for the enemy then exe “ confidered by ice Rebels ibem:lves as furnish. peeted ; one of them to go out every week, one

inz Ebem with ibe only pabible vivans of car: to liay on her ftation, and one to return into

rying on ibe war, ibe capture of wbich port, to the there might be a rotation of in. « could be decisive of the fi ali of simerica, and telligence kept up by them, exclusive of what * of be war; ani ibeir lordibuips. hgnified ibeir might be carried to and from the Chesapeak directions to ibe Admiral io cauje a good lusk by the general runners. To quicken the in. " vui for obe ships and refieis baving obe said tercourse with the squadron, each station had

supplies on hoard, bue left is so biš noun jutg- orders to bend duplicates of their dispatches; « meni to determine uponibe molt likely places to one part to br forwarded to the commander by " fiaiion cruizers for she purpose of intercepting tea at New York, whild the other proceeded " them." In obedience io ihele intiruétions inmediately in quest of the squadron, accord. Rear Admiral Graves, then lying without ing to a rendezvous depofited for that purpose the bar at Sandy Hook, failed to 1oon as the abward the guardibip at the Hook. And wind permited, which was the zitt, with fix Commodore Arlleck, who was left in the thips of the line, ordering the Adamant of 50 command of the por:, bad inftruétions from guns, that only wanted water, to get supplied, the Admiral to tend to the southern Stations, come over the bar, and follow him; which all neceffary information and intelligence fos The did, and reached bim by the next day at the guidance of cruizers. In a word, evers fea : and the Royal Oak coming from Halifax regulation for intercourse and expedition that joined near St. George's Bank, on the 28th of could be devised, was mad; and the most July. The probability of a rencontre with cogent exhortations fo diligence and attentioa the Rhode Illand feet, then called eight !hips were given throughout the various stations. of the line, made this assembly of the whole On the 27th of Joly (whilft the Admiral New York squadron very desircablc.

was at fea) arrived Sir George Rodney's jocond The Admiral, before he failed, had Arengthe difpatch by the Swalio: floop, of which I ened the cruizers both of the Delaware and to could get from Sir Grorgi* no other thau the the northward. The Ajurance, rlmpbimite folowing general minuie. and Monk were appointed to Bollon Bay; and

« Sandto the convoy for Canada he had added the Warwick of so guns, knowing that the French had a ship of that force and four fri. * In corsequence of wha: fell in sb: House of gates at Bofton, and that they were very much Lordi obe jame najbt, I asked him (s we were upon the warch to in'crcepe all convors from dividing in bellouse of Commons for the delle Europe for Halifax and Quebec; but the Ware and palisivudors cuf bis ibree si patibossa North wick was to return to loon as they got above dmerica, suben, will gueul frankness and pop the range of privarcers, which is generally a. litenejs, be so.'d mi,“

i should have copes of bout the Ille du Bic. This convoy in particu o ibam, for be abouybe I bad a right to ibem;" lar was very impa rrant, for it confilied of selling me withai, thebe djpatch of the German recruits, exchanged prisoners, con .74h of July, auns sbe midi material of all." valescents, fores, and clothing under the care The next day' be give me a running minute of of General Reidcsell, being the whole provi- tbem; but on my reminding bim of bus promise of fion for the army which government had leat copies, be alived me be would bave jucb muda out the preceding year for Canada, and for and sexi lo me. After wuiting jeveral days, ! which General Haldiman had been very press calied rouice al bis boule for ibi purpose; ord, fing. It failed the 26th of July; and the mos finding bin at home, I wonte 'swa or ibice King's thips were directed by the Admiral, notes to refresh his memory; bus from ibe buring when they came back from Halifax, to bring (I supposé) of business, he omitted to send me any whatever mast and forelhips were ready ; par copiei. Borvever, tve St. Euiarius affair


« Sandwich, Carlif: Bay, July 7, 1793. * for North America, I have dispatched his

* Acquanting Vice Admiral Arbustinot, " Majesty's Sloop Swallow to acquaint yoa * that the French fleet, onder De Grafie, "therewith, and to inform you that I thai! “ had quitred Martinique with the trade of “ keer as goud a look-out as posible on their " that Diland, and were uodisubtedly go to motion, by which iny own thuil te regu “ Cape Francois; that in all probability they

* Jared. “ would afterwards proceed to the Cherapeak; “ In case of my sending a squadron 10 A" therefore recoinmending it to him to join),

"merica, I thali order it to make to the " with all his furce, the iquadron I thould “ Capes of Virginia, and proceed along the “ bring or fend to his aflaaiu e off the Capes “ coail to the Capes of the Dulaware, and “ of Virginia, Ilarioning frigates to ivok out from thrie to Sandy Hook ; unless the “ for that purpose, and to give my iqaadron “ stelligence it may receive from you thould “ the neceffary information relative lo atairs " aduce in to aétoriservire. « in America." .

You vrill be plealed to order cruizers to

"Book out ott the fint mentioned Capes, The literal contents I now know to harc been these :

giving them order to huift, &c. (Sgnals

" for kroning ralli oiher). u Sandsuicb, Barbados, J'y 7, 1781. “ The Demy's squadron destined for Ame. "SIR

« rica will tal, I am informed, in a thorë “ As the enemy has at this time a fet of " time; but whether they call ork at Cape " twenty-eight tail of the line in Martinique, • Francois I cannot learn: however, you a part of which is reporred to be destined may depend upon the squadron in America

" being reinforced, should the eneiny bend

" then force that way. broug be bim so ibe bzue; suban be fiated bis " I have the honour to be, jeveral advices, and appeared to bare Iran.

* with great regard, Sii, feripts of them: I appred so bim, as we were

" Your most obedient rising, for oboje transcripts; and he tben, after

« humble Servani, turning over all bis papers three or four times,

“ Gro. Bridges Rodney." drew out several, and gave iben to me.

I did To the Commander in Chief of bois not at iba: time 120k into the contents, but did ja Mai fiy's lips, &c. &c. the next morning, when I found ebe dispatch of North America. the yeb of July to be on's milling : wbercupon 1 Dy comparing the minute with the letter arole directly to Sir George to mention ebe omij- every body may perceive that the farmer fion, and pray it migbt be ruppired. In answer, makes Sir Georze say " the French teet had

be jeni a ve y genteel nose i December 32) Juying, “ 9112ed Martinique, were undoubtedly gone “ 'The copy of bis letter of the gub of July was io Cape Francois, and in all probability “ in bis letter-book left ne Plymoutb, but a copy " would proceed to ibe Chesapeak; and be was,

be believed, jene in obe Admirally." " therefore recommended 10 the Commander in Upon ebis I wrote 80 Mr. Stephens, to briga i « North America in join witb all bis force the transcript, allwing bom, if I bad it from liv, " quadron be thould bring or fend off ibe Caps I would not prin it. lbid ni anlawer; bil, or " of Virginia :wbereas Sir George in fut meeting sim ten days afterwards, be told me be only wnies that " as a part of the French bad made a diligent rummage among


pa " fleet at Martinique is reported to be defined per's at ibe Admiralty, and is coidid noe be foired. " for North America, be bimself should keep a Sojoon as I beard of Sir Grorge getting is Piv. “ gond lonk-out on their mosions ; that in care meub, I wrote again to ensrealibe fronur of a " of bis sending a squadron 10 Ainevica be thould cope of ibis let:er of sbe ish of Yuly from bis i orda it to make ibe Capes of Virginia ; and deiirr-book: I have bud no anivas'. Being ... " thorofo:e difired croizers wgbi be ordered 14 ware of his multiphcity of buindi, I wrote at " look out for it of the Capes: (adding) but obe jame time to a friena there to wait upon Sir obe enemy's squadron destined for simerica George and bis Secretary for obe purpose: 1be woulut 1:1, he was informed, in a fhois time, laster (Mr. Pagrii, upon being applied to, kuid « but whether they would call off at Cape be could look out obe copy, if ibere was one, * Francois he could not learn; bowever, ibe and jend a transcript the nexi morning ; but this gr.zdraw in America might depend upon be2:9: bring done, yay friend went to Sir George "ing reinforced, mould obe enemy bind ibeir bim elf, a: ibe Commotioner's boul, December * forrethai war." 21, avbr received bim avilla bus wwal politenfi, This great variance of the minule from its milured home of bis guod intentions torvards, and original, i he decided pofiteveness of the one bis great defire so lerve, Admiral Gravri, whose as to rime and place to irreconcileable, ia both charaltor be well know cvas moli unjuftly injur: thote refpeéts, with the provisionalness, indeed; and, aftor pallin je veral bigb encomiuis terminateness, and uncertainty of the orber, upor: him, soldibe gentleman ibar if any copy of will induce the reader, I have no doubt, to this letter was in bis pol slion, be would cer. lament along with me that Sir George should Sainly find it to him wben be abrard: but no not be able to get at his letter book when he copy has been seeni, and Sir George is jailed for favoured me with the minute ; more especially Ib? Wej? Indies

as Mr. Stephens too, after the most diligent


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rummage among the Admiralry papers, could having opened during the late cruize so as to not find his duplicate: this difparch being, as endanger i heir falling. The Europe, that had Sir George himself very truly faid, the most a wooden bortom, was brought close into the material of all.

thore, ligbrened and heeled as much as poro The Commodore, having opened and read fible, in order to mend her sheathing and stop its contents, ordered Captain Wells to fea a. her leaks. Bur the Chalbam of so guns, so gain in quest of the Admiral with the subse- soon as the could be revievalied, and made quent leiter.

ready, was fent to cruize from Cape Sable as

far as Cape Aon for any thips that might be Iris, off New York, July 2816, 1781. « SIR,

coming for the rebels from Europe; on which

fiation the captured la Magicienne a French “ His Majesty's Noop Swallow, arriving

frigate. “ with the difraiches I herewith inclose, I « send them forward immediately with the Captain Ford, which the Admiral was ac

On the 28th of August arrived the Nympbe Dipaicb brig to accompany her; and I am

Denyzes (the Norrows) on Long Inland, in “ to add that, by letters from merchants at « Cape Francois, we learn thaMunt. de Clinton) upon the movement of Walhington's

consultation with the General (Sir Henry “ Graffe and his feet were daily expected army acrois the North River; and ju# as he o there on the 4th inftant.

bad received intelligence of the whole French “ The Warwick failed two days ago with liquadron under M. De Barras having failed! or the Halifax convoy. The Imphierile and

from Rhode Iand the Saturday before, that « General Monk failed at the lame time. • The Savage is gone this morning. The Hopping, proceeded directly over the bar for

is, the 25th inftant. The Nympbe, without' Hornet wich ihe pacquet will fail to.mor.

New York, but the Captain, fo food as the " I have sent Sir George Rodney's private haftening to the Admiral, delivered Sir Sa.

came to the Narrows, put off in his boat, and « signal to the senior officers off the Cherao peak and Charleliown, for the guidance of mucl

. Hood's difpafch, at the same time faya their cruizers, as well as given them to all ing“ zbere is Sir Samuel bimself now come to

an ancbor without sbe bar," pointing to the « within my reach.

« I am, &c.

whole Leeward Itland squadrov full in view.

The Admiral had seen it before he had left " EDMUND AFFLECK."

his own ship, and had therefore given orders 6 Rear Admiral Graves, &c. &c."

for buoying the bar and for the attendance of A privateer coming within light of Capcain pilots, &c. that if the Commander should find Wells, he pursued and rouk her with spirit; it neceffary to come within he might have but, meeting afterwards with three privateers, the speedieft means of fo doing; and had lelt he was conftrained to run his floop alhore upon directions also to acquaint him tbat five fail Long Ifand, and, that his dispatches might of the line were lying there fit for fea. The not fall into the enemy's hands, to fink them Nymphe, although detached express, thç fleeto without opening.

en failer of the whole Leeward 11and squaUpon the 17th of Asgut came in the Am- dron, and commanded by a very alert officer, pbion and two armed fhips, with twenty-three did noc precede their arrival two hours. The transports, bringing German troops from Bre letter, however, which Captain Ford was merleke, of which no previous notice had charged with, ran thus. been sent from Europe either by the Hornet or

Barfleur, ai Sea off Cape Henry, 25th Auge any other conveyance ; so that this convoy,


1781. as well as that for Canada, probably owed tbeir fafety to the New York squadron being “ Herewith you will receive a duplicate at sea, for the enemy's at Rhode Illand was " of the letrer i had the honour to write you lying in wait, and ready to strike, whenever « by Lieut Delanoe of the Attive brig, lett any fuch occurrence should afford an oppor any misfortune might have befallen her in tunity.

“ returning to you. I am trow Reering for The Admiral did not return from his cruize “ Cape Henry in order to examine the Cheuntil the 16th, when he directly pafled the « fapeak; from thence I thall proceed to the bar with his squadron to refic with the utmost « Capes of the Delaware ; and not seeing or expedition; and on the 17th the Robuft began “ hearing any thing of De Graffe, or any des to get her guns out. She and the Prudent “ tachment of thips he might have frnc opon were ordered to the yard in the East River ; " this coxít, fhall then make the best of my the former (having many complaints in her “ way off Sandy Hook ; where I thall be botcom, being extremely leaky, and not cop. “ permitted to anchor, or not, as may appear pered) to be taken to the wharf, stripped and “ mott defireable to you. Annexed is my caulked, and her bottom thoroughly examin. “ line of battle, by which you will see the ed, to render her capable, if posible, of going number and force of his Majefty's squadron to Halifax to be hoven down, and the latter " under my command. to get in new lower malls, those which the

“ I have the honour to be, Sir, &c. bad being unserviccable and unsafe, their

“ SAM. HOOD. wounds in the action of the 16th of March « Rear Admira: Graves." VOL. VI. Jan. 1784,



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