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Fleet. India Election and Intelligente. " SIR, Hero, at Madras, Sepi. 1, 1783. A report prevails at Madras, of the Cato m17 " THE approbation of my country, tigni- of war, Adiniral Parker, which was fupporod fied to me in your letter of the 12th of De to have been lost, being lase at the Bralils; atcember, 178.., hath impressed me with the ter parring company with the Hound floop, deepelt rente of gr titude and respect; and I of the Cape, the mer with to very feverez thall ever regard it'as the most sortunate peo gale of wind, that the was obliged to bear 2riod of my lite, that my endeavours to do my way for Rio Janeio to refr. duty in the service of my king and country in the East Indies on the 57th of February, London, Tburday, Jan. 15:b. Yesterday and 12th of April 1782, have been deemed à Court of Proprietors of Eart lodia fiock was worthy of such public and recorded refiimony held at their Hubsc in Leadenhall-street, tur as the Thanks of the lionourable House of the election by ballot of three Directors, in Commons,

rile room or Sir William James, Bart. de“ Permit me, Sir, to make my acknow- cealed, and Sir Henry Fleicher, Bart. and ledgment to you, for the very obliging man. Jacob Wilkinton, Elq; religned; when the ner in which have been plcated to communi billot closed at lix o'clock, and about nine the cate the sense of the House to me.

Scrutineers reported, that John Woodhouse, “ I have she honour to be,

Richard Arkinson, and George Johnstone, “ With the greatest respect,

Etqrs. had the majority of vores. “ Sir, your molt bedient, and

The numbers Hood as follow; For “ Mut humble Servant,

Com. Jobrllone 391-opposed by Mr. Grant 254 " R. KING."

Jiajurity527. The Rigbe Ilon. C. W. Cornwall,

Mr. Arkinjon 373

Mr. Patale 26: Speaker of ibe House of Commons.


Mr. Woodhouse 45? Mr. Macaulay 161 London, Tuefilay, January 131b. At one

Majority296. o'clock the letters brought home by the Me. This morning a Court was held, for the dea frigate, from India, were delivered out purpose of swearing the new Directors in with from the Port Olhce in Lombard-firect : thev the usual form, and they took their fears acwere so uncommonly numerous as to require cordingly. two extraordinary distributors. The latest are brought down to the 16th of September,

India Intelligence. and are dated from Madras.

At that time In addition to the Loudon Gazette intellia the squadron uider Sir Edward Hughes were gence we are favoured with the following acat mooring in the Road, and several of the count from a Proprietor of India Stock, who Thips preparing to return bome, as according fat in Committee at the India House till pait to the orders brought out by the Crocodile fri- twelve on Saturday night the roth of Jan. to gde they were to come home in two divilious, perute the dispatches from Madras.-The conove of which was to fail the 16th of October, quelt of Bedrore, Onore, and Mangalore, drew and the other on or about the i2th of January Tippou Saib from the Carnatic at a mol crie following:

tical moment, a few days only before the arriThe first divifion, which was preparing 10 val of the Marquis de Bully, wish 2500 regufait on the 16th of October, contitled of the lars at Cuddalore, and though they lament following thips, which were particularly or the capture of the gallant oihicer at Bednore, dered by the Admiral for England, they be yet they dwell upon his former exploits with ing fuch as were in the worst lituation.

great generosity and pleafure. li jhould ape Superbe 74 Eagle

fear by these letters, that General Matthews Hero 74 Monmouth


had carnestly preffed for rein!orcements, and Monarca

Haied the infatticiency of his force to preserve Burford 7o Jono

his extenlive and important conquests. The

32 Excier 64 Scáhorfe

neus of the peace arrived at Madras on the

27th of June. Accounts were immediately Commodore Bickerton will come home, it fent to Mr. de Buffy and Sufren at Cuddalore, is expreted, with the above, Sir Edward and a cellation of hoftilities agreed upon. Letlughes remaining of account of Adiniral

were fout to Tippoo Saib, inviting him Parker's non-arrival some time tonger, to fee to accede to the pacification, and orders (@ the matters with the French relating to Pon

the French troops to quit his ftandard. His dicherry, &c.

answer expreffed a wish for peace, and he had The division to fail in January conífis of deputed two Minitters to Fort St. George to the follotving men of war.

treat with our government. Lord Macartney Gibraltar 8o Worcefter

wrote to him on the iSi ti of August, propola Defence 74 San Carlos

5? ing an immediate ceffation of hoftilities. To 74 La Sartine

This no aniwer could be received when the Scepere 64 Combustion 16

Medea cailed from Madras; but the Select Magnanime 64

Committee congratulate the Company on the The other men op war are to remain in In

Maliratta peace, and their having now only dia.

Tiproo Seib to oppose, who frukt now be com


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to rea.

Tippoo Saib

Saib. Gazette de France. 19 pelled to accepe of reasonable terms of accom Portuguese, and French in his service : the modation, as we had three ftrong armies rea the latter amount to near goo men, and, lince dy to enter different parts of his dominions, if our treaty with France for a cetration of hor. he refused to listen to equitable terms. The cilities, are laid to have d lerted to the Malalt accounts from Bengal are dated the 6th of rattah Chief: his army is well appointed, Augus: all was peace and tranquillicy there, and more formidable than that of his father and not an enemy in the Carnatic, the Nosé Hyder Ally-General Stuart has made chern Circars or the Tanjore Country. The princely fortune, and our gallant Admiral lalesi intelligence from Madras is the 8th of has invested property for Europe to the aSepte.nber.

mount of near 100,000l." Notwith lianding the above favourable account of General Matthews, the money taken at Bednore, if it was 100t again retaken by

Twojday, Jan. 6, 1784. Tipoo Saib, will certainly occasion an quiry into his conduct. And aliiouzh peace

Paris, 6th of Jan, 1784. may be by this time fully fertled with most of

The veffel arrived at Brest from the Ille of our opponents in India, yet the grand point of France, bas not brought any official dita putting an end to the oppreffions exercited by patches from India, but only fome private che Company's servants on the petty Idian letters, which came to the lile of France bePrinces, which has lo long diigraced the 'fore her departure, and which contain the fole, En lith name in that country, reinains uare

low ng particulars. formeu.

The Builli de Suffrco*, after having land

ed the Marquis de Bully and the King's London, Jan. 2146. troops at Porto Novo, returned to TrincaThe Pondicherry, from St. Helena, is ar.

male to refit. rived at Porulmouth; the brings nothing new,

In tbe beginning of June he was ready to put having only duplicates of the ditpatches brought by the Medca man of war. 'The

The reconnoitring frigates having brought Quren, froin St. Helena, may be daily ex

him intelligence, that the English tleef, con. pected, as the was to fail two days after the fitting of eighteen large ships, tire frigates, Pondicherry.

and several armed thips of the Company, were It is unquestionably certain, that the first at anchor between Porto Novo aid Goudeintelligence of the peace, conclud:d betwern lourt, he fet tail the rwilfit of June to give England and France, was fenc out to Madras them batile, although his force was inferior; on the 26th of January la:t, by Mr. Wraz.

the King's Heet, at that time, confifting only all, Member of Parliament for Hindon. The of firteen thips, of which five were of 14 private letter from that gentleman contained guns, eight of 64, one of 59, together with The Royal Gazette of the 24th of January, ia

Three frigates, and one fire ihip. which were the Preliminaries of Peace. The Marquis de Buffy, on his arrival on This account arrived at Madras on the 24th the coat of Coromandel, (having found that of June, several weeks before the English Typo-Saib had pated the mountains with a Admirals or the Government of Fort St.

detachment of French troops, in order to proGeorge received any intelligence of the Pre- ceed to the defence of the western part of his liminaries being tigned. Mr. Wraxall's let- dominions,) encamped under Goudelour. ter came at a very critical joncture, just in On ebe i zıb of June. The Englith army rime to prevent the French Commander from from Madras came to attack him there. The attacking our forces before Cuddalore, where, action was very violent; the Marquis de Bul. from the vast fuperiority of Bully, we had iy repulled the enemy, who Tuttered greatly;. every thing to dread.

in the French army about 430 men Lord Macartney and Sir Edward Hughes, killed or wounded. intiantly fent off to the French Commanders On the 1986 in ebe evening, the Bailli de by fea and land, to acquaint them with this Suf'ren anchored at Tranquebar, and paffed news, on receipt of which they agreed imme- : the night in corresponding with the Marquis diately to a cellation of farther nottilitis. de Builu, who informed him of the action of The service rendered to this country by Mr. the preceding day; and as the King's army Wraxall's letter and account of the peace, is

had nothing to fear from that of the Englith, therefore almost ineitimable.

the Marquis de Buffy gave the Bailli de SufThe following paßiages are taken from an

fren 1200 foldiers to reinforce his fees. authentic letter, from an officer in our service On obe 15tb the vessels sent to reconnoitre at Madras, which arrived by the last pacquet reported that leveral thips of the enemy's fleet from India :-" Tippoo Saib is far froin the character he had been represented to us ; instead of being a friend to peace, he has proved

* In our dispaicbes this officer's name is always himlelf a reitless, treacherous, inhuman ty. Spele Sufficin, but ib. French, who cerluiniy rant. He is entirely influenced by French knoev his name bellor, poil is suffien. politics, and has four battalions of Dutch,

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were under fail. The Bailli de Suftien in.

Tb: 21f the King's feet anchored before ftantly made the ligoal for failing. This Pondicherry, the thips Toffered but little in manoeuvre determined the Englisb to do the the engagement; some of them have lottrop rame, ard with such precipitation, that many maits and fails. The damage the enemy's of their thips cut their cables, and went into Aleer suffered is Dot known; but is thought to the open sca. The King's fleet continued its be considerable, fince eighteen ships of a fuperoute in hugging the coatt. The two fleets rior rate, retired before our fifteen rail. observed each other until the 17th, and exe The 22d, the Bailli de Suffren failed from cuted different maneuvres, the English exert Pondicherry. ing their efforts to preserve the weather gage, The 2 3d, he anchored 11 Goudelour; he por and the Bailli de Suffren neglecting nothing ashore there the 1290 men to the Marquis de to gain it from them.

Bully, and landed 2400 men from the thips The 1816 and 1916 he offered the enemy. to join the army, who were to undertake a battle, who declined it.

particular enterprize. Bui obe 2016 the Bailli de Suffren having On the 30th, an English frigate dispatched succeeded in gaining the wind, he forced them from Madras with a flag of truce, anchored at to an action. The battle began at half paint Goudélour, where the announced to the Marfour in the afternoon, and was very brisk bn quis de Buffy and to the Bailli de Suffren, both sides ; (everal of the Eoglinh thips were that preliminaries of peace were ligned in En obliged to bear away ; night put an end to the rope; in consequence of which all hoftilities combat ; the enemy made sail for Madras, to ceased on the gth of July. which they retreated.

Plan of the Naval Engagement off the Chesapeak, on the 5th of

September 1781, between Rear Admiral Thomas Graves, and the

Comte de Gralle. The Reader will obferve at the first glance that the Plan is wry full and partie

fular; the English Fleet being shown in five different Pofitions, and the French in three, accompanied with the necesary Expla ations ; also the Signals and Remarks made on board the London, Almiral Graves's own ship; and a com

parative State of the Strength of both Ficets. Ibs following Vindication of Rear Admiral the time of the Rear Admiral's failing for

Graves was written wbile tbe idmiral was North America, or the instructions wh ch he abroad by bis Brother William Graves, Efq; went out with. at that time Member: for East Love in Corn The fact was this. On the 20th of March, wall; ard besides mach interesting informa. 1780, Rear Admiral Graves had notice of a tion, contains a

Paricex of PUBLIC command, and shortly afterwards orders to DISPATCHES and STATE PA get right certain thips of the line at Spice PERS.

head ready for sea. By the 8th of April SIR,

they were completed to St. Hellens. Several (Y reason for troubling you with this accidents happening to fome of these thips af

letter is what has been both publicly terwards, he got to Plymouth with a part onand privately propagated, with much indoi: ly on the roth; when, not having the numtry, to the disadvantage of a very near rela ber with him fecified by the Admiralty, he tion, who whilf serving abroad must be en could not fail on the rith with Commodore tirely ignorant of what is said at home.

Walfingham, who then put to sea from that Bu, belore I enter upon the principal sub- port. Mr. Graves's iquadron was at length jest of this letter, I find myself drawn to the reduced by order of the board from eight to fix mention of a particular that in point of time thips of the line; and, for the protection of happened long before the transactions of which the convoy under the Commodore, which had I promised to give you some account: I mean returned from apprehenfions of an enemy's what follows:

fleer at the mouth of the channel, the Rear On the last day before the recess of the Admiral was crdered to wait for and attend it House of Commons, according to the newie tu a certain latitude. This prevented his fail. papers, Admiral Keppel said, “ se bad ever ing when he would otherwise have done so, ac been of apinion, ebar if a proper use had been and much mischief happened to some of his “ made of the force inder Admiral Graves, Ships by a tiorm on the 7th of May, whilft « Mr. Di Roibambeau would never bave been lying in Plymouth Sound, waiting for the " juffered to land in America, and ebe difafter convey: At last, by orders dated the 13th of of Lord Cornwallis would kave been prezente May, he was commanded to fail, without tar. "ed." I lv profe the Admiral mult allude lo rying for Mr. Wallingham, with fix pre..


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