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fes, 2 fyrangs, i tindal, i cofob, 1 golan ortrenobments, on the morning of the 25eb of daure, and 20 Lascars.

June, 1783. Camp, South Cuddalore, Jung 12th regiment of Sepoys. Killed, i fer 25, 1783. jeant, i subedar, 1 jemidar, and a fank and

His Majefy's Troops file. Wounded, i drummer, and 22 rank i battalion, 73d regimeol. I rank and file and file.

wounded. 13th regiment of Sepoy's. Killed, i lube. Decachments of the 15th and 16th Hanovedar, I jemidar, and 3 rank and file. Wound rians in one regimeni, i fank and file ed, Lieut. Plumer, Enbgn Franklin, i lu killed. bedar, i drummer, and 34 rank and tile.

Bengal Troops. 25th regiment of Sepnys. Killed, Captain 24h regimeos of Sepoys. Lieut. Granber, i Durie, i terjeant, 1ubedaus, and 6 caok and jemidar, I drummer, & rank and file kile file. Wounded, Lievi. R. Colebrooke, i lern led ; Capr. Williamson, i lubedar, 3 je, jeant, 1 je midar, and 31 raok and bile.

midars, 11 rank and file, wounded; Lieut. Cooft Troopi.

Ochterloney, wounded and prisoners, Killed, Capt. Walter Douglas, Deputy

Coaf Troopis Adjutant General, and Lievi. Pecer Camp- Major Chegrove, commanding the 4th brie bell, Aid de Camp.

gade, killed. European Troop. Killed, 1 horse. Artillery. I rank and file, killed; I mak

2d regiment of cavalry. Killed, 2 horses. and file, wounded. Wounded, i horse, 2 rank and file.

5ch battalion Sepoys. 10 rank and file Artillery. Killed, 8 Lalcars. Wounded, wounded. 5 corporals, 4 guoners, 5 matrosses, 2 fyrangs,

GENERAL ABSTRACT. and 21 Lafcars. Europeau Infantry. Killed, 8 rank and

Officers. Non-commissioned file. Wounded, Lieut. Juho Munro, quarter His Majesty's troops,

Rank and Fite. mafier, Enlign James Rogris, 3 lerjeants, i

killed, drummer, and 25 rank and file.

Dirto wounded, Triochinopoly Detachment. Killed, 2 rank

2 24 rank and file.

peans, killed, sth Battalion of Sepoys. Killed, 6 rank

Disco wounded,

Natives killed, and file. Wounded, a drummer and rank


Dirto wounded, and file.

30 8th Battalion of Sepoys. Wounded, 8

Total rapk and file.

44 16ih Battalion of Sepoys. Killed, 6 rank

J. Richardson, Deputy Adjutant General, and Gle. Wounded, Enligo G. Haddon, I Camp Sourb of Cuddalore, June 2S 1783. ferjeant, 2 jemidars, 2 paçkallies, and 36 G EN ER AL ORDERS. rank and file.

By Major General James Jua'l, containing 18th Baitalion of Sepoys. Killed, 4 rank

bis ibanks to sbe se ry. and file. Wounded, i luledar, 2 jemidars, The Commander in Chief having taken 3 packellies, and 47 rank and file. Milling, time minutely to inveftigate the conduct and 2 rank and file.

execution of the orders and plan in attacking 2016 Battalion of Sepoys. Killed, Enfigp the enemy's out-polts, lines, and redoubts, S. Powell, and 6 rank and tile. Wounded, on the i3th irit. with the comparative I jemidar, 2 drummers, and 12 rank and ftrength in numbers and polition of the enefile.

my, compoled almoft entirely of the best re2017 Barcalion of Sepoys. Wounded, I gular troops of France, takes this occasion to rank and file.

give it as his opinion to this brave army in Total of killed, wovoded, and milling, 962. general, that it is not to be equalled by sny

N. B. Of the European Grenadiers, King's thing he knows, or has heard of, in modern and Company's, confills of 5 captains, 17 tu. hisiory, whether we look to the extent and balterns, and 336 non-commisioned rank a..d eptire fuccefs, or to the national importance file, under the command of the Hon. Lieut. of that day's compleat and important victory, Cul. Cathcart, and included above in their He takes this occalioo to return his thanks to sefpective regiments,

Major General Bruce, to Licut. Colonel CarbOmicers, Non-commiffioned cart, and Major Moore, of the corps of Gre.

Rank and File. nadiers, and to Colonel Stuart, who supportKiled


edihem with the piquets of the left, and unWounded 8

der whore command the French redovbes were Mning


most roccessfully entered and carried ; to Col.

Gordon, who commanded the reserve; to Col. Total


Pearse, and the different field officers in the

various liations; to Lievrenrnt Colonel Rois, Return of the Killed, Wounded, and Milling in Chief Engineer, to whose abilities he is much she repulse of : be erainy, in their allack on ibe indebied!: ard to Lieutenant Colapel Kelly,




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I 2

June 25.

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who, with the foorth brigade, led by the two Admiral Sir Edward Hugbes, Knigbe of the grenadier companies, and the rest of the ho Baib, and Cominander in Chief of bis Manourable Company's European infantry of the jury's Ships and Videls in tbe East Indies, to Second line, under the command of Captains Mr. Stepbens, received on Friday lall, by Collins, Sale, and Bonneveaux, so ably and Cupi. Erasmus Gower, of bis Majesly's jho opportunely poffefled himself of the enemy's Medea; i be original of cubich is on board ibe poft on the hills; to Lieor. Colonel Elliott, Pondicbery armed transport, not yet arrived. and Major Mackay, under whom our artil Superb, in Madraj's Road, July 25, 1783. Jery was so well directed that day ; to Capt. My last address to you, for their lordihips Lamont, and to the precious remains of his information, was dated the 19th of March, Majefty's 73d regiment; and, in general, to of this year, from Bombay. By it I fignified phie officers and corps of bis Majetty's and the my intention to proceed to sea with the ships Company's troops.

of his Majesty's squadron under my command, He desires that Lievt. Colonel Wangen- and I failed accordingly on the day followhoim will inform the officers and men of the ing. ditachment composed of his Majelly's 15th On the 8th of April, off the Baffas, I was and 26th Hanoverians, how much he was sa- joined by Capt. Troubridge, io bis Majesty's tisfied with their behaviour on that day, and ship Active, who had been croizing for a pliat he will not fail, on the tirit occasion, to month off the Friar's Hood, by my orders, represent it to his Majefty.

and had seen nothing of the enemy's Squadron He defires also that the officers of his Ma- during that time. jesty's soift regiment, and the grenadiers and In the night of the roth, a grab ship of l'ght infantry of that regiment, may know the enemy's, that had been taken from the his concern that they were not supported, as English, fell into the squadron and was capthey ought to have been, by their battalion tured. By the officers, prisoners taken in this men on that day.

ship, I learned that the whole of the enemy's In general, the Commander in Chieftakes squadron, under the command of Monsieur the present occafior to acquaint the army, Sutien, was in Trincamale harbour, except that he has already informed the government two of their best failing line of battle fhips, of their particular merit in the attack of the and two frigaces, which were cruizing of Izih, and that he will endeavour to represent Madras to block op that port, and intercept je as it deserves to our most gracious Sovereign all supplies bound to it: I therefore immeand to our country.

diately steered with the squadron for that le bas so happened, that on this very day, place, and anchored in the road on the 13th when the Commander in Chief thought it his of April, but faw nothing of the French duty to return his zhanks to this army for the cruizers ; however as they had been in fight jinportant victory of the 13th, an occafion of- of the place enly, the day before, I direcied fers to express his fatisfaction for a new and the thips named in the margin*, under the secent display of their steadiness and undaunt- orders of Captain Mitchell, of the Sultan, to ed courage in the successful repulse of the proceed to sea, and use all possible diligence to enemy's best regular and veteran troops this intercept them; and, on the day following, morning, in light of their Admiral and the Captain Graves, of his Majesty's thip Sceptre, whole Heet, raking the Colonel who com- whose fignal had been made to chase a strange manded prisoner, with the Infs of their prin. fail on the rith, joined me with the Naiade, cinal officers. The General can only repeat a French frigate of 30 guns, and 160 men, his fincere acknowledgement and admiration which he had come up with in the night and upon the occafion, with his particular thanks captured. to Colonel Gordon, and to Lieutenant Colone! On the 16th of April, Capt. Burney, of Cathcart, to Captain Williamson, and the his Majesty's thip Bristol, with his cuovoy, 24h Bengal regiment.

from England, arrived in this road, escorted "The Commander in Chief desires the com- by the ships under the orders of Captain Mir. manding officers of the Native corps, Bengal, chell, of the Sultan, who had feen nothing of and Carnatic, will, in his dame, acquaint the the enemy's cruizers, but fell in with the "officers and men of the high sense he enter. Bristol and her convoy at sea. rains of their molt gallant behaviour on the On the 19th of April, the Company's thip Izih inftani, and on this morning, exceeding Duke of Athol made the fignal of dittress, any thing of the kind ever known; and that and the boats of the squadron being ordered by he will, on every occahon in his power, re- signal to her afiftance, ihe unfortunately blew present it in such a light to the government's up, by which unhappy accident the squadron of Bengal and Madras, that they, and their loft + fix commissioned and four warrant of. families, shall be ever supported and rewarded ficers, and 127 of our best seamen. according to their merit.

From LONDON GAZETTE, Tuesday, January 13, 1784.

* Sultan, Burford, Africa, Eagle, and diniralry Office, Jan. 12, 1784. Attive. Ex!: a) of a supicale of a leader formen Vice Tbe names of the commisioned Ficers are


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From the day of the squadron's arrival in the foreships I concluded carried stores for this road, all possible diligence have been the French garrilor of Cuddalore, and the used to complete the thips water, in doing Fendant and twy frigates destined to covet which great delay and frequent disappoints and protect them; and being apprehenlive ments arose from the want of a swihcient they might attack our covering thips and number of Ibore boats, and the high furf on forelhips off Cuddalore, I bore away on the the beach. However I put to lea on the le. 2d of June for the coast, and on the 3d had cond of May with his Majetty's thips to seek fight of the Fendaut and two frigates, whom the enemy's squadron, and, if possible, inter I chaled vill night, when I fort light of cept their expected reinforcements, although them. the water of many of the thips was by no I continued cruizing with the fquadrou to means complete, having left in the road bis the southward of Cuddalore till the oth of Majeliy's three store thips Pondicherry, Har- June, when I anchored in Porto Novo 'Ronde riott, and Minerva, to lade military stores about seven leagues to the southward of thac and provifions for the service of the army place, partly to cover our own thips in Cudtheu about to march for the attack of Cuda dalore Road, and engage the enemy's squa. dalore, where the Marquis de Bully, with dron before they could anchor there, and the greater part of the French land forces, partly to cudeavour to get a supply of watery was posted ; and, to cover and protect these of which many thips began to be in wari; toreihips, as well as some other thips and but, after exerting ourselves to the utmost, na vefsels employed for the same purpose, from water could be obtained cither at Porto Novo the enemy's cruizers, I left in the road, at or Tranquebar; as the first place the enemy's the sequeit of the Scle&t Committee of this troops were in poffeilion of bosh banks of the Prefidency, his Majetty's ships and vessels as river, at the other the wells were dried up. per margin: under the command of Captain On the 13th of June the enemy's Squadron, Haliday, of his Majelly's thip llis.

under the command of Monf. Suffien, came On the 15th of May, when off Cuddalore, in light to the fouch ward, consisting of fifteen I spoke two Portuguese thips from Trinca: ihips of the line, three frigates and a firelhipi male, who informed me Mons. Suffren with and the same day I weighed with his Marko buis whole force was there, fitting for fca ty's squadron, and dropped down tu about five with all posible expedition, to come to the miles distance off Cuddalore, and there anrelief of Cuddalore : from that tiine I con chored : the French Iquadrou anchored off che tinved working to windward with the squa. Coleroon river, about loven or cight leagues dron along thore, left the enemy's Squadron

to the southward of our's. thould pals in thore of me, and fall on the On the 17th the French squadron being ftoreihips and their covering party, then at under jail and bearing down, I made the figo anchor near to Cuddalore.

nal, and weighed with his Majesty's squaOn the 25th of May I came off Trinca. dion, and formed the line of battle a-head to male, and reconnoiired the polition of the receive the enemy: in the evening they haul. enemy's squadron, which I did not think byed the wind, and ttood to the fouthward, and any means eligible to attack at anchor, under I followed them with his Majisty's Squadron : cover of their gun and mortar batteries, and from this time to the 20th I was continually therefore ftood to the fouthward to intercept employed iu endeavouring to get the wind of any reinforcement or supplies that might be the enemy, which, however, I was never able coming to them, at the same time waiching to effect, Prom the extraordinary variableness their motions by the frigates of the squadro, of the winds, that ofien brought part of the and keepiog within a proper distance of the two Squadrons with a random Thot of cach place, left they should put to fra in the aighi, other. On the 2011, the enemy still having and fall down on the covering thips and torc

the wind, thewed a dispofition to engage, Ihips off Cuddalore.

when I immediately formed the line of battle Oo che ift of June rwo English feamen in a-head, and brought to to receive them.. AG a boat escaped from the French Iquadron, and four minutes paft four, P. M. che van thip of brought certain intelligence, thai ine Fen- the enemy, having firit tried hier dillance by a dant, of 74 guns, with two frigates and two lag!e moi, when Icance within point black Horcihips, had llipiped out of Trivcamale Bayi thot distance, the enemy's squadron began

their fire on his Majetty's, which, as (wenty

minutes after was sowrood, and a heavy canas follows; rbose of the warrant officers are not nonade culued on both lides, the enemy fiu yet known, viz.

keeping up their dillance ; che cannonade Lieut. Charles Egan, of the Supwb. continued till seven, P. M. when the enemy

Neal Morrison, of the Eagle. hauled off. At day-light I made the fignal,
Thomas Wilson, of ibe Sceptre. and wore with the squadron, and brought to
James Thompson, of obe Juno. to repair the damages, with the thips heads
Pringle, of ibe Atiive.

towards the land ; leveral of the ships mich Alexander Allen, of the Seaborje. disabled in their hulls, mafts, and rigging, Isis, Attive, San Carlos, Naiade, Chajer, the Gibralcar and Iris in particular; the enePondicberry, Mingi va, and Harrio!t. ny's squadron not in light.


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74 600

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In the morning of the 22d I faw the French well as an immediare releafe and return of Squadron at anchor in Pondicherry Road, prisoners on both tides : in confequenct, I bearing S. S. W. directly to wind ard of his have received all the prisoners belongiog to Majesty's squadron, and some of them getting the squadron in Monf. Suffren's power, a. under weigh ; and I made what fail I could mounting to about 350. Moot. Subirea intowards them, and anchored the same night forms me by letier, he has also sent to the off the ruins of Alemparvo, the more effcctu Mauritius for such Englith prifoners as have ally to top thot-boles, and repair the damages. been fent thither, and will return them. Sufained.

I have judged it necetary to lend, for their I beg you will be pleased to inform their lordthips information, the line of battle of Iordthips, that so early as the 8th of June, his Mijotty's squadron under my command, the scarvy began to make a rapid progrefs a on the 20th of latt month, and a lot of the mong the crews of all the thips of the squa. French thips opposed to me under the comdron, but particularly on board the thips lait mand of Monf. Suffren. arrived from England, under the orches of LINE of BATTLE. Commodore Sir Richard Bickerton, Bart. The Cumberland so lead witb ftarboard lacks ex

The number of fick on board the line of board, the Defence with larboard. bartle Mips amounted on that day to 1721 REDDIVISI O N. mei, 605 of whom being in the latt Aage of Rates, Ships. Commanders. Guns. Mer. the scurvy, I was under the necessity of tendo 34 Cumberland William Allen ing on the day following to the Naval Hor. Monmouth James Alms pital ar this place, in his Majesty's thips 4th Britto!

James Borney 50 350 Pristol and San Carlos.

Com. Rich. King From that time to the 22d, the disease in 3d Hero

of the Red

74 617 creasid the numbers of the fick daily, fo as

Throph. Joules most of the ships of the line had from 70 to Eagle William Clark 90 men, and the thips last from England dow Magoanime Tho. Mackenzie 64 500 ble that number, very many in the lait fage Frigates, &c.--Chaser, San Carlos, Pondie of the disease, and unable to come to quarters,

cherry, Harrier. dying daily. Under these circumstances, and BLUE DIVISION. the water of most of the thips being expended, 3d Sceptre Sain vel Graves except a few casks in their ground tiers, and Burford Peter 'Rainer 70 520 none to be obtained to the Toythward, I de Monarca

Jono Gell termined to return to this road, there to land

Sir E. Hughes, K.B the fick and wounded, and compleat the water Superb Vice Ad.of 'Blue 74 623 of the squadron for further fervice; and on

Henry Newcome the 23d of June I weighed with the squadron,

Sultan Andrew Mitchell 74 600 and arrived in this road on the afternoon of Africa Robert M, Donall

64 500 the 25th.

Worcester Charles Hughes On my arrival there, I received authentic Frigates, &c.-- Juno, to repeat hignals; Com(although not official) intelligence, that the bution, Medea, Lizard; Seahorse to repeat Preliminary Articles of Peace between Great

signals. Britain, France, Srain, and America, had WHITE DIVISIO N. been ligned and ratified, as well as a ceffation Exeter John Sam. Smith from hoftiliries agreed on between Great Bri


s Hon. J. W. Chet-7 fain and the States General of the United

lwynd Provinces, of which information the Select

SirR.Bickerton, Bt Committee of this Prefidency were also in Gibraltar Com. of White 580 695 poffeffion; and being summored the same day

Tho. Hicks to a consultation with the Select Committee, 4th Ilis Chrif. Halliday

50 350 to take in'o confideration Thele circumstances, 3d Defence Tho. Newnham I concurred with the other Members of the Frigates, &c.—Naide, Minerva, Aétive. Committee, that it would be proper, and was (A Copy) EDWARD HUGHES, neceffary to communicate to the Commanders A List of the French Squadron in sbe Engage: jo Chief of the fea and land forces of the men: with tbe Bririjh squadron in rúe Ea French King at Cuddalore, the information Indies, on ibc 2015 of June 1783. we had received, together with the grounds Ships.

Guns. Ships. Gun. on which we believed it to be true and av. Le Heros

74 Le Severe thentic; and on the 27th of Jupe 1 difpatched Le Fendant 74 Le Brilliant his Majesty's thir Medra, as a flag of truce, Le Hannibal

74 L'Hardie with letters to Monfieur Sutfien and the L'Illuftre

74 Le St. Michael

60 Marquis de Buffy.


74 Le Flamand 50 On the 4th of July the Medea returned to Le Sphinx 64 Le Petit Hannibal 50 this Road, with answers from Mons. Suf. Le Vengeur 64 Le Cleopatre fren and the Marquis de Buffy to my letters L'Artition 64 L'Apollon of the 27th of June, by which they concurred L'Ajax

64 Le Coventry in a ceffation of hostilities by sea and land, as




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*747 las
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Abftra& of the Officers, Seamen, and Marines every person they could find, they left the

Killed and Wounded on board bis Maju/lly's thin, which was expected to blow up every mifrips in sbe Allion of ibe 2016 og juni, nute. On the whole 79 fouls perished by this 1783.

melancholy accident, among whoin wese le. Ships. K. 1. Sbips.

K. W. veral women and children, lome soldiers, and Superb 12 1 Defence

7 38 a few pallengers. Ac tive, P. M. the ship Hero

lotenible 3 30 blew up with a terrible explotion ; and when Gibraltar


s 25

che inoke lublued, not the leat appearance Monmouth 2 19 Worcester

8 32

of her was to be seen on the water. Capi, Cumberland 2 st Eagle

8 Nuit, with two military officers, had paid Monarca


4 9

us a vilic in the murning, and was ou board Magnanime 116 Bristol

iš the P.gur the time the fire broke out, which Sceptre

3 30

was occaliunied by a Tailor's drawing Come Sultan

Spirits out of a calk in the spirit 100m, whicta Burford

Total 99 431 catching fire, communicated to the other

casks, and Duine with lucb fury that it was Ofice's Killet. Licutenant Robert Travers of the Monarca.

impoflible to live a lingle article. Molt of

thule we received on board being nearly nak. Licutenant James Dow

Lieutenant John Lecc

ed, we fupplied them with every neceffary, and

Defence. arrived at Madras in four days after, thanking Mr. Parker, Maiter

Providence that the accident happened so near Officers Wounded.

the end of our voyage, as had it happened at Lieutenant Middlemore, of the


a greater distance, the addition of so many 2d Lieut. Thompson of marines S

peo, le for any length of time, "might have Lieotenant Wallon

Sceptre been productive of great inconvenience."
Mr. Stone, Master

Mi. Hunter, Boatswain

Defence London, Monday, Jun.gob. The Speaker
Mr. Sinclair, Boatswain Worcester of the House of Communs acquainted the

House, triat he had received lectors of thanks Extract of a Letter from a Palerger on board from Vice Admiral Sir Edward Hughes,

the Varsillari Fall Indiaman, dated at Sea, Knight of the Most Honourable Order of the August 22, 1783.

Bath, and Commodore Richard King, which “ Yesterday, about half past eleven, A. wcrc then read as follows : M. we were alarmed with the cry of fire; Superb, in Madras Road, Sept. 1, 1993. when running upon deck, we perceived a * SIR, great smoke ittuing from the Duke of King “ I HAD the honour to receive, two days fton East Indiaman, Capt. Nuti; soon after ago, by h's Majesty's thip Crocodile, your veo which the burst out in ilmes from head to ry obliging letter of the 18th December, infern. We were then about half a mile de closing the vote of thanks of the honourable head of her, and the Pigot and Earl of Ox House of Commons to me, for the important ford Indiamen about four miles a- head of us. services performed by the squadron under ing The weather being calm, our Captain imme. command in the Eait Indies, on the 17th of diately ordered out the engine and all the Februari, and ihe 12th of April, of the last bosts, at the same time firing (wo guns as a year; and allo the vote of thanks, or the same figual to the ships a-head. li is imporfble to honourable Houle to Commodere Richard conceive a more dreadful fpectacle than ar this King, the Captains, Officers, and Scamen of moment prelented itself; numbers of the poor the thips under my command at that time, wretches throwing themselves overboard, with “ 1 esteem myself greatly obliged to you, oars, spars, &c. to keep them from linking ; Sir, by the very polite and friendly manner others crowding on the bowsprit, where they in which you have been plealed to communihung in clusters till received into the boats. cate the vote of thanks of the houcurable Our Jolly boat got our first, and returned in Houte to me and the brave m:n who lerved a short time with five men; the long boat, with me on those days; and, as I really want yawl, and cutter were hoitted out with equat words to express the ing sense l entertain difparch, and ufed every effort to save as of the great honour conferred on me by that many of the crew as they could, the fire have honourable Houle; I earnelily requert you ing by this sitne increased to such a degrre, will, Sir, be pleased to express, in the belt that it was impracticable to attempt saving the manner, my fincerelt gratitude to the Ho

thip. By this time the boats from the other sourable House of Commons, for the very • two thips were got out ; soon after which our great honour they have been picated to do me,

yawl ritorned full of people, among whom and their favourable acceptation of my services. were the First Malo and

a Midihipman, “ 1 semain, with great regard and respect, whom they had picked op drowr.ed; we used

“ Sir, your mout obedient, crery effort to recover them, but in vain.

to' humble servant,
Ar thrce P. M. our long boat returned with

:59 people; the boats belonging to the other The Rigbe Hor. C. W. Cornwal,
Indiamen were also filled; and baring saved Speaker of the House of Commons.
Vo.. VI. Jan. 178+.


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