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Following letter will give some idea of what command of his Moft Christian Majefty, ir, fort of juftice they may expect in South Caro which the vofortunate Loyalists are trongly lina.

recommended to lenity, and Congress are car. Extrait of a better from George Town, Sourbo reilly intreated to lay aside their perfecution Carolina, dated December 4, 1783.

of those ruined deluded people. The Comte

had not forgot to remind the gentry to whom * The Tories or Friends of Government he writes, that but for the affiftance of bis-oohave experienced every evil and indigoity ; ble matter, they would never have had their the grand puth at them was made in July lait, independency. when many of them were jofulted by the mob, and urderwent the discipline of the

Ai Hispaniola in O&tober last, an almoft ve particulars of which you mu A have heard loog niversal madocss prevailed among the canine Since : That the fpirit still exists in complete race, the Government had ordered them allio rancour, I think I had a fufficient proof of a

be extirpated, and when the laf accounts few days ago at the Court held here; curiofi

came away, the harbour of Port au Prince ty led me to hear the Judge give his charge, was covered wiih iheir dead bodies. and when the 0.4TH was rendered lo ibe Grand

In Jamaica ic appeared much about the Juryro acl iMPARTIALLY, without being Bi same time, one or two negroes who had been ASSED by PARTIALITY or RESENTMENT, bit, died raving mad; whicb ipduced the &c. in the usual ftile, the foreman, Mr. John Magistrates to order the Town Guard to paCogdell, ftept forward, addressing the judge, rade the Streets, and to kill every dog they and hoped bis Honour admitted an excePTION could find ; in an hour and a half upwards of in the cale of Tories. What was to be ex 100 dogs were killed ; 'but unluckily during pected from such a Jury

the tlaughter, a free black was thot dead by

accident. And by accounts just arrived from Jamaica In November excessive rains and the fwelo we are informed that many families who left lings of the rivers had done confiderable da. Charlestown on our evacuation), and had re. mage in the country round Kingston ; many turned on the authority of the article respect. cattle and some negroes drowned ; and at Bog ing them in the Treaty of Peace, have either Walk Tavern the water rofe as high as the been refused liberty to land, or been ordered to eaves of the houte, destroyed and carried away quit that State. However it is said that all the furniture, about 60 hogs, as many France has interposed in behalf of the Refu.

goats, and a very valuable horse ; when the gees in general: for late advices from Ameri.

river came down the people of the house 'Aed ca fate, that the Congress had received dir for safety to a neighbouring hill, where they patches from Comte de Vergennes, Prime remained all night, expofed to the inclemency Minister of France, written at the express of the weather.

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East India Company's Estimates.
STIMATE of the Eaft India Company's The Bills of Exchange paft due,
E Receipt and Payment to be companies

and not presented for payment, 19th of November, 1783, and the ift of if the same should within this March, 1784, grounded upon the authentic period be demanded

36,280 account, published of the late of the Compa- Bills accepted

85,892 ny's affairs. In this estimate, it is fuppotid Bills not accepted

32,646 on the one hand, that the forft year's unac Dividends to Proprietors

128,00 cepted bills are to be paid as they fall due ; The demands for freight, goods and, on the other, that Government will con

bought, and every other cure Linne to suspend the demand for customs, renc demand, suppofing the which now ftands suspended, and also the whole to be demanded within payment of the remaining 100,000l. unpaid this period for the renewal of the charter, and that the. Arrears of the military and conbonds can be kept in circulation.

tingent fund, supposing the Estimate of Cash for one year, between the 1976

whole to be demanded within of November, 1783, and be ift of Marcb,

this period 1784.

4.906,843 The old bonds, long force called

Balance that will remain in cash in, but not prefented for

the ift March, 1784

1,075,512 ment, if they should within this period be demanded £.11,595

£. 1,981,934 The dividends and interests past due, but not deinanded, if they

N. B. As the customs to grow due within Thould within this period be de

this period will not amount to any thing near · ganded

the amount of debentures ia hand, applicable 149,901


To pay:


to the payment thereof, no notice is taken of

Brought over £.4,278,472 eitber within this period.

Balance that will remain in cash

the ift of March, 1785 Edwate of cab for one year, between the 19th

376,220 of November, 1783, and ibe ift of Marcb,

£-4,654,697 1784.

In cash, and to be received. * Memorandum. "The sum which may Money in the Treasury £.142,794 probably become due for freight and demorage Bonds in the Treasury to be ir

on all thips which may arrive in this period, foed

280,575 is 1,209.cool. but as the accounts of freight Goods fold, ail conditioned to be

také soine considerable time in adjusting, the paid within this period, exceps

above sum of 900,000l. is fuppofed to be as as below


much as may, in the usual course of huiness, Goods in warehouses, to

be paid within the period to which this acbe further fold at the

Count relates. prefent sale, under the Came conditions as to

Estimate of cash for one year, between Ift of time of payment, estia

March, 1784, and ift of Marcb, 1785. mated at £ 1,058,327

In cash, and not to be received. Deduct pepper and China

1784, 1 March, cath

£1,075,112 ware, iba will not be

Debentures payable in dispaid for till after the

charge of the cuftoms on it of March 53,000 the other Gide

186,385 1,005,327 For pepper and china ware,

as deducted in the fore-
£. 1,981,954
going account


The remainder of Efimate of cash, for one year, between the if

the goods in of March, 1784, and ibe ift of March,

Ware - houses

unfold £. 2500,000
To pay.

Deduct that part
Toral of the unpostponed cuftoms,

of them credue for goods arrived


dited in last Bills accepted


1,058,327 Ditto not accepted 641,322

1,441,673 Bills and certificates that may be

For goods to be further rold further drawn, estimated ac 335,000

within this period, which Difference between the interest re

mult depend upon future ceivable from Government and

arivals, but which, upon the interest payable on annoi

a medium of five years ties, bonds, and Exchequer bills

peace, will amount, ino 76,563

cluding charges and pro• A year's payments, on the mili.

fic on private trade, to 1,898,337 tary and contingent funds

6,500 A year's dividend to the Proprie

£. 4,654,697 tors

256,000 A year's charges of merchandise 180,000 Value of goods and fores to be

Eftimale of call for one year, between ibe 11 of exported within this period, es

Marsh, 1785, und obe Wt of March, 1786. timated at

370,000 * Freight and demorage, eftimat.

Bills accepted

£ 205,598 ed at

900,000 Ditto not accepted, supposed Customs to be paid upon that part

to be by agreement poftponed of the Company's goods to be

. 775,869. sold this year, which are not

Ditto, that may be drawn from yet arrived, the whole of what

China in 1784, and certificates is due for the goods now in the

at twelve months fight, cfti. warehoule, being included in

mated at

990,000 the above sum of £-716,392, c.

Difference between interest receive ftimated at

104,000 able and payable, payments on Customs payable within this pe

military fund, dividend, chargo riod on goods which may arrive

es, and exports, as before 889,063 carly therein, and not be sold

Freight and demorage, estimated till the following year, elli

900,000 mated at


Cuftoms on Company's goods, of.

timated at the average of feven Carricd Over £-4,278,477

Carry over




for one year

To pay .


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1:16 India'Edimates ; Establishment; Famine. Difress of Mr. Roberts's Brought over $.2,984,667 Of 19 ditto ditto

9 years, deducting the sum of

Of 18 ditto ditto 4,140,000 advanced laft year.

Or 17 ditto ditto

6 N. B. About 470,000 of fur.

In 1768 there were no writers appointed, ther duties are annually paid by

Of 15 dirto


23 is the buyers at the sale, on goods

Oi jo ditto ditto

31 delivered on home cousumption 680,000 Oi 13 d: 110 ditto

Of 12 ditto

ditto £. 3,664,661 Of in dito


35 Balance that will remain in cath 'the itt of March, 1786, over

Total 167 and above the amount of claims of dividends, &c. due and not demanded, which seldom amount

Extract of a letter for Si. Tbome, near Ma. to less than £. 50,000


'dras, dated Sept. 5, 1783.

“ Your friend, after a very leafaut pal£. 3,716,220 sage, finds himself on the cost of Coromandel,

surrounded by peftilence and famine. Our Ejlimate of cash for one year, between ibe, is good friend Hyder has taken futhoient care of March, 1785, and ill of March, 1786.

that we should not be enervated by the luxu. *1785, March,the ift, cath £: 376,220 ries of the Eali--this once fruitful country is The produce of a year's sales

now a desert without houses, all of which eftimated as before

3,340,000 are destroyed ; and without men, the latter

having either perithed by the sword or by fa£: 3,716,220 mine. Fortunately we who are not yet train

ed to the savage barbarity of the Europeaas in 1. The reason of lo large an unexpected Afia, have arrived at a featon more plentiful draught from China, falling due within this than for iwo years patt, and I should bluth if period, is, that the ships sent out with troops it was known in India that I find a fenfible and fores, could not be loaded home but from pleasure in giving a handful of rice to a China; so that 'wenty five cargoes are ex.

wretched native that without a murmur, witbpected to be dispatched from China, in reason out a thought of, much leis an exertion for 1783 ; being near three years ordinary con relief, lies down at your door and dici folely for Tumptiop. If any effectual means are taken want of fuod. I have been but a week on to prevent smuggling tea, the produce of the more, and this I know to be a falt, nay, la Company's sales,, will, upon a moderate com unconcerned and fo accuttomed to misery do putation, be thereby increased at the rate at we get, that at my orun table, with a nomber least of 1,000,000l. per annum, more than is of dithes to a few guests, I was defired not to in this estimate reckoned upon ; and this ex fend a small pittanee of rice to an unhappy traordinary importation will be ready to meet female dving for want at the door :-" Yoa the effect of such falutary regulation.

“ muit feed her conftantly, or you only pro11. In this estimate nothing is charged for long her existence without reitoring her to bills that may be further drawn from India, * life was the plea !" because there is reason to hope, that peace baving been restored, the military establish Difress of the Family of the late Mr. Roberts, 'ments will have been reduced, and no more Language cannot describe the distress of the may be drawn, or if drawn, that they will be widow and fix children of the unfortunate Mr. aqdates not falling dve till after this period. Roberts, Chief Mate of the Duke of Kington

III. On the first of March, 1786, the Eaft-Indiamen, who perithed with her off ibe goods in warehouses unfold' (supposing the land of Ceylon. His son, a promihng boy of Thips to arrive safe) will, by en imato, amount 14 years of age, in the same ship, was taken to 4,170,000l. discount deducted.

vp alive, and communicates to his miserable Errors excepted.

surviving parent, the loss of the belt of faEast India House, SAMUEL NICOLL, thers, 40 years of whose life have been ene obe 2826 of Nov. 1783. Accountant. ployed in his Majefty's and the Honourable

the East India Company's fervice, many inExf India Company's Efublishment. tervals of which time have been marked with • This iubject having of late been a very peculiar misfortunes. He was Chief Mate of the common topic, the following extract may not London East Indianın, that was accidentally be unacceptable. It is taken from the Com. run down by the Rutsel man of war, Decem. pany's Lifts of Covenanted Servants, and con ber 1778, and there lost his all. Weat a voy. cains the landing of one hundred and fixty- age afterwards, and was unfortunate in that, leven persons, ranking next below the Bo unable to discharge the whole of his debts : on of Trade, and who appear to have been from his return, he delivered an honest account to twenty-one to eleven years in the service. his creditors who discharged him their claims,

Of 21 years rank in the service 3 and furnsthed him for his last unbappy voy.
Of 30 years


9 age, on the moft liberal terras, knowing his

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integriry. The writer of this bas been wit. from want and wretchedness this disconfolate Dels to the most crying scene of human woe, family. -A widow, with five helpless and unprovid. Mr. Brickwood, Merchant, Rich's Court, ed children, and without any prospect but ex. : Lime-ftreet. treme poverty.

Mr. Leighton, Coal Exchange, ThamesOn the 28th of January, soon after the a ftrert. bove paragraph was published, an advertise. Mr. Dent, No. 190, Borough. ment was inserted in the papers, imploring the Bar of Lloyd's Cuttee-house, Royal Excharity of tie benevoient, which thatod, that change. the misfortunes of the deceased's life and death, Bar of Batson's Coffee-house, Cornhill. and indigent fituation of his widow and fami Bar of Nando's Coffee-house, Temple-bar. ly, were well known to the under pertons, Bar of the Jerusalem Coffee house. *ho were kindly exerting themselves to rescue Aod by the Widow, No.4. Church-yard

row, Newington Butis.

Treaty of Peace between the Empress of Russia and the Grand Seignor.
THE Imperial Court and the Sublime or all their points and articles, save and excepc

luman Porte, detirous of leizing every the 3d and 4th article of the explanatory coooccafion which can tend to conciliate and cita vention of 1779, which faid articles thall be b!th a perfect harmony and friendihip between of no longer weight or obligatory force bethe two powers; and confidering the new face tween the two Empires. of affairs, and ftate of things in the Crimca, But as in the aforesaid 3d article of the said at Trban, and in Cuba, are likely to occafion treaty of 1774, it is declared that i he fortress discussion, and perhaps a su must between the of Oczakow, with all its ancient territories, two powers, the above Imperial and O toman shall belong as tormerly to the Sublime Porte, Courts, have resolved to come to a friendly this declaration thali continue in full force and negotiation on the said subject, and after havé weight, and continue ftill to be observed as ing duly weighed and confidered them, are thercio set forth. ardently defrous of preventing for the future

Art. 2. It is hereby declared, that the any subje&t of contention between them, and Imperial Court of Ruthia thall never ley claim also the advantages of a folid and happy peace,

to the rights that the Kan of Tartary have of good neighbourhood and eftablithed com formed upon the fortress of Sondjone-Cale, merce, have found it neceffary to regolate and confequently the Court of Ruília, acknowo. Cheir future measures opou a tolid and perma. ledges the full and sole poffeflon to be in the Dent foundation.

Ottoman Poite. In consequence of thefe resolucions, , the Art. 3. Thar in admitting the River Cuba above powers having fully explained them to be the frontier of Cuba, the said Imperial felves each to the other, on the above subjects, Court, at the fame time, renounces her preand desirous of Atipulating the present treaty tensions to all the Tartar nations, beyond the under the most folemn engagements and exact above river, and from the Black Sea. observance, have chosen, and furnished with And it is bereby alfo definitively agreed, full powers to compleat the said treaty, the that this act, as well on the part of her Impe the following persons, namely, Her Imperial rial Majeliv, the most august and powerful Majesty, the moit August and mosi Powerful Emprets of all the Ruffias, as well as on the Empress and Sorereign of all the Ruffias, has part of his Highuess the Sultan Ortoman, anamed on her part, the high and noble Jaques greed and contirmed by folemn ratifications, de Bulhakow, her Envoy extraordinary and figned and writto in the accuttomed manger, Minister Plenipotentiary to the Sublime Ouro fhall be exchanged at Conftantinople in the man Purte, Councillor of State and Knight of space of four months or sooner if possible, to the orders of Saint Waldimir and Saine Sra reckon from the day of the conclusion of the niftas; and his Majesty the Sultan Otroman, faid Treaiy, of which their Plenipotentiaries has nominated on his part, the mott honoured have made their proper counterparts, figned and most eftcemed Vizir Kaffan Pacha, ris with their hand writings, sealed with their Grand Admiral, Stambul Cadili, acto al Ca feals, and mutually exchanged between then, daikir of Natolic, Mufti Zade- Ahmed, El Done and signed at Conftantinople, this gth fendi, and his Grand Chancellor the actual Day of January, 1784. Hadgi Mustafi Effendi, which Plenipotentia (Signed) JAQUES DE BULLAKOWS ries aforesaid, after having mutually exchange Plenipotentiary from the Emprefs of Rued their credentials in due form, have ligned fia, and by the Ottoman Plenipotentiaand fealed the following Articles :

ries abnye named, Art. I. That the treaty of peace of 5774, the convention of the limits of boundaries of By the preceding Treaty the Empress of 2771, the explanatory convention of 1779, and Ruffia acquires not only the Empire of the the treaty of commerce of 1783, thall conti Crimea, the Isle of Taman, and a considerafiue to be strictly and inviolably observed in ble part of Cuba, but an incontohible right to


the Empire of the Black Sea, and thereby the subjeéts to her Empire, and deprives Turkey future controul of the commerce of Conftanti. of the resources which Crimea furnished for nople, by which also the adds 1,500,000 new the supply of the cavalry.

Judicious Sentence of the King of Pruffa.
Amsterdam Gazette, Feb. 13. King. His Majesty conversed with several
SOLDIER in the garrison of a small

of the Popith divines, asking them whether
Lowo of Prullian Silesia being suspected such a miracle was poffible, according to the
of making free with the ex voto, or offerings, tenets of their religion. They unanimously
mnade by the pious Roman Catholics, to a ce answered, that the case was very extraordi-
lebrated image of the wonder working Vire nary, but not absolutely impoffible; upoa
gin; he was watched, and upon his being which the King wrote in his own hand the
searched, iwo fiiver hearts were found upon following words :
him. He was dragged before the Magiftrate, “ The Culprit cannot be put to death, be-
imprisoned, tried, and doomed to death, as a cause he positively denies the charge, and that
sacrilegious robber. In the course of his trial the divines of his religion declare, that the
he constantly denied bis having committed a miracle wrought in his favour is not impotb-
theft, but that the Virgin herself, in pity to ble ; but we lirictly forbid him under pain of
his fufferings, had ordered him to take the a death, not to receive any presents from the
bove ofising. The fentence, with the pri- Virgin Mary or any Saint whatsoever.
foner's detenie, wis, as ulual, laid before the



· Duel between Captains Mostyn and Clarke. N Friday February 13, a duel was foughted his friends on the fteps he ought to take,

in a field near Little Chelsea, ber ween and in concurrence with chrir opinion called Captain Charles Moltyn, of the navy, and opon his adversary either for an apringy or a Captain Clarke, of the Royal African corps, mecting. The letter on this fuoject reached which terminated in the death of the former. Capt. Moltyn at Woolw.ch; be infiaaily This fatal quaire originated in a dispute came to town and accepted the latter alternawhich ivok place on Wedneiday last at the tive. When they came to the ground a dis. New Exchanie Coffee-houle. Capt. Mottyn tance of ten paces was taken, Čapt. c. had is said to have been the aggreffor, by encourag the chance of the first thot, but his piftol miling a Jew, who vends prints, and goes from fog fire, Capt. M. desired him to prime agaio, one coffee house to another, practiting mimi this he declined, alledging it was Capt. M.'s cry, to take off Mr. Fox, and other public turn; Capt. M. answered, « No! I sball not speakers. This conduct being disapproved by fire.” Then, said Capt. C. apologize for your the company, Mrs. Thompion, the Mistress of ill behaviour.". This he refused, and immethe coffee-house, requested he would dismiss diately fired; his ball hit Capt. c. on the the Jew, as it disturbed a gentleman in the thighs arar the pocket, and itriking upon a hoate, who was gone to bed ill, and besides key and half crowns, glanced off without gave offence to every one present. In reply wounding him. The pistol of Capt. C. oa to this he peilisted he had a right to entertain. his returning the fire, was so fatally directed ment where he could get it, and i har her fick that the bali entered the left breast of his an. gentleman might be damned. Captain Clarke tagooist and pasied through his heart. He was at this time waiting for his dinner to be made one effort to step forward, fell down, served us, but finding that Capt. M. had a and expired immediately. Capt. Hay was leparty of fix to dine with him, he relinquitbed cond to Capt. Moyito. The name of the lurthe table where the cloth was laid, in order to vivor's friend we could not learn. There were accommodate Capt. M.'s friends, and removed no surgeons prefent, but several gentlemen who to a imaller table. Capt. M. to whom he was had been witnesses of the unhappy difference known, got choosing to view this conduct in a in the beginning; all of whom unite in de favorable light, and claiming a right to the claring that Capt. C. through every fiage of table to which Capi. C. had removed, observ- the dispute, evinced, as far as was confiftest ed that " a fellow, whom he knew nothing with honour, great reluctance to bring marters of, had intruded upon him and his company." to extremity, and that Capl. M. was on the Cagi. C. endeavoured to explain his morive, other hand as averse to reconciliation. but Capt. M. becoming intemperate, uttered The unfortunate young officer who fell, many oaths, threatened to lay Capt. Clarke on was about the age of 25, served with great the fire, and attempted to Atrike him repeated- professional reputation in the Weft Indies at ly, but was prevented by the interference of a the close of the war, and was made post in obe very powerful gentleman in company. In Solitaire, the French thip of the line which this state, matters rested till Capt. C. cooruit was taken by the Ruby. He was rather of

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