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EAST INDIA INTELLIGENCE. LONDON GAZETTE, rative annéxed, that the honour of the regio Saturday, January roth, 1784.

nient was in no thape affected by this little

dark exploi, which, as I am informed, the Whireball, Jan, 10.

enemy make such a parade of. Extrait of a dispatch so bis Mujefty's principal Your Lordship will know, from the sepa

Secretary of State for ibe Home Department, rate dil, atches, chat the army under my comfrom bis Excellency Major General James mand were in the impofiibility of proceeding Stuart, Communder in Chief of bis Majesty's towards Coddalore with effet, until May the and the East India Company's forces, on Ave 28th, when the rice and other neceffary arti. Goaft of Coromandel, dated Cump, one mile cles were landed, and received from the thip Soxtb of Cuddalore, June 27, 1783, received at Conjemeer; and that on our coming to the yesterday by Captain Tbomas of obe 2 3d Ligbe high ground, near Pondicherry, we received Dragoons, wbo arrived in bis Majesty's ship certain information that Moni. Suftrein had Media.

found the means to fend supplies of stores and DO myself the honour of acquainting you, provisions under an escort superior in force, victory obrained over the French and Tippoo convoy expected from Madras, and upon Sahib's auxiliaries, by the troops of his Mi- which every thing turned. Some of the jeity, and of the Honourable East India Com- French ships were indeed (from our camps) pany, under my command, on June 13th, be seen at anchor. I nevertheless continued inc ing the fourth day after our operations began march, in the way I fixed in my own mind South of Cuddalore. The particulars will be for months before, and getting round that fide found in the form of a letter, inclosed to your of Cuddalore where the ene ny expected us, I Lord/hip, nearly the same as I had the honour fixed this as our ultimate encampment in the to address to this government.

afternoon of the zih of June. Every account which I have received in To Speak of the enemy's ftrength in Euroduces me to believe, that the enemy, in kile peans only, the French, my Lord, at little led and wounded upon this occafion, suffered more than a musquet thot from us now in in Europeans to the extent of 42 officers, and Cuddalore, are upwards of 2500* regulars of Goo men.

the old establishment, besides what M. Suf. I do myself the honour to tranfmit to your fren, who is now here with 19 fail at anchor, Lord'hip the general orders to the army, and has in his power to land at an hour's notice, the separate instructions to the others com- and previous to the late fally, he had landed manding the four divifions of the army in the upwards of 1500 land troops or marines. action of that day.

I take the liberty, my Lord, to transmic There is also another letter inclosed, con to your Lordship, what I judged as a mark of taining the particulars of the total repulse of private gratitude, as well as public duty, to the enemy in their attack upon our parallel, give out in general orders to this hrave army, the morning of the 25th of June; an action in full confidence that your Lord'hip will do which gives additional luftre to the theadiness them the honour to communicate to his Maand bravery of this army. The particulars jesty whatever you may think proper, and are also nearly the same with what was my particularly what regards the detachment of duty to acquaint this Government of. The his Majesty's 13th and 16th regiments of his name of the officer who commanded the for- Electoral subjects, and to Colonel Wangentée, and now our prisoner, is Mons. Des Da- heim who commanded them. mas, Chevalier de Malte, Colonel of the re Upon the whole, I request your Lordship to giment of Aquitaine. There are, besides, lay before his Majesty my most humble ree two captains, and one or two subaltern offi- commendation of this brave army to his Macers, prisoners. The total Europeans of the jetty's molt gracious favour, as highly deservenemy, killed, wounded, or prisoners, are ing of it. And as a mark of that favour, that reported to exceed four hundred.

his Majesty will be graciously pleased to apo I enclose to your Lordihip a return of the prove of the promotions which, as commande killed and wounded on our part, which I am ing his Majesty's troops, I have taken the happy to find on this occafion, are in no great liberty to make, in regular fucceffion by seninumber. In this forée of the enemy, it hap- ority, ro vacancies during the present very sco pened that a linall party in the dark got over vere Tervice, for such it has been in every one particular place of the trenches where sense of the word. two chance bors killed one Jemidar, and The Hon. Lieutenant Colonel Cathcart, as badly wounded anotber, both of whom car your Lordihip will perceive, has had very ried'the colours of the 24th Bengal regi. ment, which fell from thrir hands, and in the scramble fome French soldiers fole off un * July 1783. It has been since found from perceived with two stand of colours. But she returns, ibas the French regular and Dusche your Lordship will fee, both from the return Europeans, exclusive of sbe Mar ines, exceeded of our inconsiderable lors, and from the nar. 4000. Vol. VI. Jan. 1984.



great merit at the bead of the corps of grena. agreed on, got poflession of the posts of the ce diers both on the 136 and 25th. He will nemy on the Bandipollom H lls, with theit have the hunour to deliver this letter; and guns, and Licut. Colonel Cathcart, at the there is none more capable to fupply any io- head of the grenadiers, supported by Colone! formation, which io chc hurry I may have o. Scuart, commanding the advanced picquris mitted. I beg leave.to recommend him to his on the left, confisting of the remains ot the Majesty as an officer attached to his profeliiva 73d regiment under Capt. Lamont, and two and very good abilities.

battalions of Sepoys, made a movement to (N. B. The original dispatch, of which she turo the enemy's right flank. above is a duplierte brought by the Medea, In advancing they suftained such a heavy was entrusted to Lieut. Col. Carhca 1, whi firs, and the ground so difficult, that with is now on his paffage from India in the Poo. great judgment Colonel Stuare covered his dicherry.]

people unuid he could better reconnoitet, Extract of sbe letter forft referred to in the prey approach the enemy' from different quarters

and fome further disposition could be taken to coding dijpalsb, containing ibo parrticulars of nearly about the same time. He sent me a

obe action on tbe 134b of June 1733. report of his fituation, and I gave orders in 'I most sincerely congratulate your Lordthip confequence to the reserve, under Colonel on the succerstul efforts of this brave army, Gordor, to make a movement in advance in carrying at one itroke the whole of the out. to their left, and to Major-general Bruce polts and redoubts of the enemy, with 18 to march from the right in the direcpieces of artillery mounted upon them. Their tion of the redoubt, if the ground could admit lofs in Europeans killed and wounded, ac

of it. cording to the prisoners, being # 26 othcers The General had very properly posted Lieut. and 600 men. We have also lost many excel. Colonel Edmondson upon the Sand Hills near lent officers and brave men.

the sea, to support the brass eighteens, and On the preceding day (the 12th) I called prevent our being flanked on that lide. as a Council of War ihe two officers next in Upon further information, that the redoubt command to me, Major General Bruce and which principally annoyed the grenadiera was Colonel Stuart. I acquainted them of the to be got at in the rear, orders were given for Hate of our affairs in general; the letters I the grenadiers, the reserve, and the righe unhad received from the Admiral reprefenting der General Brace, to close upon the enemy The fickly condition of his men, and the fate with their musquetry, Icaving their gons unof the water, which might oblige him to re. der cover. I defired the Commanding Officer tura to Madras; also the approach of the of Artillery to fire three guns as a fignal, and French fleet ; but above all, the indefatigable to continue a heavy fire for five minutes on industry rifible in the vart works they were the enemy's redoubt on the front opposite to making in the high grounds and lines, io Colonel Sivart, and the grenadiers, whilft communication with the post commonly cal the reserve under Colonel Gordon was moving led Brickmyre's, thus ftretching along the on ; upon our fire ceating, the attack on all neck by which we must approach the place; lides to begin. and I requeftcd General Bruce and Colonel The rclerve, which confifted chiefly of the Stuart freely to speak their minds. I had remains of his Majesty's 101st, and of the decalled the chief engineer and the command. tachment from the 15th and 6th Hanoveriing officers of the Bengal and coal artillery ans, with five companies of Captain Muiras deliberative defiring to know in their diffe- head's battalion of repoys, advanced in the rent departments if they werč in readinels, beli order imaginable, under the heaviest fire 1o far as regarded materials for closing the re of mulquetry, round and grape, from the eveJoubts after we should get pollettion, and 10 my, I ever beheld. The greater part had got form a first parallel, and as to guns, with a within the enemy's catrenchments; many of fufficient fupply of fores for the enterprize. our officers fell there. They agreed that every thing was in readineis The detachment of his Majesty's Hanoveri. and we were uvanimously of opinion, that ans, under Lieutenant Colonel Wangenhim, There was not an hour to be lost in driving ibe and Major Varrannius, behaved moft remark French from all their out.pofts into Cuddalore, ably well. The Major fell in the attempt. er under the guns.

The company of gienadiers and light infan. I immediairly presented the plan I meant try of his Majesty's joilt, and the officers of io follow in effecting our purpose, a copy of that corps, and the officers and lepoys of the which I have the honor of incloding. It was 20th Carnatic battalion, shewed the greatest in general molt exactly followed. Lieule- spirit and feadiness ; and if the other men of naut Colooel Kelly, in the precise moment the poilt had feconded the efforts of their of.

ficers and their grenadiers and light infantry,

there is not a doubt but the business would + Upon examining sbę returns, ibe number have been over at once: but they did not ; sakon was 16.

and our people on that attack, were for a cer. It was afterwards found they had 42 05:ceri tain time driven back, and pursued to a conBilled or wounded.

fiderable distance by the enemy. However,

at that time, when the French were in the visible to every one, for it !alled from four ia' pursuit, our grenadiers, under Lieut. Colonel the morning to two in the afternoon. Cathcart and Major Moore, with Cul. Stuart The Admiral with the whole Acet is now and Captain Lamont, with the precious re at an anchor near our rice Thirs, and by our mains of 73d, entered the redoubt on the fide last accounts Mon. Suffren was seen by him where it was not entirely closed, and not to the southward, with fifteen thips of the only took pofletion of it, bor pushed forward line and two frigates. 10 a polt called Brickmyre's, considerably in I have written to Major General Borgoyne advance, and were for lome time in poffeífion to give orders (with the previous information of it with the guns, but obliged to quit upon in Guverulineni) that 200 Hanoverians, with freth troops pouring in upon them.

all the recovered men and recruits belonging Our people kept hold of the firit redoubt, as to his Majctty's troops, now at or near the commanding or enklading every thing in front Presidency, be sent with the utmoft dispatch or to the right of it, and therefore a good to us by lva; and I have recommended to orpoint to go from in our approaches; it was der the same, regard.ng the recruits and reordered to be closed by the chief engineer as covered men of the Company's Europeans. foon as poffible. The havock done by our The army lay upon their arms for twenty guns from the heights now appeared plain ; hours, after the business of the 13th was over, and having thus fecured, by Lieutenant Col. and until I had ihe means to bring our camp Kelly and his brigade, the commanding further in advance, now that we had tilenced points of the Bandipollum hills, giving an o The guns planted on the enemy's out-posts. pening to the large Tank that lies breueen Our right is now within a mile of Cuddalore; chem, and seeing from theocr, in reverse, the but as I had the honour in a former letter to whole bound hedge of Cuddalore; and having represent to the Select Commirree, and having secured a post to approach from of such im- nrarly a brigade to cover our rear and landing portance as before mentioned, I thought it place, and so large a circuit of polts, added lutficient for the day, confidering the number to our lois in action, and hickness incident of our brave min thar had fallen. The spirit to fatigue, I repeat that unless the force of our people, even after so severe an action, under Colonel Fullarton doe's come nearer. was foundavoted, that I was urged to proceed to co-operate and to take off fome part of further, and to drive the whole of the enemy the heavy duty that now falls to our share, into the fort that evening, although we muit this army will, in a very short time, be melted: have had both heavy guns and musquetry to to nothing through fickness and other acciencounter wich; but I declined it, both for dents. she above reason, and because, from my know Camp, S. of Cuddelore, ledge of the French, I was sure, that after a June 15, 1783. right's reflection of what had passed, they would not try a second day out of the fort. Letter to sbe Select Committee at Madras, cond It happened To, for they abandoned in the taining obe particulars of obe repulse of ibe course of the night all their remaining out

Frencb, on ibe 256b of June, 1783. pofts, and drew off their guns, exceptingibre, which we brought into the redoubt. The in: It is with great additional farisfaction that closed return will thew your Lordibip the I give you the account of the repulie the eneguns we have taken from ihe enemy; two of my met with in a furtée they made carly this them are upon the hill, and two in the re.

morning. We have taken their commanding doulur, ready to open againīt their former officer Chevalier de Damas, Colonel (Maitre matters.

de Camp) of the regiment of Acquiraine; I thall, in a separate letter, so soon as I likewise a captain and a lieörenant. There know it with precifion, acquaint your Lord. is a major, a captain, and two fubalterns kilo ship of the loss on our side. It is with infi. led. The prisoners are about 150. I don't nice regret, that I mention the loss of Carcain know how many of the enemy have been kila Douglas, Deputy Adjutant General, as an of. led or carried off wounded: but this I know ficer, and as a member of society'; and the that it was a moft complete route. Our lofs fame Lieutenanc Peter Campbell, my firit is Major Corgrove, Lieut. Groeber of the Aid de Camp. Major Varrenius fell haran- Bengal detachment, and Lieur. Ochterloney guing his men, advancing to the redoubt. The misling, Capt. Williamson wounded, and a Honourable Captain Lindsey, commanding the bout 20 rank and file killed or wounded, grenadiers of the 73d, was wounded and taken Upon the return of the French deet, and prisoner, refuhing to suffer his own people to ours not appearing, I was sure that they semain behind with him*. In a word, no. would take every occafion to annoy us: we thing, I believe, in hiftory, ever exceeded the were prepared for it, as they have found to heroism and coolness of this army in general, their experience. From what I can colle&t of

the prisoners, the troops engaged were of their beit sort, lhe regiment of Aquitaine and other

old corps, besides volunteers from all the other # Captain Lindjc, died of bis wounds as Cud- corps, and iwo battalions of fepoys. Their datore.

principal impression seems co have been direct.

ed to the right of our parallel ; but they had be used, i four and half pounder, i two ind wo idea of our having completed a redoubt half ditto, there, which, with the two guns galled them

In Brickmires Poft. very leverely. Our people behaved wonder Iron guns serviceable mounted, and may be fully well, and the sepoys mixed theirs with used againt the fort, 2 eightcen pou nders, I the French bayouets : nothing could exceed nine ditto, i five ditio. their feadiness. Colonel Gordon commanded Brass guns serviceable mounted, and may be in the trenches with Lieutenant Col. Cath. used, i nine pouuder. cart and Major Coigrove ; only one half of Ditto cannot be used, I twelve pounder. the grenadiers were with the out-laying pic. Between Brickmires Poft and Cuddalore. kets, but Major Moore with the other half Brass guns serviceable mounted, and may be was instantly on the ground from their ad.. used, i3 three pounders. vanced camp, and they proved an excellent Ammunition rumbrils, 8. support to the parallel on the righi.

Carts for thot, From the character Monsieur Suffren, (Signed) W. ELLIOT, Lt. Col. and the infinite superiority of the present

Commanding the Artillery. means on the part of the French now that we are left to ourselves, I expect a daily Return of the killed, wounded, and willing, in

June 14. visit of this sort from them, and tball be prepared to give them a similar reception ; but

the aisack of Ebe French advanced polis, lines

and redoubis before Cuddalore, on ebe_1315 I cannot too olten repeat, that the severity of the prefent duty, both on otficers and men,

of June, 1783, of the army under bis Excel. is become almost insupportable.

lency Major General James Stuari, Comman.

der in Chief of bis Majelly's and the CompaAs to my own uneasiness of mind, congdering many things wbich I need not detail

my's troops. to you, and that it is now nine days fince our

His Majesty's troops. fleet and provision ships left us, and having no If battalion, 73d regiment. Killed, Capt. certainty of Colonel Fullarton's movements Alex Mackencie, s ferjeants, and 20 rank towards me, in consequence of my order of and file. Wounded and Prisoners, the Hon. the 16th instant, I say that, on the whole of Capt. James Lindsay, Lieut. Simon Mackenthese confiderations, my mind is upon the zie, jun. and Lieut. James Trail. Wounded, rack without a moment's rest.

Capt. John Hamilton, Lieutenants Charles The Ateady undaunted valour of this army Gorry, David Rannier, John Sinclair, James is my present resource in the midst of furo Duncan, and George Sutherland, 5 ferjeants, rounding difficulties, if the Admiral does not 2 drummers, and 75 rank and file. Miting, soon appear.

6 rank and file. The high idea I entertain of the merit of 78th regiment. Killed, Capt. George Macthe army, has led me to express my feati. kenzie and 9 rank and file. Wounded, Lieuments at lomc lengih iz this day's general or tenants Patrick Grant and Malcolm Macpherders, both of their conduct on the 13th, and fon, 2 ferjeants, and 28 rank and file. Mir. in the action of this day, I shall have the ling 1 ferjeant and I rank and file. honour of transmitting to your Lordthip, &c. soit regiment. Killed, Lieutenants W. a copy, together with cvery paper of any con R. Elfden, John More, John Brathwayte, sequence which you have not hithertó been and Charles Ross, 2 fericants, 2 drummer, furnished with, owing to the uncertainty of and 38 rank and file. Wounded and prisoconveyance, since we loll light of the Admi. ners, Capt. S. G. Cole, and Lieutenant Joha ral.

M'Gillowray. Wounded, Capt. P. Beatty, I pray your Lordship, &c. to forward the Lieutenants A. Ingram, John Napier, and means of conveyance by sea to us of the de- Mungo Noble, 5 fericants, 2 drummers, and tachment of 200 Hanoverians, with the re- 48 rank and file. cruits and recovered men of his Majesty's and Detachments of the 15th and 16th regi. the Company's troops, together with money, ments of Hanoverians in one regiment. Kil. rice, and horse grain, our only dependence led, Major Varenius, Capt. Brunswick, Lt. for all those things being upon you.

Rluilmand, and Ensign Muller, 2 ierjeants, Camp before Cuddalore, June 257b, 1783. and 60 rank and file. Wounded, Captains Return of Ordnance taken from ibe Enemy in

Droogi, Schamhorss, Westernhagen, and Poft's near Cuddalore, July 13, 1783.

Zelle. Lieutenants Brandt, Norto, V. Hen

nubar, Enrigns Gerber, Jambart, Bert, Wer. On the Bandy pollum Hill.

niche, and adjutant Chevalier, i serjeant, 2 Brass guns serviceable mounted, and may drummers, and 141 rank and file. be used on the posts, two four and half pound

J. GRATTAN, Adj. Gen.

Bengal Troops. In the intrenchments from Bandypollum Wounded, Colonel Tho. D. Pearse. Hill and Brickmires Post, iron guns service Artillery. Killed, 2 bombardiers, 1 maable, the carriages damaged, and cannot be tross, and 8 Lascars. Wounded, Lieut. E. uled, r nine pounder, 1 tour pounder. Brown, and Lieur. Fireworker Egshaw, 1

Brass guns ferviceable mounted, and may irrje ani, i bombardier, I sunner, 2 matres.


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