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PRICE of STOCKS.' Bank Stock, 113 11211. India Stock, 1211. 3 per cint. Bank ro

duced, 561aj. 3 per cent. diuto contol. 55844456. 4 per cent. consol. Ann. 1783, 745 3 per cent. Scrip. 1793, 38 a 4 per cent. Scrip. 1783, Bonds, 412425. Dii. Jan. Navy and Viet. Bills, 19220, 191 Dis.

5 per cent. India

During the present Month the Political Convulsions bating continued to increase, we bave given ibe

wbole of Ebe Debates up to the day of publicalion, wbich bas forced us to omis or poftpone several articles of bfs moment.

King's Speech to the Bisliops. New-Year's Day Ode.

Thursdiiy, Fanuary 11, 1784. Tho' martial glory cease;
EW Year's day, the Arcbb ihops and Bi. Shall now with equal industry,

to Rome was free cultom, of addreifing the King at his Levee on Resume the arts of Peace! that occafion, when his Majetły was pleased (come! ye toil-worn wanderers, come! to make them the following gracious answer : To genial hearths, and social home, « My Lordi,

The tender housewife's busy care, " I return you my thanks for this dutiful and The board with tempera:e pleniy crown'u, byal address, and you may always depend upon And smiling progeny around, my warnej weal for, and confiant protection of That listen to the cale of war! ibe Church.

Yet be not war the favorite theme, I also return you my ib.onks for your conta

For what has war with bliss to do? gratulations on the courmencoment of the New Teach them more juftly that to deem, żear; bbe comencement of ibis year may pro.

And own experience taught it you ; bably be we most critical and important of any Teach them 'tis in the will of faie, yet in the annals of this country: it bas from rwy Their frugal industry alone accellion to the Ibrone of ibele realms been viy "Can make their countiy truly great, confiant fludy equally to preserve tbe rights, li And in her blifs secure their own! birties and bappiness of niy people, with ihe pre Be all the songs that soothe their toil, rogatives and rigbes which the confitution bath And bid the brow of labour smile; intru, ied to me ; it is my determined rejoturion is When thro' the loom the shuttle glides, personere in this conduci, in wbich I trul I may Or shining share the giebe divides; bave the probition of the Almighty, and be Or bending to the Woodman's stroke, jupport of every boneji man in my

dominions." To waft her Commerce, falls the British Oak!

Be all their songs that follen there,

Of calm content, and future well earn'd cale! This being New Year's day, was observed Nor dread, left inborn fpirit die ! at the Court of St. James's as a grand Collar One glorious lesson carly caught ; day. At noon the following Ode, written by will all the boafted pow'rs fupply, William Whitehead, Esq. Poet Laurear, and of practis'd rules, and ftudied thought! set by Mr. Stanley, Matter of the King's From the firft dawn of reason's riv, band, will be performed in the Great Council On the young bosom's yielding clay, chanber, before their Majesties, and the rest Strong be their country's love impressid, of ihe Royal family, &c.

And let your own example fire their breast;

Tell them 'is their's to grasp the sword
Ode for the New Years, January 1, 1784. If Britain gives the awful word;
ENOUGH of arms-to barrier ends, To bleed, to die, in Britain's caure
fler forward view, Britannia bends,

And guard from faétion nobly free
Dhe generous hofts who grasp'd the sword Their birth-right blessing 1 berty;
Obcdicnt to her awrul word.

True liberty that loves the laws.

Ministerial Changes. LONDON GAZETTE, Tuesday, Dec. 30. 1 To constitute and appoint the Right Hon. Wbireball, December 3016.

Richard Viscount Howe, Charles Br«it, John

Jefferies Pratt, and John Levefon Gower, HE King has been pleased to grant to Esquires, Henry Bathurst, Esq. (commonly

Thomas Piti, Esq; and the heirs male called Lord Apilev), Charles George Percival, of his body lawfully begotten, the dignity of and James Mody ford Heywood, Eqrs. a Baron of the kingdom of Great Britain, by to be his Majesty's Commissioners for executa the name, tile, and title of Lord Camelford, ing the office of Lord High Admiral of the Barag of Boconnoc, in the County of Corn kingdoms of Great Britain and Ireland, and 1.



the dominions, inlands, and territories there. Henry Frederic Carteret, the office of Pon's unor freetively belonging. (1)

Master General. T:e King has been plealed to grant to the To conftitute and appoint the Right Hor. Right Hon. William Wyndham Grenville, Sir George Yonge, Bart, to be his Majesty's the otace of Receiver and Paymaster General Secretary at War (11). of his Majesty's guards, garrisons, and land jerces. (2)

LONDON GAZETTE, Saturday, Jan. 10. Allo to grant to the Right Hon. Henry. At the Court at James's, 7th January, 1784. Dundas, the ofice of Treasurer of his Majer. This day the right honourable Philip Earl ly's Navy. (3)

of Chesterfield, was, by his Majelly's comAnd to William Smith, F.[q; the office of, mand, sworn of his Majesty's most honour. Treafurer and Paymaster of his Majesty's able Privy Council, and took his place at the Ordnance. (4)

Board accordingly.

St. James, Jan. 9. The King has bein LONDON GAZETTE, Saturday, Jan. 3. pleased to conter the honour of knighthard S. Javnes, Dec. 31. This day the Right on Lievlerant Colonel Henry Avgustus Mou. Hon. Henry Heneige Earl of Aylesford, the tagu Colby. Right Hon. Thomas Lord Wallingham, and che Right Hon. William Wyndham Grene LONDON GAZETTE, Saturday, Jan. 17. ville, were, by bis Majetty's command, sworn Whitehall, Jan. 17. The King has bien of his Majesty's molt bonourable Privy Coun- pleased to appoint Samuel Ell wick, Esq. to be cil

, and took their respective places at the Secretary and Register to ihc Royal Hospital, Board accordingly.

at Chelsea (12) His Majefly having been graciously pleased is deliver the cuflody of the Seals of the Duchy. LONDON GAZETTE, Tuesday, Jan. 26. and Cuunty Palarine of Lancafier, to the. W'biteball, January 20. The King has been Right Hon. Thomas Earl of Clarendon, the · pleased to grant to George Auguftus Selwyr, outh of Chancellor of the said Duchy, was, Esq; the office of Surveyor of his Májily's this day, administered to his Lordship. (5) cattles, honours, lards, and woods in Enge St. Yanes's, Jan. 2. Yesterday the Earl

Jand* (13). of Chesterfield had the honour to kiss the King's hand, oo being appointed his Majet."

1116m of, ty's Ambafiador Extraordinary and Plenipo (1) l'iscount Koppel, Admiral Ilugb l'igol, ientiary to the King of Spain. (6)

Vijorunl Duncannon, llun. Joon Torun hend, Sir And this day Arthur Stanhope, Esq; had Juba Lindsay, William Jolliffe, Esq. 11 brushed the horour to kiss the King's hand on being Kerne, Ejq; appointed his Majesty's Secretary of Embafly (2) Rigb: Hon. Edmund Burke. to the king of Spain. (7)

(3) Rigbe Hon. Charles Townshend. The King has been pleased to appoint the (4) William ridim, Fja. , Earl of Aylesford, to be Captain of the Yeo (5) Earl of Derby men of his Majesty's Guard. (8)

16) Lord Mountjie wari. Lord De Ferrars to be Captain of his Ma 17) Robert Lifion, Fjg. jefly's Band of Gentlemen Pensioners. (9) (8) Earl Cholmondeley.

And the Earl of Galloway to be one of the 79) Earl Jersey. Gentlemen of his Majefty's Bedchamber. (10) Lord Foley.

Viu) RigbHonourable Colonel Fitzpatrick. LONDON GAZETTE, Tursday, January 6. (12) Hon. II. Walpole.

#bireball, January 6. The King has been 113) Hon. Jobn Si. John. pleased to graos to the Right Hon. the Earl of

* Salary fool. Tankerville, (10) and to the Right Hon.

Negociation for an Union of Parties. The following nur Readers may depend on as an House of Commons, and presented by a

aut bentic account of sbe Proceedings of the Committee to the Duke of Portland and the Gentimen, Members of sbe House of Commons, fight Honourable William Pirt. To which wbo ajlcmbled at the St. Alban's Tavern on the following answers were returned : Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, with a The Duke of Portland returned for answer, view io conciliare differences, and as foward « That he thould think bimself happy in an Union of ibe contending Parties in Parla-' “ obeying the commands of so respectable a

“ meeting. But the greatest difficulty to On Monday, ibe 26.b of January, a meeting “ him, and he imagines ftill greates to Mr.

was held at the St. Alban's Tavern, for “ Pict, Mr. Pite's being in office." the purpose of recommending an union of par Mr. Pire's answer was ; “ That he will be ties, when an address was agreed to and fign very ready to pay attention to the comed by FIFTY-THREE MEMBERS

"1 mands of so respectable a meeting, and co



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's operate with their wishes, to form a strong. “ worthily fill the chair: and my anxious « er and more extended administration, if the “ defire to see such an administration formed ", fame can be done with principle and ho upon a solid and secure balis, as may restore nour."

" harmony to this distracted empire, and may On Tuesday :be 277b, the gentlemen met at vt be entitled to a confidence and support of the said Tavern, when there appeared to be every true friend of his country, make it SEVENTY MEMBERS, and the above answers “ neceitary for me to trouble you with a rebeing read, they came to the following refo. “ petition of the reasons which I assigned to lutions :

you and other genilemen who delivered me Resolved, That the thanks of this meeting “ the representation and requiftion of your be given to his Grace. the Duke of Portland, "mecting of ihe 26th of January, for dcclin. and the Right Honourable William Pitt, for " ing an immediate interview with Mr. Pitt, the attention they have respectively declared on the present arduous fituation of public themselves ready to pay to the requisitions

« affairs. presented to them in our names.

“ I had the honour of ftating to you, I Rcfolved, fecondly, That in anxious expecta " did not think it possible that such a meeting rion of a cordial.co operation of great and rele of would rend to forward the desirable end we peciable characters acting on the same public « all with, as long as Mr. Pitt remained in principles, we beg leave to express our most « his minifterial capaciiy, not withlianding carnest wish, that some explanat on may be " the Resolution of the House of Commons had between the Duke of Portland and Mr. " of the 16th iostant. Under these cireum. Pitt on any dimculiy in that way of confideo. « ftances the embarraiment lecms mutual tial intercourse.

" and difficult to be goi over, but if any expeResolved, birdly, That we do not presume "dieut can be devised for removing it, I hall io point out the mod: in which such mutual " be extremely ready to conter with Mr. Pirt, explanation may be obtained, ftudioully a. “ and to contribute every faculty in my power voiding any interference on our part which " to promote the object of our joint withes. may imsede or counteract whatever lieps are

" I have the honour to be, &c. taken towards that communication which it (Signed) " PORTLAND.” is our objiet toe to citeet.

Tbomas Grofvinor, Esq; Cbuirman. Reflved, fourtbly, That the Chairman be Thursday tbe 2916. The gentlemen met, defired to communicate the Refolutions to and there being ABOVE EIGHTY MEMBERS his Grace of Portland and Mr. Pilt.

present, they came to the following resolution. The Resolutions bring communicated to Rifulved.' That the Chairman be requested Mr. Pitt, he returned the following answer: to return our thanks to the Duke of Portland

“ Mr. Pire having received from so ref. and Mr. Pist, for the additional favour they “ perable a meeting an intimation of their have now given of their attention to our “ withes, that some explanation may be had willacs. « between the Duke of Portland and himlelt, To express our cord al fatisfaction to find " on any ditħculties in the way of confiden. they:Ere: in opinion with this meeting, that “ tial intercourse, begs to affure Mr. Grof an union is of the highest imporiance, and is “ venor (the Chairman) that there are no the object of their joint willes. 4 difficulties on his part in the way


To intimate to them, that after these decla. " immediate intercourse with the Duke of rations, we are the more trongly confirmed in “ Portland on the subject of an union, con ous hope and expectation that by the inter-, “ fiftent with honour and principle, which vention of mutual friends, fome expedient may “ he agrees with the gentlemen of the meet be advised, which may tend to remove the "ing in thinking of the greatest importance dithculiy, which is stated to be the most ma" in ihe present date of the country. If, on terial obstacle to a communication between « his Grace's part, there are any objections to them, on the subje&t of a curdial and perma“ such intercourse, Mr. Piit withes jo have nent union. " them fiated, and will immediately give a (Signed) T. GROSVENOR, Chairman. " direct answer with regard to them."

The Members then adjourned to Monday The Duke of Portland returned the follow. Dext, February 2d. ing answer (addrefled to ihe Chairman): It is but fairness to add, ibat the Duke of

Deoni Hous, Thursday, Jan. 29, 1784. Porilaid bad seen Mr. Piri's answer, but Mr. “SIR,

Pille bas not yet feen ibe Dake's. “ As you have so very obligingly commu.* " nicated to me the affurances you bave re Upon the Vote of Cenfure in the House be. "1 ceived from Mr. Pirt,' that there are no ing carried on the Ministers, the Queen fcemdi dinhculiies on his part in the way of an ed to be greatly agitated, and Lady Egreimmediate intercourse between him and me mont attempting to tooth her, the said the " on the subject of an union of parties, and King was so hurt at the heat, violence, and " that he is ready to give an immediate and istreftedness of parties, that he bad, literally " direct an.wer to any objections which I speaking, not a moment's peace, nor did the

may have to such intercourse, my fincere believe he would experience any, while the 4 inclination to concur in the withes of the present contentien of parties continued. “ very respeciable mcering, of which you to

M1. mbors


The following Lift of Members wbo voted for Lewisham, Viscount, Robinfon, John,

Mr. Fox's India Bill, on be first Division, Lilter, Thomas, Rodney, Hon. Gco.
bas been published, but not being quite exaci, Lloyd, Maurice, Ross, George,
we bave added some corretiions.

Long, Dudley, Ross, Charles

Locan, Viscount, Rous Thoma; Bates, Adam William, Delme, Peter,

Ludlow, Earl, Rouf, C. W. B.
Amcorts, Wharton, Dering, Sir Edward,

Lucerell, H. H. Lawes Rulbout, Sir John,
Ambkr, Charles, Dickenson, William, .
Anderson, Evelyn, Dolben, Sir William,

Luttrell, Hon. John, St. John, Hon. G. R

Markworth, Sir Herb. St. John, Henry,
Anton, George, Drummond Adam,
Anitruiher, Joha

St. John, John,
Dundas, Sir Thomas,

Maitland, Viscount,

Malden, Viscount, St. Joha, St. Andrew, Bacon, Anibony, Dundas, Charles, Doncannon, Viscount, Marriott Sir James,

Mansfield, Jaines, Baker, William,

Suli, Samuel,

Sawbridge, John, Bumpfylde, Sir C.W. Dution, James,

Masterman, William, Scott, Hugh, Barrow, Sir Charles, Eden, Right Hon W.

Melbourn, Lard Vif. Scodamore, John, Baffert, Sir Francis, Edmonftone, Sir Arch.

Mellish, Charles, Shastre, Robert, Ballett, Francis, Elliot, Sir Gilbert

Michleton, Viscount, Sheffield, Lord, Beauchamp, Viscouni, Ellis, Right Hon. W.

Minchin, Humphry, Skene, Robert. Beckford, Richard, Erskine, Hon. Tho.

Monckton, Hon. Ed. Sloane, Haus, Bentinck, LJ. Ed.Ch. Erskine, Sir James,

Montag Rt. Hon Fr. Smith, John Morell, Banyon, Richad, Ewer, William,

Morani, Edward Sinich, Richard, Braddyll, W lion, Eyre, Anthony,

Mortimer, H. W. Spencer, LordCharles Bridginai7 , Sir Henry, Eyre, Francis,

Spencer, Lord Robert Brown, Launcelot,

Moysey, Abel,
Fane, Hon. Heory,
Bunbury, Sır Th. Ch. Fitzwilliam, Hon. G.

Murray, Hon. James, Scanbope, Hon .H. F.

Newenham, Nathan. Stanley, Thomas, Burgoyne, Ri. Hon.). Fletcher, Sir Henry

Nichols, fohn, Stephens, Philip, Borke, Rt. Hon. Ed. Fludyer, George.

North, Lord, Stephenson, John, Burrard, Harry, Foley, Hon. Edward,

North, Hon. G. A. Steward, Gubriel,
Burrell, Sir Peter, Fonnereau, Martyn,

Onflow, George, Storer, Anthony,
Byng, Gcorge, Forester, Gcorge,
Fox, Hon.Charles Ja. Ord, John,

Oollow, Thomas,
Calvert, Joho, jan.

Strachey, Henry.

Stuart, Hon. James Campbell, Ld. Fred. Frater, Hon. Arch. Campbell James, Frederick,SirCharles,

Olborne, Sir George, Surrey, Earl,

Owen, Sir Hugh, Suttoit, Sir Richard. Catwall, Timothy, Frederick, Sir John,

Owen, Hugh, Taylor, Clement, Cavendish, Lord John Gascoigne, Sirt.

Owen, William, Thompson. Beilby, Cavendith, LdG.A.H Gideon, Sir Samplon,

Pallifer, Sir Hugh, Thorold, Sir Joho,
Cavendith, LdGeorge Goddard, Ambrosc,
Cawthorne, J. Fenton, Gough, Sir Henry,

Palmerston, Viscount, Town:hend, Ri .H.C.
Pardve, John,

Townshend, Hon. Joha
Chaytor, William, Gould, Sir Charles,
Clayton, Sir Robeit, Grabom, George,

Payne, Sir Ralph, Vaughan, Hon. John Clerke, Sir Phil. Jen. Gregory, Robert,

Pelham, Hon. Henry, Verney, Earl,
Clinton, Sir Henry,
Grenville, Hon. Tho. Peyton, Sir H.

Penrudduck, Charles, Upper Oifory, Earl of
Clive, Lord
Greville, Hon. Cha.

Vyner, Robert

Pigot, Hugh, Clive, William, Grey, Hon. Booth,

Walpole, Hon. Rich,

Plumer, Williain, WalioleHog.Horatio Cockburn, Sir James, Gritfin, Sir John Grif.

Pouleit, Hon. Anne Coghill, Sir John, !! ale, Francis,

Webb, John,

Rawlinfon, Sir Walter Wilkinlon, Jacob, Coke, Tho. Will.

Halliday, John, Coke, Dan. Parker, Hammet, Benjamin,

Rawlinson, Henry, Winningion, Edward

Rawianfoo, Abraham, Wyndham, Hoo Percy Coke, Edward, Hanger, Hon. Wil.

Rigby, Rt. Hon. Rich. Cha. Conway, Rr.Hon.H.S Hare James, Fitzpatrick, Rt. Hon. Rd. Tellers. Conway, Hoi). H. S. Hartley Wincheo, II.

Sheridan, R. B.
Conway, W. S.

Hatton, George Fincin,

Conway, Hon. R. S. Henn ker, Sir John,
Cooper, Sir Grey, Herris, Sir Robert,

It is through mittake that the name of Sir Cuies, John, Hinchingbroke, Vír.' John Coghill is interted in the list of the

members who voted for the lodia bill, as we Courtenay, John, Hoghcon, Sir Henry, Cox, Lawrence, Hoiham, Sir Richard,

art authorised to say that the above gentleman Cianford, John, Huni, George,

was not in the House at the time, being con

fived to his houle througli ind ípohtiol, Cre!pigny, P.Champi. Hoffey, William.

Mr. Hammer's name is also inferied bv Crewe, John, Jervois, Jerv. Clarke, mittake, as that Gentleman botis spoke and Cunyngham, SirW.A Johnnes, Thomas, Curzon, Hon. Nat Jollitle, William,

voted against the India bill.

S:s far from Mi. Pardoe's having unted for Cuft, Peregrine, Jolliffe, Tho Samuel,

the East India bill ou the firit Isaing, we Cult, Fra. Cockayne, Keene, Wbitrhed,

are delired to contradict fuch report, that Tramer, Hon. George, Kenrick, John, Darby, George,

gentleman not being in the Houte at the Kensington, Loril, Daubeny, George, Knighi, Rich Payne,

It was through mistike that the pame of Davenport, Sir Tho. Ladbroke, Robert, Davers, Sir Charles, Lee, Jo!!!,

Sir Henry Peytoo was inserted in the list of

the Members who voted for the India St, Davies, Somerset, Lewis, Edward,

as we are authorized to say the above ges



teman was not in the house at that time, The following voted again the Bill on the being a: Bath for the recovery of his health.

fecond divifion :

Stuart, Hon. Keitli Lj? of the Members of the House of Commons

Stan bope, W. Spencer cubo voted againibe Er!! Indiá Bill.

Hammet, Benjamin Adeane, James Wor.
Lawley, Sir Robert

Fuller, Joha
Ardei, Pepper Leighton, Sir Charl.

On the Third Division. Arcedeckne, Chaloner Lewes, Sir Waikin Abbey, John, Eig. Muncaiter, Lord Mulgrave, Lord Hamilton, James Aplizy, Lord Mawbey, Sir Joseph Phips, Hon. C.

Sinclair, Jolm
Biring, lahn

Medley. George Corton, Sir R., Pringle, John
Binks, Henry
MʻPheifon, James
Ackland, John

Johnlun, Peter
Buyd, john, Ef7. Martin, Jaines Sper, Will. Char'es Sawbridge, John
Rolkeley, Loid M'Donald, A. Erq.


Henry Curtis, Joha Beauloy, Henry Marlham, Hon. Char. Brudenell, Geo. Brid. Mack reth, Rob. Esq. 1a Aubentic LIST of the ABSENTEES Burton, Francis Mahon, Lord

ibe for jd Division on ibc E. f India Bilt. Barne, Piroc

Neville, Rich. Aldw. Bieit, Charles Norton, Hon. Edward AlheW.P.A. A Court Egerton, Sir Tho. Band, John Ord, Thomas

Alleck, Sir Edm. Egerton, John W. Ryotte, Charles Phipis, James Anoelley, Francis, Eliot, Edward, Buverie, Hon.W.H. Prati, Hon. John Jetf. Astley, Sır Edward, Elphinstone, G.Keith Buotke, Rich. Wilbr. Perceval, Hon. c. G. Bacon, Edward, Elwes, John, Barrington, John Pierre, Henry

Baker, Peter Will. Evelyn, wm Clavion, William Pulteney, William Baree, Rt. Hon. Ifaac Eufton, Earl of Cocks, T. Somers Powys, Thomas, Erg. Barwell, Richard, Fairford, Viscount Dawes, John Pennyman, Sir James Batřard, John P. Farnaby, Sir Charles DinWale, Baron Praed, William Bateman, Viscount Farrer, Thomas, Drake, William Philli, fon, Richard Biyntum, Andrew, Featherstonehaugh, Sr Diake, Will. junior Pirt, Thomas

Benfeld, Paul,

Harry Duncombe, Henry Powney, Pen. Portlock Bertie, Hon. Peregrinc Fielding, Viscount Dalrymple, Hugh Palk, Sir Robert Bilshorp, Sir Cecil, Fife, Eirl of Dundas, Henry Pirt, William Blackwell, Samuel, Fitzberbert, Thomas Fatwick, Simuel Pochin, Will. Efq. Blair, Js. Hunter,

Fludyer, Sir S. B. Fergusun, Sir Adam Robinton, Hon. Fred.' Blake, Sur Patrick, Foley, Hon. Avd. Fleming, Sı: Mich. Le Rolli, Joho

Bolcawen, Hugh, Garden, Alexander, Gatcoyne, Bamber Rous, Sir John Bowes, And. Robinson Gibbon, Edwird, Gascoyne, Bamb. jun. Robinson, Charles Bramston.Th. Berney, Gordon, Lord Adım, Gai torth, John Baynes Scott, John

Brickdale, Matthew Gordon, Lord Wm G:ofvenor, Thomas Sykes, Sir Francis Bil, Frederic, Graves, William Ginas, George Sutton, John

* Bulker, John, Gullton, Jofeph, Gilbert, Thomas Stcele, Tho. Elq. Burrell, Sir Meyrick Halsey, Thomas Gardiner, Sir J. Wh. Symons, Sir Richard

Bullock, John,

Harbord, Sir Harbord. Grenville, Hon.W.W Sutton, G-orge Berkeley, Hon. Geo. Hamilton, W. Ger. Graham, Lord. Smith, Abel, Efa.

Calvert, John, Haobury, John Grenville, James, Esq. Smith, Sir Robert

Campbell, Joho, Harris, Sir James, Galway, Lord Selwyn, Geo. Auguft. Carew, Reg. P. Harrison, John, Hyde, Lord

Smith, Samuel, jun. Charteris, Francis, Hartley, David, Hopkins, Richard

Selwyn, William Cecil, Henry, Hervey, Eliab, Herberi, Henry Arth. Scott, Thomas Claviring, Sir Tho. Henderson, Sir John Harley, Rt. Hon.Tho. Smith, Robert, Esg. Cleveland, John, Herbert, Hen. Arih. Brill, Śir Richard Shuckburgh, Sirg. A. Cocks, Sir Charles, Holdsworth, Arthur Hill, Noel

Tudway, Clement Codrington, Sir Wm. Honywood, Philip Honywood, Filmer Townsend, James Correwall, Sir Geo. Hungeriord, J. P. Howard, Sir George Thornton, Henry Cornwall, Right Hon James, Sir William Jack/24, Richard Tempest, John

C. Woll, Speaker Jones, Henry, Junkiolon, Rt. Hon.C. Thistlethwayte, Rob. Cornwallis, Hn. W. Kecue, Benjamin Jervis, Sir John Townson, John Courton, Earl Lambton, John, Johnilone, George Wilberforce, Will. Coxe, Rich. Hippif. Lascelles, Edwin Kem, Thomas Wake, Sir William Darker, jobo, Lawley, Sir Robert Kaighiley, Lucy Wraxall, Nath. Will. Dawkings, Henry, Lawrence, Wm Keavon, Lloyd Elq. Whitbread, Samuel Delaval, Lord, Legh, Thomas Peter Lowther, Sir James Wilkes, john Efq.

D.mptler, George, Lemon, Sir William Lowvcher, James

W'ray, Sir Cecil D'Orly, Chrift. Lathieullier, Benj.
Lowther, William Yorke, Philip Douglas, Archibald, Lincoln, Earl of
Lowther, John Esq. Elliot, Ed. T. 7 Tel. Drummond, Henry, Litburne, Earl
Lemox, Lord George Yonge, Sir G. } lers. Duntze, Sir John Long, Sir J1. Tylney

Durand, Joho Loveden, E. Loveden,
Torel-Agrin? the Bill 120.
Edin, Charles Lucas, Thomas


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