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freehold. These the robbers did not find. When, disgraced society and alarmed the peaceable inthey had done their work, one who seemed to be habitants of Middleton, roused from his reverie the Captain, called over their number from 1 to by the repetition, “What shall we do to be 16, and all having answered, they went away, | saved ?" called out involuntarily,“ Send for the carrying with them, or destroying property to Scotch Greys directly!" the amount of nearly 1501. During the robbery

SURREY. two of the gang kept guard at the door of a small

ATTEMPT AT MURDER.—This case happened cottage adjacent, being the only habitation near

at Ham, on Friday, May 29, ánd the assassin is Mr. Drinkwater's.

in custody, and was examined at Kingston HAMPSHIRE.

on the following day.-He was footman in a Singular CIRCUMSTANCE.—A singular eir- gentleman's family at Ham, and the object of cuinstance occurred on board the ship Regalia, in his rancour was the Ladies' maid in the same the harbour of Portsmouth, a short time since.- family. The laiter had some friends from Lon. The Captain (Palmer) had two apprentices sent don call on her on Friday, and she accompanied him from London, by the owners, both of them to Ham Fair,where she is said to have taken whom were regularly bound, and had been on the arm of one of the company. The asssasin' board some time. One of them fell overboard in had previously given her to understand he would the harbour, and was with much difficulty got on shoot her if she took the arm of any man, and on board the ship; when the supposed lad proved to her entering the house, be verified his threat, by be a young girl about sixteen years of age! She discharging a pistol at her loaded with slugs.said she had procured a living near London, by | The young woman received the charge ia her working in the fields; but disliking the employ- | arm, but her head and side have also received ment, and without a character to recommend her injury. She is expected to survive. The assassia to any housekeeper's employment, she was in

is lodged in Kingston gaol. duced to pass herself off as a young lad, wishing to go to sea, when she was regularly bound to

MARRIED. serve as an apprentice to the owners of the Mr. Thomas Simpson, of High-street, Borough, Regulia. The crew handsomely subscribed te rig | Esq. banker, Cateaton-street.

to Miss Paine, daughter-in-law of John Haddock, her out with female clothing, and she is for the Lately, at Gainsborough, Mr. Ridge to Mrs. present under the notice of the Hon. Mrs. Grey.

Brown, widow, both of Morton.-Their united

ages amount to 161 years. KENT.

DIED. FORTUNATE DISCOVERY.- A short time since,

At his house at Vauxhall, Wm. H. Faulkner, as William Gray, of Dover, was ripping up an Cominander in the Royal Navy, son of the Ad. old jacket that he had purchased for two sbil

miral of that name, and brother to the brave Capt.

Faulkner, who fell in the moment of victory, ings and sixpence, and had worn two years, he while lashing liis ship to the French frigate La discovered under a patch that had been sewn on Pique.-The gallani Commander, whose death one of the sleeves, two ten pound, two five pound, || service, where his merit has been often tried; .in

we now record, was universally beloved in the and two one pound Bank of England notes, him centered the expert seamen, blended with which he of course claimed as his own.

that of the elegant classic scholar and accomplish.

ed gentleman. His wife has to deplore the loss LANCASHIRE.

of a truly excellent husband, and his country of A preacher in a chapel at Middleton a short

a faithful defender.

Lately, in France, Sonnini, the celebrated time since, zealous in the cause of salvation, and traveller. wishing to enforce the doctrine he was promul Lately, Sir Francis Molyneux, Gentleman gating, had asked several times, “What shall

Usher of the Black Rod," and Sir Thomas

Tyrwhitt has been appointed to that office by we do to be saved ?" when one of his auditors, the Lord Chamberlain (the Marquis of Heri.

ford.) probably absorbed in worldly thoughts, and the

At Harnam, near Salisbury, aged 100, Mrs. recollection of the tumults which had so lately Sanger.


London : Printed by and for J. Ball, sole Proprietor of this MAGAZINE, and Proprietor of the

WEEKLY MESSENGER, Southampton-street, Strand. July 1, 1818.







Marchioness of Buckingham, 3

Portraits of Charles I. and President Richardot,
Mrs. Siddons, 59, 175

by Van Dyk, 38
Miss Smith, 115

Christ in the arms of the Virgin Mary, and Car-
Mrs. Billington, 171

dinal Bentivoglio, 96
Mrs. Edwin, 227

Francois de Moncade, and a Lady with her
Mrs. Dickons, 283

Daughter, 152
Eneas depositing Anchises on the Beach, and

Charles I. Elector Palatine, 20.3

A Portrait, and Alexander Scaglia, 268

A Lady with a Fan of Feathers in ber hand, and
Hymenæa in search of a Husband, 5, 64, 117,

a Gentleman holding his Daughter by the
177, 229, 286
Observations on the Principles of the Design for

band, 316
the new Theatre Drury-Lane, 9
Zara; or the Adventures of an English Wife, 14,

69, 120, 179, 231, 304

Praise–The Oak and the Reed-Friendship, 39
Leiters on Mythology; translated from the French A Lover's Wish-Sonnet-A Lover's Tale, 40

of Demoustier, 17, 67, 199, 185, 241, 289 Africa-Winter's Return, 41
Oakwood House, an original Novel, 20, 73, 130, To an Exotic- A Ballad-- An Epitaph, 97
187, 240, 292

My old horse Sorrel-The dying Soldier to the
Stories of Seven Days, 23, 75

setting Sun-Midnight, 98
New System of Botany, 27, 93, 149, 205, 261, Bonaparte-Ode to a Singing Bird, 99

Lines to Mary-Reflections in a Church-yard-
The Chateau of Roussillon, 29, 80

The Sweets of Life, 153
Anecdotes collected from the private life of Peter Anacreon on himself—The Maniac-A fragment
the Great, Emperor of Russia, 34, 84

of Lucien Bonaparte's poem “ Charlemagne, 154
Anecdotes of Bonaparte and the Empress Maria Hope-Tie lieroine of Saragoza, 155
Louisa, 78

The Wisli-Lines from Lopez de Vega-Inscrip-
Travels in Sardinia, Sicily, Malta, &c. 86, 137, tion in a Gretto-Song, by Mrs. Opie, 209

Epilogue to the new Play called “ The Sons of
Original Letters on the Manners, Customs, &c. Erin"-To Love, 210
of different Countries-Hungary, 91, 141, 204, Anacreontic-Lines written in ,2 young Lady's

Prayer Book---Betty Amleit, 211
Death of Mr. Horne Tooke, 124

Imitation from the Italian-Sonnet-Phæbe's
Singular and interesting Narrative, 127

Absence–The rescued Mariners, 264
News from the Comet, 134

The Bridal Night, 317
Extract from Mrs. Green's new Novel of “Good To Mary, 319
men of Modern Date,” 143

Westminster Abbey-The Sailor's Adien, 320
Meinoirs of the late Astronomer, Lalande, 146
Account of Kate Keurney, of the Lake of Kil.

larney, 182
Interesting Account of the fall of part of a huge Evening Costume, and Winter Walking Dress, 42
Mountain, 184

Morning Costume, and Promenade Dress, 100
On the superiority of Vocal Music over Instru Walking Dress, avd Evening Dress, 150
mental, 191

Evening Dress, and Half Figure in a Walking
The Emigrants, 192, 243

Dress, with various Parisian Head-dresses, 212
Widow Latelove in search of a Husband, 195 Morning Dishabille, and Equestrian Costume,265
A circumstantial account of the Assassination of Opera Press, and Evening Dress, 321
Mr. Perceval by John Bellingham, 271

General Observations and Reflections on Fashion
Coroner's Inquest, 272

and Dress, 42, 100, 156, 212, 205, 321
Life of the Assassin, 274

The Mirror of Fashion, 44, 102, 158, 214, 266, 323
Trial of Bellingham, at the Old Bailey, 274
Execution of the Assassin, 279
Review of the Defence of Bellingham, 239

Parallel acts of Assassination with that lately com Criticisins on the “ New Way to Pay Old Debts,"

mitted on Mr. Perceval.--Prediction of the a Comedy, 46
Death of the Duke of Buckingham, 235 Criticisis on the “Virgin of the Sun,” 104
His Murder by Felton, 236

« Maid of the Mill,"ib.
Attempt to Murder the Duke of Ormond, 238

." Frost and Thaw," 159
Attempt to Assassinate Mr. Secretary Hadley,

“House of Morville,” ib.

“Sons of Erin," 216
Hannibal Feracuti, Prince of Sabionetta, 253,

Exhibition of the Royal Aca-

demy, 268, 324
A brief Sketch of Miss Burney's new Novel, en Opening of the British Institution, 105, 160
titled “Traits of Nature,” 955

Works in the Press, 46, 107, 164, 219, 329
Anecdote of Henry IV. of France, 295

Historical Fragments-Singular Suicide, 47
The Wedding Night, 31

Sketch of the Irish Ladies, ib.



Chinese Theatricals--Scolding Wives, 49 Breach of Trust, and daring Robbery, 165
Singular relation of a person hanged innocent, ib. Death of the Duchess of Gordon, 219
Velocities--Dr. Johnson's Courtship, 50

Highgate Tunnel destroyed-Cruelty, 220
The original Blue Beard- A Card-table, 106 Suicide-- Banishment of Baron Geramb, ib.
Anecdote of Louis XIV.-Christmas Carols, ih. Extraordinary instance of Depravity, 221
Dreadful accident at Richmond, in America, 107 Horrid attempt at Assassination, 329
Violation of Conjugal Faith, 161

Strange Occurrence, 330
British Currency-Suicide, 162

Child Murder, ih;
Potatoes first imported - Anecdote, ih.

Attempted Suicide, ib.
Sir S. Romilly's own account of his Origin, 217
Depravity- Anecdote of the French Police, 'ib.

Singular Marriage - Account of a Grey Bear, 218
Extraordinaryescape from death-Mechanism, 270 | Horrid Murders, 55, 56, 110, 111 222
Installation of the Knights of the Bush, 324 Death of the Duke of Buccleugh, 36
Maxims and Reflexions, by Dr. Jortin, 327 Robberies, 55, 111, 167, 223, 224
Early Navigators-Matrimonial bint, 328 Unfortunate Accidents at Bristol, 110
Curious Show Bill, ib.

Female Resolution, ib.
Charge of administering Poison, 166

Fickleness of Man-Melancholy Catastrophe, 167

Brutal attack on a female Servant, 168
State of his Majesty's Health, 51, 108

Sudden death of the Rev. Mr. Codling, 223
Trial of Mr. Walsh, 51

Providential Escape-Swindlers, 224
Murders at Radcliffc Highway, 52, ing

Dreadful Murder in Cornwall, 331
Daring outrage, and attempt at Murder, 54 Fire in Plymouth Dock-yard, ib.
Threatening Letters-Stolen Goods, 109

Daring Robbery, ib.
Apprehension and Trial of Gawler, 109, 220 Singular circumstance of a young Girl, 332
Marriage of Mr. Wellesley Pole and Miss Tilony Fortunate discovery— Attempt at Murder, ib.
Long, 164

Births, Marriages, and Deaths, 112, 168, 224, 332


No. XXVIII. An original Portrait of the Marchioness of Buckingham.

An Outline Sketch of Charles I. and President Richardot; by Van Dyk.
Two whole-length Figures in the Fashions of the Season, coloured.
An elegant Pattern for Needle-work.

To Weep Forbear,” an original Song, composed and set to Music by Mrs. Dickons
No. XXIX. An original Portrait of Mrs. Siddons, in the character of the Tragic Muse.

An Outline Sketch of Christ in the arms of the Virgin Mary, and Cardinal Beati.

voglio; by Van Dyk.
A Sketch of the New Theatre Drury-Lane, from the Designs of Mr Wyatt.
Two whole-length Figures in the Fashions of the Season, coloured.
An elegant Pattern for Needle-work.
“With all my heart I love thee,” an original Song, composed and set to Music by

Dr. Kitcbiner.
No. XXX. An original Portrait of Miss Smith.

An Ontline Sketch of Francis de Moncade, and a Lady with her Daughter ; by Van

Two whole-length Figures in the Fashions of the Season, coloured.
An elegant Pattern for Needle-work.

“Valor and its reward,” an original Song, composed and set to Music by Mr. Dibdin.
No. XXXI. An original Portrait of Mrs. Billington, in the character of St. Cecilia.

An Outline Sketch of Eneas depositing Anchises on the beach, and Charles I. Elector

Palatine, with his brother Robert; by Van Dyk.
A whole and half-length Figures in the Fashions of the Season, coloured; with various

Parisian Head-dresses,
An elegant Pattern for Needle-work.

A Duett for a Soprano and Bass Voice, composed by Dr. Kitchiner.
No. XXXII. An original Portrait of Mrs. Edwin.

Outline Sketch of a Portait, and Alexander Scaglia ; by Van Dyk.
Two whole-length Figures in the Fashions of the Season, coloured.
An elegant Pattern for Needle-work.

“ The Herunit,” an original Song, coin posed and set to Music by Dr. Kitehiner.
No. XXXIII. An original Portrait of Mrs. Dickons.

An Outline Sketch of a Lady with a fan of Feathers in her hand, and a Gentleman

holding his Daughter by the hand; by Van Dyk.
Two wbole-length Figures in the Fashions of the Season, coloured.
An elegant Patiern for Needle-work.
“ Tell me when and tell me where," an original Song, composed and set to Music by

Dr, Kitchiner.

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