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Abeunt studia in mores, 24, 95.
abjured all the rights of citizens,

ablest pens, 92.
Abridgment of the History of Eng-

land, xxii, lxvi.
abrogation of Charter of Massa-

chusetts, see Massachusetts.
abstract liberty, 92.
abstract theories, Burke's oppo-

sition to, see theories.
Acadia, 119.
Account of the European Settle-
ments in America, xxii, lxvi,

1xx, 80, 81.
Achaeans, 101.
Ackland, Mr., 85.
Act of Union, 88.
acta parentum, etc., 14, 87.
Acts, 100.
Acts of Navigation, see Naviga-

tion Acts.
Adams, John, president, lxix.
adaptation of government to tem-

per and circumstances, see tem-

per and circumstances.
Addison, Joseph, x.
Address to the King, xlix, liji, lxviii,

91, 99, 101, 104.
addresses to the king, 8, 85, 106.
Admiral Hosier's Ghost, Glover,


admiralty, courts of, lxiii, 60, 121.
Adolphus, History of England

from the Accession to the Decease

of George the Third, xiii, lxxi.
adventitious, 82.
advocate for the sovereignty of

Parliament, 122.
advocates and panegyrists, 101.
Æneid, 89, 101, 126.
Africa, xlix, 17, 32, 89.
African trade, 12, 87.
against the superior, 104.
Age of Reason, Paine, lxix.
agents for the colonies, see colony

agitation over the Stamp Act, see

Stamp Act.
agriculture of the colonies, lviii, 16.
Aix-la-Chapelle, Peace of, 119.
Algiers, li, 25, 96.
Ali, Hyder, ravages of, xxxv, 1.
all in all, 126.
all Ireland, iu.
Alleghanies, 99.
altered the religion, 112.
altered the succession, 112.
America, English opinion of, xiii.
American Antiquarian Society,

xxx, lxxi.
American Committee, see Chair.
American Commonwealth, James

Bryce, see Bryce.

American Congress, see Congress; | Appalachian Mountains, 29, 99.

Journals of, See Journals of the Appeal from the Vew to the Old
American Congress.

Whigs, xxxvii, xlii, lxix, 112,
American financiers, 39, 109.

American imports, duties on, see Arabia, li, 25.

Arbuthnot, Dr., 102.
American love of freedom, 1, lviii, archers, 113.

Arcot, Speech on the Nabob of
American Mutiny. Act, 107.

Arcot's Debts, see Speech, etc.
American revenue impossible, see | Arginusae, battle of, 101.

Argumentation, Principles of, see
American Revolution, John Fiske, Baker.
see Fiske.

Aristophanes, 101.
American Taxation, Speech on, Aristotle, 63, 81, 123.
see Speech, etc.

arm is not shortened, 115.
Americans, descendants of Eng. Armada, ul.
lishmen, 19–21.

as broad and general as the air,
Analogy, Butler, see Butler.

Anarchy is found tolerable, 98. as great and as flagrant, 120.
ancient commonwealths, 92.

Asia, xlix.
And the rude swain, etc., see rude assemblies, colonial, dissolved, xix,

26, 107; form of, 21, 92, 93 ;
Andrews, E. B., History of the their competency, lxii, 53.
United States, xii, lxxi.

atheism, Burke's dread of, xxvii,
Anglesey, 114.

Angola, 32.

Athenaid, Glover, 87.
Anne, Queen, xi, 87.

attack upon judiciary, see judi-
Annual Register, v, xiii, xx, lxxii, . ciary.
79, 80, 81, 83, 85, 88, 89, 94, 98, attorney-general, 119.
108, 113, 114, 120; Burke's con- | auction of finance, lvii, 8, 65, 84,
nection with, xxii, lxvi, 1xx, lxxi. see also ransom by auction.
Anstey, Christopher, New Bath | auspicate, 126.
Guide, xi.

auspicious, 88.
antechamber of the noble lord, austerity of the Chair, 79.

Austrian family, 111.
Anti-Jacobin, lxix.

aversion from, 93.
Antiquarian Society, American,
see American, etc.

Bacon, Francis, liv, 95; Essay on,
anti-slavery movement, xi.

Macaulay, see Macaulay.
Antoinette, Marie, Burke's de- Baker, G. P., Principles of Argu-
scription of, xlix, liii.

mentation, lvi.

Bancroft, George, History of the Bonaparte, Napoleon, Italian cam-

United States, v, xii, lxxi, 79, paign, lxix ; puts down rising of
86, 99, 101, 102, 110, 113, 120, 13th Vendémiaire, lxix.

Book of Common Prayer, see Con-
bar, 87.

mon Prayer.
Barclay, David, 124.

books of curious science, 31, 100.
Barré, Colonel, xvi.

Boston, xviii, 94, 98; Massacre,
Barrington, Daines, 48, 114.

xviii, lxvii ; motion to withdraw
Barry, James, befriended by troops from, see Chatham; Port
Burke, xl.

Bill, xviii, lxii, lxvii, 58, 59, 68,
barter and compromise, see com 102, 106, 120; Tea Party, see

Tea Party.
Bath Guide, New, Christopher Boswell's Life of Johnson, ix, xxiii,
Anstey, see Anstey.

xli, lxix, lxxi.
Bathurst, Lord, 14, 87.

boundaries, 83.
Beaconsfield, xlviii; Burke's pur Brazil, 17.

chase of, xxiv, lxvii ; Lord, title break the American spirit, 91.
to have been given to Burke, Breton, Cape, see Cape.

Brissot's Address, Preface to, see
Bee, Goldsmith, lxvi.

Preface, etc.
before the committee, 124.

Bristol chooses Burke as repre-
beggar subjects into submission, sentative, xxviii, lxvii; refuses
. 31.

to reëlect Burke, xxx, lxviii.
Bengal, xlviii, 71 ; famine, 125. British Eloquence, Select, C. A.
Bentham, Jeremy, xliv.

Goodrich, see Goodrich.
Bible, 81, 87, 88, 95, 99, 100, 107, 1 British strength, 91.

108, 113, 115, 116, 117, 123, 126, broad and general as the air, see
127; Burke's quotations from, as broad.
liii. .

Brougham, Lord, Inquiry into the
Birmingham, xiv.

Colonial Policy of the European
Birrell, Augustine, Obiter Dicta, Powers, li; Statesmen of the
Second Series, xxii, lxxi.

Time of George the Third, lxxi,
Black Hole of Calcutta, lxvi.

Blackstone, Sir William, Commen- || Brusa, li, 25.
taries, lxvii, 23, 94.

Bryce, James, American Common-
Blake, William, lxvi, lxviii.

wealth, 93.
blind usages, 92.

Buckle, H. T., History of Civiliza-
blown about by every wind of tion in Europe, lxxi.

fashionable doctrine, see wind. | Bunker Hill, battle of, lxvii.
blue ribbon, 84.

burgesses, 46, 50, 51, 114.
Bolingbroke, Lord, lxv, lxvi. | Burgoyne, General, 90, 91.

Burke, Edmund, a troublesome

colleague, xxxiii; accused of
dishonesty, xxiii, xxiv, xxxiii ;
acquaintance with literature, liii,
liv; acquaintance with the clas-
sics, liv; advocates economical
reform, xxxii ; advocates reform
in India, xxxiii-xxxv, xxxviii,
xlii ; agent for New York, xxx,
Ixvii, lxxi; aim at utilitarian
effect, xliv, xlv; appeals to love
of right, xlii; arrival in London,
Ixv; attitude in the Wilkes con-
test, xxiv, xxv; attitude toward
America, xxx-xxxii, xxxviii;
attitude toward Ireland, xxix,
xxxviii, xxxix, xlii; attitude
toward parliamentary reform,
xxvi, xxxii; attitude toward
the French Revolution, xxxvi,
xxxvii, xxxviii; birth, xx, lxv;
college life, xx, xxi, lxv; com-
mended by Chatham, xxiii;
conservatism, xxvi, xxvii, xxxii,
xxxiv, xxxvii, xlv, xlvi, 51, 117 ;
Correspondence, xx, xxi, xxii,
xxv, xxvi, xxvii, xxviii, xl, xlii,
1xx, 79, 96; dies, xxxix, lxix ;
dread of atheism, xxvii, xxviii;
efforts to keep the Rocking-
ham Whigs united, xxvi, xxvii;
elected member for Bristol,
xxviii, lxvii; elected to Parlia-
ment, xxiii, lxvii, 80; enthusiasm
for study, xxi; establishes school
for children of French émigrés,
xl; excluded from cabinet, xxxiii;
failure to control temper, xxxiii;
faults, xli; friendship with Dr.
Johnson, ix, xl, xli; gradua-
tion from college, lxv; grief !

over death of son, xli; improvi-
dence, xxiv; in Ireland, xxii,
Ixvi; in London, xxi, xxii, xxxiii;
in the Literary Club, x, xxiii,
lxvii ; indebted to Rockingham,
xxiv; independent of constitu-
ents, xxix, xxx; liberality, xliii,
xliv; life of, xix-xli; loses seat
at Bristol, xxx, lxviii; love of
justice, xlii; marriage, xli, lxvi;
member for Wendover, xxiii,
lxvii, 80; method of construct-
ing paragraphs, liv, lv; method of
quoting, liv; offered Indian com-
missionership, xxvi ; opposed to
commercial restriction, xxix; op-
posed to theories, xxxii, xxxiv,
xliv, xlv, lvii, 9, 57 ; opposed to
use of force, xxv, xxx, xxxiv,
lviii, 17, 18, 31, 32, 100, 101;
oratory, xlvi-xlix; Paymaster of
the Forces, xxxiii, 1xviii; person-
ality, xxxix, xl; philanthropy,
xl; political tracts, xxiii; power
of his imagination, xlii, xlviii,
1, lii; prosecution of Hastings,
xxxv, xxxvi, xxxix, xliii, xlvii,
1xviii, lxix; purchase of Bea-
consfield, xxiv, lxvii; quarrels
with Fox, xxxvi, lxix; quarrels
with Hamilton, xxii; quarrels
with Sheridan, lxix; receives a
pension, xxxix; relations with
Richard and William Burke,
xxiv, xxxiii; reliance on expe-
rience, xlv, lviii, lxi, 18, 41, 57,
65; religion, xx; retires from
Parliament, xxxix, lxix; school
days, xx; secretary to Lord
Rockingham, xxiii, lxvii ; Select
Works, edited by E. J. Payne,

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