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I. On Smut, Canker, and Rust or Mildew in Corn, with the alleged

and ascertained Causes, and Modes of Prevention,


II. On the Agriculture of Hindostan. No. I.


III. The Hordeometer. An Instrument for determining the

Weights of a given Measure of any sort of Grain which may be hea-

vier than Water. By Mr George Buist, London,


IV. Patent Rectifying Still, .


V. The late Sir John Sinclair,


Memoits of the Life and Works of the late Right Honourable

Sir John Sinclair, Bart. By his Son, the Rev. John Sinclair,

M. A., Pemb. Coll. Oxford, F. R. S. E., Author of Disserta-

tions Vindicating the Church of England ; an Essay on

Church-Patronage, &c., in Two Volumes. Blackwood and

Sond, Edinburgh : Cadell, London. 1837.

VI. On Potato Failures,


The Potato rescued from Disease and Restored to Pristine Vi-

gour, by a plan of Keeping and Cultivation founded on the

Natural Principles of the Vegetable Economy. By William

Aitken, Castle-Douglas. Blackwood & Sons, Edinburgh: T.

Cadell, London. 1837.

The Failure of the Potato Crop ascertained and demonstrated

from Analogy ; with a Remedy and Test for the Present

Seed to prevent Failures. By a Dumbartonshire Farmer.

John M'Leod, Glasgow. 1837.

VIL. Account of the Insects most Injurious to Vegetables and

Animals, and of the Means best calculated to counteract their ravages.

No. I. By James Duncan, M.W.S., &c.

VIII. Retrospect of the British and Foreign Corn Trade during

the Half Year ending May 1837. By Mr W. Gray Fearnside, Lon-



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XXVII. On Insects most Injurious to Vegetables and Animals, and

of the Means best calculated to counteract their Ravages. No. II. By

James Duncan, M.W.S., &c.

XXVIII. Account of the Great Annual Show of the Highland and

Agricultural Society of Scotland at Dumfries, .

XXIX. The Agriculturist's Note-Book. No. I.-

Embankments from the Sea, 377.-Potato Failures, 379.Ex-

perimental Farm, 381.-Kyan's Process for the Prevention

of Dry-Rot in Timber, 385.- Progress of Agriculture and

Advantages of Agricultural Education. By W. G. Fearn-

side, 394.-Royal National Stud, 390.-Prices of Live-Stock

in Canada, 400.

XXX. On some Imperfections in Scotch Farming,

XXXI. On the Advantages of Perinanent Pasture in Arable Hus-

bandry on the Inferior Soils of Scotland,

XXXII. Miscellaneous Notices,

1. Physiognomy, 421.-11. Frost upon Fruit-Trees, ib. III.

Standing Orders of the House of Lords for Railway Bills, as

amended in 1837, 422.-IV. Standing Orders of the House

of Commons on Railways, 433.-v. Horse Match to Here-

ford, 438.-VL. Steamer Lights, ib.

XXXIII. Quarterly Agricultural Report, .

XXXIV. Tables of the Revenue; the Prices of Grain, Butcher

Meat, and Wool; of the Monthly Returns of Foreign Corn; Fiars

Prices for Crop 1836, &c.

XXXV. Studies in Agriculture, No. 2.

1. Rotation of Crops illustrated by the Failure of the Potato,

and Red Clover, .

2. Diffusion of Perennial Plants,

XXXVI. On Southdown Sheep as being well suited for the Middle

Range of Highland Pastures of Scotland. By Mr H. Watson,

Keillor Farm,

XXXVII. On the Diseases incident to the most Usually Cultivated

Plants.No. 3. Canker. By George W. Johnson, Esq. Correspond-

ing Member of the Maryland Horticultural Society, &c.,

XXXVIII. On the Propagation of Fruit-Trees,

XXXIX. On the Management and Application of Farm-Yard

Manure, with the view of checking the Production of Weeds upon a

Farm. By Mr George Kirk, Preston Mains, East Lothian,

XL. British Birds.

A History of British Birds, Indigenous and Migratory. By

Mr William Macgillivray, A. M., F.R.S.E.,

XLI. Observations on the Uses and Management of Heath. By

Mr William Hogg, Shepherd, Peeblesshire,

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XLII. On the Causes of Braxy in Sheep. By Mr James Car.

michael, Raploch Farm, Stirlingshire,

XLIII. On Green Manure. By Mr A. Gorrie, Annat Cottage,

XLIV. On Rearing Domestic Poultry,

XLV. On the Cultivation of Bog by an Artificial Subsoil. By Mr

Samuel Nicholson, Dublin. Communicated by C. G. Stuart lon-

teath, Esq. of Claseburn,

XLVI. Thoughts on Draining as a Source of National Wealth,

XLVII. On a System of Grain-Rent. By Mr Robert Pillans

Newton, Hallyburton, Coupar-Angus,

XLVIII. Description of a Potato-Raiser. By Mr John Law.

son junior, Elgin,

XLIX. The Agriculturist's Note Book. No. II.

1. Embanking the Basin of Montrose, 557.-11. Enamelled

Hardware, 559.-11. Is the Action of Lime on Land eluci-

dated by Macaire's Theory of Vegetation ? By Mr William

Browne, Talantire Hall, Cockermouth, 561.-. The Sub-

urban Gardener and Villa Companion, comprising the Choice

of a suburban or villa residenoe, or of a situation on which

to form ane. By J. C. London, F.S.S., H.S., 565.-9. Arti-

ficial Feeding and Dressing of Breeding Sheep for Sale,

L. Ordnance Memoir,-County of Londonderry,

LI. On an Agricultural Education for the Sons of Landed Proprie-


LII. On the Culture of the Gorse or Whin as Food for Cattle. By

Mr Robert Black, Lachalsh, Ross-shire,

LIII. Quarterly Agricultural Report,

LIV. Tables of the Prices of Grain, Butcher Meat, apd Wool ; of
the Monthly Returns of Foreign Com; the Revenue, &c.

IV. Tabular View of the Prices of the three qualities of Wheat

sold in the Edinburgh market in 1837,

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