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SERM. trivance calculated for the Good and Hap

piness of Men, in that it is a more perfect
Law than ever they had before, with a Pro-
vision in it for the Sins and Infirmities of
Mankind, together with Directions where
to apply for Allistance to help us in doing
what we are not able to do of ourselves, and
also in that it points out to us the Way to
that glorious Immortality, which, by means
of a little Light and much Darkness, some
Conjecture, and much Uncertainty, had
been hitherto fought in vain. Whereas, if
Christ be not risen, then he prophesied fall-
ly of himself, and so did likewise the Pro-
phets of him. The Gospel is then nothing
but a Fraud, there is no Certainty of a Par.
don for Sin, nor any Assurance of a future
State ; for tho' some of the wiseft of the
Gentiles might hope that a good God would
pardon their Sins, and might also have some
tolerable Conjectures of a future State, yet
what is Hope to Certainty ? We have
now an Afsurance of all these Things. Now
we can see the glorious OEconomy of our
Redemption, viz. that he who died for
our Sins, rose again also for our Juftifica-

2. The Resurrection of Christ from the Dead is the Foundation of our own Refur.



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rection ; for. if he is risen as the First Serm. Fruits, we fall also rise as the Harvest. V. ift, Because the same Power can raise us too; and, 2dly, Because it will do so. For 'he that raised up. Christ from the Dead, fall also quicken' our Bodies liy his Spirit that dwelleth in us. But then we are to consider that these Benefits extend only to those that lay hold of them : For unless rise with Chrift, he is not risen. for us at all. We have no Benefit of his Resurrection. We shall rise again, 'tis true; but to what? To live in Misery ? Where's the Advantage ? Who would not rather slum-. ber away ten thousand Years in Death, than live so long in Torment? But, alas! we have not this in our Power; for a rational Soul cannot lie in the Dust. It is Heaven-born, and unless we deprive it of its celestial Bcauty, thither it will return; but if we do, it will be sent into those melancholy Regions where no Light appears, fave what the Glimmering of livid Flames cafts, pale and dreadful; or, as the Poet has it,

Where Hope ne'er comes, that comes to all ; where dwells a Variety of Woes, Sorrows, Tortures insupportable ; where there is no other Sight of God but of his Wrath, no other Proof of the omnipotent Being, but




SERM. what arises from the Horrors and Torments V. of the Place ; where the Worm never dies,

and the Fire is never quenced. But not to detain

you any longer in View of this dread, ful Prospect, this uncomfortable Scene of Horror, which I hope we shall never see any otherwise than by the Imagination, let us now turn our Eyes to that heavenly Place, where, if we rise with Christ, we are taught to set our Affections. Let us view that celestial Paradise, that is filled with the Glory of the Divine Being, in Comparison of which, Bebold even to the Moon, and it soineth nat; yea the Stars are not pure in his Sight : Where is no Fear, no Sorrow, no Care, but a perpen tual Round of Joy and Happiness, without Bounds, and without Expression. This is the happy Place we are design'd for; and I suppose it will be readily granted, that it is good for us to be here. Let us then fic and prepare ourselves for this heavenly State, by living such a Life as will naturally lead us to it. And as Christ was raised from the Dead by the Glory of the Father, even so let us also walk in Newness of Life. So may we boldly triumph with the A. postle, O Death! where is thy Sting : Grave ! where is thy Viktory ? and




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move peaceably on from one Degree of Serm,
Happiness to another, till at last we slide V.
insensibly into that Infinitude of Happiness
and Pleasure which is at God's Right-Hand
for evermore,
Which God of his infinite Mercy grant

unto us all for the sake of his Son
Jesus Christ our Lord. To whom,
with the Father and Holy Ghost,
be ascribed all Honour, Glory,
Might, Majesty, and Dominion,
benceforth, and for evermore,

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MATT. X. 34.
Think not that I am come to send

Peace on Earth ; I came not
to send Peace, but a Sword.

SERM. F it were reasonable to judge of

the Christian Religion by the ill
Use that has been made of it, we

should be forc'd to acknowledge
these Words to be true in their obvious and
literal Meaning. For the Practices of too
many of its Profeffors have in all Ages of
the World, from the Beginning of Christi-
anity to this Time, been agreeable to this

But must it come to this at last, after all the Assurances we have, that the whole Delign of our blessed Saviour's Coming into the World was to make us at Peace with God, and with one another; that Peace

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