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New flames are seen to sparkle in her eyes,
And on her blooming cheek fresh roses rise ;
The pleasing passion heightens each bright hue,

And seems to touch the finish'd piece anew,
Improves what nature's bounteous hand had given,
And mends the fairest workmanship of heaven.

Nor joy like this in courts is only found, But spreads to all the grateful people round;

335 Laborious kinds inur'd to rural toil, To tend the flocks and turn the mellow foil, In homely guise their honest hearts express, And bless the warrior who protects the peace, Who keeps the foe aloof' and drives afar The dreadful ravage of the wasting war. No rude destroyer cuts the ripening crop, Prevents the harvest, and deludes their hope ; No helpless wretches fly with wild amaze, Look weeping back, and see their dwellings blaze; 345 The victor's chain no mournful captives know, Nor hear the threats of the insulting foe, But Freedom laughs, the fruitful fields abound, The chearful voice of mirth is heard to sound, And Plenty doles her various bounties round, The humble village, and the wealthy town, Consenting join their happiness to own : What heaven and Anna's gentlest reign afford, All is fecur'd by Marlborough's conquering sword.

O sacred, ever honour'd name ! O thou ! 355 That wert our greatest William once below! What place foe'er thy virtues now possess Near the bright source of everlasting bliss,





High in the midst, Britannia's warlike chief, Too greatly bold, and prodigal of life, Is seen to press where death and dangers call, Where the war bleeds, and where the thickest fall, He flies, and drives confus’d the fainting Gaul. Like heat diffus'd, his great example warms, And animates the social warriors' arms, Inflames each colder heart, confirms the bold, 245 Makes the young heroes, and renews the old. In forms divine around him watchful wait The guardian genii of the British state; Justice and Truth his steps unerring guide, And faithful Loyalty defends his side;

250 Prudence and Fortitude their Marlborough guard, And pleasing Liberty his labours chear'd; But chief, the Angel of his Queen was there, The union-cross his silver shield did bear, And in his decent hand he shook a warlike spear. While Victory celestial soars above, Plum'd like the eagle of imperial Jove, Fangs o’er the chief, whom the delights to bless, And ever arms his sword with fure success, Dooms him the proud oppressor to destroy,

260 Then waves her palm, and claps her wings for joy. Such was young Ammon on Arbela's plain, Or such the * painter did the hero feign, Where rushing on, and fierce, he seems to ride, With graceful ardor, and majestic pride, With all the gods of Greece and fortune on his side.

Nor long Bavaria’s haughty prince in vain Labours the fight unequal to maintain ; * Le Brun,





He sees 'tis doom'd his fatal friend the Gaul
Shall share the shame, and in one ruin fall;

Flies from the foe too oft in battle try'd,
And heaven contending on the victor's side ;
Then mourns his rash ambition's crime too late,
And yields reluctant to the force of fate.
So when Æneas, through night's gloomy shade,
The dreadful forms of hostile gods survey'd,
Hopeless he left the burning town and fed : 1
Saw 'twas in vain to prop declining Troy,
Or save what heaven had destin'd to destroy.

What vast reward, O Europe, shalt thou pay, To him who sav'd thee on this glorious day! Bless him, ye grateful nations, where he goes, And heap the victor's laurel on his brows.

In every land, in every city freed, Let the proud column rear its marble head, To Marlborough and Liberty decreed; Rich with his wars, triumphal arches raise, To teach your wondering fons the hero's praise ; To him your skilful bards their verse shall bring, For him the tuneful voice be taught to fing, The breathing pipe shall swell, shall found the trem

bling Itring. O happy thou / where peace-for ever smiles, Britannia! noblest of the ocean's illes, Fair queen! who doft amidst thy waters reign, And stretch thy empire o'er the farthest main : 295 What transports in thy parent bosom rollid, When faine at first the pleasing story told !


How didst thou lift thy towery front on high!
Not meanly conscious of a inother's joy,
Proud of thy son as Crete was of her Jove,
How wert thou pleas’d heaven did thy choice approve,
And fixt success where thou hast fixt thy love!
How with regret his absence didst thou mourn !
How with impatience wait his wifht return!
How were the winds accus'd for his delay!
How didst thou chide the gods who rule the sea,
And charge the Nereid nymphs to waft him on his way!

At length he comes, he ceases from his toil,
Like kings of old returning from the fpoil ;
'To Britain and his.queen for ever dear,

gio He comes, their joy and grateful thanks to Share ; Lowly he kneels before the royal seat, And lays its proudest wreaths at Anna's feet. While, form’d alike for labours or for ease, In camps to thunder, or in courts to please, 315 Britain's bright nymphs make Marlborough their care, In all his dangers, all his triumphs, fare. Conquering he lends the well-pleas'd fair new grace, And adds fresh luftre to each beauteous face ; Britain preserv'd by his victorious arms, With wondrous pleasure each fair bofom warms, Lightens in all their eyes, and doubles all their charms. Ev'n his own Sunderland, in beauty's store So rich the seem'd incapable of more, Now shines with graces never known before ; Fierce with transporting joy she seems to burn, And each soft feature takes a sprightly turn;


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