Cyclopædia of useful arts & manufactures, ed. by C. Tomlinson. 9 divs

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Страница 99 - And the flax and the barley was smitten : for the barley was in the ear, and the flax was boiled. But the wheat and the rye were not smitten ; for they were not grown up.
Страница 240 - ... beams for sustaining weight, the proper form is to dispose of the greater portion of the material at the bottom side of the beam, — whereas with wrought iron, these experiments demonstrate beyond any doubt that the greater portion of the material should be distributed on the upper side of the beam.
Страница 90 - ... and will make them all either too heavy or too light ; whereas if we make choice of oxygen for our unity, an error respecting the atom of hydrogen will be confined to that atom and will not affect the accuracy of the atomic weights of other bodies.... Hydrogen as far as we know at present combines with but few of the other simple bodies, while oxygen unites with them all, and often in various proportions. Consequently very little advantage is gained by representing the atom of hydrogen by unity...
Страница 242 - THE BAPTISMAL FONT ; an Exposition of the Nature and Obligations of Christian Baptism. With an Appendix.
Страница 240 - This, it will be observed, presents the best form for resisting the " puckering, " or crushing force, which, on almost every occasion, was present in the previous experiments. Having loaded the tube with increasing weights, it ultimately gave way by tearing the sides from the top and bottom plates, at nearly one and the same instant after the last weight, 22,469 Ibs., was laid on. The greatly increased strength indicated by this form of tube is highly satisfactory ; and, provided these facts be duly...
Страница 106 - An index hand attached to the pulley moves over the surface of a dial-plate, graduated so as to indicate the oscillations of the mercurial column. With an increase of atmospheric pressure the mercury in the longer tube rises, and that in the short tube is depressed, together with the float, and this gives a small motion of revolution to the pulley, and also to the attached index hand.
Страница 240 - Ibs. (the thin plate being uppermost), it follows precisely the same law as before, and becomes wrinkled, with a hummock rising on the top side so as to render it no longer safe to sustain the load. Take, however, the same tube, and reverse it with the thick plate upwards, and you not only straighten the part previously injured, but you increase the resisting powers from 6812 Ibs. to 12,188 Ibs. Let us now examine...
Страница 242 - The whole so arranged as to form the most complete and distinct Family Service for every Morning and Evening in the Year, ever published. It is embellished with Sixteen fine Engravings on Steel, after the old Masters, and a superb Frontispiece. DR. FLETCHERS DEVOTIONAL BIBLE. Handsomely printed on fine paper, in Two Vols. 4to. and uniform with the " Family Devotions,
Страница 234 - ... and filled with masonry, through which they pass, being attached at the extremity to enormous blocks of stone. The materials of which it is composed are almost exclusively Swiss ; the iron came from Berne, the limestone masonry from the quarries of the Jura, the woodwork from the...
Страница 77 - B are different; the water from the lowest stratum B rising to the highest level b" ; that from the upper stratum A rising only to a'. The water from both strata is thus brought to the surface by one Bore Hole of sufficient size to contain a double pipe, viz. a smaller pipe included within a larger one, with an interval between them for the passage of water ; thus, the smaller pipe b brings up the water of the lower stratum B, to the highest level of the fountain b", whilst the larger pipe a brings...